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Posted 7/22/08 , edited 7/23/08
HI folks! Just had quite a few thoughts coming out of RAW last night looking forward to one of the big four PPVs, Summerslam. I recall it being a big one best as I was in attendance to my lone PPV when Randy Orton won his first championship at it.

To start there are no matches announced as of yet, so what I give is a look at the 3 brands and see what could come out of each one to contribute to the big PPV of the summer. Really WWE is at a crossroads where they could build for the rest of the year various stories, matchups and even Mania matches for the future...or do as of late and write poopy jokes and soap opera scripts that wouldn't even make the FOX Network, heh. Do enjoy and give your input to Summerslam as we get new matches announced and such. I'll give my own predictions sometime later once we got a card.

RAW-A bit of a mess so to speak in storyline and for real. CM Punk continues to work hard to be the champ and hopefully he is not the transitiional champ JBL called him. If this is to be the case, making new competition for him is vital. Batista has seemed to have been not sure how to carry the ball with Punk or any feud of late, not wanting to be heel oddly... Kane...well it's Kane people, he's stale, does stupid runins that make no sense and has that stupid angle of asking who's dead or alive (which at the moment can be anything from Vince to Taker or at the moment more likely, the old Kane mask in the bag-which is possible since he did strip the mask off the last fake Kane in that bad feud, ironically today that's Festus but I digress). So looking at the run-in fest last night we saw Cena and JBL re-enter the title picture, and we see Jericho now having put HBK on the shelf for a while now needing something to do.

Here's my suggestion: 6 man match at Mania for the title. I'm not usually a proponent to multimen matches but in this case it can solve a lot of problems. We can slowly plant seeds for a Mania match between Cena and Batista, as Cena hit Batista by accident which sparked a huge crowd reaction to the pullapart. You can have the JBL/Punk dynamic resolved. Kane is there to be used as a foe to various people in the match (Batista, Punk). And you get Jericho back into the title picture, possibly setting up post Summerslam Jericho can be Punk's next opponent, someone whose wrestling style would mesh better with Punk.

Now we shouldn't do an Elimination Chamber as they did 2 of them at No Way Out, and we really don't need to burn out certain stipulations. What does that leave you? Hell in a Cell. So I'm hoping they look to Main Event Summerslam with a 6 person Hell in a Cell.

THe IC Belt is doing fine, taking guys you might see as jobbers but building them to be stars. I think unlike some that this is a good idea to do for guys like Kofi Kingston, Pual Burchill, and maybe down the line the likes of Lance Cade, Paul London, and spirnklings of veterans like D'Lo Brown (I was such a happy mark for his return!). Mickie James and her Women's Title might be missed again this PPV since there's little competition for her suddently with Beth being busy in the Santino angle (and oddly, I somehow seeing this working with Santino's mic work and a need for a new heel couple with Vickie/Edge done for-more on that later). The Tag Belts are slowly becomnig important again thanks to putting it on Dibiase/Rhodes, who are starting some feuds with the likes of Cryme Tyme and this week, Legends like Duggan and the King. The Tag division needs help if ever cared for, so maybe they can look to teaming some of the unused talent again.

SMACKDOWN-Doing well after adding JR to the announcer's table and the influx of veteran talent. The Title chase here though is murky with HHH playing the power game, squashing his opponents of late like days of old...he really needs to give and take more like during his Mick Foley Feud. Word online is that he's done with Edge after breaking up the best heel couple in wrestling. The current opponent list isn't too good for him now: Jeff and Matt Hardy, and Umaga. Can any of them be seen as threats or worthy title contenders right now? Surely not to be main event status with HHH, with Jeff being the closest but again, you got HHH as a face and fans won't turn Jeff or Matt. Umaga looks to be the short term solution until the winner of the real #1 contender's match comes undone between Edge and likely the returning Undertaker (with Vickie's help, a shame since she's grown to be such a great heel-and now the writing makes it so muddled on who's heel or face on Smackdown...). The other option is one more Edge/HHH match with some stipulation but again, you fall into having too many stipulation matches (see TNA). Just pray it's not HHH/Great Khali folks...

The US and Tag Titles have finally come back to the proper show. ECW has no use really for them and with a move in the Fall of the Smackdown show on its own, they needed the belts back. I just hope that WWE finally gives a chance to Shelton Benjamin as US Champ like his IC reign, and Hawkins and Rider find their groove now having the Tag Belts. For the US Title there's lots to choose from like MVP, Kennedy (if he can get out of HHH's doghouse for comments he made against him...), Big Show, and whomever doesn't face HHH. Tag belts you got Jesse and Festus (my guilty pleasure fav tag team, BISCUITS AND GRAVY!) and perhaps the returned Jimmy Yang with someone like Shannon Moore or Funaki. The Butterfly Title on McCool makes zero sense right now. Yes I know Natalya from way back so I'm bias but a title chase would have made more sense, also a clean loss right away kills her threat. I guess a rematch at Summerslam could happen or they move to Victoria who hasn't had a title chase in a while.

ECW-Ummm...won't cover this much, heh. First off does anyone CARE that Colin Delaney is heel now? I saw the guy wrestle up here in Canada as a heel but really, WWE booked him so weak a turn does nothing. The Mark Henry boring chants continue as he will hold the belt for a while, so it's finding opponents on this sinking ship of a "brand". For this week there will be a #1 contenders match between Miz, Morrison, FInley and Matt Hardy to face him at Summerslam. I forsee the best choice here is Finley. He's a vet that can at least do half decently to get a half decent match out of "frying pan folding" Henry. Honestly, Henry is the worst champion since...Khali...

OK there are my 2 cents, hope you enjoy and don't mind I mix rant with commentary. Take care and don't forget we get 1 extra TV show this month with Saturday Night Main Event now announced for August 2nd at 9PM Eastern on NBC!

Just am doing my daily wrestling site checkups and I got bad news today...we got three matches set and 2 won't be pretty: but also check the WWE website once it goes up or some of the news sites I posted in another thread like :

-Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy for the ECW TItle
-HHH vs. The Great Khali for the Smackdown Title
-Edge vs. Undertaker in Hell in a Cell (I rarely check spoilers unless I will be missing watching a show but it was big stuff so had to check for this update.)

OK we knew Henry is gonna suck again still being the champ and we can only hope Matt can get a passable match out of it...but WHY IN THE WORLD is Khali getting a title shot?! I hope for once Vince changes his mind on that matchup but we shall see how it happens on Smackdown this week. Taker coming back was expected but I think the Cell again should be better used for the RAW side...they still might do the 6 man match idea I pitched but now they'd have to use a different gimmick or reuse the Elmination Chamber again.

Take care!
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Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08
Will give my overall thoughts closer to ppv time like last time.Though i think Khali getting the title match sums up the lack of heels for main events outside Edge on Smackdown at the momemnt.As for the ECW titrle bit surprised they've moved to a Henry-Hardy title match so early but weather Matt gets the win now remains to be seen.
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Posted 8/2/08 , edited 8/17/08
With about 2 weeks left I wanted to bump this thread back up to talk about Summerslam.

So far we got:
Smackdown Title - HHH vs. Great Khali
ECW Title - Mark Henry vs. Matt Hardy
John Cena vs. Batista - Tag champ vs. Tag champ (horrid, wasn't needed and now say bye to Rhodes/Dibiase)
Hell in a Cell - Edge vs. Undertaker

RAW Title-CM Punk vs. JBL
Winner takes all, both IC and Women's Titles on the line - The Glamazon Beth Phoenix and Santino Marella vs. Mickie James and Kofi Kingston
Jeff Hardy vs. MVP

I'll make predictions once we get a few more matches but is it just me, but I look more forward to the 2 non-title matches that I'd have to almost say they'd have to be the finale of the show (not to mention it's a pain for WWE to raise and lower that Cell it usually goes last even in a non-title situation 99% of the time). This is thanks to the one match being the first encounter while the other is being so well built up without even having Taker show up-Edge and now Mick Foley are MAKING that match a must see.

Well off to watch Saturday Night's Main Event to see what else builds towards the PPV.

As I await the Olympic Opening Ceremonies I figured to do the predictions now!

- HHH (c) vs The Great Khali for the WWE Championship

PREDICTION: Ugh, can HHH call in sick or say his new daughter needs a diaper change? Well, guess he has to fight someone until the feud between Edge and the Undertaker decides his opponent heading to Survivor Series. HHH will win no doubt; if he can get an actual match out of Khali is the real challenge...

- Mark Henry (c) vs Matt Hardy for the ECW Championship

PREDICTION: The lone huge feud in the forgotten promotion of WWE. I don't see Matt being ready yet to take the belt and they will likely still want Henry as champ in the "Michael Hayes correction" process of pushing African Americans. Henry wins with the help of Saba Simba, oops, I mean, Tony Atlas.

- CM Punk vs JBL for the World Heavyweight Championship

PREDICTION: I am still a bit peeved that it's not Jericho in this match as he's earned it going heel and all serious now, taking out HBK who will make his career status announcement at this PPV as well. Punk has to stay champ to further a push so I see him beating JBL once again but I do propose an idea. PLEASE give Punk some help in the form of former ROH Second City Saint partner Colt Cabana who is in Florida Championship Wrestling, the feeder promotion for future WWE talent. I'd go nuts if Colt came to help ward off the security JBL brings to ring sometimes.

- The Undertaker vs Edge in a Hell in a Cell Match

PREDICTION: The match I'd pay to see this PPV alone. Already you got Taker away so long that fans are dying to see him back, and he still works hard each match for them. Edge is still the #1 heel just ahead of Jericho and he took it to the max with the awesome promo with Mick Foley (possibly his last if WWE doesn't resign him by the end of this month and let's him go to TNA-more on this under the Behind the Scenes thread at ).

These two will thrive like in past matches, with Taker getting his revenge but I also see Edge going over by giving all he's got in this one. Taker's win here will put him into the HHH title hunt thereafter.

- John Cena vs Batista

PREDICTION: A bit too soon for the match and a bit overbooked giving them a tag title neither need, but it still stands to be another match people want to see that has never happened before. Both are getting a mix of huge cheers and boos, so it will be interesting whom the Indiana crowd will side with, though I'm guessing slightly to Cena being that Boston is not too far from there.

Batista would work better as a heel IF he gave it a try for once unlike in the HBK and Taker feuds. He needs refreshing so I'll say Cena just barely wins, causing Batista to tease a split of the tag belts and turning on him eventually.

- Kofi Kingston (c) & Mickie James (c) vs Santino Marella & Beth Phoenix in a Winners Take All Match for
the Intercontinental Championship & Women's Championship

PREDICTION: What is this, a reply to the confusing TNA matches?! Well at least 3 of the 4 people in this match can wrestle and Santino can just be funny like he always is. I am oddly intrigued by his "relationship" with Beth so why not give them the titles for now, but with a twist! I can easily see WWE wanting Beth to claim the IC belt and Santino gets saddled as the second man to hold the Women's belt (the first being the horrid crossdressing Harvey Whimpleman...). There's little competition for those belts so maybe comedy is the way to go at least...

-MVP vs. Jeff Hardy

PREDICTION: Just announced as the likely last match to be added. The feud has been building well with both just wanting to win and show off to the other while getting under each other's skin. MVP costing Jeff matches has been key to getting this one over as well. It's a new matchup I want to see with both working hard in ring. It will likely open up the PPV too. I predict Jeff will win the first round of this long feud to come.

Take care!
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Posted 8/17/08 , edited 8/17/08
so u mean, u will tell us who wins after each match is over???
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Posted 8/17/08 , edited 8/18/08

OK to keep it separate, yep kenia19 and others, will give you your match by match roundup here in the space below, just below my predictions so I can also see how I do. Come back at 8PM EASTERN TIME/5PM PACIFIC and I should slowly start to edit and post what I can.

WELCOME! This is my first ever attempt at a PPV report live so bear with me folks. It's meant for folks like myself without the PPV to order (dang costs...) so fear not, come here to read up on results and I'll also do some commentating. I will get things up as my sources get them up, which are and so I'll combine them for some quick postings of what's happening, so I hope you enjoy it!

We're LIVE from the Conseco Fieldhouse (no José included) in Indianapolis, Indiana for SUMMERSLAM! 20 years in the making with many ups and downs!


-Good choice to open the show with these two up and coming main eventers (especially MVP). Latest report is Jeff is working with the inflammed elbow from early in the week after the match with Shelton Benjamin (man first Kennedy now this, and neither his fault), but Jeff is ready to go it seems.

-No Mick in sight as it seems backstage he was told he wasn't needed after all even if it's 10 years since his match with Taker. That sucks so count for sure now Mick Foley in TNA wrestling after Sept.1. JR and Tazz are calling the match for Smackdown, and JR noted how referee Charles Robinson doesn't want to miss any counts, like how WWE fired ECW Ref Wes Adams this week for doing his job and a wrestler (Miz) missed his spot...

-Shelton came into this feud considering the last matches between him and Jeff. Jeff takes him out but this costs him the match, as his Swanton Bomb then misses on MVP, who hits the "Drive by Kick" for the win.

TK Predictions: 0 for 1 as MVP WINS
Count this one to continue with Shelton and maybe a three way for the US Title.

-Funny Stuff backstage as Maria is the interviewer for Santino and Beth Phoenix. We got continuity folks, as Santino notes Maria gained some weight since he broke up with her. I'd take Maria anyday personally. We get unibrow jokes from Maria, but then the new power couple deem themselve "Glam-Marella" and that Beth is the "broad-zilla". Genius comedy here.


-This is your comedy match and Santino brought his comedic working shoes, hiding from Kofi many times behind Beth. Santino wins when Mickie lays him out the with the DDT, but Beth comes from behind and nails the double chickenwing (hmm I had chicken tonight...) into a pancake onto the floor for Santino to get the pin. Beth carries her man and the titles out as the new champs.

TK Predictions: 1 for 2 as BETH AND SANTINO WIN
RAW will be funny to see who actually gets to hold which title. Also a tease of Maria back into the title hunt was done during that interview with her and Beth doing the staredown-now to get a male talent to side with her who needs the push.


-OK so far this is the highlight of the PPV. HBK comes down with his real life wife Rebecca "Whisper" (I think she used to be a Nitro girl or something to have such a name). He says he will retire due to doctor's orders and will miss the ring. He recalls his first Summerslam and knows some will want to remember him as the guy who screwed Bret Hart (like most of Montreal...), the guy who formed DX, the guy who lost his smile (again), being Mr. Wrestlemania and the guy who retired Ric Flair. He wants to be remembered as a lovign father and husband now.

-Out came Jericho of course who wants his due for retiring Michaels from HBK's mouth before he leaves. HBK says he'll do it if he tells his wife and kids that he, Chris Jericho, will never be Shawn Michaels. Suddenly in response JERICHO PUNCHES OUT WHISPER, MICHAEL'S WIFE!!!!! WOW! See how this is the top angle on RAW? OK seems like Jericho wanted to hit HBK but Michaels ducked, similar to how Booker T/Robert Roode had their TNA feud but even better here. The wife bled a bit and had a swelled lip, yikes! Tough gal. This feud easily now continues.


-As quick as it was to refresh the page, the match is done as Matt hit the Twist of Fate right off the bat and had it won, but manager Tony Atlas came in to pull the ref out, who calls for a DQ win for Matt. Oh well, one lazy worker down, 2 to go.

-Cool aftermatch as JEFF HARDY comes down to save Matt, does the Swanton onto Atlas then the Hardy Boyz together do a POWERSLAM/SUPLEX move on Henry. Nice way to save this short match I suppose. Matt Striker the new announcer for ECW does a nice note once again (he should be groomed to be one if Mick is gone and JBL doesn't return) that championships don't change hands on a DQ, something TNA should look into changing...

TK Predictions: 1 for 3 as MATT HARDY won via DQ.
Well this one continues and we get some crossover I guess from the Hardy Boyz 2 feud perhaps since we got like the Caucasian North Carolina boys against the African American heels. OK that looks wrong somehow...


-Another short match, as it looks like the finale with Hell in a Cell will be a doozy and a long one. CM Punk gets a decent match out of lazy worker #2 and wins clean with the GTS (Go to Sleep). JBL's health is also an issue and really he should go back to announcing now on any of the 3 shows. JBL did color by accident when they clashed heads on a missed move but otherwise both came to work tonight.

TK Predictions: 2 for 4 as CM PUNK Wins.
Let's hope Punk gets some opponents now he can work with like a Jericho perhaps.


-Let the "YOU CAN'T WRESLE" chant begin for the laziest of workers in Khali begin!

-HHH worked out of nerve hold spots many times while continuously trying to nail a Pedigree. He made Khali miss a boot, and a Pedigree later he retains to the biggest roar of the show thus far, even with the chants and boos for bad spots by Khali.

TK'S Predictions: 3 for 5 as HHH WINS.
As good of a match as you'll get. HHH should be working with guys like Edge or MVP to get actual matches.


-First time I can recall seeing a PPV end with 2 non-title matches, but it's the smart move in this case.

-Pro Batista tonight as Cena is getting booed on entry. On par for Cena matches I'd say, but HOW can there be signs for "Match of 2008" for this with only 3 weeks build?! Good match though if not like great, with many cheers back and forth, then after 2 Batista Bombs, Batista wins clean, wow.

-Both worked hard in this match though, with knee injuries sold by both from worked spots.

TK Predictions: 3 for 6 as BATISTA WINS.
This is likely part 1 of many to come; it depends on when round 2 will be and hopefully with some good reasoning behind it.


-This started around 10PM and ended 37 minutes later. Lots to see, highlights include:
*Usage of Steel Steps, Chairs and yes, a ladder
*SPEAR right through the Cell to take this to the outside, oh boy...
*Edge used monitors to knock out Taker, then set him up on the ECW Announcers Table and SPEARED HIM THROUGH IT!
*Edge used the camera for a headshot.
*Chokeslam by Taker for a 2 count.
*Taker sets Edge up from the Top Rope, and CHOKESLAMS Edge through 2 tables setup on the floor!
*Taker SPEARS Edge, then SMASHES a camera off of Edge's head. JR Quote " That was MORE than HD!"
*Taker wins after a one man Conchairto on Edge followed by a Tombstone Piledriver.

-WOW, here's your match of the night folks.

-Postmatch we see La Familia clapping backstage. THEN Taker took Edge's limp body, sets him up on a ladder, grabs ANOTHER ladder and CHOKESLAMS Edge off the ladder THROUGH THE RING (thankfully I imagine set up for this) and we see Edge end the show going STRAIGHT TO HELL! (I hope Hornswoggle moved then for this spot, heh)

TK's Predictions: 4 for 7 as the UNDERTAKER WINS.
But they kept Edge strong with so much punishment taken and dished out, and also it took 2 finishers in a sense to beat him. This is the finale of the feud, and a great one to boot.

Thanks for following folks! Might do this just for major PPVs (Summerslam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania) but we shall see, so let me know if they are good and if I should do more, thanks! Night!
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Posted 8/22/08 , edited 8/23/08
thanks for update !
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Posted 9/4/08 , edited 9/5/08
that hell in the cell match is totally hell!
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