Help!! Does anybody know where I can watch At the Dolphin Bay?
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Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/23/08

I watched At the Dolphin Bay since last week and until now, I'm not done. I watch it in youtube. But when I wanted to watch the next episode yesterday, and type in the search, it says that, "Sorry, no videos found...!! So, I typed in the Channel named foreverlost15 because that's where i got the videos, but then it says "This account has been suspended." So, I thought maybe that was just only for a day.. So I checked in again today, and it's still not there..

So, I typed it in Google saying, "where can I watch At the Dolphin Bay" and here's the link that i saw.. it says Crunchyroll, Mysoju, Aol, Veoh, and Youtube... then, i clicked each of them and all i can see is Videos are not available anymore.. because in aol, they got the videos from Youtube.. But in crunchyroll, and Mysoju, all their videos are licensed... and in Veoh, only the MVs are there...

so please can anyone tell me where to watch it, if you know a site that has videos of Dolphin Bay that are still available ... I really need to finish this drama because I'm on Episode 21 and there's only 7 more episodes left...

Thank You soo much!!! I highly appreciate it!!! Thanks again!!
Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08
Please use the anime help thread

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