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Posted 7/23/08 , edited 7/24/08

Tendoushuu member: We've waited long to act...the time is now.

Head Tendoushuu member:That Joi Shishi Katsura Kotarou is winning influence even over the law enforcement...

Tendoshuu Official : He's a reminder of that Great Samurai. Shouyou Yoshida. We must get rid of him now before his influence spreads any further...

Head Tendoushuu member: The time to act is now. Send in all the spies and seek the best way to rid ourselves of this cursed man...
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Posted 7/24/08 , edited 7/24/08
Tendoushuu official: So you're telling me that he failed?

Tendoushuu member: It's the first and only time this has ever happened.... Kamui is always very effective.

Tendoushuu businessman: I heard Katsura is still alive somehow...he survived after being stabbed through the heart...

Tendoushuu member: That's unreal! He must be some type of demon! That Samurai!

Head Tendoushuu Member: ENOUGH! Kamui has never failed to eliminate a person before... We shall give him another chance to make his mark. If not, we shall find another way to rid ourselves of this hinderance.

Tendoushuu member: That Yato boy is usually so effective that we never need to send him a second time. It's rather distressing especially since he came back injured by Katsura's comrades... We should reequip him and send him first.

Tendoushuu businessman: That sounds fine on our end...the books are well enough that we can manage to give the Yato boy more supplies to carry out his mission.

Kamui: *stranger comes out* I've been listening....I know I screwed up but I won't do it again...That Joi Shishi Katsura is going to go down. He's already seriously injured. It's only a matter of time before I find him at a hospital and then I'll take care of him... I don't care if I have to burn the whole hospital down. I will kill him.
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Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/30/08
Kamui: I brought the girl you're looking for *walks in with Otae and removes her blindfold*

Tendoushuu Leader: *smirks* good... *looks at Otae* Shimura Tae... i hear you have a special ability. and it just so happens that i desire this ability to call upon a higher power..

Otae: *mad* i'm only interested in saving Katsura. i don't know how to control that "power" you speak of, so it's not like I can just give it to-

Tendoushuu Leader: *irritated* that doesn't matter. we will have our ways of extracting that power from you. as long as you agree to it, then we will give Katsura the antidote that he needs for the mind-controlling agent... however, there is a side-effect that comes with the process of taking your power....

Otae: .......

Tendoushuu Leader: once we remove it from you completely, your soul will slowly deteriorate on its own. in other words, you will die. slowly, but surely.

Otae: *sweatdrop* (boss is the Joi leader after all... his life is worth more than mine) i.... i....

Tendoushuu Leader: the process takes a while so i will need you to come back here at a later time. i will send my men out to escort you. the antidote for Katsura is divided into 2 parts. i will give you the first part right now. should you decide to offend me by not doing exactly as i say, i will see to it the Katsura does not receive the 2nd part of the antidote. having only the 1st part alone will result in a slow but painful death for him.

Otae: i accept your offer

Tendoushuu Leader: *grins and hands Otae a flask of blue liquid* Good... *looks at Kamui* now take her away.

Kamui: *blindfolds Otae and drags her away*
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