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24 / F / food town~^^~♣
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
Nickname: Tare Panda
Name: Tare Panda
Birthday:November 25, 1995 ^^ { still young}
Hobby: rolling around or lying on the ground
Ability: can lay on the ground forever
Job: works for San-x
Favorite food: Suama, a kind of old-fashioned Japanese confectionery, made by mashing, kneading and mixing steamed rice with white sugar.
Something about me: a panda who gets around by rolling, since i'm so lazy (at 2.75 meters per hour, according to company literature)

That's all about me^^ n now it's ur turn ^^
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F / Sieyo Accademy |...
Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
Hello My Name Is Inah! GENKII!!!~~~~

im a friendly person, or am i ?

anyways you can find more info about me on my page...p.s add mee too...
and all i can say ryte now is... i love brown sugar machiato. thats it... hahahaah

my super secret power is to eat: a secret amount of sushi. lol
my weakness: is when someone pushes me on the ground. -_-'

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