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23 / F / Down the rabit ho...
Posted 12/19/10 , edited 12/20/10
This pain inside, its warm.
my heart beating enough for a year in two minutes.
leaking unwanted memories through my hot tears.
the tears slide down my cheeks to my sinful lips.
hearts thudding, i wouldnt be surpised if,
it shattered my ribs along with my life.
each pump of heart each new drowning memory,
unfolding my mind in short bursts.
like kisses to anothers lips
trying to sooth the pain with doses of you.
i remember everything
you only whats good.
i stay because im scared.
im scared because im making the wrong choice staying with you.
what else will i choose wrong,
life saving breath taking decisions.
the pain, becomes cold dropping like rain.
like the gray clouds that hide the suns rays
you hide mine.
i stay with you because...
your all that i have left
even when you yorself walks away from me.
which is why the pain always starts out warm
but like all things hot
they eventually become,
Posted 1/31/11 , edited 1/31/11
Good job CUZ!^ k heres mine

               Green Eyes

The clouds,
Whisps of white flawing the blue Sky
Above me as I sat,
Soft and vivid green grass and Lavish tomato vines
Surround me,
Red gems shining in the sun,
I feel so at home,
Allthough I'm miles away,
I've been living on his property, For well,
Allmost as long as I could Remeber.
Then there was Antonio.
He allways was kind and cheery,
He loved tomatoes as much as I Did,
Which meant he loved them allot.
He would try to cheer me up,
Brighten my day,
But I was very condescending,
And constantlly ingnored his
He was a complete flirt,
Only a few years older than me,
Dark hair,
Brown eyes,
European toned skin,
He was kind of tall,
He was thin,
But had strong arms and legs,
Which were relevant when ever
He helped me pick tomatoes,
Which he said was one of his
Favourite things to do.
The one thing about him that Compelled me,
The most,
Was his lovelly green eyes,
That shone like emeralds,
The vivid green of the grass Beneath me.
Still deep in thought,
I didn't hear the vines rustling as
He came,
Seeing me in thought,
He took some time standing there,
Waiting for me to notice him.
After a few secconds,
I turned around,
Sensing a presence,
I raised an eyebrow and muttered,
"Why are you here?''
Then he smiled,
With his white, straight teeth,
With a sweet, small laugh he said Happilly,
''I'm here to help you today!"
I said nothing and turned away,
And countinued picking,
Giving him the cold shoulder,
As allways,
Not wanting showing my crush.
When he didn't join my side,
I turned back around,
"Aren't you gonna help? 
Do something you useless--"
I stopped when I saw his,
Pensive face,
He looked hurt,
Also very confused and troubled.
I stopped picking,
I sighed overdramiclly,
I walked slowly to his side,
"What's up?"
"Say it in Spanish, please."
He said sadlly.
I sighed again,then said,
"Que tal?"
He ignored my question,
Looking at the landscape, 
Totally blowing me off.
Even after I said it in Spanish,
"What?! I said it in stupid Spa--"
He cut me off,
With a wave of his hand.
"Why do you hate me?"
He said in a depressing tone,
His brought his fingers
To his temples,
And closed his eyes,
I didn't like it when he closed them
It concealed their beuaty,
His face was pained,
And I felt liked I'd been slapped,
I was suprised,
But i could tell why,
He thought that.
I felt ackward,
Shifted from foot to foot,
Twirled the single curly strand
Of my hair,
Slowlly with my pointer finger,
Antonio asked,
Expecting an answer,
"Uh, well, I don't hate you."
"You act like it."
I felt even more out of place,
The urge to tell him my crush,
Was especially strong,
But I couldn't tell him,
Wouldn't he just laugh,
And shake his head with a smile,
He had better options.
I finally muttered regretfully,
" I deffinetlly don't hate you, Antonio. I feel the opposite."
I stared at my feet,
Waiting for the snicker,
The humiliation,
I winced at my mere imagination,
Empty scilence hung in the air,
Antonio got up,
And rustled my brunette hair.
He looked surpised,
Then his face sobered as if,
He'd just thought of something,
His eyes lost their vibrence,
"You must be kidding. This is just
Another thing, right?
Another thing to make me
Feel absolutelly
"No, I l-love you."
I said,
Feeling face flushing,
I couldn't look at him,
"You can say it in Spanish."
He put his finger under my chin,
Turning my head towards him.
He was smilling like an idoit now,
His beautiful eyes lit again,
His kind face,
Into my soul.
I groaned,
"Mi amo."
"Good! Now,
Dame un beso."
I was perplexed,
Getting gradually frustrated,
At the foreign string of words,
       Out of
"What the hell does that mean?!" 
"Dame un beso."
He said again,
I was confused.
I said,
Clearly annoyed.
Then he answered in english,
"Kiss me."
My life was complete.

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