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Post Reply FANFIC[MC]~~Love is Blind..^^
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Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/27/08
how do you get japanese names btw??
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Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/27/08
uwaaa love it!!

ne.. ne... im finished with my part 16!!! yay!!! hahahaha
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/27/08

hsj9392 wrote:

how do you get japanese names btw??

aha!!! wee..^^ yuuki told me dat.. yay! my best friend..

deen-chan: thnks for the info.. i will read it now.. yay
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F / United states. yay.
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/28/08
Chii: I want her..
lols. That cracked me up!!
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lool! haha! chii's so cute! same here, laotiongirl. he's so possessive! lol.!
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
yay! 3rd part.. wee...

The HS7 are still at the park with Chiaki and Yuuki suddenly came.

Yuuki: Chiaki!!!

Chiaki turned around and see her twin sister. The HS7 were surprised to what they saw..

Takaki: You have a sister?
Chiaki: Actually twin sister..

Yuuki came to Chiaki

Chiaki: Doushite?
Yuuki: Okasan called and she said that she needs me already there.
Chiaki: Eh? Your going back today?
Yuuki: Yes, but I can't..
Chiaki: I'm okay.. You go now to okasan.

Yuuki's phone rings...
Yuuki: I will go back there now! I'm only checking Chiaki.
Okasan: Okay...

Yuuki hung up the phone.

Yuuki: You sure you will be alright?
Chiaki: Haii.. My friends are here.
(Chiaki pointing to the HS7)
HS7: Haii,, we will take care of her.
Yuuki: Thanks, so.. I will go now!
Chiaki: Bye Yuuki!

Yuuki left them and the HS7 asks question.

Daiki: Why are you staying here?
Chiaki: Because I wanted the legend to come true.
Yamada: What legend?
Chiaki: It's a secret.. You will know someday...
Chii: Ah.. Since you don't have any person will accompany you,
can you be our personal assistant?
Chiaki: What personal assistant?
Takaki: Ahmm.. Like a maid?
Daiki: Our house is so big and we are experiencing hard time
to cope up.
Chiaki: Ah.. Okay..
Yuto: Yipee... There will be a lot of cookies!

All of them when Yuto starts thinking of food again..

Chii: But what about Yumi-san and Johnny-san?
Takaki: Yumi-san agreed that we may have personal assistant.. But..
Chii: Johnny-san?
Yamada: Hai.. Yumi-san said that he's still thinking of it.
Yuto: If Johnny-san is still thinking, Chiaki-chan can you go to our house always?
Chiaki: Sure but I will brng peaseblossom with me..
Daiki: Who is peaseblossom?
Chiaki: My cute little dog..
HS7: YES! You can..

The day is already finished and they are still at the park.

Yumi went to the park where HS7 always went and found them with a girl.

Yumi: Minna, Johnny-san wanted to talk to you!
(hs7 turn around as they heard Yumi’s voice)

Takaki: Yumi-san, what are you doing here?
Yumi: You know, It’s hard to find you!
Takaki: Gomen,
Yumi: It’s okay but we need to go now… Johnny-san is waiting.
Yamada: Okay..
Chii: But wait Yumi-san..
Yumi: Nani?
Chii: This is Chiaki Hamano
Daiki: She is the one we wanted to be our personal assistant.
Yumi: Ah… Nice to meet you
Takaki: Bye! We will fetch you at your house later.

HS7 left the park and as always Chiaki left alone at the park.

While at the van,

Yumi: That park gives me creep…
Yamada: Yah.. At first it gives me creep also but now..
Yumi: What?
Yamada: I can feel the presence of that park.
Daiki, Chii: Yah.. Yamachan is right.
Takaki: We found a friend there.
Yuto: Anyway, why is Johnny-san called us all of the sudden?
Yumi: I don’t know…


At the Johnny’s building. The HS7 went straight to this office.

Yumi: Johnny-san, they are already here.
Johnny: Good, let them come in.
(HS7 came in and greeted Johnny)

HS7: Konnichiwa!
Johnny: Please sit down for awhile.
(HS7 sits and nervous)
Johnny: Don’t be so nervous.
HS7: Haii..
Johnny: Anyway, Yumi-san said to me that you wanted to have personal assistant in your house.
Takaki: Haii.. The 5 of us agreed to have this.
Johnny: Why?
Daiki: Because we are having hard time to cope up with that big house.
Johnny: Okay.. I get it! I will accept your proposal but promise me that you will be good.
HS7: Yes!
(HS7 were so happy to hear it.)
Chii: Ahmm.. Johnny-san,
Johnny: What is it? Chinen?
Chii: Ahmm.. We already prefer and agreed that our personal assistant will be Chiaki Hamano.
Johnny: Who is that?
Takaki: We met her at a park and we wanted her to be our personal assistant.
Johnny: What’s the reason?
Daiki: She is alone. So we wanted to accompany her.
Yuto: She is also a tourist and she said that she will stay here long.
Johnny: Okay.. If that is what you want. Do it but don’t forget what you promise!
HS7: Haii.. Thank You Johnny-san.

HS7 with Yumi left the building and the members are really happy to what Johnny-san decision.

Yuto: Call Chiaki now!
Daiki: Matte.. We don’t know her number.
(HS7 had a sad face and Yumi felt it)

Yumi: Don’t worry guys, I will send some investigators to find your girl.
HS7: Thanks Yumi-san!
Yumi: That’s okay…
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27 / F / JE box | YG hotel...
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08

i love it!

kyaa...lucky me again...hs7 is looking for me...wahahah..*evil laugh*...oopz...members might get mad at me...

nwey..all in all...chiaki is lucky there...not me..haha...
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Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
this is such a cute part!! ^-^
both girls are really lucky ne?? xDD
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
cool..i love was great!!
more more more!!
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
i think, i will post really fast.. since i already typed the chapters 4 and 5..^^ yay
wee... ahahaha
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F / Japan *where i dr...
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yay..ok janechan!
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
part 4 here..^^ ahahaa

1 week has passed they still don’t know where Chiaki is living.

Yumi: Guys! WAKE UP!!!
(Yumi is yelling early in the morning)
Takaki: Why are you yelling?
Yumi: Because I have a good news for you!

Takaki: Guys! Yumi-san already found Chiaki! Get off now in your bed!
(the HS7 wake up and went downstairs fast)

Yumi: I thought you guys are still sleepy?
Yuto: Who said that?
Yumi: I feel it.
Chii: Just tell us where is Chiaki?
Yumi: Secret…
(Yumi laughed and the HS7 are getting annoyed.)
Daiki: Yumi-san don’t make as mad early in the morning.
Yumi: Okay okay… I will tell you.
Yuto: Did you cook breakfast already? Im hungry…
Yamada: Stop it! Wait for the food…
Yumi: She lives near at our house.
HS7: Eh????
(all of them are shocked)
Daiki: But where?
Yumi: Just take 4 streets from us
Chii: Guys, let’s go!

Yumi: Oopsss… Not this time.. You will have photoshoot.
Daiki: I guess later.
Yumi: That’s my boys.
Yuto: Yumi-san, where’s the food?
Chii: Geesh, he is thinking food early in the morning even if he is sleeping
Takaki: That’s Nakajima Yuto!

(all of them laughed and went to the photoshoot.)

Chii: Can we visit her?
Yumi: Of course.

(the van went straight to Chiaki’s house.)

Ding dong…

Chiaki: Matte… I’m coming!
(Chiaki opened the door)
Chiaki: Ah.. You guys!
HS7: Hi! Chiaki!

Fangirl: Is that HS7?

Yumi: Quick! Go inside!
(HS7 went inside because of a fangirl)
Yumi: They are not HS7 okay!
Fangirl: I guess so, they will not come here.
(Yumi went inside)

Yumi: That’s a relief…
Takaki: Those fan girls really know our faces…
(all of them laughed.)

Chii: Ne, Chiaki-chan you can now live with us from now on.
Chiaki: Eh? Hontou ni?
Daiki: Yes. Johnny-san already agreed with us.
Yamada: That’s a relief. And now, your twin will not be worried for you.
Chiaki: Thanks.
Chii: Ah… Is this peaseblossom?
Chiaki: Yes.

(peaseblossom approached Chii and licked his face)

Yamada: Chii, I think she likes you..
(they all laughed)
Chiaki: Ah… Yuto remember my promise?
Yuto: Haii.. You will bake cookies for me.
Chiaki: This is it.
(Chiaki gave cookies to Yuto)
Yuto: Thanks!
(he hugged Chiaki)
Chiaki: Itai.. Itai..
Daiki: Ei… Stop it.. You will hurt her.
Yuto: Ah.. Gomen
Takaki: Yuto when it comes to food he always get excited.
Yuto: Mind your own business!

The HS7 are still in Chiaki's house.

Chii: Nee, pack up your things now and you will now transfer in our house.
Chiaki: But.. There will be no one left in my house.
Yumi: Don't worry, I will be staying here.
Chiaki: Eh? Naze?
Daiki: In short, you and Yumi-san will exchange places.
Chiaki: Okay.. Thanks... ^^

(Chiaki packed her things and moved into HS7 house.)

They arrived at the house.

Chiaki: Wow.. Your house sure is big.
Daiki: That's why we need you..
(Daiki smiled)
Takaki: Unpack your things in your room.
(Takaki shows her room)
Chiaki: Wow... My room is so big and beautiful.
Chii: We fixed this already for you.
Chiaki: How wonderful, Thanks a lot!!
Yuto: Ne, Chiaki, can you cook now? I'm starting to be hungry again.
Takaki: BAKA!!! Let her finish her things first..
(Takaki whacked Yuto's head)
Chiaki: It's okay.. I will prepare the dinner now!

While Chiaki is cooking, HS7 are practicing for their guesting for Music Station on friday.

Chiaki: Minna, the food is ready.
(Chiaki yelled and Yuto and Yamachan race to the dining area)
Daiki: Those two act child when it comes to food especially Yuto.
(the three of them had sighed.)
Chii: Umaii.. Nee, you sure a good cook!
Yuto: Yes!
(Yuto grabbed Chii's food and make them fight)
Chii: You have already!
Yuto: It's delicious! I want more!
Yamada: But Yuto it's already evening, you might get stomachache.
(the three began to argue)
Chiaki: Ei, stop it. We are infront of the table.
Takaki: Yah... Chiaki is right, don't be a spoiled brat!
Daiki: Ne, Takaki, what will be our household appointments?
Takaki: Ah.. Your right.

(all of them start the meeting while eating)

Takaki: I will post it tomorrow early in the morning.

The dinner is already finished and they all gone for their personal attachments.

Daiki went to the bathroom to have shower.
Takaki watched the tv.
Chii plays with peaseblossom.
Yuto is playing the computer.
Yamada is reading a book inside his room.
Chiaki washed the plates and continue to unpack her things in her room.

The sleeping time finally arrived.

Chiaki: All of you guys must go to sleep... Okay?
HS7: Haii...

In the end, Chiaki check their rooms if they are really asleep and say good night to them.

yay!! uwaa^^ i minna...
i am doing another fic.. yay ...
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27 / F / JE box | YG hotel...
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
waah! i love it!!!

yuto is soo naughty...and he hugged me so tight!!!waaa!

I want to have a dog like peaseblossom
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
wee...^^ geh-chan!!! ur still on.. ahahah
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F / United states. yay.
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
Yay, Chiaki is their maid. hehehe!!
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