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Posted 7/27/08 , edited 7/28/08
To goal for the end of the staff who usually hard for me trouble all hard work for many years… I am more than a month ago, due to begin shooting the film before, I invited a group of friends with my colleagues join me in doing my favorite thing… .. travel!

This large group of people usually go out together for the majority of the work is, but this is purely entertainment… much easier!

In the choice of destination in the process, everyone has the same goal… eager to get a beach with the sun and the holidays, so Okinawa go smoothly on this trip!

Wu Liuyue of Okinawa is the weather, so that we can do to enjoy the sun beach!

As I am a person starting from Nagoya, I than other people four hours early, so I am responsible for Car Rental task.

I own one to five minutes far from the airport rental car rental companies.
Rely on satellite navigation and a 10-minute reading of the map, the busiest in Naha City laps around the… Ha Haha! I do not know is there to the bolder…. Stimulate good!

Then I returned to the airport around to my other reunion, we started to play the Okinawa trip!

My people have not yet determined to Okinawa before blowing glass must play… people always some things that your heart has not always want to try but also on the fate of a few years… I think Hong Kong will return to the busy and because of this To the left forgotten… ..

So this time vowing to blow……… Bose mail…

Xi! This is my wind storm! There is only one feeling…… .. hot!
This is the big stove, to raise the temperature with Okinawa…… not only was the heat will be dissolved glass, watching inside…. Rong was in the eyes!> < " '

In the eyes before quickly moved to the indoor Rongdiao to….

This is relatively easy burning glass beads workshop… air-conditioned, easy to do, the finished products can be immediately taken away…. Specify only that the laboratory transparent plastic box just a little ugly glasses… ..

Finally, I made a necklace his mother gave small gifts….her爱不释手 every day with it!

After day, new friends登场!! Miss Ba Zhaoyu is this wishful thinking !!!!( I think she was a girl she is my… from the Hong Kong…). He! Do not think that we so love Chu Fengtou deliberately eye-catching, Zhaoyaoguoshi…. We really do have九牛二虎之力try to let her in the same compartment… but in the end unsuccessful, it appears that the screen Comedy Ha Haha…… Scary movie, appears to mimic Shuiguai attacks human Section, both intentionally create terror and disturb the scene like laughter, haha!!

Each one can resist this class affect the charm of laughter tour, we take photographs to the passers, hand painted feet than the hotel doorman, was Douxiao of her father-in-law have not been… Fortunately, we found that the local media, or else in this quiet The island, I believe that this news enough to board the next day the headlines it!

Miss Ba Zhaoyu this picture is not yet a foot of Edith… barely can squeeze in the middle and small handsome guy….

We are looking for places with eat or drink, come to see that seemingly delicious restaurant we ran into each to… .. Fortunately, there are no poor, very delicious!

This one is the most special…. Table in the middle is not摆着boiler or oven, it is a very large bamboo Zhenglong…. And then we put on for health services in green vegetables, pork…. Zhanshang homemade steamed while we can The sauce to eat… I have never seen a restaurant so doing, can be considered a new discovery!

After dinner entertainment is this wonderful than the Harbour fireworks, Lawson bought from the pyrotechnics…. Night that really has nothing better to do… do not forget we are a small island of calm no nightlife…… even Lawson have visited once every night… One can imagine…

Kazakhstan…… around the car to, we found that this hall was also open… We point, like a few snacks, light taste of the local sake (sake)… also invited to appear Zheng Peipei's boss wife to join us…

She said that I was recognized movie stars… I say you are you are Zheng Peipei ah ah……… film with Chow Yun-fat Yanguo Doude she不亦乐乎!
Finally in our respective drunk to a Hong Kong Gigi Leung and Okinawa Zheng Peipei signature photo-taking…

In Nago City (we live the hotel location) northwest of Zaiwang open more than one hour cars will be able to Okinawa aquarium.

Okinawa Aquarium is the largest aquarium in Asia, and is the world's first successful display of nurturing the largest marine fish… whale shark aquarium. Which has the world's largest aquarium viewing window… is this!!

Huahua uproar! Really unparalleled… too shocked!
This view outside my window… as if going equipped for supernatural power, can walk freely in water, like the… even the Discovery Channel Man Made Marvels <architectural wonders> also have special programs on! Strong!

I arrive to each of city, there are two places will go…. One is the Museum of Art, and the other is the aquarium!! Both can be an eye-opener for me, benefit from!

I touched it ! I touched it !

The coconut's head circumference than I would also like to be big!

Finally, I bought a lot of Okinawa, home food, because the Okinawan people will be very well-known Yang Shen health… Renrui particular, the number of French more than three times! France is ranked second in longevity States, 10 million people but only 12 were also more than 100 years old, but in Okinawa, but has reached as many as 33! Moreover, Okinawa Renrui world Renrui not only the majority, also the largest of their age, is the name of the super Renrui fact, the body is most healthy.

It is learnt that one is because eating habits of local residents of Okinawa rich brown sugar, salt, noodles and bitter gourd, and so on… Although we are in Okinawa eat every day, but must bring home to take care of the needs of family and friends….

The results are eat a half box of hand baggage letter… I can only Henxin of the Ba Zhaoyu Miss living on the island of Okinawa…

A travel Haobu fun »depends on time, characters, locations right… ..

Time:… just the beginning of summer in the film shot before filling the power, perfect!!

People: travel partners also depend on a substandard before the final decision of the fun of the trip… is the perfect combination of people… led to a very decisive person close itinerary carefully, led the people to do music with… small duck, stir up laughter People have contingencies nothing Laughter…. He, photographed people as photos… never missed a machine-gun fire… very responsible, driving a few hours of no complaints about… but last day Drunk… Fortunately, some of the most sober member Meeting, the DJ can play music from the iPod at any time in the broadcast from the dance Chen Huixian Street to the new arrivals are unknown new songs….

Location: Okinawa is a place to go… there aquarium, sunshine, beaches, diving classes, dishes, than Kennedy, water slides, the sea Tee, international-, 24-hour bookstore, blown glass, her father-in-law live longer, type M, whale sharks, too ugly to the manatee, Miss Ba Zhaoyu, brown sugar, bitter gourd Chaodan, sake, the Harbour fireworks, dancing with Zheng Peipei Street… ..

We Love Okinawa ~
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