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Is it better that crunchyroll would explain why they have to license the animes??..

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Posted 8/23/08 , edited 8/23/08

jinreyon wrote:

Tormented wrote:

lol it may be obvious, but it is still reality that these companies(please spell it right if you want to flame us, especially if you are going to caps it -_-) charge exorbitant fees for their animes. I'm a college student and there is no way i can afford to pay 30 dollars to see 3-5 episodes of an anime. I stand by the belief, that if anime was only available at a cost, then it would die in the United States. These "companies" only make money cause fansubbing has made anime highly popular in the United States now. I think they shouldn't forget who is actually making them money.

Enough with that, really.... It's pretty obvious that aside from people like you (people who don't want to pay for licensed animes and want to watch it for free), the companies make their money from people who actually CARE TO PAY for licensed animes. Where do you think their money comes from really...?

And besides, it's not CR that licenses the animes. Would you rather CR continues to show licensed animes and obtain legal troubles?

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Posted 8/24/08 , edited 8/25/08
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Posted 9/12/08 , edited 9/12/08
i voted no. 'cause people don't make movies or series for everyone and anyone to watch without giving at least a few bucks back. it's like having a business where everything is for free. although i am also annoyed since i do watch shows here. but i try to look at the other side of the coin, and i realize that our feelings of disappointment is pretty much equal what animators may feel thinking that millions of people are able to watch their creation that they worked hard for to get paid, aside from their love of doing so.
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Posted 9/17/08 , edited 9/17/08
yes it is okay to license the animes, though we still want to be able to watch them..
why not come up with a good solution for everyone: that people who want to watch the licensed animes be able to watch them at crunchyroll for a fee
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