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FANFIC[MC]~~Crazy FanFic

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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 8/9/08 , edited 8/10/08

------PART 10------

ok here’s deen-chan and she’s gonna hit my a Limoooo!!!

[ yabu is running towards deen-chan! ]

Yabu: Not so fast U Don’t!!!
[He got Deen-chan, The Limo Car Stopped]
Deen-chan: Thanks Yabu kun! I owe u my Life!
Pyon Pyon: Yay! Yabu kun to The Rescue Again!!
Yuuki: yah.. he always saves one’s life!
Hsj-chan: haha Nice Yabu kun!!
Daki: yabu kun thanks!! Really!
Yabu: oh.. no problem!
Chinen: By the way who’s in the Limo?
Ryosuke: I dunno.. let see..
[A woman went outside the Limo]
Woman: Are you ok? Did my card hurt you?
Deen-chan: nope.. cho..tto… Ehh!! O..o..okasan!!
Yui: what the!? Its you..what are you doing in the middle of the road Young Girl!!! What do you think your doing! *scolding deen-chan*
Deen-chan: hey! You’re the one who almost hit me!
Yui: so what are you doing there??
Deen-chan: im picking Granma’s Necklace!!
Yui: oh.. I see!
Daiki: Hajimimashite! Im Arioka Daiki dasu.. Yoroshiku Onegaismasu…
Yui: Oh nice to meet you!
Chinen: ah.. me also! Im Chinen Yuuri desu!
Yabu: Kota Yabu Desu!
Hikaru: Hikaru Yaotome desu!
Kei: Kei Inoo Desu!
Ryosuke: Yamada Ryosuke desu!
Yuto: Nakajima Yuto Desu!
Keito: Hi im Okamoto Keito.. Nice to meet you mam.
Yui: oh.. you speak English? What an intelligent boy!
Ryutaro: Im Moromoto Ryutaro desu!
Yui: Morimoto? Hmm.. oh! Is your brother Shintaro?
Ryutaro: ah.. hai..
Yui: he’s the classmate of Deen-chan’s Liitle brother!
PyonPyon: Hi im pyon pyon!
Hsj-chan: Im Hsj desu!
Yuuki: ano.. im yuuki desu..
Cha-Chan: Cha Desu!
Zura: zu…zura desu…
Rurusuza: rurusuza desu!
Yui: my.. my.. you have a wonderful friends Deen!
Deen-chan: ma…
Daiki: deen-chan.. I didn’t know you have a little brother..
Deen-chan: yeah I have and also Big Brother and 2 Big Sister.. well lets se.. m 13, my oniichan is 15, tisha oneesan is 15 and arashi oneesan is 14..
Chinen: whoa.. big family!
Deen-chan: ehhehe well…
Yui: would you guys wanna meet her Brother and Her sisters?
Ryutaro: oh.. the little brother isn’t here ne? because they have classes!
Yui: ma.. hehehe Kyu! Tisha! And Arashi! Go outside of the car now..
Kyu, Tisha & arashi: hai…
[They went down to the car.. they’re very fashionable]
Kyu: Hi!
Tisha: Hi my sister’s friends!
Arashi: Hello everyone!
Chinen: ah! Kyu oniichan!
Kyu: oh! Chinen!!
Deen-chan: you guys know each other??
Chinen: he’s the boyfriend of my sister Mai-lee!!
All Of Them: EEEHHH!!!!
Ryouske: yep that’s right! I have also met kyu-san and mai-lee san!
Deen-chan: oh.. hehehe!!!
Yui: so you guys wanna come?
Daiki: ano.. come where??
Yui: To Tokyo Disney Land!
All of them : Ehh!! Tokyo Disneyland!!
Arashi: don’t you know its deen-chan’s birthday today!!
Tisha: yah! And we actually went here to pick you guys up!
Kyu: ne Deen-chan! That’s why you called them here!!
Deen-chan: ha…hai! Hahahahaha!!
Daiki: eh? Deen-chan! Its your birthday today?? Why didn’t you said it!!
Cha-Chan: hahaha!!great deen-chan!! :D
Deen-chan: ahah..ha.. Su…Surprise! Heheheh!!
Yuuki: wow!! Deen-chan your sugoi!
Hsj-chan: wow ive never been to Tokyo Disneyland!
PyonPyon: hahah me too!!
Yui: oh look! Twins! Hi!
Geh and Vann: h…hi!
Geh: HI my name is Geh chan!
Vann: im vann chan desu!
Daiki: ano.. they’re my sisters!
Kyu: wow!! They’re your sisters?? Sugoi! Hehehehe
Arashi: they can come to ne? okasan? Heheh
Yui: of course! Everyone is invited!
Tisha: yep! We have reserved a special place there for deen-chan’s friends!
Yuto: sugoi! Sugoi ne vann-chan?
Vann: hai!

[They went to the Tokyo Disneyland!]

Rurusuza: w0w!!!!
Yuuki: sugoi!!!
Pyon Pyon: wow!! I wanna ride those!!!
Hsj-chan: hahah me too!!!
Vann & Geh: uwaa!! Kawai!!
Yui: lets go to the reserved place first!

[they went to the reserved play which has a very long table suitable for 30 persons!! Sugoi ne??]

Hikaru: wow!! Sugoi!! Glowing-in-the-darks!!!! Wow!!
Kei: Boo!!!
All of them: wahahahah!!!!
Hikaru: Oh men!
Cha-Chan: hahaha!!! Don’t worry ill protect you!! Wahahahah!! [evil laugh]
Yabu: ohh.. poort hikaru! Being protected by a girl!
Yuto: hahaha!! Hikaru chan is kawai when scared!! Hahaha!!
Daiki: hahaha!! Ill protect deen-chan!!
Deen-chan: ah… thank you!
Yuuki: weee!! Soo sweet!!
Takaki: ill protect you too! Yuuki chan! J
Yuuki: ah… thanks!!
Ryosuke: ano.. a..arashi chan..
Arashi: hai??
Ryosuke: ah… ano.. can.. can i… be with you??
Arashi: oh.. he..he.. su..sure!
Hsj-chan: whoa! U like deen-chan’s sister arashi!! *shouted*
Ryosuke: a..ano!!! a… ma…
All of them: eeh… hahaha kawai!
Kyu: so guys! You can go with your partners now!! Hehehe!! But daiki kun!!!
Daiki: ahh… Hai??
Kyu: take care of my sister OK!!
Daiki: ahh!!! HAI!!!! Yes!! I WILL!!
Deen-chan: oi oniichan!!
Kyu: hey! Im just trying to protect you!!
Yui: ano.. ryutaro kun!
Ryutaro: hai??
Yui: im gonna pick up shintaro and kazuma…
Ryutaro: kazuma??
Yui: ah! Its deen’s liitle brother! Your brother’s classmate!
Ryutaro: ah! Okie!!
Zura: ryutaro kun!!
Ryutaro: hai zura chan?
Zura: come on! Lets go!
Ryutaro: Okie!!
Deen-chan: chinen kun…
Chinen: ye…yes??
Deen-chan: come with us! Im gonna introduce you to some one!
Chinen: sure!
Deen-chan: this is Anime_delish!
Anime_delish: ah.. hi!
Chinen: hi! Nice to meet you! Im chinen yuuri!
Anime_delish: i…im anime_delish desu..
Chinen: wanna come with me??
Anime_Delish: o..ok!!
Daiki: that would be easier ne?
Deen-chan: ma! Heheheh!! Lets go to the Disney toys!!
Daiki: okie!! U like stuff toys ne??
Deen-chan: hahahaha!!! I don’t like it!!! I love it!!
Daiki: hahaha!! Ok then lets go!
Yuto: vann-chan!!
Vann: hai!!
Yuto: come on! lets go to Surfing!
Vann: whoa!! That ride!! Huhuhuhu Kowai!
Yuto: don’t worry! U have me here right??
Vann: *blushing* oh…hehehe okie!!!
Yuto: Yuto will Protect Vann-chan!!!!
Keito: Geh-chan!
Geh: hai??
Keito: where do you wanna go??
Geh: hmm.. lets see!! Hehehe there are lots of cool rides here!!!
Keito: hmm okie! Lets go to Roller Coaster!!!
Geh: hahaha!! You sure you can ride that!!
Keito: of course!!! Hahahaha
Geh: ok then!!
Deen-chan: oh guys wait!!
All of them: what??
Deen-chan: later at 6pm lets all meet at the Ferris wheel ok?
All of them: OK!!
Kei: hsj-chan!! Lets go to Bump car!! Hahahaha!!
Hsj-chan: Mwahahaha!!! [evil laugh] no one can beat me there!! Wahahah!!
Kei: hahah ur turning into witch again!! Hahahha!!
Hsj-chan: hahaha!!!
Takaki: yuuki chan! Where do you wanan go?
Yuuki: hmm.. lets go to dream land!!
Takaki: yay!! Fantasies!!
Yuuki: hehehe!!
Hikaru: cha-chan! Lets go too!
Cha-chan: oh yeah?? Wanna go to haunted house?? [mwahahaha!!! Evil laugh]
Hikaru: wahuhuhu!! Why does everybody have to scare me!!
Cha-Chan: hahaha sorry! Ok lets go to Disney river!!
Hikaru: whoa! That tall one??
Cha-Chan: yeah!! Hahaha sowe can be wet by that!!
Hikaru: hahaha it’s a river of course! Hahaha
Yabu: Pyon Pyon!
Pyon Pyon: yes yabu kun?
Yabu: come on! u dot wanna be left here!!
Pyon Pyon: hahaha!! Ok lets go to… Buzz light year!!
Yabu: hahaha!! Yey! Were gonna kill those monsters!! Hahahaha
Pyon Pyon: hahaha!!!

[at the Disney toys]

Deen-chan: uwaa!! Kawai!! Look daiki kun!!
Daiki: whoa! Sugoi! Hahah kawai Mickey Mouse!!
Deen-chan: hahah I want this!! Hahaha soooooo kawai!!!
Daiki: surprise! * presented a Miney Mouse Stuff toy* Happy Birthday!!his is my gift!
Deen-chan: waaa!!!!! I love it!!! THANKS!!! *kisses daiki on cheeks*
Daiki: ah.. no…no problem!!
Deen-chan: uwaa!! I really love it! Im gonna keep this for life!!
Daiki: really??!! Hahaha!!
Deen-chan: oh! Its almost 6!
Daiki: yeah! Come on lets go to the Ferris wheel!!
Deen-chan: ok!!

[ at the Ferris Wheel ]

Mei-lee: Deen-chan!! Happy birthday!
Deen-chan: arigato Mei-lee san!!
Mei-lee: heres my gift!
Chinen: oh deen-chan! Heres my gift!
Yubu: heres our gift! From me and PyonPyon
Hikaru: heres mine and cha-chan’s gift to you!
Kei: heres hsj-chan and my gift!!
Takaki: Heres Yuuki-chan’s gift.. and also mine!
Ryosuke: hi deen-chan!! Ontanjobi omedetou! For you! *gives gift*
Yuto: hahaha happy birthday to you~! *singing happy birthday* from me and vann chan!
Keito: this is for you! Deen-chan! Its from me and geh chan!
Ryutaro: from me and Zura chan!! Hope u like it!!
Shintaro: oneechan!
Ryutaro: oh! Hehehe
Kazuma: oneechan! Otanjobi omedetou!
Deen-chan: ohh Guys thank you!! Really!! *tears run down from deen’s face*
Tish: my little sister! Happy birthday!!
Arashi: yep! Me too!!
Yui: deen, heres my gift..* presented a big box full of stuff toys *
Deen-chan: uwaa!!! Sugoi!!! Okasan I love you!! Thank you!!

-all of them, by partner, they went to the Ferris wheel…
seeing the moon…
feeling the fresh wind…
Loving each other…

-End of Part 10-
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24 / F / huh? why do you w...
Posted 8/9/08 , edited 8/10/08
hahha hikaru is so scared of ghost hahah
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 8/9/08 , edited 8/10/08
demo i love the part of this fanfic that

were going to be a detective mode!!!!
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 8/9/08 , edited 8/10/08

-but on part 11-

Hikaru: way! Way! Its valentines day!! Way way!!
Yabu: Yatta!! This valentines day… boys will give chocolates to girls!!!
Kei: yehey!!!
Takaki: wahahha!! I hope u guys don’t get dumped! Wahahah!! [evil laugh]
Daiki: oi oi!! U think ur gonna be successful?? Wahahah!! I don’t think so!! Im the one who’s gonna be success!! Mwahahah! [evil laugh]
Hikaru: hey! Its me!
Yabu: no its me!!
Kei: *pokes each others head* lets just tell the readers to watch out for the part 11!!
Takaki: ahhahah!! Hai!
Daiki: yep! Ok everyone please watch our next chapter!!

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24 / F / huh? why do you w...
Posted 8/9/08 , edited 8/10/08
yay!!!!!!! thnx for the preview deen chan
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 8/9/08 , edited 8/10/08
This fanfict is already in 16 chapter hehehe

-----Part 11-----
Confession time!!

[At the Girls Bathroom]

Hsj-Chan: ei ei guys! its valentines!
Pyon Pyon: yah!!!! and u know what?
All: What?
Pyon Pyon: this Valentines... Boys are gonna confess to girls!
All: KYA!!!!~
Zura-chan: yeah they're gonna give us pink flowers then a letter ne??
Deen-chan: yah! and also!! have u guys ready your Bears??
All: Yah!!! kya!! wahahahaha!!!! wuuhuuuu were sooo excited!!!

[blue bears = No... Pink bear= yes!]

Deen-chan: ano.. guys..
Vann-chan: what deen-chan??
Deen-chan: please don’t tell this to daiki!!
Rurusuza: sure what Is it??
Zura-chan: Your Pregnant?? Waah!!
Deen-chan: no!! no that not it!!!
Pyon Pyon: oh.. gomen
Geh-chan: Ah! Did something happened to you and daiki!! Wahahha!!
All: wahahah!!!
Deen-chan: no!!!
Yuuki: is it really hard?? Just tell us come on! spill it!
Deen-chan: ok.. for 3 months....
Yuuki: 3 months preganant!!!!!
Hsj-chan: oh my god!
Deen-chan: no! 3 months imma going to canada!
Pyon Pyon: eeehh!!!
Deen-chan: yes.. but after that ill come back!!
Cha-chan: bu..but why?? Why do you must leave??
Deen-chan: because my dad is sick.. I have to take care of here.. so.. this is my first valentines here at school…
Hsj-chan: when will you go??
Deen-chan: tomorrow at 6 pm..
Anime_Delish: ehhh??? Tomorrow??? Why so fast??
Deen-chan: I dunno.. they said ill have to leave tomorrow..
Vann-chan: oh.. imam gonna miss you! Then ull gonna give daiki kun a pink bear??
Deen-chan: ma…
Geh-chan: weee!!!!! Hahaha!!!

[Boys Bathroom]

Hikaru: ne daiki...
Daiki: ah nani?
Hikaru: how are you and deen-chan?
Daiki: what do you mean? of course were ok..
Kei: have u forgotten jally?
Yabu: oh yeah! that girl!
Takaki: yeah... u still remember her? she likes u ryt?
Daiki: yeah but... i like deen-chan now!
Kei: but i think she's hoping that your gonna him a flower with a confession card...
Daiki: dont worry.. i can handle this..
Ryosuke: u think deen-chan's sister Arashi-chan will say yes to me?
Yuto: ma.. well.. u think vann-chan likes me?
Keito: beats me... i dunno if geh-chan likes me
Ryutaro: wel.. me to i dunno if zura-chan likes me.
Chinen: wonder if Anime_Delish is gonna be here...
ALL OF HSJ : *sigh* tsk...tsk...tsk... >.<

Ok.. heres the 1st confession... Hikaru to ChaChan!

[at the lobby]

Hikaru: ano.. cha-chan..
Cha-chan: yes??
[Passes a letter]
Hikaru: Ja!! *runned*
Cha-chan: wait! eh??
[opens the letter]
The letter says:

Hi to my dear Cha-Chan...
Please meet me at the garden at 3:00 pm... in the garden, im gonna show you something!
i hope you'll like it so please go! ill be waiting for you until you come!
Ps. dont bring anyone only you!! ja see you!! From Hikaru...

Cha-chan: wha...whats this... hmm well.. whats the time... waa!! its 3:00! i gotta go! *runned*

[ at the garden ]

Cha-chan: hikaru kun? where are you?
Hikaru: *hiding in the big bunch of flowers* im here!
Cha-chan: where??
Hikaru: tadda!!
Cha-chan: whoa.. ur hiding in that big bunch of Pink flowers? well to big i didnt saw u! heheh
Hikaru: and that flower is for you!
Cha-chan: eeh?? that big??
Hikaru: yup!!!
Cha-chan: and i got something for you!!!
Hikaru: for me?? yay!
Cha-chan: close your eyes!!
*hikaru closed his eyes*
Cha-chan: tadda!! *a BLUE bear*
Hikaru: blue bear? ah... *almost cried* blue???
Cha-chan: gomen... ja... *she turned back and walked away*
Hikaru: *crying* why didnt she accept???
*suddenly Punches the bear.... turned pink!!!*
Hikaru: ehhhh!!!!!!!!! *suddenly stopped crying* she... she accepted me!!!!!!!!!! YAY! YAY!! *jumping* matte cha chan!!
Cha-chan: ok! what?
Hikaru: *smacks cha chan at the lips* thanks!
Cha-chan: eh!!! *blushes* wa...was i.. supposed to say thank you??
Both: hahahahaha!!


Hsj-chan: so what did you say cha chan??
Cha-chan: i um.. gave hikaru kun a blue bear..
Pyon Pyon: EHHH!!!!!!!!!
Yuuki: why: dont u like him?
Cha-chan: i like him...
Deen-chan: then why blue?
Cha-chan: it turns to pink when a boy touches it! mwahahahaha [evil laugh]
All of them: hahahaha!!
Zura-chan: and then?
Cha-chan: and then.... * blushes*
Anime_delish: wahaha something happend!!
Cha-chan: he...kissed me... smack...
Rurusuza: uwaaaa!! hahahaha!!!

Yuto: Vann chan!
Vann-chan: hai?
Yuto: uh.. ano... for you.. *blushes*
Vann-chan: fo..for me?? *reads the card*
the card says:

Dear Vann-chan,
please accept my love for you! i promise to love you everyday in my life!
I Like you, please accept me!
From Yuto..

Vann-chan: yuto kun...
Yuto: hai?
Vann-chan: here... *shows a pink bear*
Yuto: wha....what the..!!!!! WAAAAAAAAAAA!! really? really? really??*jumping*
Vann-chan: ma.... hehehe...
Vann-chan: ja na yuto.. yuto kun...
Yuto: just call me yuto!
Vann-chan: ok!!! *hugs yuto* JA YUTO,
Yuto: *his heart beats fast!* aaaaa.... j..jjjja....

Hsj-chan: whoa! thats a nice one! wahahaha
Geh-chan: hahah nice one sis!
Pyon Pyon: LOOK!! here comes kei!!
Yuuki: wahahah ur turn Hsj-chan!
Hsj-chan: eh.. an..anoo...!! what will i say! what will i do!!!
Deen-chan: relax!! gambatte!
Rurusuza: just give him a pink!
Zura-chan: hahaha!! sooo true!
Anime_delish: hi guys! oh i brought kei!
Hsj-chan: wha..what!! oh my gosh.. here he comes!!!

Kei: H...hi Hs-chan..
Hsj-chan: h..hi kei kun...
Kei: Pi…pink for you!!
Hsj-chan: ah! thanks!!!!!
Kei: eto.. theres a ca…card there…
Hsj-chan: oh okie wait.. ill read it!
The card says:

Happy Valentines day Hsj-chan!
Please accept my love for you! I promise to cherish each and
every moment that im with you.. so please love me to..
boku wa hsj-chan no koto ga suki nanda
From Kei..

Hsj-chan: a...ano.. kei kun..
Kei: h...hai?
Hsj-chan: i think ill give this to you *Presented Pink Bear*
Kei: UWAAAAAAAA!!!!! Boku wa.....
Hsj-chan: a..ano...

Pyon Pyon: uwaa!! hahah soooo sweet!!
Geh-chan: hahaha!!! sooo true!!
Yuuki: hahah yeah!!
Rurusuza: so... who's next?
Zura-chan: hahaha!!
Anime_Delish: look! jun-san! Jun-san is going here!!!!
Deen-chan: Jun-san??
Jun: ano.. is rurusuza here??
Rurusuza: h...hai??
Jun: fo..for you... *pink flower and a card*
Yuuki: whoaaaa!! i didnt know that u like rurusuza!!
Jun: ma..
Rurusuza: so ok... ill read the card...
The card Says:

Hi rurusuza chan... i know that were not that close..
but.. i like u ever since i saw you here...
So. please accept my love for you.. i like you..
From Jun...

Rurusuza: hai.. i.. i accept you jun-san..
Jun: its ok if jun kun or jun!! ^_^
Rurusuza: ok then Jun kun!
Jun: thanks!!!
Rurusuza: for you.. i guess... *presented a pink bear*
Jun: uwaa!! thank you really!! ~aitakute aitakute yume de kimi wo dakishimete iru~ *singing blue*
[mwahahah blue-arashi wahahaha!! im so wicked!]

Pyon Pyon: now whos next!!
Zura-chan: kyahahaha!!
Geh-chan: Look!!!! its takaki!
Anime_delish: ja yuuki chan! gambatte!
Yuuki: eh? gambatte?? hahahha
Deen-chan: hive him a pink!!
Takaki: hi yuuki-chan!
Yuuki: hello takaki kun!
Takaki: for you!! *Pink flowers*
Yuuki: uwa.. thanks! ill read the card ne?
Takaki: sure!
The Card Says:

Yuuki chan, i have liked u since i saw you in sleeping beauty!
remember i caught you when you fell down the stage?
i really enjoyed the days that were together! i hope that these days
would also be the days that we had soo much fun!!
so.. please accept this flower and card!
From Takaki

Yuuki: oh my gosh! i like it!
Takaki: really??
Yuuki: yeah! i really really appreciated it! *hugs takaki*
Takaki: i like you! soo much!
Yuuki: *blushes* ah.. me to! so heres for you! *pink bear*
Takaki: thanks! *smacks yuuki in the lips*
Yuuki: i dont like that...
Takaki: why!!
Yuuki: its just..a...
Takaki: then how about this... *Kisses Yuuki for 5 seconds!!*
Yuuki: now that i want! wahahah!!
Takaki: i know that... heheheh!!
Deen-chan: uwaa!!!
Geh-chan: whoa..
Anime_Delish: kyaaaaaa!!!! sooooooooooooooo sweeeeet!!!
Pyon Pyon: whoa.. go on girl! hahahah!!

Keito: Geh-chan!
Pyon Pyon: here comes keito!
Geh-chan: yeah?
Keito: come with me!
Geh-chan: ok! i trust you!

[they went to the roof top]

Geh-chan: what are we doing here?
Keito: look at the back!
Geh-chan: ok wait........ whoa!!!!! *sees a big bunch of pink and red flowers and a huge card as big as her!*
Keito: read it! its from me...
Geh-chan: ok ok!! whoa.. very big!
The card says:

i will take care of you and love you....

Keito: sorry if its simple!
Geh-chan: no! i like it!... i love it! i like it even if its only simple! coz the words reaches my heart!
Keito: really? well.. i hope you will accept me!
Geh-chan: of course! *hugs keito* for you keito kun! *pink bear*
Keito: Ja! tomorrow wanna date?
Geh-chan: tomorrow.. hmm were gonna go to deen-chan! coz shes gonan go to canada tom!
Keito: canda?
Geh-chan: oops! heheh well... her dad is sick...
Keito: oh.. ok! Ja!
Geh-chan: ja na! bye bye! see yah!

Yabu: Pyon Pyon! Pyon Pyon! where are you?
Zura-chan: look pyon pyon!
Anime_delish: its yabu kun!
Deen-chan: yabu kun here!
Yabu: oh...
Pyon Pyon: yeah?
Yabu: for you!! tada! * pink flower and a card *
Pyon Pyon: thanks!! im going to read the card ok?
Yabu: sure! ur gonna be inlove! mwahahaha!! [evil laugh]
Pyon Pyon: is that so?? hahaha.. lets see!
The Card Says:

Pyon Pyon!! ogenki desuka?
well i know ur always ok! hahaha!! u know me and i know you... so can we be together??
heheh i mean.. ur really really cute! specially in sleeping beauty!
i just wanna say this to you.."" The more i get to know you more of these days.. the more im being in love with you!""
so please accept me! i know that u know me! im a really great person ne? mwahahaha!! ja!

Pyon Pyon: hahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! soooo funny!! i like it!!
Yabu: see i told you! mwahahaha [evil laugh]
Pyon Pyon: hahahaha! ok ok.. ill accept you! *kisses him at the LIPS (smack)*
Yabu: thats no good!! this is... *kisses pyon pyon torried!!!!!! uwaaa 7 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*
Pyon Pyon: whoa... *blushes* a... *speech less* here just a pink bear..
Yabu: hehe its ok... u dont need to say anything! thanks!
Pyon Pyon: ok.. tomorrow.. i dont really wanan say this but.. deen-chan is going to canada for 3 months..
Yabu: ehh! doed daiki know about this?
Pyon Pyon: nope.. she doesnt want daiki to know about this..
Yabu: but we really gotta tell daiki!...
Pyon Pyon: yeah but… ok! =) eheheh!

Ryutaro: Zura-chan! Zura-chan!
Zura-chan: yeah?
Ryutaro: tada! * pink flowers w/ card *
Zura-chan: kawai! hehe imam gonna read this ok?
Ryutaro: ok!
The Card Says:

Hi Zura chan! its just a short time since we met..
but i really liked u a lot! i know this is sudden but...
I Like you.. Please accept my heart!
From Ryutaro

Zura-chan: aw… I like it!!
Ryutaro: really? Thanks!!
Zura-chan: yep! For you! A pink bear!
Ryutaro: eeh!!*hugs zura-chan* thank you!!
Zura-chan: heheh no problem! Coz I like you to..
Ryutaro: oh..*blushes* hehehe… ja!

Chinen: Anime_Delish! Are you here?? Anime_Delish!
Anime_delish: yeah im here!!
Chinen: g00d!! then this is for you!! 3 pink flowers and a card =)
Anime_delish: oh! *blushes* heheh thanks.. im going to read this ok?
The Card Says:

Dear Anime_delish… I know that we just met on the Birthday of Deen-chan..
Remember? The Tokyo Disneyland? Hehehe!! But u know…I really like deen-chan.. but she’s for daiki kun! But that was before.. so today.. I like you.
Well… I hope you can accept me even though we just met… ja..
From Chinen

Anime_delish: of course! I will! I will accept you!
Chinen: really! That’s great!! YATTA! Yey!
Anine_delish: so.. to prove that I accept you… a pink bear for you!
Chinen: Thanks!!

Deen-chan: ryosuke! Heres my sister arashi!
Ryosuke: oh.. *blushes* ko… konichiwa arashi-chan…
Arashi: hello!
Ryosuke: fo..for you.. *3pink flowers and a card*
Arashi: oh.. hehehe *blushes* sure.. ill read it!
The Card Says:

Ano.. arashi chan.. we just met right.. but.. “I was blinded by your beautiful face..” I know this is just sudden.. but please accept my love! I never felt this way before! So please… ja.. I love you..
From Ryosuke..

Arashi: I um… I like you to ryosuke…
Ryosuke: really?!!
Arashi: ma.. your really a nice person! And I appreciate that you like me!
Ryosuke: ja can we be.. lovers?
Arashi: sure! =) a pink bear for you!!
Ryosuke: thanks!.. and oh.. deen-chan! I think I saw daiki kun there at the lobby!
Deen-chan: oh! thanks!! Ja!!

[deen-chan went to the lobby… but.. she saw daiki with jally.. deen-chan hid]

Daiki: ano.. jally-chan.. this is for you… *gives jally a pink rose with a card*
Jally: thanks! Il lread the card..
The Card says:

Ano.. jally.. I don’t think we can be lovers… you see.. I like somebody else.. and she is deen-chan.. I hope you understand.. ja..
From Daiki

Jally: oh.. *crying and leaned on to daiki* its ok.. I understand…
Daiki: I know…

[deen-chan was really surprised and thought daiki liked that girl… she ran away crying.. but daiki saw her..]

Daiki: oh! DEEN-CHAN!! Wait!

[daiki followed deen-chan outside…]

Deen-chan: oh.. this is nothing…
Daiki: no! its wrong.. I gave him a flower and a card but..
Deen-chan: I know! I saw it..
Daiki: yeah but I told her I don’t like her.. and the one I like is you!
Deen-chan: really?? *sniff*
Daiki: yeah.. and to prove that.. here… *a bouquet of pink flowers with a card*
*deen-chan reads the card*
The card says:

Deen-chan.. youre the only girl that I have ever loved… I know that you understand..
I have always liked you.. ever since! Remember the Festival? And I know that you really cared for me in the hospital… thank you for all the things that you did to me! I wanna repay that! And not only because of that… its because I love you…
From Daiki

Deen-chan: *sobs* thank you! And I wanna say that… I love you too!
Daiki: *hugging Deen-chan* I know… and please don’t leave me… yabu told me everything…
Deen-chan: *hugging daiki* I don’t want either…*crying* but I have too… don’t worry.. ill be back! I promise!
Daiki: promise me you’ll be back ok?
Deen-chan: I promise… I promise… *sobbing* for remembrance… here.. a big pink bear!!
Daiki: thanks!! I really love you!
Deen-chan: me too… I love you too…

After the Valentines day…

[at the air port 6:00 pm]

Hsj-chan: ja!! Be careful ok??
Deen-chan: ok I will!!
Pyon Pyon: take care always!!
Vann & Geh: deen-chan sayonara!!
Yuuki: bye bye deen-chan!
Yabu: bye deen-chan!
Takaki: thanks for everything deen-chan!
Kei: yah! Be careful! Keep in touch okie?
Hikaru: Deen-chan bye bye!!
Cha-Chan: bye bye!!!
Deen-chan: bye bye!!!
Daiki: ….. deen…
Deen-chan: daiki… so.. this is good bye?
Daiki: …. I don’t really want you to go… but… u have to right?
Deen-chan: I don’t want either… I don’t wanna leave you…
Daiki: im gonna miss you! *huggs deen-chan*
Deen-chan: *hugging daiki* me to! I love you daiki….
Daiki: I love you too… *kisses deen-chan on the lips good bye….*
Deen-chan: *crying* BYE GUYS!!! BYE!!
Hsj-chan: Bye bye deen-chan!
Cha-chan: *crying and leaning on hikaru* bye bye deen-chan! Im gonna miss you!
All of them: bye bye!!!

[at the air plane]

Deen-chan: huhu im gonna miss those guys… specially daiki… *tears fell down*
Daiki: deen… ill never forget you.. I know you’ll come back…
Hsj-chan: don’t worry.. she’ll be back..
Pyon Pyon: yah…

----End of part 11----
--soo sad deen-chan went to Canada…
next episode…
Detective Hey Say Jump and the girls!! hahahaha
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24 / F / huh? why do you w...
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so sweet!!
hikarus confession was funny

umm deen chan can u keep posting the chapters cuz
on the other group (the one u posted all the chap u've done)
has to much pages and i can't find the other chapters...
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
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hahahaha chure!!

---Part 12---

uwa.. this is a KINDAICHI SHONEN NO JIKENBO, TANTEI GAKUEN Q, DETECTIVE CONAN~ like story heheh! oh! look DaiChi hahaha!!



One night in the School of JE's [you know.. like arashi kattun hsj..] a girl named miki was left behind to find her luggage at the storage room.. she was with her bestfriend named sakuno.. those days there were rumors about a vampire in school.. miki and sakuno was really scared at that time because they were the only one who was left it school. It was 7:30 at night because 6:30 was the end of their practice in P.E. and they got home but miki left her luggage so she went back to the school and brought sakuno with her. Miki really is a brave girl but sakuno was worried about her because of the rumors so she accompanied miki.

at the storage room....

Sakuno: oi Miki chan.. its really scary here! aren't you scared?
Miki: its not really scary! and by the way why did you came if your scared baka!
Sakuno: eh~ im just worried about you!! but havent u heard the rumor about the vampire at 8:30 pm?
Miki: of course i know it!
Sakuno: then why arent you scared! its 7:30 now!!
Miki: i dont believe it!! Vampires? hahahaha! you must be joking!!
Sakuro: ohhh miki chan ur really so brave!
Miki: mwahaha! of course i am!

[ they were still searching and its already 8:15 pm ]

Sakuno: oy miki chan! its already 8:15 *scared to death*
Miki: darn it! wheres that bag! Men i cant find it!!!
Sakuno: ohh i think u left it at the gym!
Miki: baka! why didnt u say that before!
Sakuno: *scratches her head* eh..hehehe! sorry!
Miki: come on lets go to the gym!

[they went to the gym]

Sakuno: ah! look! its there! its there! *shouting*
Miki: baka! your so loud!
Sakuno: ah! sorry..
Miki: men.. i found it at last!
Sakuno: lets hurry! its already 8:28!! *scared* come on miki chan!!!
Miki: u really believe that rumor?? *sigh* well lets get home before... THE VAMPIRE GETS US!!!!
Sakuno: KYA!!!!!! huhuhu miki chan!!!
Miki: hahahaha!! dont worry! come on lets go!
Sakuno: Un!

[they were about to go outside the school.. but..]

Sakuno: miki chan.. na...nani kore?
Miki: blo..blood!
Sakuno: Blood? ehh..*scared* kowai.. miki chan lets go!
Miki: hai hai!


Sakuno: what...whats that!!!
Miki: va...vampire!!
Sakuno: lets run!!
Miki: Wha!

Vampire: You cant escape me! *grabs Miki chan*
Sakuno: miki chan!! noo! MIKI CHAN!!! *screams*
Miki: run! run!
Sakuno: demo! i cant leave you here!
Miki: dont mind me just run!!
Sakuno runs very fast away from vampire but she saw miki chan was bitten by the vampire
Sakuno: MIKI CHAN!! *shocked* KYA!!~

The next morning...

[school bell]

Hikaru: *yawn* men im the first person here at school? oh well...
*while walking she saw miki's dead body*
Hikaru: wha..wha... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!! *screams*
Yabu: *yawn* hikaru? eh? what happened?
Hikaru: loo...look at that!!!
Yabu: eh! Miki chan!!! what happened?? *holds miki chan's neck* shes dead
Hikaru: eh!!!
Daiki: whats going on here gu.. what!!! miki chan! oh my gosh!
Kei: look at her neck! a vampire bite!
Takaki: i think the rumor is true!
Hikaru: what rumor?
Jin: the rumor was about the vampire here at school and sips the human blood
Yampi: yeah and it shows around 8:30 pm
Kame: and were gonna see if its real
Jun: guys look at miki chan's neck! it has a mark that she have been strangled..
Geh-chan: shikashi.... her bag is also scrached..
Hsj-chan: hai.. it seems that she was trying to get away from the vampire but failed...
Pyon Pyon: look shes like... she have lost all her blood!
Jin: well maybe the rumor was really true...
Yuuki: the detective and police are here!
Detective: can somebody told me what happened to her?
Cha-chan: ano.. Tantei san.. she was bitten by a vampire..
Police: Vampire? is there any witness?
Sakuno: hai! me! i was with her where the crime took place!
Detective: may i know what happened?
Sakuno: ah.. hai..we went back to school at 7:30 pm because mimi chan left her bag at the gym..
we thought it was at the storage room so we went there.. we searched until its 8:15 pm..
then i remembered she left it at the gym so we went there..
it was already 8:29 but miki chan dosent believe to that rumor coz she's really brave!
we went outside but we heard something and we saw that it was the vampire! we ran but the vampire caught miki chan!
miki chan said to me that i have to escape so that the vampire wont get me!
i saw miki chan struggling for her life to the vampire!
that causes her scratches in her bag! i was really shocked that time and screamed but nobody was there!
so i ran before the vampire chase me! i was really traumatized to that scene... I also saw Miki chan scratches the neck of the victim because she really wants to fought back!
Police: who found her body this morning?
Hikaru: me! i found her lying here at the ground!
Police: is there anyone with you?
Hikaru: nope i think this im the 1st one wo arrived here at school
Police: ok... were gonna test the dead body...
Detective: if theres a problem just call me ok?
Jun: ano tantei san, we decided that we will stay here at night so that we can watch out or we can see who really is the vampire
Kame: or if it really was a real vampire
Detective: anou.. may I ask? Are you guys a member of a detective club or something?
Jin: actually we are tantei san..
Detective: oh! that’s great… so you guys can help me ok?
Yampi: even if u don’t say so we would really help you to this…
Yuuki: ano.. is its ok if we will join you guys?
Cha chan: you see we would really wanna help…
Hikaru: yeah. Us to…
Hsj-chan: eh? Hikaru?
Kei: aren’t you scared?
Hikaru: no today im not… I wanna see if the rumor is true…
Daiki: why?
Hikaru: because I always go here at night!!!! I don’t wanna see a vampire!!! Kowai yo!
Takaki: baka!
Jun: then u guys can join us..
Yabu: so 7:30 pm we will gather here at school ok?
Pyon Pyon: un!

so at 7:30 in the evening they met each other at the school gate with the detective
they will found out who is the vampire or if its really a vampire……

Cha Chan: whoa the school is kowai at night..!!
Hikaru: da… daijobu yo! Ill protect u cha chan!
Cha Chan: eeh?? Honto ni?? *raised eyebrow*
Hikaru: honto dayo!
Hsj-chan: aw… I wish deen chan was here!!
Yuuki: yeah! She love solving mysteries ne?
Pyon Pyon: so true…~
Daiki: *sigh* I miss her already…
Geh-chan: aww… huhu me too… BTW my sister didn’t came, she said she’s scared and said that ill just tell to her what happened
Kei: oh.. so lets prepare…
Girl: can I join u guys??
Takaki: who’s there??
Girl: im Ryosuke_megu desu..
Jun: why do you want to join?
Ryosuke_megu: I’m a new member of Tantei Club here in school, I have many gadgets!
Jin: ok then… ull be at help…
Kame: so guys I brought chairs so we can sit while waiting…
Yampi: hahaha sugoi kame! Ur really prepared!
Yabu: wow ryosuke_megu! Nice watch!
Ryosuke_megu: this is used to target the criminal or whosoever…
[ you know detective conan’s watch ne?]
Ryosuke_megu: kame san you can use this *give a glass*
Kame: whats this?
Ryosuke_megu: at the right side of it theres a button which is to zoom in…
Kame: whoaaa!!! Sugoi!
Jin: is there anymore for us guys???
Ryosuke_megu: I brought enogh for you guys.. so here.. a watch and glass for all of you guys…
Hikaru: wow sugoi!
Yampi: oi oi… were forgetting our purpose here!! ~_^
Jin: ah gomen hehehehe!
Sakuno: I still remembered what happened…. I remember it clearly…
Kei: come on let search the school

---At the gym---

Daiki: what’s this? This is the first time I saw this here at the gym!
Sakuno: oh that’s the mini elevator well that’s what we call it!
Jin: mini elevator?
Hsj-chan: yep! Because it can only hold 46 kg of anything…
Cha chan: actually u put things to it then transport it upstairs which is the storage room
Yuuki: yeah and it was our [cha chan, hsj-chan, yuuki and pyon pyon] hiding place ne?
Pyon Pyon: hahahah!! Yeah! Well when were kids!
Geh-chan: oh.. so I can fit in here? Hahah im 46 kg!
Sakuno: im 47 this morning coz I eat too much.. I cant fit there…
Kame: come on lets get going!

--------they keep seaching but they didn’t know somebody was missing already!!!--------


Watch out for the next part!!
Who is the missing person?
Will this crime be solve?
Is there really a vampire??

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24 / F / huh? why do you w...
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very very interesting..mmm
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F / Japan *where i dr...
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kyaa!! i've read it before demo its good reading it again!! hehe keep up the good work! me love it!!
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
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--- PART 13---
sorry if I made this part 13 already…

Opening: Fushigi yuugi opening theme…

Hikaru: where's Geh-chan!!
Pyon Pyon: Geh chan!!!
Jin: oh no.. come on lets find her!

*Searches the gym*

Yuuki: Geh Chan!!!
Cha Chan: geh chan where are you!!
Kame: Geh chan!
Jun: where is she? did someone notice her?
Hsj-chan: i dont think someone would have noticed her!
Yampi: yeah because were all searching for the vampire!
Yabu: oh no! its 8:30 already!!! thats why shes gone!
Daiki: are u saying that.... ohh no!!!!

*they all search quickly!! yelling "GEH CHAN!!"

Sakuno: geh.....mmmmm!!!
Takaki: sakuno chan!?? sakuno chan??
Kame: Dem!! now theres two missing!
Jin: men! i cant let geh-chan be missing! keito is gonna kill me!!
Kei: i know! lets call the guard!
Ryosuke_megu: Guard! Guard! whre are u darn guard!
Guard: ah... *catches his breath* gomen...
Ryosuke_ megu: where have u been??
Guard: ah.. i was outside...
Ryosuke_megu: ah nevermind! come on help us!
Guard: ok..
Jin: come on lets keep searching!!!

*Somebody Screams: IAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kame: where is that?
Jin: its geh chan's voice!!
Jun: its from the storage room upstairs
Hsj-chan: come on to the stairs!!
Cha Chan: eh? why is it locked?? guard! open it!!
Guard: i cant!! i dont have the key!
Ryosuke_megu: theres a way out side!! theres a fire escape there!!
Yuuki: wow sugoi how did you know?
Ryosuke_megu: i saw it a while ago..
Pyon Pyon: just like that??
Ryosuke_megu: i have a Photographic Memory...
All: eeeh!!!
Yampi: well then.. ur really a great help!
Ryosuke_megu: thanks.. so heres the fire escape.. cant..!
Yampi: here ill carry you...*carries ryosuke_megu on the shoulder*
Ryosuke_megu: thanks yampi kun! ill climb first... *opens the door* Geh chan!
Yampi: were all here.. geh chan whats wrong??
Geh-chan: chan!!! *crying*

[they were all shocked when they saw sakuno chan's.... dead body...]

Hsj-chan: ee..e.. IYAAAAA!!!
Pyon Pyon: sakuno chan!!!
Ryosuke_megu: look at her neck!
Jin: *hugs geh chan* geh chan! are you alright? what happened??
Geh-chan:! i saw the vampire attacking sakuno chan!
Daiki: what happened how did the vampire attacked her?
Geh-chan: i dont know! i just notice my hand and feet are all tied up! then i saw sakuno chan lying there but not yet dead... sakuno chan saw me, but then the vampire came and attacked sakuno chan! the vampire saw me, i was really terrified because the vampire was getting closer to me! he forced me to drink something then i fell asleep! then when i woke up i saw sakuno chan was dead! and the vampire was gone!
Yabu: well good thing nothing happened to you!
Geh-chan: yeah... *faints*
Jin: geh chan!! geh chan!!
Pyon Pyon: look at geh chan's arm! there are scratches!
Yuuki: come on lets get her to the clinic... i know how to check her...
Hikaru: about sakuno ch...chan?? kowai....
Guard: ill carry her *picks up sakuno chan*
Kame: *sees a scratch on guard's neck*.. ano.. guard san.. whats that on your neck?
Guard: oh.. i got this when my wife fought me.. she really terrifies me!
Kame: oh.. ok..
* they went outside then called the detective and ambulance *
Detective: what happened to cha chan?
Jun: as usual the vampire attacks again..
Detective: anybody who have witnessed it?
Geh-chan: i do! i was there! i woke up i was in the storage room with sakuno chan but im all tied up! i saw the vampire attacked sakuno chan! he forced me to drink something that made me sleep!
Detective: oh.. so its that vampire again!
Mai: sakuno chan! sakuno chan!
Detective: may i know who you are miss?
Mai: im a friend of sakuno... when i heared about this .... i was really shocked and hurried here! ano.. can i use the bathroom? i really hurried here to im kinda... u know...
Detective: ok the bathroom is there...
Mai: thanks!
Kame: ryosuke_megu chan have you observed or saw sakuno chan's body?
Ryosuke_megu: yeah.. u've noticed it to? their bloods really have gotten all off... and their bodies are full of scratches
Yampi: yeah.. so you guys really think its a vimpire?
Jin: i dont hink so...
Jun: yeah.. its actually one of us.. well not actually us.. its here ne?
Kame: yeah! great jun... were really the best ne?
Jin: oi oi! how about me and yampi!!!
Yampi: yah!!!!!
Kame: hahaha!! just joking!!
Ryosuke_megu: but i wanna know where the blood is...
Takaki: i think i know where it is...
Kei: Eh? u know?
Takaki: yeah... at the Toire!!<<<BATHROOM>>>
Yabu: how come??
Takaki: because the only possible to hide it is in the bathroom because u can flash the blood in the toilet..
Hikaru: Sugoi!
Daiki: so come on lets go!
*they went to the bathroom*
Kame: search in each room of toilets!
Jun: girls! search in the bathroom of girls ok?
Girls: Hai!
Jin: have u found ay blood?
Takaki: not yet but im sure its here...
*girls bathroom*
Hsj-chan: *opens first door* oops. not here...
Geh-chan: *opens 2nd door* not here..
Pyon Pyon: *opens 3rd door*!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*screams!!*
Yuuki: nande?? IAAAAAAA!!!! *sees dead body of Mai* Takagi!!
Cha-chan: HIKARU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *shouts hikaru when she saw blood all over the 3rd door*
Geh-chan: oneechan!!!!!!!!!!!! Jin kun!!!
Hsj-chan: KEI!!!

*Boys rushes towards the girls bathroom*

Takaki: takaki DAY0!!! wha... *sees body of mai* whoa!!
Hikaru: cha chan!!! wha...!!!!!!!!!!
Jun: what happened??
Kame: mai chan!
Jin: now its 3 victims!!!
Kei: guys we really have to solve this..
Yabu: daijoubu pyon pyon? *huging pyon pyon*
Pyon Pyon: not soo much after seing mai chan's corpse! im really scared! i wish this would end!
Yampi: this is getting worse...!!!!!!!
Kame Jun: *flash back...* I also saw Miki chan scratches the neck of the victim because she really wants to fought back!...their bloods really have gotten all off... and their bodies are full of scratches,.... because the only possible to hide it is in the bathroom because u can flash the blood in the toilet..
Kame: oh know it?
Jun: yeah...
Kame: yampi.. gather everyone outside.. including tantei san and the guard..
Yampi: ok..


*drum roll*
Detective: so have u figured it out?
Jun: yah we have...
Kame: All puzzles are now solved
Jun: which means its not a true vampire!
kame: the only one whos acting suspicous to us is....
Jun & Kame: YOU!! Guard san!!

Guard: eh? boku no? hahaha.. ur mistaken.. i have an alibi..
Jun: oh.. really? alibi?
Kame: u dont have one..
Guard: remember when i was with you guys? how can i be the criminal?
Jun: eh.. really? u were there when we were sakuno was already missing!
Kame: and other thing... why are u soo tired when u got here?
Guard: because i cam from outside!
Jun: really? how about the stair? why wont u let us open it?
Guard: are u baka? i dont have the key!
Kame: because u wont let us go to the storage room because they are there!
Jun: ive noticed u've panicked when ryosuke_megu chan said there's the fire exit because u went there...
Ryosuke_megu: oh! yeah! ive noticed that too!
Guard: *angrily* do you have evidence???!!!
Kame: yeah we do have...

*went to the fire exit which leads to storage room*

Jun: Ryosuke_megu chan do you remembered something about this stairs before we go up?...
Ryosuke_megu: hmm let see.....*remembering* ah! yeah! the srews.. they're like... have been moved before we went up!
Kame: Jin... observe the stairs..
Jin: ok.. let see.. Oh! BLOOD!
Yampi: ill get the DNA test of this to see if its sakuno chan's blood
Yabu: its still fresh!
Daiki: yeah.. because if its long ago, it will be dried..
Takaki: so it means its just a while ago...
Hsj-chan: i think i know the reason...
Pyon Pyon: you do?
Hsj-chan: i think i saw him before in the news where her child died here at this school...
Yuuki: ehh??
Kei: so.. guard san.. whats ur point in scaring or killing us students here?
Guard: you really wanna know??!! that girl is the one who killed my daughter!! they killed my daughter those 3 friends!
Hikaru: ki...killed?
Guard: yes... my daughter is famouse here! and they are jealouse of that! she was killed in that storage room! but her bones neither her body was found!!
kame: im going to show you something i have discovered.... lets go to the storage room..

*they went to the storage room*

Kame: anything u have observed guys??
Cha-chan: *sees a poster* oh.. whats this huge poster with blood? *reading it* A..i..ri... a famouse star... hmm wonder whats this?? *tears of the poster* e...e....ehh.....IYAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!
Hikaru: whats wrong cha chan? *Sees a Hole with BONES* whaaaaaa!!!!!
Kame: thats what i saw....
Geh-chan: wha...what the heck are these bones doing here??!!!
Guard: ma...masu...ko a...i...ri??!!!!! NO!!!! *cries* why!! why did this happened!!
Jun: she was'nt really killed by miki chan... it was an accident.. i heared it...
Guard: accident!?? what do you mean! that girl killed my daughter!
Jun: she was actually a bestfriend of miki chan! but an inccident happened.....

*flash back*

Miki: airi chan!
Airi: nani miki chan?
Miki: lets go to the storage room to find sensei's book!
Airi: oh ok!!

*they went to the storage room..*

Miki: oh there it is! *got the book* eh? airi chan?
Airi: look! its my poster! hahahaha!! *faces miki now means her back is the poster*
Miki: airi chan! no dont go backwards!! abunai!!! Noo!!!

*airi steps backward then she didnt know that theres a horn there!!! so she died at the poster!!*


*back to the future..*

Guard: na...nani??? so... my revenge is for nothing?? *crying* NO!!!!!!!!!
Detective: were gonna hand him at the police so theres no need to worry...
ALL: thanks detective san!

* the detective handles Guard san to the polices*

Detective: so Guard san… have u learned ur lesson?
Guard: hai… *bows down*.. gomen…

*they will bring Guard san to the police station*

Jun: ja mina! Tomorrow will be back to normal again ne??
Kame: just call us anytime if theres a problem.. specially in cases like this!
Yampi: we will be back again ne?
Jin: ja Geh chan! Be careful ok??
Geh-chan: *bushes* ah.. hai…
Daiki: ja minna!! We will see you again ne??
Yuuki: of course!! Hahah ja na takaki kun!
Takaki: ja na yuuki chan!
Hikaru: ja na!!! Cha chan!!! Be caureful always!!!
Cha-chan: Ja!! You too ok?? Be aware of ghost!!
All: hahahaha!!!
Pyon Pyon: ja na yabu kun!
Yabu: ja!! See ya again!!
Hsj-chan: kei kun lets call each other ne??
Kei: sure!! See yah in a month!!
Daiki: I wonder when will deen-chan be back… *sigh*
Jun: don’t worry… I know shell be back again…
----End of Part 13..----

Wonder when will deen-chan really be back ne??
Have u liked the story?? Hahahha!!
Ja! See yah again at the next Part!!
It’ll be more exciting!!
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
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----Part 14----

After The Detective Part… 1 month later…
So its 2 months since deen-chan went to Canada.. is that ryt??
[at the school]

Yuto: Yamada chan ohayo!
Yamada: oh! yuto ohayo!
Chinen: Oh! youre early ne? hehehe
Ryutaro: Ohayo gosaimasu…
Keito: Good morning…
Vann-chan: Yuto kun ohayo!!!
Yuto: ohayo vann-chan!!
Zura-chan: hello ryutaro kun!
Ryutaro: oh! hello
Keito: I don’t think geh-chan is here because she’s resting from what happened last time..
Chinen: oh.. yeah the Vampire …. Oh! anime_delish!
Anime_Delish: hello chinen kun!
Chinen: hello!
Yamada: aw… you guys have ur partners keito and me dosent have!!
Keito: ohh well… hahahah!!
Daiki: Hello every one!!
All HS7: Daiki kun?? Why are you here?
Daiki: well I don’t have something to do in my house so I just went here at school eventhough juniors don’t have classes hehehe!!

[SchooL BeLL rings... "BREAK TIME"]

Vann-chan: yuto kun!
Yuto: hai vann chan?
Vann-chan: wanan go somewhere else??
Yuto: hmm.. how about a date later after class?
Vann-chan: sure!
Yuto: ill treat you!
Vann-chan: ohh really??? Hmm..
Yuto: hahaha!! Of course!!!
Vann-chan: you sure ehh??
Yuto: hahaha!! Yeah yah!! Of course!!
Vann-chan: hehe just curious!
Yuto: why??
Vann-chan: coz u might eat all the food??
Ryosuke: oh ur here guys!
Vann-chan: yeah he’s asking me for a date!
Ryosuke: eeh?? Hahah he might eat all the food
Yuto: eeh!! Why are u both saying that?
Daiki: of course u always eat our food!! Hahaha
Keito: sooo true!!
Ryutaro: hehehe my mom gave me a big bento today…
Yuto: eh?? Let me see!!

*Yuto looked at Ryutaro’s bento and it was a biug Prawn with vegetables!*

All: whoa!! Sugoi!
Ryutaro: hehehe!!
Zura-chan: Hello guys!
Anime_Delish: hello also!
Vann-chan: oh guys ur here!! *hugs each other*
Ryosuke: awww girls really appreciate being friends!
Daiki: I wish I can hug deen chan *sniff.. snff*
Chinen: aww… I also miss deen chan because she’s kind to me.. but well.. anime_delish chan is here!!!
Anime_delish: awww… so sweet… *hugs chinen*
Chinen: see I told u! hehehe!!
Keito: hey~ ur making Daiki kun jealous!
Yuto: poor daiki kun….
Daiki: oi! Yamete! Ohh well nevermind…
Zura-chan: hehehe don’t worry shell be back ne?
Anime_delish: I don’t think that he will replace u with other boys in the Canada…
Ryosuke: maybe she have replaced you!! To other boys there!! Coz theres many kawai otoko there!
Vann-chan: yeah.. so true…
Daiki: ehh?? Really? Aww… am I in trouble??
Ryutaro: hahahaha!! PoOoOr Daiki kun…!!
Daiki: ohh men!!

[bell rings.. end of break]

Yuto: ja vann-chan! Lets meet later ok?
Vann-chan: okie!
Ryosuke: ja na minna!
Ryutaro: see ya later!
Keito: hehe how about u daiki kun?
Daiki: well ill just wait you guys here…
Chinen: ya sure?
Daiki: sure! Hehehe wanna hang out with me chinen? Lets go to the mall!
Keito: can I come?
Daiki :sure!
Ryutaro: oi! Me too!!
Chinen: hehehe! How about u yuto kun?
Vann-chan: we have a date… J
Yuto: ah.. hai…
Daiki: eeehh?? Hahaha im sure hell eat all the food…
Yuto: eeh!!!! No its not!!
All: hahahaha!!!

[at the classroom]

Sensei: Class pass ur papers ok? Well check that tomorrow
Students: Hai!!
Yuto: ryosuke kun… *whispers to ryosuke*
Ryosuke: hai?? *whispers back*
Yuto: you know the answer to # 5?? *whispering to ryosuke*
Ryosuke: its Detective *whispering to yuto*
Yuto: hai.. arigato.. *whispers*
Seinsei: oi kimi tachi! What are u doing there??
Yuto: ah! Nothing..
Ryosuke: ano sensei I dropped my eraser… yuto kun picked it up…
Sensei: oh.. is that so.. hehehe ok.. Minna please read Pages 45-46 its just a short story written by Edhen Romero [hahaha just kiddin but this really is my made-up story]
Students: hai…
Yuto: *reading the book*
Title: Separated Lovers…

Once upon a time there are two lovers that really really, really loved each other. Now the story of them begins...

One day in the School of Eiji, he was taking his lunch break with his friends.
Oi Syuuzuke! Hurry up lets check the new made garden! Eiji shouted.
Ok ok wait for me! Syuuzuke replied. They went to the new garden at school.
Wow this is great! Eiji said. Yeah the air is fresh here ne? fuji said.
They saw some girls also going there. Wow who… whos that? Said eiji. Oh, I think she’s the transferee here kawai ne? fuji said happily.
Yeah.. wait im gonna ask her name!, Anou, excuse me, may I ask your name? Said eiji.
Me? Ohh my name is Miacka, Suzuki Miacka desu… said the girl.
Im Eiji, Yamashita Eiji.. nice to meet you!…Eiji said nicely with a smile.
They became friends but Fuji knew that Eiji has a crush on Miacka.
Then one day… Miacka! Wait for me! Eiji shouted to miacka. Ok! Why eiji? Is there a problem?? Asked miacka.
Ah.. ano.. can we… here… Eiji presented a red rose to Miacka. Wha…whats this?? Miacka asked.
Fo..for you.. can you be my gi… girlfriend?? Eiji asked shyly…
Eiji kun… Hai! Yes I can be you Girlfriend! Said Miacka.. Really?? Yay!! Said Eiji Happily!…
And so.. they became lovers… the always treat each other… they really loved each other… but theres a time that the girl needed to go away from Eiji…

Eiji? Can we talk? Miacka Said.. Eiji knew that there was something’s wrong because of the word “can we talk.” Eiji, Im going to America… miacka said… Why? Why do you must go? Asked Eiji… I have to continue my studies there! Miacka said. But how about us? Eiji asked. We will still be lovers! So wait for me ok? Miacka said… Miacka left Eiji… Eiji was really lonely for months! And he really waited for Miacka to come back…
Are you ok Eiji? Fuji asked him… well. Kind of… Eiji said sadly… Don’t worry I know that shell come back for you! Said Fuji.
After 6 months Miacka Came back… Eiji!! Shouted Miacka. Miacka?? Miacka!!! Your here! Said Eiji excitedly. I missed you!! Miacka said.. Me too!! Do you know how long ive been waiting for you? Eiji said to Miacka. It’s a good thing that your back now! Said Fuji. Well of course ill be back! Well then lets go now! Said Miacka.
Miacka Spend 10 days in Japan with Eiji and Fuji… but then one day…

*Eating Ice creams outside the school* Miacka said, Eiji! I love you.. forever… Of course me too! Promise you’ll love me forever ok? Eiji said. O..Ok.. of course.. Miacka said… while walking to the school, Miacka suddenly faints!. Miacka! Miacka! Oi Miacka Wake up! Eiji said. They went to the hospital. The Doctor said that Miacka had a brain tumor that dissolves her skull. And the tumor is now big, so anytime Miacka could die. Miacka, are you ok miacka? Asked Eiji. Kind of.. miacka said sickly. Eiji brought Miacka outside the hospital so she could breath fresh air… The doctor said that I have a brain tumor that dissolves my skull… miacka said. Eiji is really sad because he already knew about it. Later on, Miacka’s eyes are being bleared easily… then it happened that her left eye is already blind. Soon is her right eye.. Eiji said to miacka “are you alright Miacka?”. Well yah… somehow I can manage this.. Miacka said. Her kindergarten teacher visited her. Miacka chan? This is Yamaguchi sensei, do you still remember me?? Of course sensei! Miacka said happily. Ano.. maybe ill just go for now.. Eiji said… Yamaguchi sensei… darkness is really scary, ne Yamaguchi sensei? Asked Miacka. Do you still remember the song you liked before? Yamaguchi sensei asked. Miacka said, oh yeah! Hehehe.. Well just remember it ok? You’ll be alright! Yamaguchi sensei said to miacka. Ja na Miacka take care always ok?… Ok sensei! Miacka replied happily!

Miacka’s memories starting to come back…with the background music BLUE…
[ok guys just try to imagine this sad part with miacka crying….]
Awai buree no sukaato ga yuugure no oka ni tanabiku
Bonyari to kangaete mita eientte konna monka na
Sensei!! Please take care of me always!! I love you sensei!!
Of course my dear! I will take care of you! I love you too dear!
"Koi wa itsuka owaru yo"
to tooi me de kimi ga tsubuyaku
Kikoenai furi o shiteta no kizuite kureta kana

Okasan! Thank you for all the things that you bought for me today!! I really love my Okasan!

Nando meka no hanabira ga yurari kaze ni matta
Toki ga tattemo kawaranai omoi ga kokoni aru

Eiji: Anou, excuse me, may I ask your name?
Me? Ohh my name is Miacka, Suzuki Miacka desu…
Im Eiji, Yamashita Eiji.. nice to meet you!…Eiji said nicely with a smile.

Aitakute aitakute yume de kimi o dakishimete miru
Oi kakete oi kakete fukai meiro o samayotteru
Aitakute aitakute yume janai hon mono no kimi ni
aenakute aenakute yukiba no nai omoi ni oboreteru

Miacka! For you! *presented a red rose*
Whats the meaning of this eiji?
Can you be my girlfriend?? Can you be my girlfriend? *echoing*
Sure!! I can be your girlfriend!

Kata o narabete miageta yozora wa buraneta riumu
Onaji hoshi ima mo dokoka de ukande wa kietekun dana

Anou… Eiji can we talk? Im going to America!
Eiji: But why!? Why do you must go?
I have to continue my studies!
Ja na…

Mune ni yodonda omoi wa itsu mademo koe ni dekinai
Tameiki ni sotto tsutsunde haki dasetara ii na
Meguri meguru kisetsu no kazenami ni yurari nagasaretemo
Kako to mirai no mannaka de kioku ga hodokenai

Eiji: Miacka? Miacka!
I missed you!
Eiji: me too!
I love you!
Eiji: promise you will love me forever!
I Promise!! I promise….. I promise….. *echoing*

You have a brain tumor that dissolves your skull….
Oh.. ok doctor thanks for letting me know!
You know Eiji I have a brain tumor that dissolves my skull…

Aitakute aitakute yume de kimi o dakishimete miru
Kienakute kienakute nokori kaori ga mada tadayotteru
Aitaku aitakute yume janai hon mono no kimi ni
Setsunakute setsunakute ao awai buruu ga nijindeku

Miacka?? Miacka!!!! Miacka!! Open up please miacka!.. Eiji shouts and he is crying because Miacka wont open up her eyes… Doctor! Doctor! Miacka is… Miacka is…
the doctor said hurriedly… Ok Wait.. well see her…Lets bring her to the Operating room lets try to lessen the brain tumor!!
They are trying to revive Miacka and operating her head to remove the tumors…
The doctor went outside the room to talk to Eiji and Fuji….
Ano.. im sorry… “the doctor said sadly..” Wh…why! What happened!! Doctor tell me what happened please!! *crying* Eiji said while crying. Eiji..calm down Eiji..”fuji said”.
She’s…gone… she didn’t survived the operation…it was really hard for her to survive because its already her 4th stage… im sorry…
Wha….what??? sh… she’s gone??? NO!!! it cant be true!! Eiji is really sad about what happened he don’t know what to do…
At Miacka’s Funeral… Are you Eiji? Miacka’s mom asked. Hai.. I am Eiji desu.. My daughter left this for you. Said Miacka’s mom. It is a card made by Miacka…
Eiji read the card… and it says…

Dear Eiji…
I may not be forever with you… but my love for you will stay forever in my heart. I hope that I will also stay in your heart forever… I will love you forever and I promise that I will never forget you even if we will be a parted. I love you so much Eiji… you see I went to America because my brain tumor is already at 2nd stage… sorry if I haven’t told that to you. I just don’t want you to worry about me. So this is the end Eiji. I made this letter because I already know that I wouldn’t be there for you forever… but my love will stay at you forever. So this is good bye..
Love Miacka

At the end, her love for Miacka never dies. And he know that Miacka is in Heaven watching him and still loving him… “Love never dies” is what Eiji said to Fuji.
If you really love a person, no matter how far or near she is you will still love her. Even though you’re far from each other, if you love that person you will wait and wait for her to come. And you would do anything for her even if it costs your own life. That is the True love. Fuji said to Eiji.

<Guys! Do you like my made-up story? Heheh I made that.. came from my mind!>
So.. ok at school…

Yuto: *sniff… sniff…*
Ryosuke: oi yuto are you alright?
Yuto: *crying* this story is sooooo sad!!
Ryosuke: yeah!! I gotta Show this to Daiki kun!!!!
Yuto: yeah! We better!!

[school bell rings…….means class is over…]

Vann-chan: yuto kun!
Yuto: ohh vann-chan! Come on lets go?
Vann-chan: un!
Ryosuke: Daiki kun!! Look! Look! Look!
Daiki: whoa… what??
Ryosuke: this read this!!
Daiki: ok.. Separated Lovers… *reading the book*
Keito: oh.. lets wait for daiki kun to finish it!
Ryutaro: yeah!! Hehehe
Chinen: guys! Ur here! Hehehe
Anime_delish: why don’t we join them? Theyre gonna go to the mall ne?
Zura-chan: yeah!! I wanna come to!

*a car arrived In front of them*

Keito: eh? Whats this?
Arashi-chan: hahaha! Its me!
Ryosuke: a…arashi-chan!!!
Arashi-chan: Ryosuke kun!!! *hugs ryosuke*
Ryosuke: * hugs back* I missed you!
Arashi-chan: hahah me too! Wait.. ee..ehh?? why is daiki kun crying?!!
Daiki: huhuhuhu Im really touched about this story!! Cant even imagine that the girl died!! Huhuhu!! * sniff… sniff *
Ryosuke: hehehe!!
Arashi-chan: so come on guys? Hehehe! Hop on!
Ryosuke: ok!

-at the mall… where Yuto and Vann-chan is-

At the Blue magic…

Vann-chan: uwaaaa!!! Kawai bear!! Kawai !!!! look! Look! That tiger bear is cute!!
Yuto: heeled… so wanna eat?? .ee..heh..he… *scratches his head*
Vann-chan: hehehehe!! Okie!!
Yuto: what restaurant?
Vann-chan: anything!! Hahaha!
Yuto: okie! Lets see… hmmm oh! here this is a great place!
Vann-chan: ok! Whoa.. sugoi… Delicious!!!
Yuto: yeah!!! Soo delicious!!
Vann-chan: oh! you have a dirt… * wipes Yuto’s lips*
Yuto: * blushing * oh.. eh… thanks..!!
Vann-chan: * smiles sweetly * hehehe no problem!

-in the mall where Ryosuke and the others are-

Arashi-chan: whoa!!! Kawai!! Look ryosuke kun!
Ryosuke: whoa! Yeah! Kawai… kawai otoko!
All: hahahahahaha!!!!
Ryutaro: Look strawberries!
Ryosuke: eh? Where? Where? Where?? Tell me where??
Ryutaro: hahahaha!!! Toy strawberries!!!
All: hahahaha!!!!!
Keito: hahaha ryosuke kun u really love strawberries!
Ryosuke: hahaha!
Chinen: ei look! Lets go to the mini rides here!
Anime_delish: eh? Mini rides??
Zura-chan: I love that!!
Arashi-chan: come on! lets go!!

They went to the mini rides…

Anime_delish: whoo!! I had fun!
Zura-chan: hahahaha yeah! Me too!
Arashi-chan: so do I!
Chinen: sugoi ne??
Keito: hahaha I wanna throw up!! Hahahaha!!
Ryosuke: eeh? U wanna throw up?
Daiki: nahh… he’s just joking….
All: looked at daiki then laughed* hahahahah!!
Ryutaro: so… guys lets go home now?
Arashi-chan: sure! Im going to take u guys home… if you don’t mind??
Ryosuke: ok… but!
Arashi-chan: But?
Ryosuke: kiss me first….
All: EEHHH???
Arashi-chan: wha….what?
Anime_delish: come on! its just a kiss!! Look… *kissed Chinen on the chicks*
Chinen: wha..*blushed*
Zura-chan: yeah! Its just like this… *kissed Ryutaro on the chicks* ne Ryutaro kun?
Ryutaro: hahaha! Hai! =P
Ryosuke: see! Both of them kissed their love one.. *sadly* how abo….
Arashi-chan: *kisses/smacks ryosuke on the lips* is this… ok??
All: whoa….
Ryosuke: ma….
All: hahahaha!!!
Daiki: aw… im jealous…
Ryosuke: hahaha! Dont worry…

Meanwhile at Yuto and vann-chan’s date….

Vann-chan: oh look!! My favorite anime!!
Yuto: eeh?? Hahah I love that too!
Vann-chan: you love prince of tennis? <sorry guys this is kinda my favorite haahaha!>
Yuto: hahaha yeah!!!! Want that one?
Vann-chan: eehh!! You’re gonna buy me this stuffed toy Echizen?
Yuto: well if you wanted to!
Vann-chan: anou… this is a little expensive… gomen.. I don’t want you to buy it.
Yuto: its ok!! If you love a person you must do anything for her right?
Vann-chan: *smiles sweetly* hai! Thank you!

Yuto bought the Echizen stuffed toy…

Vann-chan: ja yuto kun! Lets meet again ne?
Yuto: okie!

After 10 days…. Vann-chan called yuto on the phone…

Yuto’s mom: hai?
Vann-chan: anou… can I speak to yuto kun?
Yuto’s mom: ohh! Okie!… YUTO!!!!! Denwa! <<phone>>
Yuto: hai!!!!…… moshi moshi?
Vann-chan: yuto kun… this is vann-chan!
Yuto: ohh!!!!! My beloved vann-chan!!! ~sashi buri!!
Vann-chan: hai! Anou.. can we talk some other time?? Well in personal??
Yuto: *shocked because of the word “can we talked, based on the story he read* h….hai…. is there any problem?
Vann-chan: well… this is not really a big problem but… hahaha don’t worry!
Yuto: oh… *scratched his head* okie!!!
Vann-chan: ja yuto kun! Ai….shiteru….
Yuto: *shocked* ha….hai! i.. love you too…

Vann-chan hanged up the phone…

------------END OF PART 14-----------

-What is it that Vann-chan wanted to talk with yuto??
-When is deen-chan really coming??
-Have you liked my made-up story?? Hehehe
-Well then! More exciting are coming next Part!!!

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F / Japan *where i dr...
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kyaa its great!! me love it!!
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23 / F / Daiki, Fuma & Mas...
Posted 8/14/08 , edited 8/14/08
-----Part 15-----

ok.. so vann-chan wanted to talked with yuto right??
So.. ok after 5 days….

At the school [after class]

Vann-chan: yuto kun!
Yuto: hai vann-chan?
Vann-chan: we need to talk…
Yuto: oh.. ok..

[they went to the garden]

Vann-chan: you see…
Yuto: ye…yeah??
Vann-chan: anou… can we…. Split for a while?? You know…
Yuto: eh! But why!
Vann-chan: i know this is sudden but... i really need to think...
Yuto: but why? think of what?
Vann-chan: if i really do love you.. and if we will be forever...
Yuto: but i love you!
Vann-chan: please... just a little time....

[background music starts to play… PRECIOUS ONE = KATTUN]

Tell me why doushite bokutachi wa konna ni ai wo motomeru no ka na?
Ahh... Hoshizora wa shoujiki da ne yasashiku kirameki yoru wo kazaru

Yuto: vann-chan don’t go!
Vann-chan: but yuto kun! Please! Just give me time!

Somewhere dokoka ni iru taisetsu na only one
You're not all alone anymore hitori ja nai

Someday itsuka aeru unmei no someone you'll love
Futo ki ga tsukeba hora ne kimi no soba ni iru

Yuto: ill… wait you ok? Ill wait…. for your… decision! *crying*
Vann-chan: ok..*crying.*

Tatoe million years toki ga sugitemo
We never change, no worries, you'll be alright
Your precious only one kanarazu deaeru sa
One day you'll find kono hoshi de I believe in love

Vann-chan: ja na yuto kun…
Yuto: ja na… vann-chan…

Sometime toki ni nazeka mune ni semaru loneliness
I don't want to be all alone setsunakute

Somewhere dokoka ni iru taisetsu na only one
You're not all alone anymore hitori ja nai

[background music cuts…]

[at hikaru's house]

H4cksign: Hikaru!!! your friends are here!
Hikaru: eeh??
H4cksign: they're at the door!
Hikaru: ok! ill get it~

[opened the door]

Hikaru: oh! youre here!
Jun: im also here!!!
Hikaru: hi!! jun san!!
Rurupan: onee-chan where's my.....*shocked* ju...jun kun!
Jun: ah.. hehehe! im here! *hugs rurupan*
Hikaru: *shocked* wha.... *sigh* oh well. hehehe! its jun san! so no worries!
All: hahahaha!!
Hikaru: eh?? yuto kun.? why are you sad?
Ryosuke: ma... vann-chan broke up with him...
Hikaru: eehh?? why?
Chinen: he dont know...
Keito: cann-chan didnt told him the reason but..
Ryutaro: vann-chan said he she wanted to split for a while
Hikaru: oh... so kei! how are you and hsj-chan?
Kei: hehehe were fine!
Hikaru: Yabu and Pyon Pyon?
Yabu: heheh were also fine!
Hikaru: Takaki and yuuki?
Takaki: same here!
Ryosuke: ei! how about you and cha-chan?
Hikaru: haha!! were the most finest~ hahahah!! oi daiki! how ...... <have been cutted>
Daiki: dont ask... you know it...
Hikaru: heheh... *pokes his head* gomen.. hehehe!
Daiki: oh! i forgot! i have to watch my twins! hehehe my parents aren't there...
Keito: oh! hehehe just say hello to geh chan for me please??
Daiki: hehe sure!
Ryosuke: oh! daiki kun! ill come with you! heheheh
Daiki: ohh ok! ja na!
Hikaru: ja na!

[Daiki and Hikaru went to daiki's house.. they're still walking]

Ryosuke: whoa. wait... strawberries! strawberry store! wait daiki kun! ill just go buy! *runned fast*

Daiki: sigh* tha tboy really love strawberries...
[strong wind blows]
Daiki: who...whos there? [scared mode]
Voice: its me..... [whispering]
Daiki: show your face!!
Voice: but u might get shocked!.. [softly laughing]
[showed her self]
Daiki: oh my god! is Amal chan?
Amal: so.. your happy now??
Daiki: of course!!!! im sooo glad to see you!
Amal: of course me too!
Daiki: so.. how are you now?
Amal: well.. hehehe im fine! i missed you!
Daiki: i missed you too!
Ryosuke: dai chan! whos her?
Daiki: oh.. this is Amal chan... my childhood friend...
Amal: hi im amal chan!
Ryosuke: oh... hi im ryosuke... [tries to ignore amal-chan] so lets go dai~chan..
Daiki: un! come amal-chan!
Amal: ok!

[ryosuke knew that theres something gonna go wrong with that girl...]

Daiki: tadaima!
Vann,geh,hsj-chan,yuuki,pyon pyon, cha-chan: OKAERI!!!!
Daiki: eeh?? why are you all here??!!!
Vann-chan: hehehe!! oh? A..Amal neechan?
Amal: hi! long time no see!
Geh-chan: why are you here? >.>
Amal: just got home from Canada...
Vann-chan: ok.. just dont do unnecessary things ok?
Amal: eh?
Vann-chan: nothing...
Geh-chan: aww.. when will deen-chan be back?? i miss her!
Vann-chan: yah me too.. ohh.. ryosuke kun ur here!
Ryosuke: ma! hehehe! konichiwa
Hsj-chan: i think arashi-chan is comming....
Ryosuke: eh? eh? really?
Yuuki: ma.. hehehe
Daiki: they're all in Hikaru kun's house...
Cha-chan: they? who are they?
Daiki: Hikaru, Kei, Yabu, Takaki, Chinen, Yuto, Ryutaro, Keito…
Geh-chan: eh? Keito is there?
Yuuki: uwaa! I miss takaki!
Cha-chan: I miss Hikaru!!
Pyon Pyon: Yabu!!!!
Hsj-chan: Keeeiiii!!!!
Daiki: ok ok ok guys! Enough!
All: heheheh!
Hsj-chan: oh.. arashi chan is here now!
Ryosuke: ehh??
Yuuki: look! Come on lets go outside!

[Outside Daiki’s house]

Arashi-chan: Mina! Come on! ride on!
Daiki: whoa!~ that’s the limo of Your mom right?
Ryosuke: hi…hi! Arashi-chan…
Daiki: *slaps ryosuke’s back* ohh come on! don’t be shy!
Arashi-chan: haha eyah! Don’t be shy to me!
Ryosuke: hehehe! Ok! Umm... here! Strawberries for you...
Arashi-chan: wow!! A basket of strawberries!!! I love strawberries!!!!
Ryosuke: really??!! Me too! I love strawberries!
Arashi-chan: anou… daiki kun who is she?
Daiki: oh.. this is amal chan! My childhood friend…
Amal-chan: hi.. im amal chan desu… yoroshiku onegai shimasu..
Arashi-chan: hi.. nce to meet you… *whispers at Hsj-chan* psst.. don’t you think that girl hmm…
Hsj-chan: *whispers back* yeah.. smells fishy about her ne??
Arashi-chan: ok guys! I have a surprise for you at my house! Heheheh! Zurra chan is also there and the other Limo picked up the others! Heheh you know hikaru.. etc… ohh and hikaru’s mom is also there! And those guys are wearing Tuxedo! So you guys.. after going down to the car change clothes at our dressing room ok? Specially us girls!! Jin, Yampi, Kame, Jun and the other Kattun and Arashi are also there
Ryosuke: really?? Is this a really big celebration?
Arashi-chan: ma…

[they went to arashi-chan’s house]
outside the house all of them were there… all HSJ… and the girls…

Arashi-chan: welcome to our house! [opened the door]
All: WHOAA!!! Sugoi! This is like a… mansion!
Arashi-chan: so… this guy here and this girl here will take you to the dressing room for boys and for girls!
Rei: hi my name is rei… im the cousin of arashi-chan.. so do deen-chan, tisha chan and kyu kun…
Daiki: oh.. nice to meet you!
Yuupon: hello! My name is Yume! But you can call me Yuupon! Im also their cousin!
Yampi: ka…kawai… hi! My name is Yamashita tomohisa! You can call me Yampi or Tomo!
Yuupon: ja.. Yampi kun! Nice to meet you!
Yampi: ni…nice to meet you too!
Yuupon: ok! So girls… please come with me!
Hsj-chan: ok!
Rei: then the boys.. please come with me…
Daiki: ha..hai…

[at the girls dressing room]

Rurupan: Guys! Look at all this dresses!!!
Yuuki: yeaah!!!!! I feel like a princess!
Pyon Pyon: yeah! Me too! Kawaiii!
Hsj-chan: sugoi ne?
Vann-chan: hmm wonder whats d occasion?
Geh-chan: uwaaaa!!!!!!!!!! Kawai shoes!!!! I love shoes!!
Zura-chan: eh? Hehehehe!! I love shoes too!!
Mai-lee: hi guys!!
Cha-chan: hi mai-lee chan! Oh! tisha chan!
Tisha: hehehe! Hello! Today is a very special day for us… oh.. hi may I know your name?
Amal: im amal desu! Yoroshiku onegai shimasu…
Tisha: oh.. im tisha..
Yui: h4ckrin!
H4cksign: Yui! You’re the mom of deen-chan?
Yui: yeah! Long time no see ne?
H4cksign: yeah!
Anime_delish: anou... what is the occasion?
Yui: heheh it’s a surprise!
All: eeh?

[ at the boys dressing room ]
[guys just imagine what they are wearing k??]

Daiki: anou... were just gonna borrow this right?
Rei: nope...
Hikaru: eh?? no?? then what?
Kyu: its all yours now!
All: eeehh!!!
Keito: uwaa kawai ryosuke! wearing a Pink tuxedo! <KAWAI NE?>
Ryosuke: ehh.. you too keito! ur wearing a red!
Ryutaro: daiki kun is wearing a green!
Kei: yeah which is deen-chan's favorite color!
Daiki: ei! ur way cooooler! ur wearing a Ligh blue tuxedo!
Yabu: look at me! im wearing black!
Hiakru: mwahahaha!!! im the coooolest! im wearing violet!
Takaki: no your not! im the one! im wearing a yellow!
Ryutaro: im wearing a brown...
Keito: look at chinen kun! kawai!
Ryosuke: yeah! now he's the most cutiest!!
Hikaru: men! with wearing a....GOLD!!
Kei: demo look! heheh yuto in a sad fance wearing a silver!
Yuto: eh? *yawns*
Yampi: i just wore blue...
Jun: me in green! hahaha!
Jin: im in black!
Kame: and im in white!!
Tagguchi: me just like a prince... yellow suits me... [showing his fame again >.> ]
Nino: im in red! [shines]
Aiba: im in brown hehehe!
Ohno: heheh! just like chinen! like sempai like junior! hahahahah!! we are gold! always believe in our soul! wahahhaha!!
Ueda: hmm i think ill just be in... light blue
Sho: then ill be in silver
Nakamaru: ill be violet..
Tanaka: hehe oh! look i like this! maroon!
Kyu: so.. guys are you ready?
All: READY?!!?
Kyu: yeah! to meet the lovely girls? and our surprise?
Daiki: surprise?
Kyu: yeah! specially for you! hahahah!
Daiki: eh? for me??
Kyu: Hi..Mi..Tsu... <secret>

they went out of the dressing room and they saw each other in boy's wearing tuxedoes and girls in their dresses...

Yuto: looked at vann-chan* h...hi... *but smile fades away easily*
Vann-chan: *also looked at yuto...* hello... *looked away*
Hikaru: cha-chan!!!!!!
Cha-chan: hikaru!!!! *hugs each other*
Both: I MISSED YOU!!!!!
Cha-chan: eh?? we have the same color of clothes!!
Hikaru: you like violet too?
Cha-chan: yeaah! heheheh!!!
Geh-chan: eh! keito kun! your also in red??
Keito: ma! heheheh!!! i guess this is a concidence?
Geh-chan: nahh~~~~
Both: hahaha!!
Jin: hello Geh-chan!
Geh-chan: hello jin san! how are you!
Jin: hehehe im alright!
Geh-chan: good! oh! nino san!!!
Nino: geh-chan! long time no see!
Geh-chan: yeah!! hehehe!! its been a while since you gave me "THAT BEAR"
Nino: hahaha! well its ur otanjoubi present from me right??
Geh-chan: ma.. i kept it for long! hhahaha its still there!
Nino: eeh?? haha i guessed u've liked me ne? mwaahahaha!
Geh-chan: eehhh!!!
Nino: hahah just kiddin!
Kei: wow! Kawai Hsj-chan!
Hsj-chan: waa! Same color!! Hahah Light Blue!
Kei: you’re really pretty Hsj-chan…
Hsj-chan: eeh!! Me?
Kei: yah! Im pretty too…
Both: hahahaha!!!
Takaki: yuuki chan? Where are you??
Yuuki: im here! Whoa!
Takaki: whoaaa!
Yuuki: you’re in Yellow??
Takaki: yeah! You too!!! Heheheh!!!
Yuuki: have u missed me?
Takaki: of course!! Come here!!! *hugs yuuki-chan tightly*
Yuuki: yeah! Uve missed me! Hahaha ive missed you to!! *kisses takaki on cheecks*
Takaki: so u’ve missed me too ne??
Yuuki: hahaha!!! Is it ovious?? =P
Zura-chan: hallo ryutaro!
Ryutaro: wow! Same color as me ne??
Zura-chan: ma! Hehehe!
Kame: *went to amal* hello!
Amal: hi…
Kame: you’re sad right?
Amal: eeh?
Kame: you see… im the famouse detective here…
Amal: eeh!! Really? I like detectives!
Kame: so you like me?
Amal: wha…?? Huh?
Kame: hahaha just kiddin! My name is Kamenashi Kazuya just call me what ever you want…
Amal: my name is Amal.. just call me.. hmm also what ever you want!
Kame: hmm then ill call you…. Lama chan!
Amal: Lama??
Kame: yeah… AMAL = LAMA heheheh!!
Amal: hahaha! Ill call you shinameka kun!
Kame: hahah! KAMENASHI = SHINAMEKA nice one!
Amal: ma… by the way, im just new here…
Kame: ok then.. ill tour you later on..
Amal: ok…
Yabu: Pyon Pyon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pyon Pyon: Yabu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Both: I missed you!!!!
Yabu: how are you!
Pyon Pyon: im great! So Great to see you!!!
Yabu: me too!!! Wow.. cant believe that you’re… wearing a Black dress! Shikashi… KAWAI!!!!! Sugoii kawai!
Pyon Pyon: eeh! you think so? Hehehehe I love ur tuxedo!
Yabu: hahah! Of course u’ll love it!
Jun: konichiwa… rurupan!
Rurupan: wow! Were the same! Green!
Jun: oh yeah! Hahaha! Love your dress!
Rurupan: love ur tuxedo!
Jun: hehehehe!! Ne jin! Kame! Still wondering whats the surprise?
Kame: hmmm kinda…
Jin: but I think.. this is really gonna be a big surprise…
Yampi: yeah! Because with these HUGE Cake!! Party balloons! Caterings!

[Yuupon passed in front of yampi]

Yampi: yuu..yu..yuupon!
Yuupon: hai?
Yamapi: yuupon is sugoi kawai! With that dress!
Yuupon: ohh! This blue dress?
Yamapi: yeah!
Yuupon: you’re also kawai in that tuxedo yamapi kun!
Yamapi: eehhh!!! Ho..ho…hontou?
Yuupon: yeah! Really!
Yamapi: *melts*
Arashi-chan: ryosuke kun your soo cute in that pink tuxedo!
Ryosuke: eeh! You too In that pink dress!
Arashi-chan: hahaha! well, the surprise is almost here!!

[at a large room, a very large room… the surprise is there… they went there..]

Yui: let me present to you my surprise! Specially to Daiki!
Daiki: eeeh? Boku no?
Kyu: yeah…
Arashi-chan: minna! Lets welcome my beloved Sister…. Deen-chan!
Hsj-chan: deen chan???
Deen-chan: konichwa minna san! Ogenki desuka?
Yuuki: deen chan!!!!!!
Cha-chan: deen chan okaeri!!!
Deen-chan: hai! Tadaima!
Pyon Pyon: ne.. daiki kun… oi daiki kun!
Daiki: *cant talk… because he was so socked* de…deen chan?
Deen-chan: da…daiki kun… how are you?
Daiki: its been 3 months!
Deen-chan: I know! And im really sad because you’re not with me…
Daiki: don’t you know how long did I waited for you! And now that you’re here…
Deen-chan: *cried* I missed you so much!
Daiki: *hugs deen chan * its ok now.. because you’re here now! With me!
Deen-chan: don’t worry! I wont leave you ever again!
Daiki: promise me!
Deen-chan: yakusoku dayo!
Daiki: ja… I will also promise that I will never leave you and always protect you!
Geh-chan: awww… soo sweet!
Ryosuke: huhuh! I wanna cry!
Hikaru: yeah me too!! *cries then leaned on cha chan * cha chan!! Huhuhu don’t leave me ok? Don’t leave me!
Cha-chan: *sniff… sniff * ok… ok.. *taping hikaru’s back* don’t worry… I wont…
Yuuki: aww… such a sweet couple!
Takaki: yeah just like us ne??
Yuuki: yeah!! *hugs takaki*
Takaki: you’re so sweet yuuki chan!
Yuuki: of course! Later there will be a colon of ants here! Hahahaha!!

Yui: so.. everyone! Please enjoy the rest of your night here! If you wanna dance, eat, sing, what ever you wanna do! Coz’ h4ckrin and me are gonna enjoy!!
H4cksign: hahaha! You’re right!

Ryosuke: Arashi-chan... may i have this dance with you?
Arashi-chan: sure!

[ all of them danced all night... ]

Yuto: vann-chan...
Vann-chan: ha..hai yuto.. kun?
Yuto: you know... i really cant bear it anymore...
Vann-chan: demo...
Yuto: no! i wanna be with you! only you!
Vann-chan: i know but...
Yuto: But what!? you love me and i lvoe you! so whats wrong vann-chan? whats wrong!
Vann-chan: *crying* ok fine... ill be with you again... but promise me... promise me you'll never leave me like what deen-chan did to daiki kun ok?
Yuto: of course! is that the reason why? you dont want to be like deen-chan and daiki kun?
Vann-chan: ma... im too scared...
Yuto: *hugs vann-chan* dont worry.. everythings gonna be alright...
Vann-chan: i hope so....

[ they kissed each other while facing in the moon...]

[ at deen's chan's garden...]

Daiki: deen...
Deen-chan: daiki...
Daiki: dont leave me ok?
Deen-chan: i wont!
Daiki: i will never let you fall... ill stand up with you forever...
Deen-chan: ill be there for you through it all.. even if saving you sends me to heaven...
Daiki: coz you're my true love, my whole heart please dont trow that away...
Deen-chan: i wont... i promise that!
Daiki: always stay by my side ok? *hugs deen-chan*
Deen-chan: ok... i love you daiki...
Daiki: i love you too...*kisses deen-chan*

---end of part 15! ---
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hahah i havent done part 17!!!
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