Clash of Warriors
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Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/27/08
In the depth of the night, throughout the different towns, the signs went up;


The Conclave is in need of warriors. If your strong, fast, or bloodthirsty, preferably all three, you are cordially invited. The rewards are great but the price is heavy. Be prepared to lose your life.
This fall in the Sylvan Woods, come if you dare...

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29 / F / Fountain Park
Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/29/08
A probable example of how this event would work:

Contender 1 - Wondering Wolf
Weapons: Claws and Teeth
Strength: Strong (how is strength measured?)
Speed: 60mph
Size: 6 inches/ 200 pounds

Contender 2 - Eieli Elf
Weapons: Magic
Strength: Weak
Size: 6.2 inches/ 180 pounds

Contender 1 Attacks
Dodges left and charges
Dodges right and and continues charge
Attacks with claws and teeth

Contender 2 Attacks
Uses a ligtening spell
Uses shield spell
Uses a lightening spell

So it can be declared a draw, loss/win. For this I'd say contender 2 loses and contender 1 wins because contender 1 is faster than contender 2 so contender 1's attacks would affect (kill, paralyse, destroy) contender 2 before his last attack can be used.

From this, you can guess everything is gonna be subjective... if you don't like that just say so before we begin...
If its a draw, the attack list goes on, if a person is damaged but still can fight, the attack list goes on again...

The attacks for each round is limited to three moves...
The winners and losers or amount of damage would be determined by me ( objections of course would be considered)
None of these would be posted up in the story untill the winner of each fight is determined

If your gonna contend please add "Contender" and a list of abilities in the format above in your character profile...
Judging would assume flaws for every character, so say your character can use magic, there's gonna be a time delay between every spell you cast where your vulnerable to your opponent, given they are of a different type...

This isn't going to work unless everyone tries their hardest to keep up with their fights... I'll definitely judge a fight as quickly as possible...

Anyone else wanting to judge is definitely welcome...
If you note any flaws in this idea please alert me, I await your responses...
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