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Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/23/08
Here's some information about the weapon u might want:

**A Gun-----a good weapon for long distance combat.
**A Grieve Edge----a close combat weapon but its really sharp because its blades.
**A Dagger----A newbie weapon(fun to swing and throw).
**A Broadsword----A huge sword that u can carry but way to heavy.
**A Flail----A huge Sphere with spikes connected with a chain that u can hold on.
**A Pike----A long spear but more dangerous.
**A Nunchaku----A two-sided metal cylinder connected with a chain.
** A Bladestick---A two-sided spear also u can seperate it.
**A Dragon Claw-----Its four-blades can kill and releases more blood from the enemy.
**A Kusarigama-----This weapon is pretty rare this weapon has a sickle connected with a chain(a expert weapon)
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