The Drama Request Thread
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32 / F / Battle of Ikemens...
Posted 3/10/07 , edited 3/10/07
there wasn't a thread made specifically for drama requests, so thought i'd start one.

I'd like to request for anybody to upload the english subbed
1) Kurosagi
2) One Litre of Tears
3) Yuuki (movie)
4) Byakkotai (special movie)

they were taken down when Kioku and Lovesong fansubs had requested for their works not to be uploaded on if anybody can upload these, i'm sure many will be happy...

to the replying uploaders: i think it'll be great if you guys can take the time to PM the person who requested for the videos you are gonna upload...just a suggestion...
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Posted 3/18/07 , edited 3/18/07
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