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28 / M / where pain began
Posted 11/23/07 , edited 11/23/07
who's the baddest anime character you know?
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26 / M / In Heaven Watchin...
Posted 11/28/07 , edited 11/28/07
The baddest character if u mean like bad ass id have to say Alucard cause the motherf***er wont die for anything hes a freaking BEAST HHOHOHOHOH but if u mean the worst character id have to say Kikiyo from Inyuasha b/c shes an annoying character that waste like more then half the ep talking to herslef n it makes me lose the will to watch that series HOHOHOHOOHOHOH
Posted 11/30/07 , edited 11/30/07
ya if you meen bad ass then
girl from elfen lied
and dude from s-cry-ed is the badest dont know how to spell the names.
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