Posted 7/25/08 , edited 7/26/08
Here is the place where you ask for Userbars

basically userbars are smaller versions of siggies and can have either your name on it to post in forums or anime names of which you support....not only does this take up little space of your profile but it'll be attractive too! ^^

examples will come! ^^

Do the following:
What anime it is or your name
Would you like it horizontal or vertical?

Font (please make sure it isnt something that needs to be bought)
Extra (like if you specifically want hearts or it to move etc.)
If you would like them together

Please note that we do not like it if you keep asking if your work has been done or not.......if it isnt done by around 5-6 days please come again and tell us then

also if you would like more then 1 character on one userbar....make sure that they are close to each other! ^^
Posted 7/25/08 , edited 7/26/08
sounds awesome ~ can't wait to [see examples]! n_n
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