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Did "School Days" gave you a lesson in near end?

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Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08
Spending time with your girlfriend on a boat is less enjoyable when you've been stabbed and decapitated.

Therefore, take responsibility.
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08
I learned about nice boats.
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F / around there .
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08

mayes wrote:

Teacher: What is theme? Give me an example of theme from any story.
Student: Theme is the author's hidden lesson within the story. For example in the Japanese animation show School Days, a guy cheated on his girlfriend[s], and he was murdered by his second girlfriend. The theme of that story is to never cheat 'cause cheaters never live.. oh I meant win.

lol......... i like that statement

I agree and like that statement.
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31 / M / "The World"
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08

Kahya wrote:

i learned that having sex with a guy when you're still young is bullshit...because men are pigs...they just use you and then throw you away

Been a while since I posted this...=3

Again with the one-sided hate...I can't believe that I'm the ONLY one who ever DEFENDS MANkoto...

*MANkoto facepalm.jpg* How many times do I have to post this??? *Sigh*

I'm gonna do the Impossible now and give out reasons why MANkoto is NOT an a-hole:

1) He never physically hurt any of the girls (Slap, Punch, Grab by wrist, etc.)

2) Aside from the last 2 episodes where everything was starting to fall apart, he never insulted or emotionally degraded (intentionally) any of the girls (Call them bitch, retard, slut, etc.)

3) To be fair, most of the girls were the ones who took the initiative with MANkoto. If Sekai hadn't kissed him in the 1st episode and subsequently gave him "Practices", things might have ended differently. Besides, you can't really blame the guy for acting like....well....a guy! Most of the guys here would probably do the same thing given the same situation. And it wouldn't have hurt for Kotonoha to have been more open to MANkoto about her feelings.

4) I'm not saying that what MANkoto did was right, but he was brave enough to set the bar for everyone in the future on what NOT to do in a relationship. For that alone, he deserves some respect.

5) People have complained for years when it comes to harem style anime saying that the guy is a WUSS for not making a move and taking advantage of the girls that like him. Well, now we finally have a guy that DOES make moves of the girls and takes advantage of them and people STILL complained! I mean...C'mon!

6) Please keep in mind that MANkoto had absolutely ZERO experience in relationships before this whole started. And SUDDENLY...In a matter of DAYS in fact...He gets swarmed by a bunch of girls that he never thought even liked him. Of course he's gonna exlplore this new sensation...he's a TEENAGER! It's like giving a Ferrari to someone who's never driven before. Sure they'll have a blast in the first straightaway but once they get to the first corner you know that it's gonna crash. Same thing with MANkoto...poor guy got too much in such a shot time, he got overwhelmed with all those girls throwing themselves at him. He actually did a better job handling it than some guys in real life do. Those guys treat women like objects. The girls from School Days PRESENTED themselves as objects. I think you can figure out the rest.

7) NAIL ON THE COFFIN!!! Remember that MANkoto said on the very FIRST episode of School Days that he was satisfied with just watching over Kotonoha from afar and that he really didn't need to have a relationship with her...but who was it that pushed him and Kotonoha INTO their relationship? SEKAI! She pushed them into a relationship within and week and they never had a chance to really get to know each other, with that said, it was inevitable that their relationship would fall apart!

*Sigh...* Enough with the one sided MANkoto hate already....

8) And last but not least....MANkoto has one of the most Photoshop-able heads in anime history! =3

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25 / M / canada
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08
i learned never cheats on girls.....
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31 / M / "The World"
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08

angelica17400 wrote:

I learned about nice boats.

Well said...Well, you can have this as thanks.

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29 / M / Manila, PH
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08

rakisha wrote:

Did the School days... gave you a lesson in near end??

I Learned that.... "adult stuffs" are to much bad!!!
and it will cause a Future problem... and can be happened to me like the END of that School days... it was HORRIBLE!!! and Horror to me... but... +Moral Lesson

hope this is not... ea duplicate...:(

yup. never fuck with a woman scorned.
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Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08
be sure to do a full background check, you never know youre dating a psycho and end up lying in your own pool of blood. lolz
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08
yes. i will never sleep with all the hot girls in my school again.
wtf? like that shit is gonna happen to anyone anyways. unless your really lucky.
by the way, i know girls hate him, but most of us guys would trade anything to be in makoto's shoes (until episode 11 of course)
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24 / M / Nuuk, Greenland
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08
yup. those guys who say this anime sucks didn't finish the whole anime coz they think that anime is just full of pervert clips.
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28 / F
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08
I learned to never cheat it always hacks u in the end!
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24 / M / Nuuk, Greenland
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08

callmetim wrote:

yeah! i learned 133 things and I'd be happy to share. Enjoy!

1) If you really love her, wear a cover
2) Don't make a mistake, cover your snake
3) Sex is cleaner with a packaged wiener
4) If you can't shield your rocket, leave it in your pocket
5) No glove, no love
6) If you think she'll sigh, cover old one eye
7) Even If she's eager, protect her beaver
8) No one likes a horse's ***, protect yourself at climax
9) Shield her from the hunt until you shoot her in the ****
10) Avoid a frown, contain your clown
11) Harness the pygmy man before entering the bearded clam
12) Constrain the little head before you stick it in the shed
13) Put a condom on your dink before you dart it in her sink
14) The weasel you must surround before you please her on the ground
15) Cloak the joker before you poke her
16) Encase that torch before you paint her porch
17) Cape your throbber before you bob her
18) After detection sheath your erection
19) Before you penetrate hide your magistrate
20) Don't surprise her plug your Geyser
21) Cover that lumber before you pump her
22) Protect her wrinkle before you sprinkle
23) She won't bristle if you wrap your whistle
24) House your noodle then release your strudel
25) Put your dog in the pound and make her yelp like a hound
26) Shelter your jerky then nab that turkey
27) Cage that snake then shake and bake
28) Cover your peter it will be much neater
29) Coat that Labrador then allow him to explore
30) It's always funky to cage your monkey
31) It won't be funny with a coatless dummy
32) It won't be fun with an unwrapped thumb
33) It's not much money to catch your honey
34) Don't be a fool cover your tool
35) Hood that match then scratch that thatch
36) Stitch that switch then itch her niche
37) Wrap that tool to catch the drool
38) It ain't no jibe to protect her hive
39) Contain that sputum before you use him
40) Restrain your log then plow her bog
41) Glove your pecker before you check her
42) Coat that slimmer before you prime her
43) Condomize then womanize (or sodomize)
44) Cover old pete then grind her meat
45) Guard your peter before you meet her
46) Check your list before you tryst
47) Wrap your bate before you mate
48) Can your worm before you squirm
49) Cover your pipe you dumb *** wipe
50) Contain your lizard then tickle her gizzard
51) Bag the mole then do her hole
52) Cuff your carrot before you share it
53) Jail your number then call the plumber
54) Cover your vein then drive her insane
55) Wrap that pickle then slip her a tickle
56) Protect your dink then fluff her mink
57) Restrain your lantern then stick it in her cavern
58) Hide ole harry then take her cherry
59) Wrap that spout then bore her out
60) Conceal your train don't cause her pain
61) Guard your bridge then do her ridge >
62) Shroud your trout then make her shout
63) To make her squat like a turkey, cover your Jerky
64) Box your blister then poke her in the whiskers
65) Wrap your spout to catch the trout
66) Plug your funnel then enter the tunnel
67) Cover your steamer before you ream her
68) Protect that fish then dip it in the dish
69) Contain that bass for a swim in her glass
70) Be sure to wear it to feed her ferret
71) Clothe the ***** before you hone her
72) Got no protection? Can't use your erection!
73) Cork your pump or you don't hump
74) No unwrapped stags get between my legs
75) Dress that erection to make a deflection
76) Contain that shanker before you spank her
77) Cap that seeder before you breed her
78) Stop the stream before you cream
79) Secure that ladder then drain your bladder
80) Protect your screw to catch that glue
81) Package your meat for a real neat treat
82) Holster your gun then shootings more fun
83) Canvas that trailer before you nail her
84) Garage the tractor then attack her
85) Net that grass hopper before you pop her
86) Sock that wanger before you bang her
87) Pen that rooster, she'll be much looser
88) Trim your hardwood then do her real good
89) Garnish your oak then give her a poke
90) Pouch your associate then go fornicate
91) Smother your affiliate before you ejaculate
92) Confine your fascinate before it regurgitates
93) Catch that goat before it bloats
94) Ensnare that barbarian then do her abdomen
95) Restrain your hammer then wam bam her
96) Prune that stalk then make her squawk
97) Wrap that rod then please her bod
98) Sheath that knife she ain't your wife
99) House that bottle then mash her throttle
100) Sash that hash then thrash that gash
101) Cover your diddle then fiddle her middle
102) Can your knob then throb her swab
103) Contain old Doug then clean her rug
104) Cover your limb before you swim
105) Retain your bailer then impail her
106) Rope your dope then make some soap
107) Net your salamander then make salad in her
108) Cap your flapper then sniff her snapper
109) Wrap that Steed then trample her weeds
110) Hat that chef then scramble her cleft
111) Cover your stone before you bone
112) House your hose then curl her toes
113) Saddle your penis then straddle her mean ***
114) Blanket your twitch then hump that *****
115) Shield your rocks then pond her box
116) Cover old sly then do her dry
117) Wrap your rail then fill her pail
118) Glove your chimney before you come in me
119) If your nude tube your dude
110) Cloak your hitter then go split her
121) Wrap your nipper before you dip her
122) Can your spam then bam that mam
123) Corral your ram then slice her ham
124) Sheath your sliver then jab her liver
125) Twist your wick then stick that prick
126) Cover old Bart then dart her tart
127) Shed old spot then do her slot
128) Drawer your pip then split her lips
129) Contain that leach then mash her peach
130) Bag your elm then take the helm
131) Sheath your sword before you wield it
132) Cover your banana before she eats it
133) Use stealth condoms, they'll never see you coming.

wow you really learn a lot on that anime
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08
Aside from giving feminists ammo in thier eternal quest to hate men... (hey, better that they come out into the open now, then for them to torment a guy for 20 years, and taking half of what he owns in a divorce settlement)

People can't treat people like shit, and expect to get away with it. There are real consequences for actions, and whether that person wants to take responsibility for that action or not that caused the consequence does not change the consequence and whom it is targeted to.

In short: Treat people well, and take responsible actions. If anyone screws up, that person should apologize for it and take responsibility for it. This guy after episode 5 had plenty of time to say "hey, I royally screwed up." But no, he had to fishtail his way around his shitty... actions, and the people around it.

A note for the girls present: (note girls. Women SHOULD know better then this, but i have been proven wrong). Don't try to "change" a guy. Any ugly attribues present will stay, and only get worse. Get out if you see anyting shifty that will put you in jeopardy.

I did know this before watching this series, pretty common sense stuff; that's why after episode...three, I was burying my face in my hands.
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24 / F / Enjoying the suns...
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08
i learned that if you have sex with a guy you would get pregant and then get killed by the jealous girlfriend
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08

blackraptor00 wrote:

Kahya wrote:

i learned that having sex with a guy when you're still young is bullshit...because men are pigs...they just use you and then throw you away

Been a while since I posted this...=3

Again with the one-sided hate...I can't believe that I'm the ONLY one who ever DEFENDS MANkoto...

*MANkoto facepalm.jpg* How many times do I have to post this??? *Sigh*

I'm gonna do the Impossible now and give out reasons why MANkoto is NOT an a-hole:

i love your use of MANkoto, he would have done what any other guy would have done right?

another point is that it was totally sekai's fault for lying to makoto about being pregnant, im mean any 15/16 year old guy would freak out and run away if he heard something like it was setsuna that really pressured MANtoko to break up with kotohana, even though she had nothing to do with it.

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