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Posted 7/31/08 , edited 7/31/08
wee... thnx guys...^^ mou~ im tired...
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F / Japan *where i dr...
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kyaa...great part!! me love it!! me want more!!
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Morning came and Chiaki woke up early and prepared the breakfast before waking up the guys.

Chiaki: It's finished! And now I will wake up those guys!

Chiaki went upstairs and started in Chii's room first.

Chiaki: Chii.. wake up now!
Chii: I don't want...
(Chiaki come up with an idea)

Chiaki tickles Chii's underfoot and his sides. Chii already wake up.


Yuto: Ah.. I want ice cream, No! I want cake... I wanted them all.. (he's dreaming of food)

Chiaki: Even at sleep he's with food? (she laughed)
Chiaki: Ne, Yuto wake up now or else I will not bake some cookies for you.

(Yuto stand up when he heard cookies and Chiaki laughed)
Chiaki: Geesh.. For food you suddenly woke up!

Chiaki didn't bother Yamada, Takaki and Daiki because they are already wake up because of her shouting.
All of them eat their breakfast.

Yuto: Umaii.. You cook very good.
Chiaki: Thanks..

Takaki posted their duties at the refrigerator.

Chiaki- cooking, ironing
Takaki and Chiaki- shopping
Yamada and Daiki- cleaning
Chinen and Yuto- washing of plates
ALL OF THEM- laundry

Yumi arrived at HS7 house.

Yumi: Whoa.. Your up already.
HS7, Chiaki: Ohayo! Yumi-san
Yumi: Minna, are you ready?
HS7: Haii..
Chiaki: For what?
Yumi: They will be having photoshoot.

The HS7 and Yumi left the house. Suddenly someone is knocking on the door.

Chiaki: Matte! I'm coming!
(Chiaki opened the door and saw an unknown person)
Chiaki: Who are you?
Johnny: Johnny Kitagawa desu! Are you Hamano Chiaki?
Chiaki: Haii..
(Johnny entered the house)
Johnny: The house seems clean.
Chiaki: I just finished cleaning.
Johnny: Ah..
(Johnny roamed around the house and saw their duty list)
Johnny: Who did this?
Chiaki: We planned that so we will be fair in cleaning duties.

(Johnny was surprised to the boys)

Johnny: Chiaki, starting tomorrow you will start attending St. President's Gakuen. It's an all girls school don't worry.

(Chiaki agreed to what he said and prepared the dinner)

HS7 arrived at the house and found the house clean and Chiaki's sleeping in the couch.

Chii: Nee, wake up! We will eat dinner now!
(Chiaki wake up and saw them)
Chiaki: Johnny-san went here,
HS7: Eh?
Takaki: What did he said?
Chiaki: Nothing.. He just checked the house and said to me that I will attend St. President Gakuen
Yamada: Hontou ni?
Chiaki: Why?
Daiki: It's near to our school.
Chiaki: Ah...

They finished eating and they did their duty assignments.

It's getting late and they went to their rooms. Chiaki went to their rooms to check again.

She saw the light in Yamachan's room were opened and went there.

Chiaki: Yamachan, are you still awake?
Yamada: Hai..
Chiaki: What are you doing?
Yamada: Nandemonai,,,
Chiaki: Your lying!
(Chiaki grabbed the book under Yamachan's pillow)
Yamada: How did you know?
Chiaki: I know it! Sometimes I do this but Yuuki always found me!
(they both laughed)

Chiaki: Go to sleep now!
Yamada: Hai! Thanks

They all went to sleep and happy.

HS7 has no schedule today and they decided to have rest and roam around.

Yamada: Wow! The sun is great!
Takaki: We don't have any schedule today and it's Saturday!
Chii: I want to go to an amusement park!
Daiki: But... What about those fan girls?
Takaki: As always do,
HS7: RUN!!!!
(all of them laughed and decided to go to an amusement park)

Takaki: Chiaki, do you want to come with us?
Chiaki: Where?
Chii: To the amusement park!!
Chiaki: You sure it's okay?
Yamada: Yes!
Chiaki: How about...
Daiki: Fan girls?
(Yamada hummed)
Yuto: We ran of course! (Yuto is eating their breakfast)
Yamada: Stop it! That's my food!

They asks Yumi-san for the permission and they were approved. They prepared for the said plan and arrived at the amusement park.

Chii: Sugoii...
Chiaki: Are you sure with your disguise?
(she laughed)
HS7: Yes!
Yuto: What will ride first?
Yamada: How about roller coaster?
HS7: That's cool! I want there!

They went to the roller coaster and set the pairings.

The ride were already finished.

Chii: It gives me thrill..
Chiaki: I will never ever ride that again.
(they all laughed)

They eat their lunch. Chiaki brought many foods because she knew of Yuto. Suddenly a fan girl notice Yamachan.

"YAMACHAN!" fangirls scream.

HS7 started running but they were caught. One of the fan girls pushed Chiaki and sprained her ankle.

"Geesh.. Those fan girls sure are strong!" she said to her mind.

Chiaki started to clean up their lunch and said she will going home even though her ankle hurts.

She mailed the boys.

"Minna, I will go now! I will see you at the house! Take care! :)"

While she is walking she couldn't stand her ankle anymore it hurts more... Suddenly,

ahahaha... wt will happen to her??
sorry for late updating it.. lol...
mou~ im really tired...^^

hope u like it guys...Ü
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 8/1/08 , edited 8/1/08 want to know!!! more more!!! LOVED IT!!!!!
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F / United states. yay.
Posted 8/1/08 , edited 8/1/08
Ahhh!! I want to read the next part!
It's really good!
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27 / F / JE box | YG hotel...
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waah!i want more!

poor me...i got pushed by those fangirls!!!
haha, i can feel the scene!

kip it up ne~, jane chan!ganbatte kudasai!
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F / behind you;
Posted 8/3/08 , edited 8/3/08
Posted 8/3/08 , edited 8/3/08
thanks guys..^^ wee...
im doing the next part.. yay!!^^
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Posted 8/3/08 , edited 8/3/08
suddenly what? lol kawaii ^__^ more please! XD
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Chiaki couldn't stand anymore because of her sprained ankle. Suddenly, a man came and help her to stand.

Man: Want to help you?
Chiaki: Thanks,
Man: I will walk you home. You can't stand and walk anymore.
(the man piggyback her)
Chiaki: Thanks for your help.
Man: It's okay...
Chiaki: What's your name?
Man: Nakayama Yuuma desu.
Chiaki: Ah.. Thanks a lot.. But could you stop here.
Man: Why? In this park?
Chiaki: Haii.. I wanted to sit in the swing..
Yuuma: You sure? This is already an abandoned park.
Chiaki: Haii..

Meanwhile, HS7 still whacked with their fans and suddenly it stopped.

Chii: Where is Chiaki?
Yamada: I haven't seen her awhile.
Takaki: Guys, Chiaki mailed me..
(the boys looked their phones)
Chii: She went home already?
Daiki: Those darn fans!
Takaki: Lower your voice!
Yuto: Mou... I'm tired and harrassed by them.
Daiki: Call Yumi-san

The boys called Yumi and went there.

Yumi: What happen?
Chii: There are some fans harrasses us!
Yumi: Where is Chiaki?
Daiki: We don't know, after the fans were moved by the guards we didn't see her already.
Yamada: She said she went home already.
Yuto: Let's go home! I'm tired.
Yumi: Later, I will talk first to the amusent park's manager.

HS7 waited Yumi there..

At the abandoned park,

Yuuma: Why do you want here?
Chiaki: This is the palce where I can relax.
Yuuma: Ah.. How's your ankle?
Chiaki: It's okay.. I should go back now..
Yuuma: I will walked you home,
Chiaki: No need for that! My house is near here.
Yuuma: Okay, I guess bye!
Chiaki: Thanks for today! :)

Chiaki went home alone and her ankle hurts more when she forced her ankle to walked.

She arrived at the house and lay down to the couch.

The HS7 were really tired of waiting.

Yuto: Why took you so long?
Yumi: Gomen.. Let's go now!
HS7: Haiii...

The HS7 arrived at their house and saw Chiaki lying in the couch sleeping peacefully.

Yamada: I will lift her and bring her to her room.
Takaki: That's a good idea.

Yamada carried Chiaki(bridal style) suddenly she shouted.

Chiaki: Itai.. Itai...
Yamada: What's wrong?
Chiaki: Eh? You're here already?
Daiki: What did you do to Chiaki?
(Daiki hit Yamachan's head)
Yamada: I did not do anything.
Chiaki: Put me down!
Yamada: Okay...

Chiaki: Itai....
Yuto: You sprained your ankle didn't you?
Chiaki: No! Of course not( she forced to smile)
Yuto: You're lying!
(Yuto grabbed her ankle)
Yuto: See.. It's swollen!
Chiaki: Itai.. Itai...
Yuto: I will bandage it.
Chiaki: Thanks,
Takaki: What happened?
Chiaki: Nandemonai..
Daiki: Spill it out!
Yumi: Don't force her!
Daiki: Gomen, Chiaki..
(Chiaki started to talk about what happen)

Chii: Those darn fan girls!
Daiki punched the wall..

Daiki: Itai...
Takaki hit Daiki's head.

Takaki: Don't do that!

They rest now because of the very tiring day and Yumi left and went home. Daiki carried Chiaki to her room in a bridal style.

The HS7 members were asleep except Takaki and Yamada.

Chiaki woke up suddenly because her ankle hurts again. She started to check their rooms if their are asleep.

Takaki saw her walking.

Takaki: Chiaki, what are you doing?
Chiaki: I'm just checking if you are already asleep.
Takaki: Not today,
Chiaki: Daijobu.. (she smiled)

They were infront of Yamachan's room.

Takaki: Go now, check him.
Chiaki: What are you thinking?
Takaki: Admit it. You have a crush on him.. Right?
(he laughed)
Chiaki: Not really, slight.

exciting especially next chpter...
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F / Japan *where i dr...
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awww..that's very sweet!! kyaaa its great me love it!!! good good me want more!!
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Posted 8/5/08 , edited 8/6/08
awww sweeet lol ^__^ very kawaii! hehe more? pls?
Posted 8/6/08 , edited 8/6/08
sure sure guys..^^
thanks guys... im happy dat u guys like it..
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F / Japan *where i dr...
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its great!! we really like ur fanfic too!!
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24 / F / huh? why do you w...
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yea!! me too!! me too!!!
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