JoongBo Fans - Translation of Ep 20 Part 1
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a rough translation of part 1 of joongbo couple ep 20...this is base from lovesub's video in youtube...

sorry guys.. there somekinda problemmm but if you want to read it.. just go to this link
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reyanbustillo wrote:

a rough translation of part 1 of joongbo couple ep 20...this is base from lovesub's video in youtube...

sorry guys.. there somekinda problemmm but if you want to read it.. just go to this link

i tried to open this link ... but it's failed.... somebody help me

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copperprincess wrote:


i can't open this file!! please help me, i want to support joongbo!!
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Tried both links. Both aren't working anymore...

If anyone could post a new one, I would definitely vote for JoongBo.
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flo_oni wrote:

Tried both links. Both aren't working anymore...

If anyone could post a new one, I would definitely vote for JoongBo.

^_^ You are a little bit late. that was posted back in October, the voting ended a while ago.
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Oops. Sorry.

Oh well. That should teach me to check out the dates. Hahaha. Thanks.

So do we get to see the results anywhere?
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joint also the son dam bi first group on cr
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hjpop wrote:

joint also the son dam bi first group on cr

lol~ i dun gt a thing.... im kinda slow.... LOL~
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Full translation credits to Knossos!

HJ: Buin it looks like lately you come home on time.
HB: I just got here. I stayed up all night at a club
HJ: A call from the club that they found your wallet
HB: Weren't you worried that your wife wasn't home?
HJ: I got a call from the club that you got drunk and was sleeping there so not to worry
HB: I didn't drink that much
HJ: Just kidding. It's Sunday morning. What should we do?
HB: Let's just sit around and stare at each other
HJ: That I would feel a little burdened by...we've never really done that before.
I hope that Mission says : hibernate for winter
HB: Me too. Shall we bury each other under ground?
HJ: We should get that filmed us sleeping and put narration by ajusshi (some guy): these two animals are sleeping and the female is wiggling around and going wooeeng wooeng (HJ imitating HB's aegyo from last epi)
HB: I knew it...I knew something was up!

(HB in the black room)
HB: He keeps on bringing it up when I am about to forget. You know when you get a big shock at a young age, it's not easy to forget. I think I must have given him too big of a shock.
HJ: Tatada(opening the envelope)...woooeng....immitating again
HB: please stop
HJ: ok
(The mission: husband and wife to prepare for winter together)
HB: Snowboarding?
HJ: totally bad at it
HB: Skating ?
HJ: totally bad at it. I thought my tail bone was going to split when I tried snowboarding. Should we go to an ice rink and skate?
HB: I've only skated once before when I was really young on a frozen rice paddy in the country side.
HB: We are very fast runners
HJ: I think if we try it for like just five mins. we'd be able to skate and you know the ice rink would be cold so I will wear this for the second time! ...the scarf (that she's made)

(HB in the black room)
HB: He'd said that he'd wear the scarf in the winter...... now that it's winter...I like it that he actually remembered.
PD: you've already spent summer, fall....and now even winter together...
HB: you know I get reminded of what we've done and I think wow we actually have quite a few fond memories....time flies......and we've lived long....
HJ: Let's go
HB: Let's go for real (they are all excited)
(HJ imitates short track relay when the same team athelete push their team mate to get a running start)

HB:Guess where we are?
HJ: Big supermarket?
HB: Actually ......can I just have it once (botox)
HJ: No...why? Are you here for the botox?
HB: Yeah just one shot
HB:(to the clerk) We are here for the flu shots ...both of us. (to HJ) are you afraid of the syringe?
HJ: Me too? Why am I here? From where did it go wrong?
HB: what do you mean wrong? we are here for your health

(HJ in the black room)
HJ: I fell asleep (in the car) and when woken up we were registering at the doctor's office. .....I felt something was going to go wrong.

(HB in the black room)
HB: He's going to overseas for drama shoot and where he's going is a warm place so it's ok but he is going to be travelling back and forth and the temperature difference would be so big that he'd be more prone to getting the flu. I didn't tell him that we were going for the flu shot because he's prideful and would insist that he's healthy therefore wouldn't catch the flu. And he actually has the phopbia of corners and pointy things so I think he'd be afraid of the syringe.

HJ: ah..this is not it....I feel like I always get conned....
HB: when did I ever con you?
HJ: I think it's going to hurt a lot
HB: nah..
HB: Should we measure our blood pressure?
HJ: do you know what's healthy and normal
HB: don't talk until it's stopped measuring. cool it's totally normal and healhty
HJ:yea and that's why I don't need to get the flu shot
HB: no...
HJ: buin don't get yours measured....i think I'd get hurt (by the result). Let's see the difference between when you are happy and when
I get you angry....think about the good times......oh the reading is normal and healthy.and now when I get you angry...... you are old hwang buin.....woooeung wooeung (the aegyo)....hello you can't see me at night (coz she's so dark)....if we play hide and sick at night, you can't see me...and the result is totally high blood pressure.

HJ: Ah they are calling us
HJ (to the Dr): ah...your patient is here with high blood pressure
HB: this is my husband..he's very tired and he's going to be working overseas in winter so I am worried about his health and we are hear for the flu shots
Dr: you are not sick right now..
HJ: not at all
Dr: no fever...
HJ: everything's alright... right?
HB (lying on the exam bed) : ever since I met shillang, my lifespan's getting shorter
Dr (to HJ): you are not scared of a syringe right?
HJ: no not at all. I am getting the shot right now? I really am not afraid of the syringe
(*he said TIME...wich means stop.... but Dr. gave him the shot anyway)
HJ: it's done?
Dr: it doesnt hurt does it?
HJ: no it doesn't hurt at all (but he stuttered like he's not quite sure). Dr, you are amazing.
HJ: the real patient is here with the blood perssure reading 155 (he exaggerates). That's dangerous isnt it?
HB: he totally got me riled up. If I keep on getting that angry then I can't live long
HJ: but once in a while high blood pressure will enable circulation of the blood in the entire system and that's good(he made that up)
HJ: The syringe is cute
HB: ahh
HJ: why do you exaggerate, it doesn't hurt.
HB: I really expected no pain at all but it kinda hurts
Dr: well it's still the needle poking into the body so it still hurts a little.
HJ: true...(agreeing with the Dr)

(HJ in the black room)
PD: did you feel better after getting the shot?
HJ:no actually I was very sleepy but I think I am not going to get the flu. I think she was worried about me because I've been very busy and looked tired. I am thankful that she's taking a good care of me.
HJ: (to HB) thank you
Employee: don't bathe with hot water
HJ: I shouldn't get hot. don't sing "get hot" for a while

HB: have you been here before?
HJ: no it's the first time
HB: you know who you look like now? bae yong joon. the clothes and the scarf...
HJ: really? when was bae yong joon dressed like this?
(KSJ: he's acting jealous)
HB: In Ssang Choo Sonata. Haven't you seen ssang choo sonata?
HJ: yea the scarf is similar....I am bae hyun joon
HB HJ: hello...
Employee:the entrance fee is...
HJ: rock paper didn't play so you lost so you have to pay.
HB: I don't have the wallet
Employee: it's 14000 won
(HB pays for the entrance fee)
HJ: give us the receipt.
HJ: what's your size (shoe)
HB:34 36 34 ....(bust waist and hip...36 I think she meant 26)
HJ: not your wishful size...but your (shoe) size
(he chose shoe size 240mm)
HJ: do they fit?
HB: oh weird I am wearing the left boot on the right and it still fits
Employee: he only brought two right boots
HB: Shillang you brought two right boots for got yours correct, didn't you?
HJ: cool I am able to get up
(JHD: when you don't skate well...there are lot of opportunities for skinship)
HB:I actually can stand straight

HJ: (looking at the ice rink) wow it's bigger than I expected.
HB: do you think we can do this?
HJ: oh no don't do's really slippery
HB: ooh your weak side
HB: haha shillang you said it's your first time
HJ: I can't stop....I have to use the wall. it's easy
(caption: he's showing off his agility)
HB:It's your first time but you are really good. why can't I do this? oh no.... shoot....
(caption: drunken hwang yu na)
HJ:you should push the blades to the side. it works doesn't it? if you want to stop then just use the wall
HB: I am going to ride it in a cool way
(HJ passes her by and now, the competition begins)
HJ: I am gotta win!
(HJ falls, HB falls)
HJ: I gotta win
HB: oh no.... (then she falls)

(HJ in the black room)
PD: you seem to really like competing with your wife
HJ: it doesn't feel like I am competing aginst a woman...but a friend so it's fun
Pd: are you proud of having someone like that as your wife?
HJ: Well she wont get beat up (?) anywhere so I like it
(I guess he meant that she could defend herself)

HJ: We are going to compete in the winter olympics...first event is 100m race... whoever complete two rounds first wins. then second event is taking off the post it off the opposition's back. Let's do the two rounds first... wow they are good
HB: hi babies.....
HJ: let's do a relay (to the kids). you team with me...
HB: you team with nuna
HB: how old are you guys?
(the little one is 8 and the taller one is 11)
HJ: so it's younger team vs older team. let's win this!
HB: Don't put pressure on him
HJ:why such stern expression?! don't feel pressured.... ready set..... (to HB's kid) why are you going ahead? start!
(HB's team is winning)
HJ: (to his team) don't feel pressured...I am here!
(After second switch)
HJ: they are totally cute!
(final round - hb's team is a little ahead but HJ wins)
HJ: YAY I won I won
HB: We lost? good job good job.... nuna did bad
HJ: it's good...ranking number one is good!
(So on first event HJ wins!)

HJ: Whoever takes the post it off the opp. first wins.
HB: the person who loses brings the ramen!
HJ: For 5 second we should move two three four five.
(Caption: HB runs away coz doesn't wanna get caught)
(HB is hiding behind the big column and HJ finds her)
HB: yah go away!!!
(Caption: and all of a sudden..... impending skinship in the moment of a bad fall?)
(HB uses the scarf...and pulls...HB wins!)
HJ: my neck my neck!

(HJ in the black room)
HB: She totally choked me that's totally illegal. She's really smart. she must have thought of this when she gave me the scarf. It's my first defeat from her and my pride was hurt. I think it is my life's blind spot and will remain as a stain in my life.

(Caption: HJ is getting the ramen/buying stuff and HB Hwang yu na is busy practicing)

HJ: Let's eat here. Aren't you cold? (handing her a can of coffee) close your eyes..
HB: why?
HJ: come on close them. Say ah..... and chew. Ah~ih.... they dont make it like they used to. It must not be that sour
HJ: I think you ate the sourest one..."jjang sour"

(HB in the black room)
HB: It was really sour. He gave me the sourest one, he gave me the best. I have very positive mind =)

HB: Ah this feels good.... (she drank a lot last night)
HJ: Is it delicious?
HB: it's the hang over cure. I am eating your ramen as well
HJ: Before you take all my ramen, I should eat. I only said a few words and meantime you took all my noodles. what am I gonna do?
HB: hahaha
HJ: how can you laugh when I am starving to death? (keep sighing)
HB: you said you weren't going to eat
HJ: you know mothers when they are feeding their children they don't say they are hungry themseleves
(caption HB is the immature daughter who didn't really understand her mom.)
HJ: you are just like an immature "since mom you are not hungry I am going to eat this meat!" Eat more buin you are hungry...
HB: mom said she didn't like ramen (parody of god's song "to mom" )
HJ: Mommy gets full just watching Hwangbo up.
(and HJ turns around and just slurps the broth)
HJ: I am's ok.. eat up
(just filling herself up with the broth...poor mom)
(The immature daughter who feels bad)
HB: It was good, I ate well.
HJ: now you should go out and play (still in the mom mode)

(HB is holding very very sour candy in her hand)
HB: let's do a bet and the person who loss eats the whole thing! I am gonna kick your ass
HJ: Let's do muk jji ppa
HB: let's do rock paper scissors with two hands
HJ: you know I can't only do a paper with this no
(they play muk jji ppa. HB won but HJ is like two wins out of three! )
HJ: we've always done two out of three.....You've changed!
(so they decide to go with two wins out of three. So far HB won one and HJ won one....and now the final round which HJ won)
HJ: let's get the candy into your mouth all at once!
(He made a funnel out of the packaging to make that easier)
HJ: Buin I am sorry. I took one candy myself aren't I nice?
HB: let's just go home......
HJ: we have lots more left to compete in. Rinse your mouth (handing her the water bottle)
(He gave her an empty bottle)
(Caption: Is HB's revenge about to begin?)

HJ: What now?
HB: I said I will massage your shoulders
(Caption: whoever wins at the end will get massages)
HJ: Not just any massage but Native massage.
HB: Let's ask the kids to be the judges.
HB:(to the kids) We are going to do improv figure skating choreography. (to HJ) Let me introduce you the judges. (to the kids) And judges, make sure that you don't play
favorite because you are a fan (of HJ)
(HB's number is to the song "bogoshipda" (I want to see you)

KSJ: she is totally serious
HJ: oh higher difficulty... two turns backwards clumsily
(caption: she jumped 1cm off the ice / caption: MP3 flew off and she knelt at the lyric "I am kneeling"~ HB chases after HJ)
(Caption: in the end she becomes a stalker / Caption: the choreography was true to the lyrics)
HB: don't copy after me
(HJ's song "we are the champion" / Caption: concept is about the world peace)
HB: shillang won didnt' he?
(The judges nodded)
HJ: ceremony!

(HB in the black room)
PD: Honestly, weren't you embarassed?
HB:no .. it was fun ...things that you never think of...happened. You know husband and wife, though this is a pretend marriage, they live together for life. I think it's good to have fun while you live together. It was fun and I had a good time.

(HJ/HB are about to do a race and they see a little girl who is a really fast skater.)
HJ: wow she's really good....that little girl
HJ (goes over to the little girl and asks): can I compete against you? wow her expression is so chic!
HB: little should totally win over oppa! fighting!!ready get set start!
(Little girl takes off in a streak and left HJ eating her dust)
HB: wooah, that was awesome
HJ: you are number one in korea and I am number 2. How do you break? teach me
HB: me too me too!
(HJ/HB both fall trying to learn how to stop)

(HJ in the black room)
HJ: She was so good. If I learn to skate I want to find her and compete against again.
PD: what was her charm?
HJ: Her chicness. I think when she grows up she's going to be like somebody.
PD: who?
HJ: Seo in Young nuna. she's number one when it comes to chicness.

(caption: The minute they got home Shillang fell asleep)
HB: Hyun joong ah! you are tired?
HJ: no I am ok
HB:You are always tired

(HJ in the black room)
PD: Don't you feel sorry to her that you look always tired?
HJ: I always feel bad but today Buin was even more tired than I so I thought I shouldn't seem tired today and I didn't until I got home.

(caption: HJ was bitten by a mosquito while sleeping)
HB: since I lost I gotta give you a massage.
HJ: oh good....
HB: It feels good doesn't it?
HJ: It feels good...It really feels good...I am serious! ok..I am done....but just one more thing.. can you walk on my back?
HB: just walk on you? I am heavy aren't I heavy?
HJ: no
HJ (makes moaning noises): oh it's good...good.....ah stop

HB: Can you do the thing that you promised before?
HJ: you are wearing pedicure
HB: They've come off You'd said you were going to do that for promised
HJ: Do you have the manicure remover?
HB: yes I will bring them
HJ: oh you came totally prepared
HB: paint with the color you want me to wear. ah this is awesome
HJ: how do you do this?
HB: use the cotton ball
HB: You've never done this before have you?
HJ: of course not
HB: You should take the cotton ball and put it on top..
HJ: the pedicure is coming off
HB: are you polishing a shoe? (making fun of the way he's removing the pedicure)
HJ:Should I make it shine?
HB: You know shillang pedicure is to paint the toe nails not to fill the pedicure inside the lining of the nails. you know what I mean ?
HJ: Oh I've put too much?
HB: you know you have to paint it...
(HJ looks to be sleeping)
HB: you are not drunk off my foot smell are you?

(HJ in the black room)
HJ: I don't remember. when I got back my consciousness, I was holding the manicure and was painting the toe nails.
PD: Don't you remember the massage?
HJ: No I don't remember... I only remember being stepped on...and one other thing I remember my neck made this noise papapapa..

HB: where are you painting it?
HJ: come on get your foot on here
(caption: kid groom is doing his best and....... little by little they are preparing for their separation)

(HJ in the black room)
PD: do you predict the parting?
HJ: it's just a feeling.... we don't have many days left. Everytime we see each other we talk about the stress we have and how hard it is on us. We both are very exhausted. I need to do better than what's expected of me and I also want to do well for myself (the drama) I feel a lot of pressure... while we talk about it I realize there's not many days left to spend together.
PD: Do you think your wife also feels bad about the separation?
HJ: yes ...I think we feel the same way
(caption: even though they both know their impending separation, neither of them talk about it)

Episode 37 Preview
HB: should we play "catch me" again?
HJ: sure
HJ: I will catch you somthing tasty..... just tell me what you want and I will catch it
HB: really?
(caption: the trip back to where they got started.)
(ssang choo couple's heart aching farewell trip storty next week.)
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Why are they SO cute?
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