Hard to Get part 1
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Hard To Get - Chapter 1
Mikan rode on her white roller skates to the kitchen counter. Apparently table twelve just ordered a plate of steak and fries. She went back to table twelve with a plate on her hands and rode back to see the manager.
Mikan said, “I need to go to Wright Studios, Mr. Gake.” and she rode off to the closet.
Mikan changed into her normal clothes and walked towards Wright Studios. A certain red hair boy overheard the little Wright Studio thingy majiggy and went along.
Mikan’s POV
Ugh, this star thing is so goddamn annoying. Wait, I think I feel a certain presence. I turned around and saw…thin air. I continued walking to Wright Studios.
When I went into the big edifice, my manager came running towards me.
She said, “My Goodness! Mikan-san you must come with me. We must prepare for the concert tonight! Go do your hair and make-up and meet me in the studios and-” but I stopped her.
I said, “Shut up already, hag. You’re gonna get a heart attack and die. I’m not gonna be responsible for that and I don’t dig graves. Get my limo ready outside.”
I walked off to the make-up room.
There, I got dressed and began to get fiddled by make-up artists. I had my eyes closed at first, but I felt the same presence from before. I opened my eyes, seeing the one and only Akira walking through the hallway, giving me a little wink through the mirror.
I felt disgusted in the inside.
I muttered, “Gag me and may he die…” and I closed my eyes again.
When the make-up session was done, I had to walk myself to the limo outside. Yes, myself.
When I opened the door, I found some guys in there, talking.
Akira said, “Tch. You’re slow.”
I gritted my teeth and asked Kouichi, the limo driver, “Why are the Dead Devils in my limo?”
Kouichi said, “Manager arranged it.”
I muttered back, “That fucking ugly hag…” I stepped into the car, sitting a safe distance from the band.
When we stopped before the Yuuen Dankai, I quickly stepped out. I mean, who wants to stick with the Dead Devils for so long?
When I opened the door, fans were swaying here and there. Okay, some girls might like to stay with the Dead Devils. Some boys were chanting ‘Mikan-san’.
I started walking into the Yuuen Dankai while the Dead Devils were enjoying the fan girls.
As I started walking down the aisle, I looked at the stage.
It was midnight blue with a shiny surface.
It would be pretty interesting dancing on that…
I made my way through the panicking people. My manager suddenly popped up in front of me.
“Will you ever shut up…I’ll manage everything by myself and I don’t need an idiot to be my manager. Just freakin’ quit already, fucking hag.”
Larry began to reapply the make-up for me.
When he was finished, I peeked out into the audience.
There was a class from a certain school watching.
Now I have to put on some decent show.
The announcer said, “Everyone, get ready! You’re about to experience the great idol, Sakura Mikan!”
Screams filled the room as I walked out onto the stage.
End of POV

Hard To Get - Chapter 2
Sensational star Sakura Mikan walked onto the stage with a spinning mike in her hands.
Mikan’s POV
I walked onto the beautiful stage, looking out into the audience.
Something caught my eye…
I nearly froze, but continued walking. I was on stage in public…with more than thousands of people staring at me…
“How’s everybody tonight?”
“Awesome. Hope you’d enjoy my performance!”
The music from the song ‘Hitomi no Chikara’ started playing through the speakers.
After that song, I had to sing ‘Damaged’. It was some…song.
I said through the mike, “I hope you enjoyed the show and have a fantabulous day!”
I walked backstage to find Akira standing next to the door to the dressing room.
“Good job on the songs. Especially the dancing for Damaged…”
I smacked Akira in the chest, causing him to fall back.
“Don’t you DARE start with me, Akira.”
I changed back into a black tank top, an army green blazer, black skinny jeans, black and silver buckle boots, an army style cap, and celestial hoops.
I walked out to the audience in a hurry to see Hotaru.
When I walked off into the audience, the room thundered with screams. I had to SMILE for them, so they wouldn’t get upset.
I saw Hotaru flinch to her name and she…non-surprisingly…took out her Baka Gun.
This caught some attention in the room from the crowd. I walked up to Hotaru in the fifth row, Hotaru walking out into the aisle.
“Hotaru-chan! Is this your class? I will by attending your school tomorrow!” I said quickly.
Then, Hotaru’s class all left the room for school.
I shrugged and suddenly a hand held onto my wrist and dragged me to the limo.
“Let me go, you freakin’ idiot! Akira, what the hell’s your problem?!”
He said, “You don’t shove me away just like that.”
“Well, too bad freako. I just did.” and I shoved him onto the pavement floor.
I jumped into my limo and left, without the Dead Devil freaks.
As I passed by the Tokyo buildings, my cell phone rang.
“Hello? Ugh, what now manager..? Yeah, I know my alices, Nullification and Stealing. Yeah, I know. NO! I’ll pack myself. Right, whatever Suki. I’m not in the mood to discuss my career. I’ll set that up sooner or later. Anyways, got to stop this convo. Just bug out of my business AND my house.”
Kouichi asked, “Manager Suki and your stay at Alice Academy?”
I nodded. It’s going to be quite a journey.
End of POV
Mikan stuffed her suitcase with clothes, magazines, and personal possessions. She walked out the door with her black bag and suitcase
Mikan’s POV (again..?)
It’s going to be some adventure. I’m just about to enter Alice Academy, with my limo.
When the steel gates opened, I heard my fans screaming already. Did I mention I’m about to lose my precious eardrums?
I saw boys with melting hearts and girls with autograph books.
The boys will totally love my outfit…
I was wearing a gathered, black tube top with hibiscus printing, white shorts that came with a black studded belt, black buckled boots with a 4 inch heel, gold hoops, and a pair of orange faded sunglasses.
I stopped Kouichi and opened the door.
My eardrums have officially gotten destroyed that moment.
I put on a smiling face and walked towards the entrance.
There, I saw Hotaru-chan, my going-to-be teacher Mr. Narumi, and…someone I don’t know.
Narumi said, “This is Yuu Tobita. The students call him Inchou. He’s the class representative. This is Ho-”
“HOTARU!” and I gave her a hug.
Narumi said, “Well, let’s get going to your class. Mikan-chan. Your uniform won’t be here till next week or so. I’m sorry, but you’ll need to wear some of your own clothes for that long.”
I half-shrugged, half listened.
End of POV

Hard To Get - 3
“Here’s class B! Well, shall we get moving in now, Mikan-chan?” said Narumi.
Mikan’s POV (Yeah, I’ll have to stick to her for a while…It’ll change soon!)
We opened the door and went in.
I stared at the students. Up in the air, sitting, drawing, playing, sleeping with manga over one head…
“Um, ahem…”
Oh my god really…Seriously?!
“Umm.. excuse me…”
REALLY?! I never knew that!…Really? The game’s out?!
I was getting tired of this…I pulled out my cell phone and turned on my blasting alarm. That, caught their attention.
The girls stopped talking about their…stuff and the boys all stared at her.
Two girls, one with pink hair and one with dark blue hair, screamed…
Oh god, I thought. I slipped my orange faded sunglasses back on.
“Listen up class. Get that manga off your face, Natsume-kun. Now, we have a new student today. Everyone, this is Sakura Mikan. I sure do hope you’d treat her with respect. She’s ve-”
I shoved a quartz dagger 2 inches away from Narumi’s neck.
“Speak more and I’ll chop your head off.”
Narumi nodded and said, “You’ll sit next to Natsume-kun.”
I walked over to the sleeping boy.
I can sure mess up my image, too…Mikan…back there…
I pried the manga off his face and flung it out the window like a boomerang.
After that little event, I saw eyes on me. They all said, WHAT?! and SHE DID NOT JUST DO THAT!
I looked back at the ‘Natsume-kun’.
He had his crimson eyes on her, sparkling with fiery.
“Give. Me. Back. My. Possession.” he said.
“What. Did. You. Just. Say!”
“I said No. Ahou. And why are you separating the words? Are you in second grade?”
The so-called ‘Natsume-kun’ held a fireball in his right hand.
I signaled my dearly phoenix and dragon. Hinata the phoenix and Yuudai the dragon.
They crashed into the room through the windows. Yuudai curled around me as Hinata stood on the desk, her talons alerted.
“I’m sure you’d want to throw that at me. I don’t REALLY have such time to play these childish games with you. Do you want to end it here, or end your life?”
With that said, Yuudai growled.
“Whatever. Just give me back my manga.” he said.
Hinata handed the manga to me. I spun it between my fingers and then threw it in his face.
Suddenly, a girl with seaweed hair popped out of her seat and screeched.
“Shut up, Permy. You don’t refer me as a ‘her’. I’m only ‘disrespecting’ him ‘cause he won’t freakin’ move over.”
While I kicked Natsume down onto his seat and sat down at the edge, the so-called Sumire Shouda started screaming at her name.
I sensed a certain boy digging into my thoughts.
“Yome Kokoro. You read my mind one more time, look forward to a scratching from Hinata.”
Koko blushed and asked, “How’d you know my name?”
I went silent on that question. What? Should I blab out that I went trashing through the school files? Didn’t think so…
It was a free period, and I got crowded by my not-so-darling fans.
Suddenly, my cell phone rang. I stepped out to answer my phone, surprised to find Suki’s call.
“Mikan-san! You have a music video to shoot today! Get back here immediately!”
I walked back into the room, grabbed my bag and walked out towards Wright Studios.
I accidentally caught Natsume’s eyes on me…
Wright Studios
“Happy? I came…”
“Yeah. Right. Go to Larry. He’ll do your make-up. Then, Akira ordered you in his room. Then go to the sta-”
“Yes, now let’s get moving!!”
“That’s it. The music video’s off. I’m going back to school.”
“Hag. I can do whatever I want. It’s my career and I choose Alice Academy over it.”
With that, I left for Gakuen Alice.
Class B
Jinno-sensei was teaching math and I opened the door.
“Sorry Jinno-sensei! I had some business to take care of down at Wright Studios!” and she set her puppy eyes on him.
It worked, surprisingly.
The boys were all thinking, KAWAII!!
Jinno-sensei resumed with his lesson on trigonometry.
I sat down in my seat next to Natsume. He was sleeping, as expected.
FAST FORWARD! (Jinno-sensei’s lesson was boring anyways)
Jinno-sensei finished his lesson and walked out the door.
“Hey, polka-dots.
“Baka hentai…”
“What’s your name again?”
“Sakura Mikan. What, want an autograph?”
“Tch, no. One question.”
“Hmph, what?”
“What’s your alice and how did you get Hinata and Yuudai?”
“Nullification and Stealing/Copy. I got them both because I got them both. No more questions.”
“You got Hinata and Yuudai from the summoning at Tandaiki Springs didn’t you! You were the one who summoned them both from the undergrounds!”
“Hn. Looks like you did your research. Yeah, it’s true. I summoned them both up. Even if I knew that pathetic alley was forbidden, I still went. I knew what laid there. So what? They’re my treasures now.”
I started walking out of the classroom.
“You tell anyone about this and you’d face my powers.”

Hard To Get - 4
Mikan stared up at the ceiling. I should get to class now anyways she thought.
She jumped out of bed and threw on black tank top, a pink layered mini-skirt, her army cap with silver hoops, and her lovely skates.
Mikan’s POV (I think it’ll change next chapter!!)
I thought, I think I’m pro enough to wear no pads…
I started skating down the corridors when a sensed 2 people very familiar nearby.
I walked into the classroom, shocked to see Kiyoko, my long time best friend other than Hotaru, and…Akira.
“What the hell are you doing here, Akira?”
“Surprised? I came for you, after years of trying. You WILL be with me, after all my effort to impress you.”
“Akira, you’re only leader of Dead Devils, not my chosen. I suggest you leave before I call Hinata and Yuudai.”
“Too bad for you my Mikan. I have an alice. I’d be staying for quite a while, and there’s nothing you can do about it.” as he took my hand and ran his lips over it.
I turned it over, palm up, and created fire on my palm.
“You can go die before you do that again. What makes you think I’ll EVER like you. One, you’re not attractive to me. Two, you’re a retard. And three, I liked someone else. Before you go saying I’m yours, you better shut your mouth, ‘cause I’ll be there to kick you out before you can say ‘Mommy’. Bastard.”
At that moment I finished, something unexpected, or totally expected, happened. Akira. Pulled. My. Collar. And. Kissed. Me.
I clenched my fists and dug it into his stomach. He coughed out blood onto the floor.
“Let me restate. I’ll never love you. Bastard. Now, KIYOKO GET OVER HERE SO I CAN HUG YOU!”
Kiyoko Daichi, my eternal best friend, other than Hotaru, came running over.
“Oh my god! Mikan-chan!! I thought I’d never see you again!”
“Silly. Of course I’d see you. Now, what’s your alice?”
“Um, it’s very dangerous though. It’s lifespan control. I get to control something’s lifespan!”
“We’re always awesome at everything. Even alices.”
Kiyoko and I started building a conversation at my seat. She sat right in front of me.
“So who’s Akira to you again?”
“He said I was his ‘chosen wife’. I don’t ever believe that. He’s been after me for years. Or more like ages, but he’s nuts just trying to faze me.”
Kiyoko laughed at that and said, “So you said you liked someone else. Who’s this mystery person?”
“Well, I’m not exactly sure. He sits near me, like really near me. I don’t exactly like him, like so much I can’t resist. It’s like there’s a tingy feeling in me when I see him.”
Suddenly Natsume came in, and I appeared a little, JUST A LITTLE, red.
Kiyoko gasped. “HIM?! Well, he is kind of cute…”
I glared at her, “He’s mine. You’ll get a fan club soon anyways. You’ll be able to choose then.”
Kiyoko nodded in agreement, feeling victorious.
As Natsume sat down in his seat, about to sleep, I was blushing like mad. Did yesterday really happen…?
(You must be thinking “WHAT HAPPENED YESTERDAY?!” if you’re not, you might have a problem, no offense.)
I stared at the ceiling and suddenly heard a rustle from the tree outside of my window.
“Who’s there?!” I screamed.
In came a certain crimson-eyed boy.
“Shh. Polka dots you’ll wake up the house. I came to talk about your past.”
“Tch. What do want to know? My past is boring anyways.”
“I don’t believe that. I read your student file. It said you don’t have parents.”
“Yeah, so? A lot of children don’t have parents. What’s the big deal about that.”
“It said your parents abandoned you in a tattered house. What’s that all about?”
“Fine, I’ll tell you. My parents hated me. They thought I was complete trash, like I don’t deserve to live. I used to get whipped, cut, burned, frozen, just tortured. They left me in a closet. I was kept starved and hidden. If I was ever discovered, my parents would threaten me and actually take action. The closet I slept in had bloodstains everywhere. One day, they left Japan without me, thank god. I came out of my closet and was left on the streets. I saw an old guitar thrown away and started playing. I was always playing in a little alley. A few people sometimes come and give me money. Then, one day, a man called Mr. Gake who I still work for, found me in the alley. He thought I had talent so he hired me for his restaurant. I was on television once and my stupid manager now, Suki, hired me. That’s how I think I got famous.”
“So, that’s why you’re always mean?”
“Partially. Akira takes me like I’m still 5 years old. When Akira tried to…with me…Hinata and Yuudai saved me.”
“So because of what you’ve experienced of people messing around with you, you’re being vicious in order to protect yourself and not live back those memories?”
I nodded. “Akira only set his eyes on me because he wants me to boost up his stupid career. Why do you think he got on the top 50 of Tokyo’s top chart hits?”
Suddenly, Natsume held my hand. I felt a pair of lips against mine. It only lasted for 2 seconds though.
“Just don’t forget I’m always here…” and Natsume climbed back to his room.
End of Flashback
“Slept well last night?” Natsume asked.
Akira came barging over. “Who’s this bastard?!”
“Someone that’s way better than you at least. Hinata. Yuudai.”
Hinata and Yuudai came through the windows and Yuudai bit into Akira’s arm.
Hinata came by me and chirped.
“I suggest you to not call him a bastard, Akira. You’ll face the concequences.”
“You freakin’ violent bitch! How dare you say that to your to-be husband?!”
I laughed. “To-be? And thanks for that compliment. I’d rather have Narumi-sensei as my husband than you. Bastard.”
He walked back to his seat, fuming.
For the whole day, Yuudai and Hinata stayed by my side, keeping alert of that stupid idiot.

Hard To get - Chapter 5
Kiyoko’s POV (I told you it’ll change! P)
I saw Akira walking away with a puffy, red face.
You freakin’ deserve it, Akira. I thought.
Narumi-sensei came skipping in with some gay outfit.
“Class. Settle down. We have two new students today! Kiyoko Daichi and Akira Shindou please come up to the front.”
Akira and I walked up.
I thought, What the hell… “No.”
Suddenly, Mikan added, “And she’s not gonna be yours.”
I chuckled to myself. Mikan’s pretty protective for her friends…
“Hi, my name’s Kiyoko Daichi. Hajimemashite. I’m partners with Mikan-chan.”
Oh my god, she’s THE Kiyoko Daichi!? Didn’t she appear with Sakura-sama on the All Over Tokyo Tour?!
“What’s up. My name’s Akira Shindou. Hajimemashite. I’m part of Dead Devils.”
Mikan-chan said, “Which I brought to the top 50s of Tokyo’s top hits. Face it Akira, you just want me for your stupid band. Just take the fact I hated you since THAT time.”
THAT time? What’s THAT time?!
I saw Natsume looking over at Mikan-chan.
Story Time!! (Brought to you by Kiyoko Daichi!!)
It was way back then. Mikan-chan was still 14 or so. She was in the same room as Akira and they were just talking about their career. Suddenly, Akira started talking about Mikan’s parents. He suddenly forced Mikan against the wall and…you know…did those things they do in restricted, perverted movies… Mikan ran away just in time to see Hotaru and I. We brought her as far as possible. What everybody didn’t know except Akira was that photographers were all there to dig out trash of Akira and Mikan. Mikan had to go to the therapist for 2 years. Mikan’s career almost burned down to nothing, but she set out the fire by herself. She has been cold and mean ever since. She thought all boys were like this, always underestimating girls. Don’t you think Akira should just freakin’ die?
Story Time Ended (Productions of Kiyoko Daichi!!) Just so you know, you’re only supposed to know, not the whole class! So SHHHH
Akira narrowed his eyes. “I do, in fact, remember that lovely time. Don’t you think it was fabulous? You didn’t even know your career was just going down the drain.”
“At least my career didn’t start from the drain…Bastard. I changed your stupid game, Akira. Who ended up the most hated, I know it wasn’t me. Would all of Tokyo who loved me rate ME as the bottom one? Didn’t think so. DON’T you EVER underestimate me. I’ll just always win you over.”
Akira huffed. “Your stupid parents hated you. -Mikan’s vein popped- They hated you to the bottom of the Earth. -Mikan‘s fists clenched on the table- Don’t you remember? They burned you and cut you. -Mikan reached for her dagger- They hated you because you were useless. I bet they still hate your stupid guts.”
Mikan jumped on the desks to reach Akira. She used flash sword (From Claymore tehe) on Akira which made thousands of cuts on him.
“Better watch out before you go saying those words again, Akira. Should I chop your head off, or let you slide? Hmph, it’ll kill my popularity, so I’ll let go this time. You’re pretty lucky, Akira.”
Akira dropped down onto the floor, shaking from all the pain.
Mikan jumped back down to her seat, feeling victorious, with Hinata and Yuudai around her.
I went back to my seat, still chuckling from that little event.
Mikan was petting Hinata and Yuudai while Natsume was staring at her and Akira glaring at her.
sigh this kitty doesn’t give up will she…
“Hey, Permy! You’re killing my eardrums! If your mission is to make me deaf, be ready to face some scratching!” Mikan said.
“Hey, Mikan. Don’t you have to go back to Wright Studios to prepare for your concert tomorrow? I think Suki wants us to go rehearse.” I said.
“Fine. Hey, Naru. I’ll be absent for tomorrow. Here’s some tickets for you guys. I’ll add you people’s names on the VIP list. Later.” Mikan said.
Mikan and I headed out the door, towards Wright Studios.

Hard To Get - Chapter 6
Mikan and Kiyoko arrived at Wright Studios, looking hot as usually.
“Hey Suki-san!” Kiyoko said.
Suki attacked her with a overpowering hug. (And I mean OVERpowering)
Mikan said, “C’mon Kiyoko. We have to rehearse. Let’s head for the stage.”
The stage was silver with a long platform sticking out of the circular stage. There were stairs at the sides and the platform had lights that lit up.
“Sugoi! This stage is WAY different than the Tokyo Pop Sensations stage!” Kiyoko said.
Mikan’s POV
Wow…she’s never seen awesome stages?
I looked at the surface.
It was polished and clean. There was no dust or any scratches.
Damn. They POLISHED it for our performance?! Tokyo must really love us…
I walked up the stairs with Kiyoko following. We had to practice our dancing for the songs.
End of POV
The Next Day
Larry and Joelle was fixing up the two stars.
Mikan was in a crimson lace up top, tight black jeans that reached just above her knees, white leg warmers, black high heel converse, and gold fishnet arm warmers.
Kiyoko was wearing a dark army green tank top, white denim shorts, black buckle boots, black and white striped arm warmers, and slim hoops.
Larry and Joelle was applying water-proof make-up and doing their nails.
Kiyoko asked, “Why do we need water-proof make-up?”
Mikan replied, “We’re going to dance in water. You like getting wet right?”
“Yeah, but what if we slip?”
“Oh, don’t worry. Our shoes are…slip-proof. Or whatever kind of word you want.”
Kiyoko smiled.
Mikan said, “I wonder if Class B came.”
Joelle said, “Oh yes! They’re up front.”
Kiyoko said, “Fabulous! Now the class can see our talent!”
Mikan rolled her eyes.
The announcer spoke through the mike, “Hey all you rockers out there! Are you ready?!”
The crowd screamed ‘Yes!’
The lights went off and it was pitch-black. During this little moment, Kiyoko and Mikan quietly sneaked onto the rising platform at the back.
The song ‘Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line’ started playing. The water splashed from above and the stage light shined on Kiyoko and Mikan.
You could hear the screaming…
Kiyoko and Mikan walked through the water, walking through with wet hair.
They continued singing, while walking off stage, luring the males along the way.
There were nosebleeds and fainting throughout the crowd.
Near the ending, Mikan and Kiyoko started walking back to the stage for the next song.
Kiyoko, however, had to go back backstage or watch with the crowd. She only was supposed to show up for the beginning song.
The next song was ‘Egao no Wake’.
The concert was based on Mikan’s new single, ‘DarknessXLight’
The songs Mikan performed were:
Tsubasa wa Pleasure Line
Egao no Wake
The Speed Star
Unerasable Sin
I Will
Yasashii Gogo
Get Up
Real Emotion
Girls On Top
Never Underestimate A Girl
1000 Words
When Mikan went backstage after the concert was over, she was completely exhausted.
Mikan went into the showers and changed back into a white blouse, a light camo jacket with lacings, black jeans, army green boots, and a dark forest green cap.
Kiyoko and Mikan were just about to leave when Hotaru-chan, a pink haired girl, and a blue haired girl attacked them.
Anna, the pink haired girl, was crying of joy to even hug her favorite idol and Nonoko, the blue haired girl, just hugged the star.
A blonde haired boy said, “Good job.”
It was Ruka, with his rabbit in his hands and Natsume next to him.
Mikan teased him, “Oh, so you’re Hota-chan’s boyfriend.”
Ruka blushed hard, at least 15 shades of pink, violet, and red.
They were by the stage edge, so some people were freaking out about falling.
Suddenly, a hand pushed Mikan off the stage.
Mikan waited for her fall, but it never came to…
She opened her eyes to find herself in Natsume’s arms.
Mikan jumped off and noticed that Akira was the one who pushed her.
Akira was at the edge, talking with his buddies about his career.
He had his back to Mikan when she walked up to him. She kicked Akira across the room with her right foot.
Mikan’s smile returned and the whole Class B turned round to go back to Gakuen Alice.
Back At Gakuen Alice
Mikan was so hungry, she went to the cafeteria. It was dinner time anyways.
When she and Kiyoko set foot into the cafeteria, all the eyes turned on her.
Kiyoko’s POV
Wow, did we interrupt something?
Mikan and I went to a table by the window and sat down. The tables had gold tablecloths and it looked like it was prepared by a French dude.
A robot came over asking what we want to order.
“One onigiri plate and some lobster salad please.” I said.
Mikan never likes ordering so I had to do it for her.
Mikan asked, “Do you think…anybody understands me? I have fans and everything, but do you think they know the real me?”
I thought about this question and answered, “Well, only those who are your true fans would know, like me.” and smiled.
Mikan chuckled. Yes, CHUCKLED. It’s not everyday our little Mikan would chuckle.
Our onigiri and salad arrived a short moment after. Natsume and Ruka came walking over.
“You know, everybody’s staring at both of you eating…” Ruka said.
Mikan looked up and saw a whole bunch of eyes on her, especially from the boys who were about to have a nosebleed breakdown any minute.
Mikan smiled a little and wiped her mouth with her handkerchief. She purposely dropped it delicately on the floor.
The next waking moment, nearly the whole cafeteria’s boys were pouncing on it like it was a delicious prey.
I dropped off my chair laughing at the response while Mikan stared at the tortured handkerchief.
Natsume and Ruka were laughing while sitting down on our table.
Mikan said, “Lovely crowd.” as she continued munching down her onigiri.
Then, Natsume noticed Mikan’s black tattoo and earring.
Natsume asked suspiciously, “Where did you get that tattoo and earring?”
Mikan replied, “Oh. When I entered here, they gave me this earring to keep my alice down low. This tattoo is just a regular tattoo of Hinata and Yuudai.”
Ruka said, “Hey, speaking of alices, what’s your alice, Kiyoko-san and Mikan-san?”
I said first, “Well, mine is life span control.”
Mikan said, “Nullification and Stealing/Copy alice. The copy part I don’t usually say.”
Mikan twitched at that and copied Natsume’s fire alice and an ice alice that belonged to who knows what.
Mikan called in Hinata and Yuudai. She sat on top of Yuudai.
She made Permy’s hair on fire while freezing her legs to the ground so she can’t flee.
Mikan and her ‘pets’ charged at Permy.
Permy screamed at the top of her lungs while Yuudai was curling around her. Mikan was sitting off the side of Hinata.
Mikan held Permy’s chin with her sharp nails.
“Hn. You screamed. Who’s the loser now?”
Mikan walked back to our table with Yuudai and Hinata.
“You continue to scream like that, you bet I won’t.”
Natsume chuckled.
Ruka glanced at Natsume.
Is it possible our fire caster chuckled?!

Hard To Get – Chapter 7
Flash Back
Mikan twitched at that and copied Natsume’s fire alice and an ice alice that belonged to who knows what.
Mikan called in Hinata and Yuudai. She sat on top of Yuudai.
She made Permy’s hair on fire while freezing her legs to the ground so she can’t flee.
Mikan and her ‘pets’ charged at Permy.
Permy screamed at the top of her lungs while Yuudai was curling around her. Mikan was sitting off the side of Hinata.
Mikan held Permy’s chin with her sharp nails.
“Hn. You screamed. Who’s the loser now?”
Mikan walked back to our table with Yuudai and Hinata.
“You continue to scream like that, you bet I won’t.”
Natsume chuckled.
Ruka glanced at Natsume.
Is it possible our fire caster chuckled?!
Flash Back Ended
Natsume sensed a dangerous aura near him. Mikan seemed to sense it too.
“What’s that aura?” she asked.
“I’ll be back in a moment.” Natsume said. He got up and left for the door.
Natsume’s POV
“What do you want, Persona?”
“You have another mission. The Sacred Crystal Wand has been stolen. The man who stole it always wears a white mask and a black suit with a hat. You might spot a dagger out of his pocket. Go tonight at midnight.”
I nodded.
Persona said, “Come out, my Hitoshirezu Ookami (Hidden Wolf).”
Then, to my surprise, Mikan walked out from behind the wall.
“Mikan…What are you doing here?”
“You’ll see a wolf later in the night on your mission.” Persona said.
Mikan pulled out a mask with gray, white, and black fur.
“Hey, KuroiNeko (Black Cat).” Mikan said.
“Persona, what’s the meaning of this?!”
Then, a voice said, “Sorry, Natsume. Mikan and I are your partners.”
“That’s Kuro Hane Megami to you. (Dark Winged Goddess)” and Kiyoko pulled out a black feathered mask.
“Okay, this is getting freaky.”
Persona said, “Go get your little nap before the mission. Get Hinata and Yuudai ready, Mikan.”
We all nodded and did as we were told.
End of POV
Mikan whispered, “Let’s go, Hinata, Yuudai.”
The group decided to meet under their Sakura Tree.
When Mikan arrived, she saw Natsume and Kiyoko. She soared on Yuudai there.
They all had on their masks, but Mikan had her sword. It was a silver sword melded together perfectly with a dangerously sharp tip and a wolf fur handle. Mikan dripped it in cobra venom for special effects.
Kiyoko had a sack of healing medicine in a little bag along.
Natsume asked, “What’s with the sword and sack?”
Mikan answered, “The sack is full of my hand-made arrows. I added some rattlesnake venom for some death effect. My sword wanted a night out.”
Kiyoko said, “C’mon let’s get moving! That man’s going to escape if we don’t get moving!”
Mikan, Kiyoko, and Natsume rode on Hinata while Yuudai was guarding around them.
Natsume said, “Wow, your pets are pretty comfortable…”
Hinata chirped.
Mikan whispered, “Kiyoko! SHH! You want Tokyo to know what in the world we’re doing?!”
Kiyoko whispered back, “Sorry…”
Mikan said, “Hinata, charge forward.”
Hinata flew down at jet speed and dropped all three of them off gently.
Mikan crutched her sword tightly and charged forward.
Natsume lit his fire and created a ring of fire around the man.
Mikan copied the ice alice again and froze the man’s feet to the ground.
Kiyoko said, “Yikes. She’s going to do it the harder way…”
Natsume asked confused, “What IS the harder way?”
Kiyoko whispered, “She’s going to talk him into giving the Sacred Crystal Wand back and even get him seem guilty. It’s painful mentally and physically.”
Mikan started with the conversation.
“Well, Mr. Kaidou. Did you take part of robbery because your wife and you divorced? You planned to set an exorcism to suck up her soul. What pitiful revenge, don’t you think? The wand, it has such a beauty to it. It’s a lovely blue color. Such a waste for it to go to you. Your wife was a wonderful woman. Remember, you took that dagger of yours and you stabbed your wife over and over again until all that was left was her intestines and her heart for you. Wonderful old love. Your wife talked to me last year after she died. She said she loved you quite well and asked if I knew why you killed her. You are some complete murderer now aren’t you? How can you dare live with yourself? Your wife is so curious at your behavior that night. She’s been asking me for a while about why you would kill her that way. It’s just annoying her that question. Over and over again, she’s been wondering what was in you that time.”
While Mikan was saying these words, cuts were forming on Mr. Kaidou’s body. He was crying in pain, feeling guilty. Kiyoko was about to burst out crying in Mr. Kaidou’s position.
Mikan caressed Mr. Kaidou’s cheek with her silver sword gently and whispered, “Give us back the Sacred Crystal Wand and we’ll call it a day, hm?”
Natsume whispered to Kiyoko, “She’s pretty deadly…”
Kiyoko whispered back, “Oh that’s just the first stage of it all. If she faces even worse people, she’ll use stages where the people would die on her. Pretty amazing her skill. She’s spent her life trying to obtain this skill.
Mr. Kaidou gave back the Sacred Crystal Wand while crying.
Mikan looked at her celestial watch. She pressed the black button on the side.
Translucent light blue icons popped up. There was a whole set of clocks of times around the world, the police signal, a phone book, and a phone icon for contacting back to Alice Academy.
The police came to the situation and took away Mr. Kaidou.
Mikan, Natsume, and Kiyoko flew on Yuudai back to Gakuen Alice and Mikan, feeling victorious, carried the Sacred Crystal Wand.

Hard To Get – Chapter 8
Flash Back
Mikan, Natsume, and Kiyoko flew on Yuudai back to Gakuen Alice and Mikan, feeling victorious, carried the Sacred Crystal Wand.
Flash Back End
Mikan laid on her bed, thinking about THAT time. Well, she had nothing else to think about.
As Mikan thought about how terrible Akira was to destroy her life, she got up and started flinging everything in her room around.
Hotaru came walking into the room, dodging a flying piggy bank.
“What’s the matter with you, Mikan?! Don’t fling that glass vase!”
“I remembered THAT.”
“Oh god. Stop the flinging first.”
“Ow…” Mikan said while Hotaru blew off the smoke from her Baka Gun.
Mikan ran to Hotaru and hugged her. Hotaru still held her Baka Gun in the air, but didn’t protest from Mikan’s hug.
Hotaru said plainly, “Let’s go to dinner, Baka.”
Mikan was still hugging on Hotaru’s arm.
Kiyoko stared at their little entrance and walked up to them.
“Oi, Hota-chan. What’s wrong with Mi-chan?”
Hotaru answered, “She remembered THAT.”
Kiyoko seemed shocked by that. “But that was years ago! I’m surprised she thought it up again in the first place!”
Mikan spoke up, “He made a deal with me a little while ago.”
Mikan was in her room, staring at the ceiling. Suddenly, there was a little noise by the balcony. Mikan walked over and saw Akira propped on the marble fencing.
“What do you want from me, Akira?” Mikan asked.
“I’m here to make a deal with you. Either you go out with me for a whole month or I’ll spill out your secret. THAT deep dark secret.”
“You wouldn’t…”
“You bet I will. You BET I will.”
Flash Back In A Processing Flash Back (Productions of Kiyoko Daichi)
Mikan lived in a small village before. It was on a small island of many Japanese islands. One day, Mikan was being bullied by a pack of boys. She set the whole village on fire and made the island sink to the bottom of the ocean. She killed her father in that process and was the only survivor.
End of Flash Back In A Processing Flash Back (Productions of Kiyoko Daichi)
“Don’t tell everyone about that incident…please I beg you…”
“Only if you make that deal with me.”
End Of Flash Back
“Oh, so that’s what happened. Don’t worry, Mi-chan. It’ll only be one month.”
All three girls sat at a table by the window and started discussing about the Halloween Dance.
“So we’re all going, right?” Kiyoko asked.
“RIGHT?” Kiyoko asked again.
“Oh c’mon! The Halloween Dance won’t be so bad would it?! There’ll be ichigo cake, Mi-chan!”
Mikan’s face lit up.
Hotaru saw her boyfriend and his best friend walk over.
“Oh hey, Hota-chan’s BOYFRIEND.” Kiyoko said, improvising on the BOYFRIEND.
Ruka blushed the whole color chart while Hotaru remained stoic.
Kiyoko asked, “So are you going to sing at the Halloween Dance, Mi-chan?”
Mikan shrugged.
Kiyoko replied, “I’m sure all the vampires of the night would be nose-bleeding.” And she nudged Natsume.
Natsume blushed along with Ruka, but said, “Hn.”
Mikan stared at Kiyoko like she was crazy, “So, um, where’s the, um, waitress robot?”
The robot immediately came and took their orders.
“Ne, Natsume-kun! Why are you at that table? Weren’t you going to sit with me?”
Mikan tilted her head and laughed silently. She thought, Permy so has a thing for Natsume…
Then, a voice said, “Yeah, she does, Mikan-san.”
Mikan glared at him, “Why did you read my mind? You want me to call Hinata?”
Koko said, “But!”
“Oh, you prefer Yuudai more.” Mikan said.
Ruka spoke up, “Hey, Mikan-san. Let Koko slide this time. Please?”
Mikan said, “Fine. Putting that one aside, nice to meet you Koko.” And held out her hand.
Koko stared at the star’s hand. He asked, “Am I allowed touching that famous hand?”
Mikan thought this would take forever so she just shook it with Koko’s herself.
Koko seated himself next to Ruka.
Meanwhile, Akira was walking over himself.
“My dearly GIRLFRIEND. You WILL attend the Halloween Dance with me.”
Mikan looked at Natsume. He was glaring at Akira. It seemed his mind was running over the word ‘Girlfriend’.
Mikan muttered under her breath, not even looking up, “Delighted…”
Natsume glanced at her and looked away.
Akira walked away, feeling victorious.
Mikan looked at him walking away and looked at Natsume.
She asked him, “Um…Natsume-kun…Would you like to accompany me to the Halloween Dance?”
Natsume looked up in surprise.
Kiyoko looked at Mikan in surprise. “Mi-chan! I thought you had to go out with Akira for the month as the deal! If you’re going with Akira, you can’t go with Natsume!”
Mikan said, “I didn’t say I forgot the deal. Akira himself said the words to go out with him for the month. He never told me that I can’t go with anyone else to the Halloween Dance.”
Kiyoko thought this over. “I guess you’re right.”
Natsume stared at them. He murmured, “I’d be glad to…” It was so low, Mikan didn’t hear right for a moment there.
Their dinner finally arrived and they started eating.
The Day Before The Halloween Dance
Mikan’s famous seamstress was fixing up all three girls’ Halloween outfits.
Mikan’s was going to be a wolf. She was going to have a shoulder-cut shirt made with real wolf fur, a wolf fur skirt, wolf fur boots, her wolf mask, wolf fur arm warmers, a glove that had metal claws, and her sword.
Hotaru was going to be dressed as mad witch. She’ll wear a knee-length purple dress, silver heels, a black witch hat and carry a book of ‘spells’.
Kiyoko was going to a goddess. Her costume was going to have a light blue silk dress that reached until her knees and beyond the stomach was layered, gold heels, and a crystal ball.
Kiyoko examined her costume.
“My costume so rocks.” She said.
Mikan thought, I wonder how Natsume would look like…How would he react to my costume? Wait…why am I thinking these things…?

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