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romance at the movies
I am not falling for Kai, I am not falling for Kai, I am not falling for kai. Who am I kidding.... I'M FALLING FOR KAI!!! wwwaaaaahhhhh >< <3
[at the movies]
(note: they are watching a scary movie. The order wich the are sitting is ---> sakura, kayumi, satskia, anaka, kai)

Kayumi: This is so scary! >< *holds on to Satskia*

Sakura: *holds on to Kazumi*

Satskia: *holds on to Kazumi too*

-scary part were the zombie pops out from the vent and grabs the girls leg-

ASSK: WAH!!! ><

Anaka: *holds on to Kai* Go-.. gomenasai...

Kai: It's fine *smiles*

Anaka: *blushes*

Kai: *holds her hand*

Anaka: *blushes more*

-zombie eats 1 of the dudes-

Anaka: Wahh!! >< *holds on to Kai*

Kai: *wraps arm around her*

Anaka: (does this mean he likes me too?? He smells sooo nice) ...

Satskia: *whispers to K & S* They look so cute. >//<

Sakura: *whispers back* Mhm.

[outside movie theatre]

Kayumi: Well that was scary!!

SaKura & Satskia: Hai!

Anaka: Mhm. The zombies were really creepy. I'm not going to sleep tonight. (I never do -.-)

Sakura: How about you Kai??

Kai: It was fine..

Sakura: Um ...ok ...

Satskia: lets go buy some icecream!

ASK: *raise their fist into the air* ICE CREAM!

Kai: *looks at them weirdly*

[at the ice cream man in the park, afternoon]

icecreamman: *hands them their ice cream*

ASSK: arigato^^

Kai: *pays*

Satskia: Lets go to the river!

Kai: *pulls Anaka aside**whispers to her* We have to train.

Anaka: Ok. Guys we have to go now.

Satskia: Ok. Bye bye.

Sakura: See ya.

Kayumi: I’ll come over tomorrow to get the drawing ok Anaka?

Anaka: Hai. Bye guys.

Kayumi: Bye. See ya Kai.

Kai: Bye…

[Anaka’s house, livingroom]

Anaka: You can sit down.

Kai: *sits down* ……

Anaka: Kai, how do you become a vampire?

Kai: It runs in the family.

Anaka: So… then….

Kai: Your aunt is a vampire too, and so were one of your parents.

Anaka: ……. (my dad..)

Kai: Where’s you aunt? I need to talk to her about summer.

Anaka: What about summer?

Kai: Your going to school.

Anaka: WHAT??!!!

Kai: Yes, you have to go to vampire academy.

Anaka: But... but I thought you have to teach me. ?_?

Kai: Yes, but you still have to go. There all your questions will be answered. Your training will be better and you’ll learn about the past of the vampire race.

Anaka: *didn’t listen to him. Too busy wheeping* T~T

Kai: ….. -.-

Anaka: But what about training with you?

Kai: I’m supposed to inform you and get you to the highest level possible. But your turning pale really slow. So I’m guessing by when you go there your fangs will be pretty small.

Anaka: *pouts*

Kai: ….. (baka -.-)

Anaka: I’m not an idiot!

Kai: >.> ……

Anaka: Geez you so different from when we were at the movies.

Kai: I told you we have to act it.

Anaka: Oh…. you were acting… *looks down sad* (who am I kidding. Of course he’s not going to fall for me. I got my hopes up for nothing.)

Kai: …….. Well I’m going home now. *stands up* I’ll come by tomorrow to talk to you aunt.

Anaka: Ok… bye…. *doesn’t look at him in his face*

Kai: *looks at her for a while than leaves*

[later in Anaka’s room]

Anaka: *sitting on floor with back to wall* Why do I care if he doesn’t like me. -rubs eyes- he’s just a jerk *sobs* I SHOULDN’T CARE!!!
*Anaka crawls into her bed and falls asleep crying*

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F / In the middle of...
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wow she fell asleep!!I thought she couldn't...?
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sgurlrox67 wrote:

wow she fell asleep!!I thought she couldn't...?

lol my story is weird cuz I didn't really plan anyhting good.
since she's just beginning she can sleep at some night and some nights she can't
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F / In the middle of...
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ooo cool lol (like me )
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F / SomwHeRe on EArTH
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she fell asleep, unusual..haha who cares it was just me...anaka is falling for kai how swe3t
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22 / F / in ur dream
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i wonder if kai falling for anaka...
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