Wu Zun Loves Children, Wants to Have Five!!!!
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Posted 7/24/08 , edited 7/24/08

Wu Chun hasn't spent Father's Day with his father for 3 years already, this year he gave his father a massage chair, and even wrote a letter wishing his father with good health. Wu Chun disclosed, he really loves children, while holding the cute child he openly spoke of his having children plans, hoping in the future of have 3 to 5 of them, many children and grand children means happiness! Would like 3 to 5, but not 4 "that's not a lucky"

Credits: TVBS

Yesterday Wu Chun attended his massage chair spokesperson function, he had been rumoured married and with a child in Brunei, since the mention of "children" the rumoured news rose again, Wu Chun said: "How come its been so long and its rumoured again?!" This was because he had said quickly that "He should be more careful holding someone elses child, but holding your own families is more familiar", so of course word within word and to add the earlier rumours. He emphasized that it's his sisters children, his elder sis has a daughter and son, his elder bro has daughter; even though he likes children, but once the child cries, he's helpless.

Wu Chun really likes children but he's most afraid when they cry or give a fit, yesterday on stage he was afraid the baby would go out of control, while acting and lifting the baby, the baby at one point didn't want him to hold him, Chun was so worried he wasn't sure what to do, busily saying: "What to do? What to do?"

Wu Chun strongly emphasized, if before marriage his girlfriend accidently is pregnant, he will have his girl give birth to the baby, for sure won't let his girlfriend to have an abortion and would take responsibility. Before he had thought about marriage at 25, but the plans can't catch up to the changes, now near 30, the thought of marriage, the word is far from near, Wu Chun as usual says: "No time to date, how can there be marriage?!" Want to be a father, there's still a long wait.


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Posted 7/25/08 , edited 7/25/08
I wonder who he wants to have it with.....Ella or Angela...or maybe someone else?? ^ 0 ^
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