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need a good mmo
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Posted 11/24/08 , edited 11/24/08

FluffyFatTaru wrote:

WOW gets boring after 70. And yes, I've done all the 70 10 man/25 man and 40 man raid dungeons up to the latest expansion. Killed numerous world bosses as well. Also you can only PVP for so much. Was on a PVP server for almost 2 years, then transfered to a PVE. The key to MMO's is, make sure you have real life friends that plays that MMO or its gonna get very boring. Yes, you can make friends, but still, real life friends that play the same MMO is much more enjoyable. There isn't really a "blah, blah, blah is the best MMO" out there because its all about opinions and whatever suits you. For example, I'm waiting for Stargate Worlds coming out this winter, so whatever tickles your pickle. Do your research before you invest time (lots of time) and money into a particular MMO. Hope this helps.

YEP.... i definitely agree with your "key to MMO's"... and i think the reason behind this is because when u hav real life friends that plays the same MMO, the possibility is you always talk about it so much that you(and them) are challenge to surpass each other, therefore a sense of challenge develops, and that is what makes a gamer, likes a game...
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Ummm... why do you need a good PC to play MMOs? Why not play PC games? There are plenty of hidden Gems out there... like Sins of a Solar Empire or American McGees Alice or Spore.
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