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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08
Part 1

[at the schooL]

*School bell rings [means class is over]

[Class C]

Nino: WHOA!!! slow down,, slow down!!!
Ohno: so? whats the NEWS??
[LoL NEWS ahaha!]
Jun: Newbies! Freshmen! transferies!! [giggling]
Nino: what newbies, freshman, transferies??
Jun: u know the 5 famous men in the tokyo??
Ohno: umm Hikaru, Yabu, Kei, Daiki, Takaki??
Jun: Un Un Un!!!!!
Nino: Ja.. why are u so giggling?
Ohno: come'on Spill it!!
Jun: i heared that they.... are.. gonna... transfer here!!!!!! were gonna be their sempais!!!!
Nino & Ohno: eeeeehhh???!!!!!
Jun: oh my gosh! gotta tell sho and aiba!!

[Runs quickly*]

Sho & Aiba: what the..??
Jun: News! News!
Sho: eeh? News are here????
Aiba: where? where? where??
Jun: BAKA!!! transferies!!! do you know who they are!!
Aiba: who?
Jun: the 5 famous students from tokyo!!
Aiba & Sho: EEEHHH???!!!
Aiba: *Dreaming* Ja ore wa.... a Famous SEMPAI!!!!!
Sho: *whispering to himself* oh my gosh.. what will i teach them? i mean im the most smartes here at school!! gosh i dunno what 2 do!!

[Ohno and Nino came to Aiba and Sho's room which is class A]

Ohno & Nino: JUN!!! JUN KUN!!!
Jun: Nani??
Nino: When will they be here??
Ohno: oh my gosh i cant hardly wait!!
Jun: tomorrow!! tomorrow is the big day!!!

---end of part 1----

what would those freshmen do??
will they also be famous?
will Arashi be their greatest sempai??
still thinking for nxt part guys! hahaha
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08
waaa....goood...i lik it!!!
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08
---PART 2---

-At SchooL-

Girls: eeehhh!! those guys are soo... kawai!!!!!.... honto da! also kakkoi!

Cha-chan: Eh!! why are you gurs here? ne Hikaru, Kei, Takaki, Daiki, Yabu??
Hikaru: Cha-Chan!!! Cha-Chan!! Cha-chaaaan!!!! chotto [Stopped 4 a bit] why are you here???
Cha-Chan: What the... oh.. im a transfer here.. what are u guys doing here??
showing that u are famous??
Yabu: ehh? no no no!! were also transferies here!!
Cha-Chan: Eh? What Yoroshiku?? Im also a transfer here u know!!
i dont even know my class!! BAKA!!

[While Walking]

Jin: Eh?? the 5 FAMOUS TOKYO BOYS!! Everyone LOOOOK!!!
ALL KATTUN except Jin: EEHH!! Its true!!!
Junnosuke: cho..cho..chottooo!! ill be their sempai???
but i will still be the cutiest among them!! [biddou Granmanie style LOL]
Nakamaru: ill teach them how to beat box!! [beat boxing]
Kame: ill find the perfect girl for them!!
Tanaka: ill make them BALD!! WAHAHAHAHA [Evil laugh]
Jin: i think ill just.. show them arround?
Ueda: aaa.... no comment!!

[all of them are day dreaming!]

--mean while...--

Cha-Chan: hey guys! know now how
go to our classrooms??
Cha-Chan! Ehh!!

--When suddenly--

Jun: Ah!
Hikaru: Ah!
Ohno: Ah!
Yabu: Ah!
Sho: Ah!
Kei: Ah!
Aiba: Ah!
Nino: EH?
Daiki: Eh?
Cha-Chan: nani? whats w/ u guys
being shocked and saying AH!!
All arashi: THE 5 FAMOUS TOKYO BOYS!!!
ALL KATTUN: WHAAT? FAMOUS SEMPAI!! We are your famous sempai not them!!

[all 3 of them are still arguing]

Cha-chan: guys we better get going!! FAST!!
hikaru: yeah! lets go to our class before we get late!!


ARASHI, KATTUN, NEWS: NANI?? where are they??

arashi: but still were theyre mose famous sempai!!
kattun: no us!!
news: baka!!! its us!!


what will happen next? will they still be arguing??
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27 / F / JE box | YG hotel...
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08
yay!good thing u posted ur fic hir as well!!good job!!!
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08

i hope they will like it its my first fanfic ever heheheh

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24 / F / earth
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08
yaay! ur fic's here! gomen, i wasn't able to finish ur fic in the chinen group. i always forgot to read it these days. :(( gomen! anyway, i shall read this again!
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08
heheh ok then ill post it here then!!

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24 / F / earth
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08
yaaay! thanks, deen-san!
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08

------PART 3 ------
Cha-chan is yamachan-kakkoi

[they still dont know where they're classr00ms are!!!]

Cha-chan: oh by the way im in I - class b

hikaru: oh! yatta! we have the same class!

kei: me toooo!!! way way!!

Daiki: im in I - class A

Takaki: Same class!!

Yabu: them ill be w/ u daiki and takaki...

[they are now finding they're classr00ms lo0king what r00m!]

Girls in r00ms: kawai!! kakkoi!!

cha-chan: ah! here's our class r00m! B class!

Daiki: oh our classr00m is right next to you guys!

yabu: i hope ur clasr00m is not noisy..

co'z im just gonna sleep! *yawn*

Takaki: Eh? your just gonna sleep again??

Kei: well if he dosent sleep in class.. then he's not yabu anymore!!

ALL of them: maa....

[sch00l bell rings]

cha-chan: oh! we better go in now!

hikaru: yeah.. i dont wanna be late in my 1st day!

daiki: yeah me 2!

Yabu: well see ya hikaru, cha-chan and kei! lets just meet again after the break!

Takaki: yeah co'z yabu got some more sleeping class to d0!

kei: haha! for sure!

Cha-chan: ja ne!

[in class A]

Teacher: all transfer please Stand Up!!

[lol Stand Up!! hahah]

3 of them stood up.. and said HAI!!

Girls: whooaa!! kakkoi!!!sugoi kawai!!

Boys: kakkoi! 5 famous tokyo boys!! sugoi!

Yabu: *yawn* eeh?? whats happening in here?

Daiki: geez..

ok to class B..

teacher: transfers please stand up!

Girls: those boys are soo soo cute!!

Boys: 5 famous tokyo boys!! ne ne.. lok at that girl! kawai ne??

Girls: oh look at that girl she's really cute ne?

Cha-chan: eh? no! in not cute at all!!! *BLUSHES*

Hikaru: *shouts* NE MINNA!! CHA-CHAN IS CUTE NE??


Kei: she's also smart t00!!! ne hikaru kun?

hikaru: hai!

[sch00l bell rings.. break time]

hikaru: minna! our class is kool! they all know us!!

Daiki: so are we!!

Kei: and they said that Cha-chan is cute!

Takaki: ma its true ne?

Cha-chan: hey! stop it its not funny!!

Yabu: *yawns* hey! its true u know! *yawns again*

Takaki: oh! yabu kun why dont u sleep first! its break time after all...

Yabu: yeah great *falls asleep*

Cha-chan: whoa! easy to sleep!

Hikaru: hahaha! ma.. its our yabu kun!!

[mean while]

Daiki: aah.. Arashi!


takaki: yampi...???

Yampi: ma its only me!

Daiki: ah! ohno-sempai next year there will be a huge fan of yours comming!!

Ohno: eeehhh??

Nino: oh really??ohno has a fan???

Jun: i bet its a girl!

Hikaru: hahaha nope ur wrong its a boy!!

Ohno: eehh??

Kei: yup.. he's name is Chinen Yuuri!

Aiba: w0w huge fan?

Sho: sugoi! i wanna see him!

Hikaru: but just like us they are also 5..

Jun: ehh??

Cha-chan: eh its true! 5 cute and smart boys!

Takaki: dont worry ull see them nxt year!

Ohno: yeah! cant wait!

Takaki: ja! break time is over! lets just meet again after class!

Yabu: *yawn* yosh! im awake now!!


[sch00l bel rings.. class is ended]

Hikaru: Konichiwa!

[suddenly 2 girl bumps into daiki]

2 girls : itai! gomenasai!!
[They ran quikly]

Daiki: chotto!!....

a girl suddenly appear running to!

Girl: hoy! matte!! geez!!

Kei: are u alright daiki?

Daiki: ma.. but that girl... hmm ma its nothing!


Who are those girls?

Why are they running??

And.. cant wait for nxt year?

for HS7?? hehehe
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08
waaa..i love it!!
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F / United states. yay.
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08
I'm enjoying it so far!!
Love it how the other je members are getting excited as sempais. hehehe.
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08

Part 4

new Chars: Vanialestari as vann-chan,
Zura-kun as zura chan and
Geh-chan as Geh chan herself :D

ok.. lets start..

[school ended but 5 of them are still in their classr00ms..]

*class b*

Hikaru: Everyone! theres gonna be a play later!!
Kei: eh? what kind pf play?
Cha-chan: Whoah!! what?? really? i like that story!
Kei: Yah Yah Yah!! Specially when the Prince kisses the Princess!
[LoL Yah Yah Yah!! hehehe]
Hikaru: yeah! thats my favorite part!!
Cha-chan: so... who are playing it??

[Suddenly a scarry voice said]

Voice: aarasshiiii... aaand kaattuun!!!
Kei: whos there??
Hikaru: Yah! show me ur face! im not scared of u!
Daiki: iiitss meeee!!!!!!!!!
Hikaru: *Screams* WAAAAA!!!! Help! theres a GHOST!! Theres a GHOST!!
Cha-Chan: Ahahahaha!! Hikaru Got Scared!!! HAhahahaha!!
Hikaru: NO im NOT!!! wh..why would i be scared of him!!!!
Kei: Yes u did
Takaki: Anyway wanna watch later??
Hikaru: I Told u im not scared!!
Kei: Yes we will come!

[Ignoring Hikaru]

Hikaru: Hey! why dont u believe me!! IM NOT SCA...
Daiki: *Touches Hikaru's Back then* BOOOOOO!!!
HIkaru: WAAAAA!!! *Hid under the desk*
Yabu: GoSh soo tired! eh? hikaru? why are u hiding??
HIkaru: aahhh... i dropped something under my desk!!
Cha-Chan: LIER!!! hahaha! your scared see??? aawoooo!! *scaring hikaru*
All except HIkaru: wahahaha sooo true!!!
Hikaru: eh?? huhuhu
Daiki: its ok!
Takaki: so what would their roles be?
Daiki: hmm lets see.. Jun is the Prince..
Kei: eh? jun-san is the prince?? sugoi!
daiki: Jin is the Princess..
Cha-Chan: whaaaat? Jin-san is the princess! oh my god i really have to watch this!!
Daiki: the witch is.. umm i dont know.. but its a girl.. the 3 fary God mothers are..
Ohno, Kame, and Tagguchi [remember biddo's hair? haha],
the queen is also i dont know.. and king is Ueda..
takaki: W0W cooL fary god mothers!
Yabu: kawai!!
Cha-Chan: so when will it start??
Daiki: 8:00 later at school.. in theather r00m...
Kei: well its only 5 pm
Yabu: then lets meet here later at 7:30pm
Takaki: yah! so that we could have available seats ne?
Cha-chan: ja minna! lets just meet here later!
HSB: bye bye! cha-chan be careful!!
Cha-chan: hai okie!

*At daiki's home*
[in his living r00m.. lying in his bed]

Daiki: I swear i kn0w those 2 girls!! but i cant just remember it!!
*Fells Asleep*

*At hikaru's Home*

h4cksign: hikaru!!
Hikaru: nani ka-chan?
H4cksign: were all going out and be back at 11pm!
Hikaru: where are you going??
H4cksign: to your cousins!! Wanna come?
Hikaru: nope! Were gonna watch at school!
H4cksign: Ja! Is it really ok for you to be alone?
Hikaru: Hai!
H4cksign: ok then watch out for GHOST!
Hikaru: eeehh!!! Choo…..tto
[H4cksign bangs the d00r]
*Wind blows Strong*
Hikaru: eeeh?? Kowai!!

[at school 7:39pm]

cha-chan: where are those guyz??
Takaki: oh ur here now?
Cha-Chan: yep!
Daiki: sorry over slept guys!
Takaki: nope just ryt in tym!
Kei: hi guys!
Daiki: oh hi!
Yabu: *Yawns* is the show getting started?
Cha-Chan: nope! Not yet!
Hikaru: -*running Fast*- Heey!!! Guys!!!
Takaki: whoa! Catch ur breath!
Hikaru: they left me alone at house!!! Gosh they’ll be back at 11pm!!
Daiki: oh? So ur scared eh?
ALL except Hikaru: HAHAHAH!!! KOWAI NE??
Hikaru: Fine Enough!
Cha-Chan: so guys lets go in!

[inside the school.. they’re in the theater r00m]

Hikaru: whoa! Cant wait!
Takaki: well its still 7:45 .. the show is 8:00!!
Kei: its dark ne? HIKARUUU! *Ghost Voice*
Hikaru: *Screams* waaaa! (stands up!) HELP!
Audience: hahaha.. funny guy!!
Hikaru: Hey! Say! Why did u did that!!
[hey! Say! LoL]
Kei: Gomen hehehe!!

[suddenly 3 girls approach Daiki]

1st girl: ah.. is this seat available?
Daiki: ah… hai!
2nd Girl: ah thanks!
Kei: oh! Its you guys who bumped into daiki ne?
2nd girl: sorry! My name is Geh.. u can call me Geh-chan
2nd girl: im Vann! U can call me Vann-Chan!
3rd: and im Zura! U can call me Zura-chan
daiki: say.. why are u guys running that time??
Zura-Chan: coz they steal my bent0!! And By the way.. they are twins!
HSB and Cha-Chan: eeeh?? Twins??
Geh and Vann-chan: yes! Yes we are!

[Daiki remembers something]

*Flash back*

Daiki: mom wait! Don’t go.. please don’t!
[back to the theater]

Kei: whats wrong daiki?
Daiki: ah.. nothing just remembered something.. its nothing..
Kei.. [seemed worried about daiki] ohh.. ok..
Cha-Chan: everyone! Look its starting!
Takaki: yehey! Gonna watch this!
Yabu: whoa! Sugoi! Kawai!! Look at that girl!
Hikaru: and also her! Who are they!!!! They are really cute! I like her!!!

----End of Part 4!----

-what does daiki remembering?-
-what will these 3 girls be?-
-who is that girl that is cute?-
-watch out for Sleeping Beauty!!-
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08
waaa...sugoi..i love it!!
i want more..more!!
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08

----Part 5---

-new chars:
pyon pyon as the queen in sleeping beauty
hsj9392 as the witch in Sleeping beauty
Yamada_yuuki as yuuki = narrator in sleeping Beauty

[at the theater]

cha-chan: eh? Hi..hikaru kun.. you… like her? *Nervous*
Hikaru: I just like her coz’ she is cute and nice voice..
Cha-Chan: oh! I thought u like the narrator *Swt*

[yuuki is wearing a fairy dress]

Yuuki: Characters are Jin = princess, Jun = Prince, Aiba queen.. ohh! Its Pyon pyon..
Yuuki: once upon a time, in a far away land..
the Queen Pyon-Pyon gave birth to a very beautiful child.

[at the castle]

Pyon-pyon: oh thank God for giving me this wonderful baby!
Ueda: yes! Im going to call her… im going to call her.. umm *nervous*
Ueda: Jin! Jin it is!
Pyon-Pyon:Jin.. im going to give you your best 1st b-day party!

[lights off… narrator speaking]

yuuki: the queen invited all the persons in
the kingdom except the witch!
Ueda: now... lets start with the gifts!
Of course the fairy God Mothers.
Ohno: ill give u my 1st wish! Umm… you! You.. will be beautiful!!
[we kn0w its not real wahahaha!!]
Kame: ill grand ur 2nd wish!
You will be kind to all people and love them!
Ne? ohno ne??
Ohno: baka! Stop it..
Kame: ah! Gomen!
Audience: hahahahaha this is going to be funny ne?

[When suddenly a Horror sound/effect came… then a laughing sound…]

Hikaru: waaaaaa!! *hugs cha-chan!* Kowai yo! Cha-chan kowai!
Cha-chan: ah!… *blushes* ano… BAKA! Its just the witch!
Hikaru: *shy* ahh… gomen!
Hsj9392: you guys! Wahahahah!! *trips*
[Audience Laughing]
hsj9392: why didn’t you invite me!!!
Tagguchi: ah maybe ur not in the invitation! Gomen
Kame: pokes tagguchi’s head* baka!
Pyon-pyon: we went to ur house.. but ur.. not there!
Ueda: its true!

[Hsj9392 attacks ueda w/ his wand!]
Ueda: ouch! Imma gonna die!
[poof* ueda turns into a frog!]
Ueda: ribit.. ribit..
Audience: ehh? Udea kun sugoi!
[lol turns to frog king haha]
pyon pyon: ueda! Why u evil witch!! What did u doo!!
Hsj9392: are u blind!!
Pyon pyon: oh.. sorry ehehehe…..
HSJ9392: oh what a cute baby hahaha!! Then.. in her 16th b-day shell gonna touch a needle and die!
Pyon pyon: n000!!!!! But.. isn’t it a spinning wheel?
Hsj9293: ohj yeah.. eh! Ull never gonna fool me!
Ur child is suffering because of you!!
[poof* she’s gone]
hikaru: w0w she did scared me!
Tagguchi: well then my blessing is that she will not die.. but asleep.. only a true love’s kiss will wake her up!

Yuuki: now jin is 15 by the end of month she’s 16
Takaki: whoa.. she’s really kawai… *starring at yuuki*
Yabu: whoa.. ur really saying that?? Hahaha!!

[ Jin is Wearing a Dress! And wig that is blonde! Wee kawai! Hahaa]

Jin: lala ..lala…la~ love is the greatest~ Love kimi no mirai I~~ [ girly voice]
[hahaha Lips ne? hahaha]

[while outside, jun is starring at Jin]

Jun: wow who is that?

Jin: Giri giri de itsumo ikiteitai kara… Sa~
Jun: Omoi kirubunchi yaburou..
Both: riaru wo teni irerunda~
[wahahaha real face]

Jin: hi…
Jun: hello my princess! Your voice makes my heart melt!
Jin: ah.. thanks.. *blushes*


Yampi: prince! Prince!
Jun: what??
Yampi: king is calling you!
Jun: ok.. well then my princess we shall meet again!!
Jin: bye!

Yuuki: today is the princess’ 16th birthday.
[at jin’s house]

ohno: your dress should be pink!
Kame: no! BLUE!!
Tagguchi: then ill do the cake! Pink and blue!!
Jin: why thank you my God mothers!

[suddenly… POOF!!]

Yuuki: the witch app… kya!
[fell down at stage!]
Takaki: *Catches yuuki* are u alright??
Yuuki: yah.. thanks.. better go now..
Takaki: ok gambatte!
Yabu: whoa nice catch!
Yuuki: ehem.. the witch appeared!
HSJ9293: MWAhahahahhaa!!
Ive come to take my precious one!! Wahahaha
[LoL precious one wahahah]

[Hsj9293 uses her magic to let everyone in
the kingdom sleep and hypnotizes the princess!]

Hsj9293: come now darling! Can you see this?
Jin: *hypnotized* hai.. [sees the spinning wheel]
Hsj9293: come on.. touch it… touch it…
[Jin touches the spinning wheel then fells asleep!]

Hsj9293: NYAHAHAHAHAHA!! N0w I control this kingdom!! Everyone will be asleep until the princess awakes!!

[while at jun’s kingdom]

Yampi: Prince! Prince! Bad news!!!
Jun: what??
Yampi: the princess is asleep for lifetime! And so her kingdom!
Jun: eh? What can I do??
Yampi: you should defeat the Evil witch! And kiss the princess!!
Jun: ok… here I go!!

----END OF PART 5----

---wahahaha curious about the ending??---
---will takaki confess to yuuki??---
---read the next episode.. all about the..
ending of sleeping beauty,
about takaki and yuuki,
and daiki’s real life story!!
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08
hahah..i love it!! i want next part!
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