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Unbiased reasons why you should sympathize with Uchiha Sasuke, pt 1
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Posted 12/29/08 , edited 12/30/08
ITs very true what u said but for some reason I still cant sympathize with him~ I get what you mean but it just seams to irrational on sasukes part. that is just my opinion.... ^^
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Posted 7/28/09 , edited 7/28/09
This is good
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Posted 7/28/09 , edited 7/28/09

pchery18 wrote:

-Psychologist say, in layman terms, that children who reach the age of six will have the ability to really grasp the reality of their environment. (family, friends, people of importance, etc) so when something happens to that reality, they tend to feel it even more than before because they can understand it. Ergo, when Sasuke's family was brutally slaughtered by his brother, he took in this information to full effect.

-Uchiha Itachi is a family member that Sasuke loved probably more than his own mother and father. A bit of a brother complex, if you will. So when you have the person who influences a great portion of your being kill other people you love and then have the gall to further influence a mere child to hate, detest, to survive in an unsightly way and run to cling to your life, all of that to achieve the purpose of killing whom you loved so much, that child will most likely do as told.

-Uchiha Sasuke grew with this aforementioned philosophy for three years running until he had a greater, closer contact with Uzumaki Naruto

-Orochimaru, wisely exploits the dark corners of Sasuke's heart because he even states it himself that Naruto was filling Sasuke with things that should not be there in his opinion: love, frendship and maybe even the joy of simply living --which by the way, are things contrary to what Itachi had told his little brother

-As if things didn't make anythings worse, Itachi returns to the village, only to torture the boy further, virtually re-enlisting Sasuke to his old, dark road. This leads to Sasuke to give himself a self-examination and realize he is still too weak.

-Sasuke's decision to leave the village to obtain power is, on a purely analytical level, not surprising. Itachi, being someone who was closer to Sasuke for a much longer period of time than Naruto, has far more influential power than the blond boy in question. In addition, Sasuke has feelings of inferiority as he watches Naruto, a used to be dead last, grow almost to his equal. From an onlooker's poit of view, this appears to be ridiculous but lets not forget that Sasuke has been brought into an household where he is constantly compared to abother person of greater power.

-Once again, the influential power that Itachi has manifest itself when Sasuke intends on killing Naruto in order to obtain "the eyes" that Itachi mentions. Naruto's saving grace is at the after the final chidori vs rasengan struggle, when (inserting speculation) Sasuke does not finish him off due to the bonds that both shared.

An easy to hate character? perhaps but only when one has not lived the tragedy that is Uchiha Sasuke

Continuing part 2 later.

Hey ur amazeing lol i really dont have to say a thing lol.
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Posted 7/29/09 , edited 7/30/09
sasuke is not bad...i might agree on that..

but i definitely think he's stupid, arrogant and one hell of a bastard..

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Posted 7/30/09 , edited 7/30/09
I've always liked Sasuke. I don't understand why he's hated so much.

Yeah he went to the dark side but hey what can you do you know...

The story must have a villain, and Sasuke is the perfect one to play that part.

That's just my opinion.

I just can't wait to see Naruto and Sasuke fight!
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Posted 7/30/09 , edited 7/31/09
thank you thank you thank you THANK YOU!
all my friends are like i hate sasuke. they dont UNDERSTAND him. so thank you for showing you understand sasuke even if you dont like him.

i do like him. it's not just because i can sympathize for him but i find him to be one of the most realistic people in Naruto. and i think his reasons for doing what he does is justifiable. i can come up with a bunch more reasons to sympathize for him but tis not the reason i like.
Posted 8/3/09 , edited 8/3/09
He's sexy... you can't hate him... being cold and arrogant is is job... if he were to change... he wouldn't be sasuke anymore... XDD
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Posted 8/18/10 , edited 8/18/10
It's hard to b unbiased...
It's something i can't answer.
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Posted 8/19/10 , edited 8/19/10
Wow I never thought of that before,

i think that also cause hes been through alot being the last uchiha and being trapped in the mangekyo shringan in a long time (atleast i think its long) so thats my opinion of it.

Brings a new question: Is it a fact that Sasuke could still be trapped in Itachi's Mangekyo Genjetzu
from way back in the orignal Naruto series?
Then to be ferther(spelling) exploited by Orchimaro via the curse mark.!

Talk about 'head games' Poor Sasuke has been brain washed and mentaly raped, and not
just by one indivudual(spelling) either!

On top of it He is the Second to the LAST of his Clan. Who's the first? Mandra!
This would make the beginning of the final? story arch for Sasuke.

Not to mention Itachi also gave Naruto something special, What was it? Could it mean that
Sasuke will finaly break out of the genjetzu his brother put on him? (that is if it is true or not).
and come around full circle (with Naruto's uncanny ability to make anyone who is around him
like him and see 'the Light' as it were.) The trigger that snaps him out of it was after Sasuke hears about what happened between Naruto and Pain.

I can see this happening, but to get to the vision I have there will need to be a few more story archs
to go through before this happens (because Sasuke is a outlaw and wanted etc. )
but Only with Naruto being like the glue that holds the trusting etc. together,
I can see Sasuke's team joining up with Naruto's team7 etc. and returning to the hidden leaf
So they can plan out the next EPIC battle of all battles!!! the Battle to elimanate(spelling)

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