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Please choose a type of class you would like to be in! You may be in more than 1 class if you like...
But let me explain each class so you know what to do if you are willing to be a...TEACHER!!!

Night and Day classes are for those who want to be taught at night or day (nothing much really)...
Assassin Class is for those who want to learn how to strike their enemies at the speed of lightning without getting injured or killed!
Flying Class is for those who want to learn how to fly as high as the sun and attack from mid-air!
Trickster Class is for those who like to plan out tricks or as you can say traps and get their enemies captured easily!
Summoning and Cursing Class is for those who want to learn "Dark Magic" such as summoning other monsters from other realms and setting a curse on their enemies that will last as long as you like!

Now...Choose carefully before you submit your answer! Just leave your username and the moderators will figure out what to do next...

If you want to be a teacher, please do the following below.


Type of Class:


Give a reason why you want to be a teacher:
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30 / Gone
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umm ill b night class #1 cuz i dont think i can handle students O_o
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name: littlegirl15
type: flying, night, summoning and curse.
i want to teach my studeents what i know about them so they can protect them self
Posted 8/2/08 , edited 8/2/08
UserName: chiyu-mica-chan

Type of Class: night class

History of Rosabelle Rousseau (my registered name ^^) :

Rosabelle Rousseau was born of nobility and a cousin of the head of the Rousseau clan (who???? dunno) who was admitted to the Dark Village by the request of the head. Her main purpose is to observe the actions of her fellow creatures and of the other clans. She is also the heir of the Rousseau clan that's why she needs experience. Her silent and weird personality is what make they are curious of. For she would only eat bloodberries instead of human blood.....yet, she has a strong power within her, that makes her a suitable heir of the Rousseau clan......her hisory never ends here....coz her life still goes on....

(like it?)
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