I cant stop laughing and watching again and again.
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78 / Unreachable Dream...
Posted 11/23/07 , edited 11/23/07
Some of you might have heard of the Cebuano Inmates in the Philippines. One of the cause of their popularity is the thriller dance, and now they have the Haruhi Suzumiya dance, by Morning Musume (I think).
~When watching the videos, I ask, How do these people coordinate, while they are prisoners who have broken and have not aboded law. I wonder, how much discipline do these people have? And what incentives do they get by dancing and cooperating?
~Next, the video is really funny, making a big impact in Philippines, people, in the future, might say "Philippines? Isnt that the country where the prisoners dance and is famous in youtube?" What do you think the impact of this will be?
~What are your other comments? Let me hear your perspective or view of this curriculum

I am not sure, if we are allowed to do this, but:
This is the video of the Haruhi Dance:


(Note: I searched for inmates, and for Cebuano inmates, and didn't find anything that has a particular connection. You might say, why I didn't put this in the Filipino Discussion thread. Reason: I want to make this the main topic/concept and the focus of the discussion.)
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25 / M / S1NGAPURA
Posted 11/23/07 , edited 11/23/07
o.O, the prison looks more like a playground
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Posted 11/23/07 , edited 11/23/07
You can share this link in this thread:

A video that makes you laugh!!

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