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Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
This a tip is from my online tutor his really good hope it will help you...

Tip #1 - Get rid of "Artist Block"

My first tip is to help you get rid of what is commonly called
"Artist Block" and make drawing anime fun again.

Doodling will bring motivation and crush that artist block.
Doodling revives you back to drawing Anime.

Getting motivated to draw anime begins by taking some form of

But most of the time we waste our time:
* staring out of the window
* watching hours of TV
* daydreaming of other things to do
* finding something else that distracts us and occupies our time

All of which keeps us from drawing our favorite anime.

Does that sound familiar?

Do you suffer from this lack of motivation to draw your anime?

If so, then enjoy this simple tip that will get you past "artist
block" and begin drawing again.

Step 1 - Getting set
Start by getting in your favorite place that you enjoy working on
sketches and have some of your anime art displayed around you.

Then select a few anime characters you would like to draw and have
them in eyes view.

This is what I call setting the proper mood or atmosphere in moving
to the next step and later the creative feeling that you really
wanted all along.

Be careful, this is usually the place where artist block creeps in
because although your intentions are good and you want to draw, the
action of doing it is another step to climb.

Step 2 - Take action
Now you want to get some plain loose leaf or notebook paper, a
pencil or (pen if you prefer) and start doodling.

Start by writing your name or other words if you can't think of
anything to do.

Try scribbling a bunch of lines back and forth like you're trying
to get the ink flowing in a pen that went dry. This actually is
what you are trying to do - getting your mind to flow in the
direction of drawing.

Now organizing what you are scribbling. Making straight lines,
vertical and horizontal, striking an arc across the page and making
circles of different sizes.

Work on geometric shapes and shading them.

This is the beginning of taking action, and it also helps you with
hand movements.

While you are in this mood of constructive doodle, move into the
transition phase by roughly sketching anime characters from what
you remember.

Don't be concern about getting it right. Just go through the
motions of drawing eyes, body parts and some scenery perhaps.

At this point you will begin thinking about the anime character you
wish to draw.

As your mind begins to shift gears with creative thoughts, your
interest level begins to rise, you become focused. Drawing is now
something you want to do.

You have now taken that next step and you have everything around
you to draw anime because of prior preparation. It's now the
perfect time to create and draw anime.

Tip #2 - Overcoming "Artist Block"

This is another tip to overcome "artist block" and also to help you
start drawing anime.

First of all I want to CONGRATULATE YOU on being determined to stay
with it and to continue by not wanting to quit.

You already have one GREAT QUALITY that will make you successful as
an artist and that's PASSION. You like anime, how it looks and you
want to be a part of its' growing industry.


I am pleased to introduce you to a new friend,
say hello to TRACING PAPER.
That's right, paper you can see images through.

If you don't have any, go to your local department or office supply
store and buy a packet of tracing paper and let's get started on
drawing anime.

You probably have a few manga books around as well some trading
cards of your favorite anime. Select one out of your collection
that you would like to draw and I will guide you step by step.

Step 1 & 2 - Preparation

Take a piece of tracing paper and place it over you drawing. If the
paper is a problem because of a book use a pair of scissors to cut
it to size that it will be manageable.

With small pieces of tape or paper clips you want to secure the
tracing paper over the image because you do not want it to move
while tracing.

A word of caution, Be careful with some tape because you do not
want to damage your original pictures when you remove it. Masking
tape works pretty good but if you think it's to sticky put it on
your fingers a few times or a piece of clothing to reduce how much
it sticks.

Step 3 - Trace

Begin tracing the anime character. You will want to start at the
top of the picture so your hand does not smear the work you done.
Start by tracing something small like just their head and then
later move on to the whole figure as you get comfortable with the

Step 4 - Results

After you have finished tracing, remove the paper. Take you're
newly created drawing and place it over a white piece of paper in
order to see it better. Now here is the cool part.

Flip the tracing paper over and you will quickly see that the
picture is facing the opposite direction. This is called a mirror
image. That's right you have just made two pictures of the same

I trust this has motivated you in some way. So practice your
tracing and experiment by combining them together. You will be
amazed by all the fun things you can do with tracing paper and most
of all you are now drawing anime.

Note: Tracing paper is a tool to help you understand drawing,
remove "artist block" and also to open you mind to new creative
ways to draw anime/manga.

hope I helped...
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OMG!!! THANK!!! YOU ROCK!!!!! Though it's kinda hard ^^'l"l...I want to try draw an anime/manga looks like I'm fated to be a girls only artist...=_='l"l
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