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28 / F / Werever Sebastian is
Posted 11/23/07 , edited 11/23/07
hi welcome, this topic is to describe yourself, here are some basic rules for now
1. no cuss words or swearing, saying the word crap and censoring your words completly is fine ( example-%$#@) is ok
2. please be kind and courteous to all members. I will update more rules later
here is a my and sample intro
name- jenny
favorite animes- school days, naruto, rockman exe series, ryusei no rockman, da capo, da capo 2, and many more
age- 17
favorite charachter- female Otome Asukara from Da Capo 2, male Subaru Hoshikawa from Ryusei no rockman
favorite games- ever 17, hourglass of summer, megaman battle network series, and megaman star force.
favorite manga- megaman nt warriror, hayate the combat butler,life,confidental confessions, and many more
favorite music- j pop, j rock, rock, and heavy rock
favorite j drama- life, maid in akihabara, and one missed call
favorite movie genere- horror, comdey
favorite movie- pink panther and final destination 3
favorite j movie- suicide club
favorite food, asian noodles and ribs
You dont have to answer all questions or add other info.
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27 / M / Bishoujo Heaven
Posted 11/25/07 , edited 11/25/07
Fav anime Code Geass, Da Capo/II, and lots more
age 16
fave character- female Kallen from code geass male Mizuho from from otoboku
fave manga- The Day of Revolution,Metamo Kiss,DNAngel,Girls Bravo,Battle Vixens and Battle Club
Fave Music Jpop,jrock,Rock
Fave jDrama-Proposal Daisakusen
Fave movie genere blood horror comedy
fave movie Balls of Fury
fave jmovie Water Boys
favorite food wonton,and chow fun
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26 / M / in my own little...
Posted 8/14/08 , edited 8/14/08
fav anime-higurashi no naku koro ni & kai, negima, love hina, school rumble, lucky star, and many many many more
age 16
fav charcter-femle:miyazaki nodoka from negima, male:yuuichi from kanon 2006
fav games- battle network series, pokemon series, and others
fav manga-negima, love hina, bleach, and naruto
fav anime movie-the clanned movie
fav music- anime
fav jsong-higurashi no naku koro ni by eiko shimamiya
fav anime genre-horror,pyscological,romance,drama,comedy, slice of life
and thats all you need to know right know

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