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Post Reply The Graveyard
Posted 11/6/08 , edited 11/7/08
jumps out of the shadows and tears open everyone. the blood..... *twitch* its-its-its driving me mad! i run around and slurp it up not missing a drop..... cant waste blood of my kind......*giggle* lest a human come upon it.... leaps up..... i gain control and spin wildly "no-no---- did i do this?!? i have to fix this!" i rush to the side of each vamp and open a gash on my arm and transfuse them with my blood.... reopening it each time until i am close to fainting.
i morph to dragon form and carry everyone back to my lair-a modest mansion- and morph to wolf form in order to carry everyone to a coffin or bed, depending on their injuries depth...... my lair is lightproof.... and stumble into my own sleep and replace the blood i lost. they will hear my tale when we awaken... if they awaken... i had never attempted what i had just done before.... if i ever regain sane consciousness.... i may stay a mad raving beast once i awaken....... maybe they will help me in return for helping them.......
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