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Posted 7/25/08 , edited 3/30/10
*- You apply for gettiing/creating an S.A pet here
*- You may only have two pets.
*- Pets are only allowed those who can fit inside your room
*- For further questions ask by pm'ing the any of the Student council members.
*- You may only post once in this forum to prevent unorganized posts.
*- ONLY the Student council members are allowed to reply to your messages here in this forum.

Every student now are allowed to have pets with them.
Here are some examples of the pets you can have...

Just follow these easy steps...

Owners Name:
Pet's Name:
Gender: ( Male/Female )
Race: ( Dog, Cat, Rabbit, Wolf, Rat, ETC )
Skills: ( Example: Dance and Hip-hop )
Pet's Picture: (please put in spoiler)

Fill these up and your pet will live with you... Have a nice time with your pet...

Before that, We also have our Pet takers: Mizuki and Katty ( Friends of Fred )

Tip: If you like pets that are big, why not make it miniature? For example, your dragon can become miniature... Just Add that with its Race...
Example: Miniature Lion, Miniature Dragon, Miniature Bear, ETC...
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