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The communism of today.
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forgot where
Posted 8/20/09 , edited 8/20/09


Nineteen Eighty-Four by Goerge Orwell, did you read it? No? Then you should. Did you watch it? No? Then if you didn't read it, then at least watch it.

I've come to see that this world is slowly turning into a place, where complete control is demanded and most important. I would call it the new, better version of the failed communism of the past. Our technology is allowing people to watch over other people. Internet, Mobile Phones/Cell Phones, Cameras,etc.
Go out of the house, take a look around you(if you live in a city), then you will see that at every corner there is a camera. Surprisingly, this cameras can be used to track people, it's not just a fairy tale from a film about the future, it's sadly the truth. They can track you down through your cell phone, and now even random people have access to that info, they just have to pay a little money, and then just search for your number, and through satellites, they can almost exactly tell where you are. So let's say that you tell your bf/gf that you are going on a trip with your friends, but instead of a trip with your friends you are just going to enjoy your secret relationship with your other lover. Now, if your gf wants to know where you are, she just has to use this feature, and she'll see that you lied to her. Awesome. Even more perfect for stalkers and psychos. It is really sad to what this world is coming to.
Are you using a credit card? Well, I personally would stick to cash. Why? Well, if someone wants to know for example from the financial gov. then all they have to do is looking at your expenses, and they will see for what stuff you are using your money, and if they think that you are using the money for unecessary stuff, they might as well just do something about it. I guess you understand what I mean.
As well credit cards are bad, because people can track down your location as well through that, that actually depends on the usage of the card. Lets say you went to Italy, and bought yourself something with your credit card, the bank knows exactly what and where. Only thinking of this few things makes me think that one can't do anything anymore without other people knowing of it. No anonymity, no privacy, etc.

The same goes for the internet.

In the end we don't have rights, privacy, we have nothing. It's all about the governement controlling us secretly while we are naively thinking that we are FREE. My ass. Today EVERYTHING can be used against you, so not only some curious pedantic neighbours will have something to say against you, when the time comes where you will have to justify yourself for w/e you did or didn't do, now they will as well use your bank info, EVERYTHING.

Soon, every home will have to have some hidden cameras installed so that the police can check on us, etc. for w/e reason, I just think that this is going over board. Goddamnit, I want to buy me some clothes without being recorded on some goddamn tape, without the bank knowing what I bought, etc.
I want to go to w/e shop pleases me, without getting recorded on some goddamn tape. I want to walk down the street without getting recorded on some goddamn tape. -_- To say it more simply, I DON'T want to be controlled by some lame fucked up governement.


its not that big of a deal.u r right by the way, just for the wrong reasons. They see us just to prevent crime.The real control is within the system its self. the whole democratic system.its built in a way where the elites controll the masses, and the masses have very little, if ne influence in the government.
and even though this may sound like something from 1984, isnt it best this way? who better to run the government then the experts who have been running it for centuries? who do u want running your government? the guy who picks up trash for a living, or some political hot shot who has been involved in politics since his birth?
control doesnt always mean a bad thing. just look at the recent war the USA is involved in.Notice how a lot of these 3rd world countries tend to do much worse when they kill thier current experienced political leaders, and let some unknown bozo off the street take charge.peace over war
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Posted 8/20/09 , edited 8/20/09

Yes in the end Communism can work, if you start out right from the start with some smart Elites who are all about building a strong economically sound country and not about corruption and greed. The hole camera watching you think can work as well to prevent crime.
If the examine the camera footage wen there was a crime in the area one can find out who did it with less to no chance of the person getting away with it. Making criminals think twice before they think of doing a crime. Tell you the truth I find Communism more open than what America has, at least we know who running the show, instead of are nation that is run by big Businesses out to make a quick buck.
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Posted 8/28/09 , edited 8/29/09
1984? I read that book three times because of english class requirements.

anywho, my opinion is as follows:

There's no such thing as complete freedom.
freedom of speech? press? yea ok, you wouldn't know when the government censors those things.
China is a well known communist country right?
Well in the US it's not much different.
One difference is that China is openly communist and the US is secretly communist.
elections, votes... all can be bought with money.
privacy? with todays technology, no way in hell.
and lastly, yes I've heard that the US government does censor stuff.
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Posted 8/31/09 , edited 8/31/09
Our government isnt communism nor is it trying to control us, they're actually protecting us in their own way. U act seem like there gonna completely invade ur privacy, why would they care about some normal person? Death threats,enemies of thes are really wat they care about, yet u dont see it that way. Ur not important to the government unless u are a threat, your life is menial and means absolutely nothing to these people.
Posted 1/3/10 , edited 1/4/10
User has nuked, but anyone is welcomed to recreate.
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