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Posted 7/28/08 , edited 7/28/08
Welcome new members! We hope you enjoy Avatar Repair and request stuffs from us! Nya! >__<~

Tell us about yourself:

Your name:
Favorite color:
Favorite anime and manga:

Doesn't matter what you post! Just tell us about yourself!

I'll go first :3

My name is Alex and I'm Asian (AKA Chinese). I'm thirteen and I like saying 'Awesomeness in a box' and I also like saying 'Awesomeness in a bottle'. Dunno why... O_o My favorite color is green and you can look at my profile where there's a page that has the words 'GREEN ATTACK'. I LOVE the anime and manga Ichigo Mashimaro also known as Strawberry Marshmallow by Barasui. I like bubble tea but I hate dirty things. (perfectionist) but my house is REALLY messy because I made it messy. XDD
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