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What's up Shin'ichi fans! THIS thread is officially the FANART thread! This will be where yoTHIS thread is officially the FANART thread! This will be where you can post your lovely pics of... SHIN!

It's just for fun but, this thread will also be used for the fanart CONTEST that will be coming up very shortly. So here's how it's gonna work. You just submit a drawing of just Shin, or you can submit couples or group drawings, for example, Shin with somebody else, like say, Hachi. As long as Shin is IN the picture, it's all good. ^^ and there is NO LIMIT to the number of drawings you can submit, so bring them all out!!!!!

About the contest, this is also the thread for the contest, since i thought it'd be kinda bothersome to have two threads for fanart, i combined them. Every few weeks, or whenever we get enough drawings to get an evaluation, we'll host the contest and there will be a winner, so do your best! This way, nobody will miss the contest because it'll be a continuous thing.

The winner will get their pics hosted on our Front Page, and we'll play fair so that there isn't always one person that's always winning. =D

But anyways... enuff talk, let's take the drawings out!!!!!!! If you have any questions at all, feel free to make a post and ask. ^^

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tee-hee, i'm gonna go first! =D here's one of Shin i did a few weeks ago.

Hope it's good!
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i need to draw another one then.. hehehhehe
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