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Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/27/08
Hey, for those of you who didn't know, this anime, like a lot of anime's these days, was based off of a visual novel. As always, though, the visual novel goes into the plot more than the anime did (or at least that's the way that Wikipedia made it sound) so I really want to get the game in order to learn more about the ending and the story in general. Although I really liked the anime, I felt like a lot could be added, and I'm really hoping that it'll be in the game. So, what's the problem, do I hear you asking? Simply, the game's in Japanese, and I can't read Japanese.

So, what I'm asking is if anyone has any information about an English patch for the game, whether it's already available or if someone's starting to make it or even the slightest information; I'd be really, really grateful if you posted it here.
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Posted 6/16/10 , edited 6/16/10
hehe... agreed...
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