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Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
Disclaimer: I don't own Gakuen Alice. All characters belonging to Higuchi Tachibana.

Written By: Kiyoko Matsudaira

Plushie Replacement

Love is not at all ordinary. Exciting maybe, but never ordinary.

But for Natsume Hyuuga, love is nothing.

Nothing but his plushie, which can be replaced by a loved one.

- Kiyoko Matsudaira -


All little kids need their sleep and "alone" time. Even cold-hearted, bad-tempered boys. Where do you think they get all their energy from?

Natsume Hyuuga may seem like your normal, average, kindergartner. Wrong. He's anything but normal. Actually, even at the age of 4, he was considered a "bad boy".

And even at that young age, the Natsume Hyuuga Fan Club was born. And yes, the leader was a toddler going by the name of Sumire Shouda.

Now little Natsume-kun, he couldn't sleep at all without his black cat plushie. Yes, all little kids have their own plushie nowadays. You couldn't be cool without one. Natsume had to have his plushie with him at all times. He couldn't be seen without his adorable "Kuro-chan".

But for this nap time, his hands were empty. Yes, empty. The others questioned him about it.

Sumire Shouda - "Natsume-kun! Where's your plushie? You can borrow mine of you want... But we have to share. You can sleep beside me!"

Ruka Nogi - "Huh? Hey, Natsume? Where's Kuro?"

Mikan Sakura - "Natsu-kun!! I just got my own plushie! Now you can't call me un-cool anymore!"

Mikan Sakura. A bubbly little girl who just got her plushie at the age of 4, when the rest had theirs since they were born.

Natsume had always found her interesting. Interesting, let's just stick with that. She was the only girl, scratch that, there was also Hotaru Imai, a scary goth girl. But he was too freaked out by her. Mikan was far more approachable. Pretty too.

The kindergarten classroom was small and quaint, small pillows and blankets surrounded a corner of the room. Nap corner.

After snack time, it was nap time. Natsume's favorite part of the day. Where he could sleep without being bothered.

After finishing his apple smothered in peanut butter for snack time, he headed over to his spot in the nap corner. No need to wait for the call.

"Nap time!" See.

The kids cheered sleepily. Hugging their plushies close to their hearts, they walked over to the nap corner and settled down.

Sumire, as she always did, tried sleeping beside Natsume. Ha, fat chance. He burned her hair and as she poured water on it whimpering, he smirked.

Mikan Sakura, on the other hand, was incredibly sleepy that day. Cuddling her orange unicorn plushie, she fell asleep immediately.

Everybody fell asleep quickly. Well, everybody but Natsume. He just couldn't sleep without his Kuro-chan.

He sat up, looking around. He spotted little Mikan curled up in a ball, her plushie settled in her arms. Ruka slept beside Hotaru, sucking his thumb as he crept closer to her. Hotaru, on the other hand, looked peaceful and quite pretty actually. But not as pretty as Mikan.

Sumire fell asleep with hearts in her eyes, "Oh, Natsume-kun..."

Natsume rolled his eyes. Oh, please. That girl would never have him. He watched Mikan again. Her long pigtails swished side to side and he wanted to stroke it. He shook his head. He really needed his plushie. He was getting delusional.

And then, it struck him. He smirked. Standing up, he slowly walked over to her, careful to not wake up anybody.

He reached for her pigtails, touching it carefully, as if it was glass and could break easily. What kind of shampoo did she use? He smelt her hair, he sniffed strawberries. Hmm... Strawberries were his favorite fruit.

He picked her up by the waist, she was a deep sleeper, he was grateful to that. He carried her to his spot and laid down beside her, cuddling up to her like he did to his plushie. This... felt good. His plushie never smelt this wonderful, nor this soft.

Hugging her close to him, her head on his chest, he smiled secretly.

She'd just have to do for now until he found his plushie. And who knew how long that would take?

"Tch. I guess I could get used to this." Natsume said, sniffing her hair again, "Yet again, who knows where my plushie could be? It could take some time before I find it."

He smirked, yes. How long would it take? It was a long time, that was for sure.


Hey there! I was sort of inspired by "Crayons and Mikan Sakura"by My Hopeless Romantic. It was an awesome and super cute story. You can read it in

My regards! I've always wondered how Natsume would be like, as a toddler.

Oh, and by the way, "Kuro", Natsume's plushie means "Black". Know where it is? In his closet. And yes, he purposefully left it there. (wink)

Thanks for reading! Please reply!

Signing out,

xoxo -- Kiyoko Matsudaira

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