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Do think Ikuto wtill have a new egg (chara) other than yuro in the near future?
Posted 12/18/08 , edited 12/18/08
I don't think he gets a new egg. I think he just transforms with a x egg. That death rebel costume looks awesome though. If he does get another egg I hope the chara isn't a animal/half human. That would kind of annoy me. I know episode 63 won't be about ikuto since the previews didn't show that. But I want them to get back to the story line. I'm so excited. Although I did enjoy episode 62, made me laugh. Anyways again I don't think he gets a new egg. But I have seen pictures of amu dressed up like a cat. So I think that she transforms with yoru to save ikuto. She seems to do it with everyone elses. lol
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Posted 3/20/09 , edited 3/21/09
Maybe, if he starts to aspire for more than freedom.
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