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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08
Ending of sleeping Beauty

Jun: where are u baka witch!!
HSJ9394: eeh!!! Who are u think ur calling baka?
Jun: you!!
Hsj9394: eeh!! Why you!!
[ attacks Jun with lighting!!]
Jun: [uses he’s shiled!] ull never gonna attack me!!
Yuuki: the witch transforms into a DRAGON

Hsj9392: HAHAHHA!!! Ull never gonna defeat me!! NEVER!!
Jun: u think so??
Hsj9392: ehh? Where?? Where?? [looks up]
Jun: hahaha I got u kn0w!!!

Yuuki: attacks the dragon’s head!!]

[the witch disappear!]
Jun: yatta!.. but though.. its kinda easy to kill that witch…
[Jun enters the castle]
Jun: this steps sure are many… phew.. im tired…
[Jun finally reach the top!]
Jun: wow this is my princess!!
Jin: *whispers* sont kiss me baka!
Jun:* whispers back* of course I wont!! Yuck!
Jun: my my! What a lovely princess!! With my kiss.. I shall awaken her!
[ Jun didn’t kiss jin but its kinda like they kissed]
Jin: my prince!!
Jun: my princess!!

Yuuki: they married each other!! And had 2 baby boy and 2 baby girl!!
And they lived happily ever after THE END!!

Audience: whoo!! That was great!!! *applauses*

Hikaru: wee I loved it! Ne cha-chan??
Cha-chan: yeah! Sugoi!!
Takaki: boy.. I have u kn0w that gurl!! The narrator!
Kei: yeah.. and tha twitch she’s really cute!!
Daiki: hahaha yeah!! Really wicked wahahah!!
Yabu: hahaha I loved it!! Really! Specially the queen is cute!!
Vann-chan: sister did u like it??
Geh-chan: yeah!! How about u zura chan?
Zura yah yah me2!!


thisi s not a part ok? just the ending hehehe!!
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08's so funny how jun killed the witch(dragon) it was very good!
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118 / F / :]
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08
is it the same fic as what you posted on the Chii Yuuri group??

It's really AWESOME!! ^-^
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 7/26/08 , edited 7/27/08

@jessee chan

sabi ila post ko daw d2 para mabasa nila eh
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/27/08
-------PART 6 ------

After The Sleeping beauty

Daiki: ne ne.. Geh chan, Vann chan, have we met before??
Vann-Chan: hmm.. uh.. I don’t remember??
Geh-Chan: yeah me to..
Daiki: that so.. ok.. just curious ne..
Vann-chan: oh hahaha!!
Daiki: by the way.. why are u grade schoolers here?
Geh-Chan: we went to find our onii-chan..
Vann-Chan: yeah we got separated! Hehehe!
Daiki: oh! I hope u find him! And don’t get lost ok?
Geh-chan: hai! Arigatou! hehehe

Hikaru: ne Cha-chan wanna go out sometimes??
Cha-Chan: ah…*talks to herself* my gosh.. im nevous what does he wanna tell??….
Ahh.. hikaru kun?
Hikaru: Why?
Cha-Chan: what does it mean?? Ah.. sorry don’t get it..
Hikaru: um.. I mean.. umm.. can.. we.. go out? Date…
Cha-chan: eeh!!
Hikaru: hai! Well… if its.. ok with you..
Cha-Chan: umm.. ahh… su..sure *nervous*
Hikaru: *talks to himself* yatta! Yosh!….. arigatou ne cha chan!
Cha-Chan: ah its ok…*blush*
Kei: oi oi oi.. loook whos blushing!!!
Cha-chan: blu... blush... blushing?!!!
Daiki: hahahaha!!!!
Takaki: soo true!!
Hikaru: eeh?? Nani nani??
Yabu: poor boy… heheheh
Takaki: ah.. guys wait me here okie??

[ takaki went to yuuki ]

takaki: umm yuuki chan?
Yuuki: oh! Takaki kun! Thanks for catching me! Hehehe
Takaki: ah! That’s nothing!! Can I ask you something? If its ok??
Yuuki: sure you can! U saved my life anyways!
Takaki: ano…I like you! Please go out with me!!
Yuuki: *shocked* ahh… ano… ok! Sure!
Takaki: eh?? Really? No joke?
Yuuki: yes! No joke!
Takaki: *shouting* YES!! Yes!! Whooo!!

Hikaru: ja minna! See yah again the nxt day!!
Kei: okie bye!
Daiki: bye guys!
Takaki: byebye!!
Cha Chan: bye!!!
Yabu: *yawns* bye! Im tired!
All of them: GO TO SLEEP! Hahahah!!

[its already 8:00 in the morning! Wake up!! Hahaha]
[At hikaru’s house]

Hikaru: mom! What’s for breakfast?
H4cksign: hmm lets see..egg, milk, rice!
Hikaru: okie m0m thanks!
H4cksign: oh I forgot I saw a ghost at your r00m last nyt.. did you sleep well?
Hikaru: whaaaaat!!!! *panicks* where? Where???!!! Waaaa!! Kowai!!
H4cksign: I think it will come back again later at night… with eyes are red..
Hikaru: m0m stop that!!!!

[ hikaru calls cha-chan]

Cha-chan: moshi moshi?
Hikaru: cha-chan ohayo!
Cha-chan: oh! Ohayo gosaimasu!
Hikaru: lets go out later!
Cha-Chan: eeh!! Hehe ok sure!
Hikaru: ja at 3:00 pm at the park ok?
Cha Chan: ok!

[ at daiki’s house ]

Daiki: dad!!
Tsukasa: why!!
Daiki: were gonna clean the house ryt!!!
Tsukasa: oh haha sorry ok ill start here!
Daiki: ok then ill go to the shelves!

[daiki pulls out a book on the selves… then a photo album on top on it drops]

Daiki: nani kore??
[ pictures of him and with his mom also his “twin sisters” ]
[ Remembering something… *flash back* ]

[children playing in the garden, 2 girls 1 boy, the boy is 3 yrs old and the girls are 2]

Onii-chan!, Onii chan! Ahihihhihi!!
Daiki: oh! Geh-chan! Vann-chan!! Becarefull ok??
Vann and geh: Hai!
Daiki: Always remember ok onii-chan will always save you! And never leaves you! Because onii-chan loves you!
Vann: van chan loves onii-chan!!
Geh: geh chan too! I love onii-chan!

-all of them are playing happily but 1 day…-

Daiki: MOM!! Please don’t leave me!! *daiki crying* pleeaasee!! Don’t take them ayaw from me!! MoM please!! *sobs T_T* mom!! Mom!! Mom!!
-her mother brought his sister in the car-
Geh: *crying* onii-chan!!!
Vann-chan: onii-chan!! *sobs* onii-chan!! –tappes the window of the car-
Daiki: noo m0m!! don’t go! Please!!! MooooooM!!!!

-They got away-

-now back to the future- while daiki is holding the photo album-

Daiki: *Crying*I… i… I cant.. believe… that.. I actually forgot about it.. *sniff*
I lost my two sister! And my mom! *sniffs* [continues crying]

[ he remembered something ]

*flash back*

Geh-Chan: we went to find our onii-chan..
Vann-Chan: yeah we got separated! Hehehe!
Daiki: oh! I hope u find him! And don’t get lost ok?
Geh-chan: hai! Arigatou! Hehehe

Daiki: no.. no.. no!!!! it musnt be! Theyre.. they’re my sisters??

[ runned to kei’s house ]

Kei: so.. it means that they’re your sisters?
Daiki: well.. I think so.. its musnt just be a coincidence that they happened to be same at name and age!
Kei: oh my.. what are we gonan do.. how are we gonna find them?
Daiki: oh God please!!

-End of part 6-
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/27/08

----Part 7----

[at cha-chan’s house]

Cha-chan: my gosh!!!! Its already 2:30!!! What am I gonna wear!!! *Panicks*

[calls HSJ9293]

Hsj9293: hi who’s this?
Cha-Chan: hey! Its cha chan!! U gotta help me!!
Hsj9293: why?
Cha-Chan: I have a date with Hikaru Kun!! I dunno what to wear!!
Hsj9293: eeh? Me too!
Cha-Chan: eh? With who??
Hsj-chan: with.. with.. ke..i.. kun..
Cha-Chan: eh? Really! How?

Hsj-chan: ummm [flash back]

Kei: um.. Hsj-chan?
Hsj-chan: hai?
Kei: can.. we.. go out sometimes??
Hsj-chan: sure!
Kei: eh? Really! Im really happy!
Hsj-chan: heheh me too! Glad that u asked me wahaha!!
Kei: hehehe!!!

Cha-chan: so where are u gonna date?
Hsj-chan: at the Park at 3:00pm..
Cha-Chan: eeh!! Me too! At the park and 3:00pm!!
Hsj-chan: eh? Hahah Double Dato? [ double date ]
Cha-Chan: so what are u gonna wear?
Hsj-chan: umm im in jeans and rubber.. long sleeve with jacket w/o leeves..
Cha-Chan: eh? Kawai! Ja im gonna wear a brown mini skirt and black boots… short sleeve and w/ jacket..
Hsj-chan: okie then lets just meet them later..

[cha chan’s clothes are like this]

[at the park 2:55 pm]

Kei arrived first… kei is sittin in the bench…

Kei: well I think im a bit early..

Hikaru arrived..

Kei & Hikaru: EEEHHHH!!! Why are you here!!
Kei: im in a date with Hsj-chan!!!
Hikaru: me too! With cha chan!
Kei: so whats ur destination?
Hikaru: UENO ZOO
Kei: eeh!! We will go there too!!
Hikaru: so I guess this is a Double Date??

[LoL remember Ueno zoo?? In Hana Yori Dango?? Ahha tsukasa said Lesson panda.. but he its really lesser panda hahah!!]
Hsj-chan arrived

Hsj-chan: Im here!! Oh.. wheres Cha-chan??
Hikaru: eh?? How did you know?
Hsj-chan: oh.. we talked to the phone! And we really are surprised! hahaha!
Cha-Chan: im here now!!
Kei: so.. the cast is complete! Lets go to Ueno zoo!
Cha-chan & Hsj-chan: eh? Ueno zoo? Really! Yatta!

[at the zoo]

Hsj-chan: w0w! lesser panda!
Cha-Chan: haha I remembered Tsukasa in HYD.. he said Lesson panda!!
Hikaru: ahhaha! Yah I remember that!
Kei: hahah me too!
Hikaru: look! Kawai!!
Cha-chan: hahah soo true! Kawai penguin!
Kei: penguins are really funny.. ne Hsj-chan?
Hsj-Chan: yah! Specially when they walk! Hahahah!
Cha-Chan: oh look! Snake!
Hsj-Chan: lets thake a picure with the snake!!
Kei: haha yeah!!
Hikaru: hehe lets carry it!

[Picture picture! Hai cheese!!]

Hikaru & kei: girls wanna eat? Our treat! :D
Cha-chan & Hsj-chan: okie!!
Hikaru: cha-chan what do you wanna eat? Hotdog or burger?
Cha-Chan: Hmm… Hotdog!
Kei: Hsj-chan what about you.. hotdog or burger?
Hsj-chan: Burger! Heheh

[got their foods]

Hikaru: here it is!
Cha-Chan: heheh thank you!
Kei: heres ur burger Hsj-chan!
Hsj-chan: thanks!!
Hikaru: ah.. cha chan.. I have a present.. but choose ok??

[presented chocolate and strawberries]

Cha-chan: w0w.. really cant choose.. I love chocolates.. but my fave is strawberries!
Hikaru: so what do you choose?
Cha-chan: men.. cant choose.. cant live w/o chocolate but in love w/ strawberries! Oh my gosh.. cant choooose!!
Hikaru: hehehe! Then ill give it to you both!!
Cha-Chan: eehh?? Really? Thanks!! [kisses hikaru at cheeks]
Hikaru: woa…[blushes]
Kei: umm.. Hsj-chan.. u can also choose.. teddy bear or flowers??
Hsj-chan: teddy bear!! Coz it can last long! Because rose can lent! Hehehe!
Kei: hahah nice choose!
Hsj-chan: eh? Why [accidentally presses the bear]
Hsj-chan: eeeeh!!!! Waaaa kawai!!!
Kei: heheh! Really?
Hsj-chan: hai! [hugs kei]
Kei: …..*blushes*

[they went to school for the preparation in the festival!]

[at daiki’s house]

daiki: dad.. do u still remember mom and my sisters?
Dad: wel..did you remembered them?
daiki: wel.. i.. sortof..
dad: do you miss them?
daiki: well of course! specially my sisters!
Dad: then lets go to them!
Daiki: eeh?? really?
dad: yes.. they're in shibuya...
Daki: when will we meet them?
dad: let see... its 5:00 today.. if we went there today...
daiki: eeh today?
Dad: not yet finished!... well arrive there in 7 or 8.. so ok lets go there... pack ur things..
daiki: yey!!!! i fanally im gonna meet them after 15 years!!

[they went to shibuya]

[kn0ck kn0ck...]

M0m: who's there?
daiki: Mom??
Mom:...... da..daiki!!??
Daiki: Mom!!!!! is that you??
mom: havent seen you for 15 years!! im very sorry!!
Daiki: umm.. is my sisters here?
Mom:ah yes! wait aill call them!.... Geh! Vann!! i have a suprise for you!
Geh & Vann: hai! were comming...

[when they got down]

Geh & Vann: EEEEHHHH!!!!! Daiki kun.. what are you doing here??
Daiki.. ano... about ur.. oniichan..
Vann: oh.. we havent found him! hehehe!!
Geh: yeah..
Mom.. ah.. girls.. this is your father..[ponting to daiki's dad]
Twins: EHHH!!
Dad: hai.. umm.. how have you been doing?
Vann: how have we been doing!! you havent even went here even a single day!
Geh: yah we only wanna see our oniichan!!! not you!
Mom: girls! please.. stop ok.. i dont want you to fight your dad ok?
Twins: ha...hai...
Mom: and daiki is..
Daiki: im your.... oniichan....
Twins: EEEEHHHH!!!!! oniichan??
daiki: hai... ah...i uh...i *cries* ... I MISSED YOU!!!
Twins: *crying* oniichan??...
Vann: *crying* onii chan.. is.. that.. really you???
Geh: I missed u alot oniichan! we really missed you!! *sobs*
Daiki: yah.. me too.. so.. where do you go to school now?
Vann: well nxt school year were gonna transfer to your school
Geh: yah oniichan! were supposed to transfer there because so that we could find you!
Vann: but not.. it would be more great coz we already know who our oniichan is!!
Daiki:.... well... ill wait for u there! and if you can.. please go to school at m0nday we have a festival upcoming!! it would be really fun!
twins: hai! Of course! oniichan says so!!

-----Part 7 end-----
---daiki found her sister yatta!!---
---wee Great dates ne??=---
---And next episode is..
new school year,
HS7, and daiki's sisters!
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F / United states. yay.
Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/27/08
Awhhh. Daiki found his sisterss. hehehe.
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 7/31/08 , edited 7/31/08
---Part 8---

[School Festival!!]

Kei: Hikaru!!!!
Hikaru: Kei!!!
Daiki: Takagi!!
Takaki: Takaki dayo!!!!
[hahaha Tobira no mukou? Hahah ]

Yabu: Pyon pyon!!
Pyon Pyon: Eh? Ya..yabu kun?
Yabu: ah.. gomenasai…can.. we uhh… can we be together this Festival??
Pyon Pyon: ah.. su…sure! *blushing*
Hsj-chan: Aha! Ur blushing u must have liked Yabu kun!! Mwahahaha!!! [evil laugh]
Yuuki: haha ur like the witch again!! Hehehe! Look! Its ur kei!
Hsj-chan: eh? Where? Where?

Kei: Hsj-chan!!! Hsj-chan!!!
Hsj-chan: kei kun!! Kei kun!
Kei: hi hsj-chan!
Hsj-chan: hello kei Kun.. *blushing*
Yuuki: hahah ur blushing too!!
Hsj-chan: eeh? Im not!! Im not!!
Pyon Pyon: oh really eh… that bluff ain gonna work! Wahahah!!
Kei: ano.. Hsj-chan.. can we be together today? In this festival?
Hsj-chan: su..sure!

Hikaru: cha-chan!!
Cha-chan: oh hikaru kun!!
Hikaru: cha-chan wanna be with me this festival?
Cha-chan: well of course! Why would I don’t??
Hikaru: yey!!

Takaki: yu..yuuki chan..
Yuuki: ah hai?
Takaki: can we also be together this festival?
Yuuki: sure! U saved my life ne?
Takaki: umm please don’t say that.. ur just gonna go out with me because I saved ur life?
Yuuki: ahh no! not because of that… its because.. its because..
Pyon Pyon: its because she likes u silly!! Mwahahahha [evil laugh]
Takaki: ehh??
Yuuki: … ma…
Takaki: hontou desuka?? Yay!! Yatta!! I did it!
Yuuki: eh.hehe.. ma…

[Geh-chan, Vann-chan and Zura-chan arrived]

Twins: Hello minna!
Zura-chan: hello also!
Takaki: oh look! There’s the twins that we met this Friday on sleeping beauty!
Kei: oh yeah!
Daiki: they’re… they’re…
Hikaru: they’re what?
Daiki: they’re.. THEY’RE MY SISTERS!!!
ALL OF THEM except daiki, van and geh: EEEEEEHHHHHH!!!!
Yabu: I didn’t know u had a twin sisters!
Takaki: me too!!
Hikaru: me three!!
Zura-chan: ah! So he’s ur Oniichan?
Twins: Hai!!
Daiki: well minna.. sorry for not letting you know! I didn’t even remembered them.. I just remembered them this Friday.. ne Kei?
Kei: ma.. hehehehe.. but im glad that you’ve finally met them!
Daiki: yes! Hehehe


girls: whoa!! Look at those 5 boys!!! They’re soo like.. KAWAI!!!! And Kakkoi!
Boys: yah yah! They’re from Tokyo too right??

HSB Looked at them

Hikaru: oh look!!! Its them!
Kei: oh yah! Its them! Its them!
Yabu: heheh yay arashi, kattun and yampi sempais can meet them now!
Takaki: yeah specially to ohno kun!
Daiki: Chinen Kun!!! Chinen Kun!!!

Chinen: ooohhh!! Daiki kun!!
Ryosuke: ohh! Yeah! Look minna its our sempais!
Yuto: yey!
Keito: so we finally found someone here ne?
Ryutaro: yeah! So we wouldn’t get lost ne?
Chinen: hahah soo true!

Vann-Chan: kawai….
Geh-Chan: honti ni kawai..
Zura-chan: kakkoi…….
3 of then: haaaay….
Hsj-Chan: look ate these 3!! They’re like.. Melting!!
Pyon-Pyon: hahaha!! Soo true!!
Yuuki: They are in love with those guys!!!
Cha-Chan: who are those guys anyway??
Daiki: they’re also in our last school.. also called Tokyo boys hahaha
Kei: yup! And I know that they are gonna be here next sem..
Takaki: hehehe yeah!
Yabu: they are chinen yuuri, yamada ryosuke, nakajima yuto, morimoto ryutaro, and okamoto keito..
Hikaru: well then, lets invite them to join us!!
daiki: chinen!! guys! come here! join with us!!
Takaki: yah! so you wont be lost! wahahah!
Chinen: hahah so true! okie guys!
Yuuki: so what botth are we gonna go first?

[suddenly 2 girls pass them]

Hikaru: ei sis! who is that girl ur with?
rurusaza-chan: this is deen-chan!!
Daiki: wow she's so.. kawai.. ahh.. ano.. im daiki!
Deen-chan: hi! im deen!
Daiki: nice to meet you deen -chan!
Deen-chan: also you daiki kun!
Chinen: ano.. chinen desu..
Deen-chan: ah! im deen chan! nice to meet you chinen kun!
Chinen: ah.. thanks!
Yabu: so guys wanna go to the haunted house??
Pyon-Pyon: eh?? there is?? i wanna go!
vann-chan: ano.. yuto kun.. can i be with you? well.. if its ok.. only in haunted house..
Yuto: sure! its my pleasure to be with you!
Vann-chan: *blushes* tha...thank you!!
Geh-chan: ano.. keito kun.. can i also be with you? if you dont mind only in haunted house...[english]
Keito: sure! anytime you want!
Yabu: what are they saying anyway? haha well i wanna be with pyon pyon!!
Pyon pyon: okie!!
Kei: Hsj-chan.. ano.. haunted house..
Hsj-chan: sure!! hehehe i know what ur gonna say! :D
Kei: hehehe thanks!
Hikaru: ah cha..cha chan! can i be with you?
cha-chan: of course! ill keep you safe form GHOST! hehehe
Hikaru: hahaha!! thanks!
Takaki: yuuki chan! lets go with them ok?
Yuuki: okie!! no problem!
Zura-chan: ryu..ryutaro kun ano.. haunted house..
Ryutaro: hahaha! ok. just tell me if your scared! ill protect you!
Zura-chan: thanks!!
Chinen: how about you yama chan?
Yamada: hahaha not interested in haunted house!
Yuto: hahah okie! where u gonna be?
Yamada: ill be at the coffee stand! hehehehe!!
Daiki: aah... so we.. wecan protect her!! na chinen??
chinen: ha...hai!
Deen-chan: ok! well im afraid of.. haunted gho..ghost.. and... scary things!!
Kei: hahaha! same as Hikaru!
daiki: well im gonna protect you! also you chinen! i know ur afraid of ghost too!
Chinen: hey! not any more!! Mwahahahah!! [evil laugh]

[they went to the haunted house]

Hikaru: whoaaaa! soo.... dark!
Deen-chan: ya..yah!!
chinen: i.. i hope.. theres no ghost...
Daiki: just as i though... *smiking* mwahahha...
Hsj-chan: hahah imma not afraid at all! :P
Kei: wow so brave hahaha

[suddenly a ghost sadako appeared!!]

Ghost: wuhuhuhu!! imma gonna... ge..gett YOU!!!

Deen, hikaru, chinen, Hsj, pyon-pyon, vann: waaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!
kei: i though ur not afraid
Hsj-chan: ah hahah.. gomenasai!!!
kei: hahah!! its ok
Daiki: deen chan, chinen, are u two alright?? heheheh
Deen-chan: ha..hai....*scared*
yabu: daijoubu pyon pyon??
Pyon-Pyon: a..hah..ha.. kind of..
Yuto: vann-chan are u alright? *suddenly hugs vann chan* its ok.. the monster is gone..
Vann-chan: a.. aa.. ano... imma da..daijobu desu...
Yuto: ah.. sorry for hugging you.. *blushes*
Vann-chan: ah.. its ok... *talks to herself: i like it actually mwahahah*
Geh: keito kun! look the exit! wahahaha yatta! no more ghost!
Keito:haha yatta!
Yuuki: yehey! were at the exit! well almost! i can see it!
zura-chan: phew* i was scared in that! wahahah
Ryutaro: hehehe im not scared! wahahah!!


Daiki: guys! im going to the basketball group ok?
Deen-chan: okie daiki kun!
Yabu: hahaha okey shoots some balls ok!!
daiki: alright! i will! and ill get a prize for deen chan!! bye!
Deen-chan: *blushes* ah.. Okie!
Yabu: pyon-pyon.. lets go to the candie boots! im gonna buy candies... for you.!!
Pyon-pyon: really?? thanks!!! lets go!
Kei: Hsj-chan! *presented a stuff toy* for you!
Hsj-chan: wow!!! i love it!! thanks! *kisses kei in the cheeks*
Kei: your.. your welcome *hugs hsj-chan* lets go to the post cards booth!
Hsj-chan: yeah! lets go! i love it!
Takaki: look at these 2! hahah soo sweet!
Yuuki: yah they're soo sweet! * also kisses takaki on cheeks then runned* see you on the couple booth!!
Takaki: OK!! hahaha *runned to yuuki*
Hikaru: cha-chan! here.. i have some chocolates for you!
Cha-chan: wow! thank you!! *hugs hikaru*
Hikaru: na.. cha-chan.. can.. you.. be my...
Cha-chan: what?
Hikaru: ahh..!!~ can we... can we go to the rides?? ahehehe.. *talks to himself: men.. i almost said it..*
Cha-chan: su..sure!!
Yuto: ano.. vann-chan..
Vann-chan: hai??
Yuto: wanna go to the.. ah you choose! hehehe
Vann-chan: okie! lets see... lets go to the games room!!
Yuto: whoa! there is?? haha love it! come on! *holds vann-chan's hands then runned*
Keito: geh-chan!!
Geh-chan: nani keito kun?
Keito: Do you want to go some where??
Geh-chan: ok sure.. lets see.. lets go to the... stuff toys! yey!
Keito: ok!! come! *holds geh-chan*
Ryutaro: Zurra-chan! wanna go somewhere els too??
Zura-chan: okie! lets go to arcade booth heheh!!
Ryutaro: ok! lets play Tekken 5 hahaha!!
Zura-chan: haha okie! i love that game!
Chinen: ano.. deen-chan.. hehehe
Deen-chan: ah so do you want to go somewhere? hahaha were the one who is left here!
Chinen: hahah1! okie! lets go to.. hmm...
Deen-chan: lets go to the roller coaster! hahaha!!

[but suddenly]

takaki: minna! where are you! theres a fire!
Yuuki: yeah minna!
kei: come hsj-chan! theres a fire at the basketball booth!!
Hsj-chan: eh?? ok
Chinen: what!!
Deen-chan: daiki kun is in there!!

[ at the basketball booth ]

Guys: look! daiki is still in there!
Hikaru: what?? daiki is still there??
yabu: wait! ima gonna get him!!

[yabu goes to the fire]

Daiki: Help!
Yabu: i got u!!

[ out side]

Deen-chan: daiki!
Chinen: daiki-kun!!
Geh and vann: wake up!! oniichan!! wake up!!
Yabu: are u ok daiki?? daiki!!!
Kei: daiki!! open up daiki!!

----end of part 8!----
what would happen to daiki!??
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118 / F / :]
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I loved reading this part again!!
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F / Japan *where i dr...
Posted 7/31/08 , edited 7/31/08
kyaa..its so great!!
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24 / F / huh? why do you w...
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deen chan it's so GOOD!!!
i want to knoe wat happens next...
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
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----Part 9----

Ok… here’s daiki’s part heheheh

Takaki: Daiki!! Hey! Wake Up!!
Hikaru: Call an Ambulance!!
Deen-chan: ok wait ill call… *calling an ambulance* moshi moshi?? Hai... were at the school.. hai..hai… ok..
Cha-Chan: what did they say deen-chan?
Deen-chan: they said that they’re gonna be here at 15mins…
Vann: ok.. lets give oniichan an air!!
Kei: ok.. wait ill get a water…
Yabu: minna lets give some space.. so he can breath freely..
Hsj-chan: kei! Water…
Kei: here’s the water… *gives water to daiki*
Yamada: NO!! he doesn’t response!!
Chinen: no… what will happen to daiki kun!!
Ryutaro: wait lets not panic ok?? He will be ok!!
Keito: yeah.. I hope so..
Geh: no!! oniichan will be alright! Ne zura-chan?
Zura-chan: yeah! He will..
Yuuki: wait.. im kinda mastering a nurse way..*holds daiki’s pulse* oh no.. his pulse is not well..
Yuto: what do you mean?? Oh heres the ambulance and firemens!

[ the firemens have stopped the fire now… the ambulance took daiki w/ them, but kei stayed at the school… the fire men talks to kei ]

Ikuta toma: we have stopped the fire now!! Is that the one who’s trapped there??
Kei: yes sir.. the ambulance got him now..
Ikuta Toma: ok.. if something went wrong again.. just call us ok?
Kei: ok… im gonna head to hospital now..

[ kei headed to hospital now…]

*at daiki’s room*
[kei opened the door]

kei: is everything ok in here??
Yabu: us yes.. with daiki no..
Deen-chan: ano… Doctor… will he be ok?
[the name of the doctor is Sojirou]
Sojirou: he’s very weak now… specially that he’s suffocated to the smoke…
Yabu: so what will happen to him!!
[The nurse’s name is Makino]
Makino: ano.. minna.. i have the latest report.. if daiki dosent woke up until tomorrow at 6:00 am [its 6pm]
im afraid... he could'nt stay with you guys anymore..
Vann & geh: EEH!! that means.. that means... oniichan will... die??
Sojirou: im afraid so...
All of them: eeeh??
Makino: but! Lets all hope for a miracle ok?
Sojirou: that’s all we can do for now.. it is to pray that he will be still staying with you guys… we’ll be leaving now… shitsureishimashita…
PyonPyon: so what are we gonna do now!!
Yuuki: lets just pray ok?? *tears run down her face*
Deen-chan: I… I hope theat… I hope that daiki… daiki will be alright! [nervous]
Yabu: lets just pray for a miracle..
Hikaru: oh God please…
Chinen: kamisan please don’t let daiki kun be apart from us!!
Yamada: please God please..
Geh: please don’t take away our oniichan….
Vann: we just met him.. so please.. we still wanna spend time with him..
Hsj-chan: Please save daiki…
Takaki: guys.. lets not loose hope ok?
Kei: yeah guys…
Ryutaro: lets have faith with God..
Keito: I know that he will always take care of daiki kun…

after 11 hours... 5am..

Deen-chan: yabu kun its 5 am..
Yabu: oh yeah.. guys.. its 5 am...
Hikaru: oh.. Guys Wake up..
Kei: *yawns* has he woken up?
Takaki: no he hasnt yet... deen-chan? are u ok? i think u havent slept yet
Deen-chan: ah.. imma..dai..jou...bu... *fells asleep*
PyonPyon: deen chan are u ok??
Hsj-chan: she just fell asleep..
Yuuki: yeah.. she's have been stayed up all night...
Geh: u think that she like oniichan ne?
Vann: yah.. if ur gonna ask me ill vote for deen chan..
Kei: Hs7 is still sleeping ne?...
Yabu: i think that chinen also likes deen-chan..
Hikaru: hehehe u have noticed too?
[they didnt know that chinen is already awake but just pretending to be asleep]
Takaki: daiki also like deen-chan ne??
Hsj-chan: it will be hard for them ne??
PyonPyon: yeah.. she will be confused..
Zura: it will also be hard for daiki kun and chinen kun...
all of them: so.. true...
Kei: only a half hour to go..
Vann: i really hope that oniichan will be awake now!!
Geh: oniichan please wake up!

--after 15 mins deen chan woke up--

Hsj-chan: oh.. deen-chan ur awake now..
Deen-chan: is daiki kun awake now??
PyonPyon: too bad.. not yet...
Yuuki: its just 15 mins!!
Hikaru: guys! imam starting to panic now!!
kei: *pokes Hikaru's head* baka!! dont panic!!
Yabu:.. please God! let him woke up!!

[ the doctors came in ]

Sojirou: Wait guys.. we need something to do to daiki chan..
Vann: ah.. hai..
Sojirou: take his blood pressure
makino: its very low!
Sojirou: wait.. lets do it ok? are you ready?
Makino: yes.. Dr. Sojirou..
Kei: what are u gonna do?
Sojirou: were gonna save his life...
Deen-chan: please save him please!
Vann & Geh: oniichan!!

[ the doctor is now trying to revive daiki ]
*Everyone is in panic now...*
Sojirou: its too late...
Deen-chan: daiki kun!!
Hikaru: daiki!!
Makino: hes.. hes.. flat line now!!
Chinen: no! no! NOOO!!! daiki kun!!!

*All of them are saying DAIKI WAKE UP!! and they are all crying!!*

[inside daiki's body....]

Daiki: where... where is this??..
Deen-chan: daiki kun!! dont go... daiki kun!! *sobbing*
vann and Geh: Oniichan!! please!!
Daiki: wha...what is that.. i can here their voices.. but they're not here...
GOD: do u still want to be with them?
Daiki: why? where am i? of course i want to.. theyre my friends!
GOD: ur in my paradise..
daiki: youre paradise?? wha...what!!! am i dead!!! no.. it cant be!!
GOD: thats why im asking you... do u still wanan be with them?
Daiki: of course!!! i love them! theyre also like my Life!!
GOD: ok then.. its because they love you.. thats why...[voice fadding away] whats why... u be with....them....... love them.....

[back at hospital]

makino: im sorry everyone...
Kei: no!... no!!!! *sobbing*
Deen-chan: wait! look!
Takaki: daiki!
Sojirou: OH no! this cant be a... miracle!!
Vann & Geh: hugged Daiki* Oniichan!!
Daiki: whe...where am i?
Chinen: you're at the hospital!
Daiki: Chinen kun..
Deen-chan: daiki kun.. *sniff* im soo.. glade *sniff* that youre alive!
Daiki: deen-chan! u look pale.. what happened?
Yamada: you were trapped in the fire in basketball booth..
Daiki: oh.. ok..
Sojirou: he can go home now.. just prepare his things!
Vann: oniichan.. we can go home now!
Daki: hai! im better now! demo.. deen chan..
Deen-chan: hai?
Daiki: when you got home.. please have a full sleep ok?
Deen-chan: ahaha.. ok! sure!
Daiki: by the way.. heres.. the prize that i promised..
Deen-chan: prize? oh! in the basketball booth!
Daiki: here! *showed the the pink teddy bear and a heart shaped chocolate*
Deen-chan: wha..what is.. this..!!!! wow!! i love you! i mean... i love it!! *gosh what am i doing* thank you!! *kisses daiki on head*
daiki: oh.. hehehe! no problem!! thanks also.. for.. the.. ki..kissu..
Hsj-chan: ne yuuki and pyonpyon.. they really are compatible ne?
pyonPyon & Yuuki: hahah soo true!!

[they went home safely!]
Tuesday.. the Festival is saturday.. so after 2 days..

*At the outside Coffee shop.. they all had a meeting there hehehe*

Daiki: minna!! how are you!!
All of them: were ALL RIGHT!!! hahahaha!!!
Daiki: hi deen-chan!
Deen-chan: hello daiki kun!!
Hsj-chan: deen-chan!!!
Deen-chan: Hsj chan!! hahah konichiwa!
PyonPyon & Yuuki: Konichiwa!!! *peace*
Vann and Geh : KONICHIWA MINNA!!
Rurusuza: hello!!
Deen-chan: ohh!! rurusuza chan!
Rurusuza: hahaha deen-chan!

[deen-chan fell his necklace on the road]

Deen-chan: oh! my necklace!! im gonna get it!
Daiki: its dangerous!!
Deen-chan: but its from my Grandma.. ireally have to go get it!
[deen-chan went to go the necklace]
Deen-chan: yatta! i got it..
*but suddenly a Limo was just almost... right infrom of deen-chan!*

Pyon Pyon: deen-chan watch out!!
Yuuki: Deen-chan!!!
Chinen: deen-chan move!!
Hsj-chan: Deen chan!! noo!!
Daiki: no!

-----EnD oF ParT 9-----

---what will happen to deen-chan??!!!---
---will someone save her??---
---whos in the Limo!!!---
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24 / F / huh? why do you w...
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*chills* so good!!
so glad daiki alright...
omg i hope deen-chans alright...
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
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haha ill post the other one tomorrow!! hehehe thx for reading anywayzz!
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F / Japan *where i dr...
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kyaa its great!! me want the next part!!
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