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Sirberius entered the Shinigami Palace. A servant led him to the gardens where two shinigamis sat under a tree. The servant introduced them as Shinigami King Tiolee Cross and Prince Noe Cross.
“A hybrid,” said Tiolee, “usually they stay as far as possible from this place. You intrigued me with your courage so I let you in. Speak what you want. And if it’s money, I’m afraid I’m not up to charity today.”
“Shinigami King, I am Sirberius Reono,” said Sirberius, “I believe you’ve heard of my fiancé, Rubi.”
Tiolee had in fact heard of the great Rubi Delacoure. She was the founder of the group called the Mystic Knights. The group wasn’t well known but its leader was. He had heard rumors of her having a fiancé named Sirb-something.
“And what do you want?” asked Tiolee, “or is that your just her messenger.”
“I am no messenger, but a person with a dream.”
“A dream?” mocked Noe.
“Noe, be nice,” said Tiolee. He faced Sirberius, “continue.”
“Right now the scars left by The Great God War still remain. I want to mend those pieces together. For that to happen, this continent needs leadership. Some good friends of mine… Saria, Rubi, Ruuso… they all taught me that for order to prosper, you need a good government. My goal, my dream, is to make a Mystic Council in which to lead the Mystic Community into a new age.”
“Sound rather nice and all but what does that have to do with me?”
“I want you to join. If I have the support of the Shinigami King then others will follow. I want you to be apart of the Mystic Council.”
Tiolee laughed. “I’m all for fun and games but I have a real duty to perform. That as the king of all shinigami.” He turned to Noe. “Actually, I think my son and heir, Noe, would be better for you council. He is just as famous as me.”
“That would work.” He too faced Noe. “Noe, would you like to help me out.”
Noe sighed lazily. “Doesn’t matter to me.”
“Then it’s settled,” said Tiolee, “where do you plan to go next?”
“To visit a person named Aeris Nightstriker, commonly known as Youichi.”
“Well good luck on your quest.”
It took Noe two hours to pack. When he was done, the two walked out of the estate. They encountered a blond human.
“Going somewhere?” asked the human.
“Sirberius Reono, this is Zayru Licayan,” introduced Noe, “Sirberius, didn’t you say you had a friend named Ruuso?”
“Yeah,” said Sirberius.
“You know Ruuso?” asked Zayru, “so do I! …Or at least I did. We never really spoke after The Great God War.”
“Pleased to meet you.” They shook hands. “Hey, how about you come with us.”
“Sweet, I’d love too.”
They made a detour to Zayru’s house. Unlike most of the surrounding homes, it was a bit run down. Zayru didn’t take many possessions with him.
Sirberius, Zayru, and Noe left Faralda. They trekked into the Kaidva Desert. They decided to camp out in the ruins of Dry Man’s Point. Zayru fell asleep fast.
“So how long have you known Zayru?” asked Sirberius, trying to get a conversation going with the shinigami prince.
“Since we were kids,” said Noe, “he’s not too big of a fan of hybrids like yourself.”
“Because of The Great God War. He still believes the lies of the Elder Gods that it is the will of the Holy Lord that hybrids should be exterminated.”
There was a footstep from one of the tunnels.
“What was that?” panicked Noe.
“Let’s check it out,” whispered Sirberius.
Noe grabbed his four katanas (North, West, East, and South). Sirberius led the way into the tunnel.
As Noe and Sirberius’ footsteps faded away, new footsteps walked into the camp. Zayru woke up. He quickly grabbed for a kunai knife and was about to throw it when the assailant pointed a scythe at his neck.
“Wh-who are you?” demanded Zayru.
“You can call me… Valentine,” said the assailant, “and I’ve got a little secret to tell you.”
Valentine whispered something into Zayru’s ears. His eyes widened. Valentine disappeared into the darkness.
Sirberius and Noe came back. They looked disappointed. Noe noticed the dark face on Zayru.
“What’s wrong?” asked Noe.
“Why didn’t you tell me,” demanded Zayru.
“About what?”
Zayru revealed a kunai knife hidden in his sleeve. He charged at Sirberius. Sirberius had little time to think. He quickly took out one of his dual guns and fired.
“ZAYRU!” screamed Noe.
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