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Sasuke directs his team and Suigetsu charges with his sword. It impacts and dust is thrown up. When it clears, the Jinchuuriki has stopped the sword with his bare hands. He offers rhyming insults at Suigetsu and then throws the sword away. Juugo tells him to retreat. At Myouboku, Fukasaku tells Gamakichi to stop providing stupid examples, as Naruto won't die. One has to become one with nature and allow the current to flow freely in and out of the body.

He tells Naruto not to move and explains the young man must stop disrupting the flow of nature. Naruto says not moving should be easy but Gamakichi retorts he doesn't get it. Fukasaku says the training will not happen quickly. Naruto asks if there's a way to do it more quickly since they don't have a lot of time. The toad says there is, in a fashion, using the toad oil pouring as a waterfall nearby.

The toad puts some oil on Naruto's hand and explains that it's like a magnet for nature's energy. Over time Naruto will begin to feel the power in his skin, and by focusing he'll learn to draw in that power without the oil. There is a risk though, if you don't learn to control the energy, one will start to turn you into a toad. Naruto looks at his reflection in the water with horror, as his hand and face take on toad features.

Fukasaku hits him with a staff and returns him to normal. He explains that Senjutsu is all about keeping spiritual, physical and natural energy in balance. Too much natural energy will turn one into a frog, but as long as you don't go too far you can return to normal. Otherwise one would become a toad forever. Gamakichi explains that he said "die" earlier because doing it alone means certain death.

Fukasaku points to the toad statues around them and states they were people who failed the training. It should be okay however, as his staff will knock the natural energy out in case it goes too far. He explains that Jiraiya himself couldn't full master it, as he would take on toad-traits when he used Senjutsu.

Fukasaku offers that Naruto doesn't seem intimidated. Naruto says of course, his nindo is the same as pervy-sages. Fukasaku gives an enthusiastic affirmative. At the Cloud gorge, Juugo lays before the Jinchuuriki defeated.

The Jinchuuriki offers some rhyming boasts and Karin offers her surprise that the crazy person before them took out Juugo. Suigetsu ponders how well the Jinchuuriki used his sword and Sasuke offers that he'll handle things.


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