kushina and yondaime

Posted 7/22/08 , edited 7/23/08
ok read this carefully

1.if u dont like this topic leave and dont post faile ,it fails or things like that
2. i know this is an very old question but i handt got any concreate answer
i spent my whole day yesterday trying to look for this question so that is why i m posting here
here is my question and pls if u can leave the source (link) with the answer
lets begin with minato
i heard in some websites that he was raised by the uchiha clan he was a geniun ninja
he come from the most powerfull clan but just as naruto he never knew his father and mother
he died protecting the village sealing the bad side of the nine tailed with him in the justo he did and the good side in his son(naruto) he did that because he wanted nauto to get acces to it
the same day the kyuby atked naruto was born kushina died when having the kid
and i heard too she just left the village for no reason
alot of people think se is dead just becuase is chapter 367 jiraya and tsunade talked in past sentence about her in my opinion u cant talk in preset tence about something that happend before i really dont agree with it
now what is true about this whloe story is kushina really dead or alive if she is dead how did she died
and if she is alive where did she go
i hope u guys give me a good answer i have been looking for this for long days ty
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