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Posted 7/29/08 , edited 2/12/09
Please SCROLL DOWN the thread to read the latest BEHIND THE SCENES news for WWE!

I'm still trying to way if there are any pros to Mike Adamle being RAW's GM when I read my daily wrestling news sites and see the following:

-- More on Freddie Prinze Jr. and the WWE creative team. It's not a rib. Vince and Stephanie are hoping it opens more doors to Hollywood, and obviously they'd love to have access to Sarah Michelle Geller for an angle at some point. Prinze Jr. is a huge fan, but doesn't necessarily have the historical knowledge to understand what has and has not worked in the past. He was introduced to everyone last night and impressed people with how excited and willing to contribute he was. Dave will have much more on this in the Observer that comes out tomorrow. There are already entertainment news outlets working on brief pieces about the story.

(COMMENTS: OK I love Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Robot Chicken and other things Gellar worked on but to be in wrestling as some angle?! And Prinze might be a fan but like it says he might not know enough about the past- WCW David Arquette anyone? BTW the Dave in the piece is Dave Meltzer who has been a longtime reporter on Pro wrestling and Mixed Martial Arts so he'll be on the ball about this story.)

-- Regarding SummerSlam plans, things appear to be changing on a near daily basis. Last week they took Shawn Michaels off all the house shows, apparently because they wanted to hold off his match with Chris Jericho until after SummerSlam. Jericho was also scheduled to do Highlight Reel segments on all the house shows, but then last night he said we'd never see one again. Then it was announced that Shawn would be back on Raw this Monday, so I presume their SummerSlam match is back on. Also, I don't know this for sure but I would think the main event may become a four- or five-way after all, because it just seems stupid to be giving away Cena vs. Batista with only two more weeks of Raw to promote it. Of course, they also announced Mike Adamle as GM.

(COMMENTS: I do wish to keep an HBK/Jericho rematch for later on as they need to run with Jericho's new heel push and have him face CM Punk, but we shall see. Also I'm conflicted too since Summerslam is a big PPV to do Cena/Batista, but that match would be even better with a slow burn to have them go one on one later on like at Survivor Series, Royal Rumble or as they teased, Wrestlemania.)

-- At least today, the plans for Raw and ECW to tape together appears to be back on, with the December 1st show at the Verizon Center in Washington, CD being listed as a Raw/ECW taping. Tickets go on sale August 2nd.

(COMMENTS: This was in the works for a while, hence why a lot of belts need to stay on Smackdown now since the ECW guys who held them will now be with the RAW Crew.)


I'm a bit on the ill side, but maybe not as badly off as others. Some behind the scenes stuff:

-Of course by now if you checked the site you'll see that they released Ric Flair so he can do more independant show appearances which WWE nixed, and possibly film and TV opportunities in retirement from the ring. But looks like perhaps another legend is joining him, making one question why WWE treats its Legends sometimes as well as the NFL and NHL used to: poorly.

-Mick Foley was not at the WWE Smackdown taping last night, which is looked at as selling his injuries from the week before. It is being rumored that Matt Striker and Todd Grisham may be the new permanent announce team for ECW with Tazz and Jim Ross handling Smackdown. This could change but it seems Foley will not be returning.

(COMMENTS: Don't fret it it's not due to injuries from Edge BUT it is more likely due to Mick's contract being up this month and WWE not doing a good job renewing it. I'd look over that Promo of the Year candidate from last Friday and rethink that contract. They are trying the above announcing team combos above this week in the second major shuffle in as many weeks, showing once again they are getting panicky with their announce crew. Too bad since Mick was doing a wonderful job learning from JR, so I really hope this stays rumour and Mick does get a good deal and signs back)

I'm not into TV Gossip but yeah, TMZ now is like on par with CNN for being

-In a video released on, Hulk Hogan attacks the newest member of WWE's creative team, Freddie Prinze Jr. He takes a stab at the current creative team and at the former Hollywood actor, saying "he's probably just as qualified as everybody else up there that knows nothing about the art form of the business."

(COMMENTS: After the many ads, got to see the video. For one thing it was mainly another segment of the downfall of Hogan during the divorce and whatever else happens in his life now [Nick's car accident and jail time, Brooke wanting to pose nude for magazines and trying to make her TV show work, both former mates dating the friends of Brooke who are like 19...] but looks like TMZ even wants more input on the so-called downfall of Freddie Prinze Jr. who is now a writer for WWE [wait, he HAD a career to plummet?!] and Hogan, ever bitter right now, got his 2 cents in. He'd change that in a second if money was offered again by WWE to re-appear since he needs it badly due to the divorce.)

Finally let's end with some random tidbits.


-They also noted the big announcer changes this week but see it as more tenuous, but of course pending how the Mick Foley contract talks go.

--WWE is up for several awards in the CableFAX Program awards that will be announced on 10/29 in Washington, DC. Vince McMahon is up for their Cable Hall of Fame with Chris Berman and Sheila Nevas (president of HBO Family and HBO documentaries). Stephanie McMahon Levesque is up for Best Writer on Cable. Raw is up for Best show that doesn't fit into any established category. The Vince McMahon car accident explosion is up for Best Surprise Ending. That wasn't even this year. Shawn Michaels was nominated for Best Actor that doesn't fit into any established category. The WWE was nominated along with the NHL for best use of HD.

(COMMENTS: Well Vince does want to go into TV show productions so maybe he can cast a retired Michaels in some new TV Comedy about exploding cars...speaking of which...)

--Vancouver based Insight Films has signed Steve Austin for an upcoming action movie. The company is attempting to make a deal with WWE to use more of their performers for action films.

(COMMENTS: Just know that Austin has been asking around to get more movies and looks like he's succeeding.)

--Mr. Kennedy suffered a dislocated shoulder at Monday night's house show in Macon, GA. He's having an MRI to determine the extent of the injury.

(COMMENTS: Even if not in any programs this would be yet another injury on his resumé as he's had quite a few in the last bit.)

Wowie, OK I mentioned the cut of Flair and the unknown situation with Mick Foley, where in his local newspaper he was quoted in saying "Creatively, the announcing job wasn't working out too well," but looks like WWE got the cutting board out despite injuries recently to Kennedy and Umaga that will likely keep them out for a while, Orton still weeks away from a return, not to mention Edge is working hurt going into HIAC. And go figure during all this, Psycho Sid is talking with WWE about a return in September.


Being let go by WWE are:
-Braden Walker (Chris Harris in TNA)
-Hardcore Holly
-Shannon Moore
-Big Daddy V
-James Curtis (who tagged a while ago with also released talent Idol Stevens when Michelle McCool managed them)
-referee Nick Patrick

*UPDATE: August 12th*

Just getting some stuff in since I was busy this weekend out of town and this week will likely be busy too for me.


There will be other updates but I'm reading his collarbone got re-injured (think Big Ben on the NFL Pittsburgh Steelers a few years ago for a similar injury, but luckily Orton was wearing a helmet) and Orton will be out at least another 3 months. Between him and Kennedy they must have the worst luck with injuries of late. Kennedy will be getting his shoulder looked over for possible surgery now.

To make up for these injuries (and Umaga too) along with the cuts last week, WWE will likely go after Tomko who was released from TNA, right after Tomko finishes any Japanese dates for federations down there where he got REAL better in his in ring.

*UPDATE: August 15th*

Well looks like more cuts once again folks in WWE.


Cut today were:

Stevie Richards

Colin Delaney

Robbie & Rory McAllister


Referee Wes Adams (who screwed up the finish of the Matt Hardy & Mark Henry vs. Miz & John Morrison match on TV Tuesday night)

Just goes to show don't screw up with Vince for the ref. Too bad Colin is done as he's from up here in Canada and has WAY more potential that WWE never used that I saw in my local indy feds. Highlanders was coming anyday since Robbie I believe got caught on TV at the TNA Impact a while back. Stevie, bless his soul for loving wrestling to still be around. Cherry I'll also miss as I kind of liked how she looked... That leaves only Deuce from that team, aka Jimmy Snuka Jr. so I assume he might be repackaged as such.

For those counting, the count for releases in the last few months (not counting Flair, Bob Holly and possibly Mick Foley):

This makes a total of 16 talents released by WWE within the last couple of weeks. Braden Walker was released on August 7th, followed by Big Daddy V, Nunzio, Shannon Moore, James Curtis, Domino and referee Nick Patrick on August 8th. August 12th the company announced developmental talents Brad Attitude, Charles Evans and Matt O’Neal were released.



Tapings for RAW went early due to the Labour Day weekend for Raw and Smackdown, and on the Raw side they suffered yet another injury. Add to the growing IR of Cena, Orton, Kennedy and Umaga...Shawn Michaels. It's suspected to be a torn tricep muscle during a bump on the show. He is expected for now to be on the Unforgiven PPV but this is getting real risky legit for his career and health now. Pray for the best folks.



First off we're on the day before Unforgiven and Shawn Michaels dodged a big injury for now with a minor tricep tear. He already is getting there in age and has the bad back, knee and eye to compound to things. As far as I'm hearing as it changes day to day, this feud with Jericho might not even end just yet so long as Shawn can go so stay tuned and let's hope for the best both in match and health. Undertaker is also on a part time schedule, hence all the promos with Vickie and soul taking.

Now like how the Fall offers change, here's the latest on who is coming in and out of WWE and who is on the injury roster.

INJURED: John Cena (2-4 months), Randy Orton (2-3 months), Umaga (indefinitely), Mr. Kennedy (4-6 months), Gregory Shane Helms (indefinitely-remember him?), Melina (indefinitely)

OUT of WWE: Mick Foley (to TNA), Ric Flair, the many cuts by WWE from Braden Walker to Bob Holly (see past updates above)

COMING INTO WWE in the near future, not counting the FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) developmentals: Gail Kim (though she's still working out the contract and seeing if TNA will match), maybe Team 3D/Dudley Boyz (recently expired contract, announced they are coming to WWE before Survivor Series on RAW THOUGH am reading with other sites this might just be a mix of an angle AND a "work" while they work out a deal with TNA-similar to the Jericho tease a while ago before resigning with WWE but teasing TNA with the online community. Christian's contract is going to be up soon too but he might be more willing to make a move as well as WWE wanting him back with the depleted roster and an instant feud with guys like Edge and Cena to complete), Stone Cold Steve Austin (to be on the Cyber Sunday PPV so will appear prior, most likely to be a special guest referee or enforcer)

So hope you're up to date too, enjoy Unforgiven!


Nothing too big but wanted to touch base here again. Smackdown is in fact moving in the US to myNetwork so keep an eye out there for the move next Friday. In Canada it stays the same time and station, the Score.

With it we will get a stacked card 2 days before the PPV. On it you'll see title holders vs. title holders but no titles can change hands; it's more for bragging rights.

HHH vs Chris Jericho vs Matt Hardy
Shelton Benjamin vs Santino Marella
Beth Phoenix vs Michelle McCool
Primo Colon and Carlito vs Priceless (Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr.)
Also you get an 8 man tag of Jeff Hardy/Batista/Finley/Rey vs.Kane/JBL/MVP/The Brian Kendrick


Just wanted to touch base before the PPV with some various news from my usual sites.


-JR reports on his blog recently that doctors say Melina won't be back until January at the latest from her injury. The Divas division sure could use her.

-Also the Kevin Nash to WWE is still a possibility since he's having issues with TNA over merchandise payments. Vince McMahon has talked with Nash coming back to side with HHH or HBK so long as he dyes his hair. We shall see how this goes as Nash is the smartest guy backstage.


-If you are in the US and need to find myNetwork affiliate in your area try this link:

OK off for now as Smackdown starts now with a NEW intro! Ta!

*UPDATE OCT 15/08*

Just got home so catching up on anime and the news online and lots to cover just today!


-This one caught me well off guard at a time the WWE needs to make new stars and needs to keep talent, not letting it go. Lance Cade is now gone from WWE, cut after the use in the Jericho/HBK storyline. Odd too since I'd have no clue why they'd upset Michaels who is his trainer, and I doubt for now it was Michaels asking for this. Apparently they say it's due to him getting enough chances (huh?!) and not doing well in the tag match against DX a while back. I kept saying he's talented enough to be pushed and this shows again WWE is not making stars anymore, sticking to the old guards WAY too much still...

Also from the site: "The December 8th edition of "Raw" will be a special 3-hour edition. The 3-hour shows are always a USA Network call and not the WWE requesting a 3-hour event. No word on whether they will put a special gimmick on the show."

So mark that on your calendars for the last big 3 hour special near the end of the year.

From various sources like

Also, if you're noting the promos for John Cena, expect his schedule to be for Survivor Series in Boston, his hometown, 7 weeks away.

"Stacy Kiebler is on the cover of this month's Maxim Magazine."
I just figure this is important to note, heh.

*UPDATE OCT 16/08*

Yes it's soon but more news is coming from WWE and the sites I use about things like the Lance Cade release:

**Lots of news coming out of the Lance Cade release from the WWE. The story appears to be a case of Cade having a seizure on a plane and being rushed to hospital. From what we understand it was a case of Cade happening to have a seizure at the wrong time in the wrong place as he was in a state of intoxication on the plane when this occurred and was let go because of that and not the seizure.

This is the second wrestler in mere weeks to have an intoxication incident with airlines, Jeff Hardy being the other one. Jeff is only being kept from winning the belt for now but as we see, Cade got released. I do question doing it with the seizure now coupled with this odd incident. More will likely come so if something does clear things up I'll report it back here too.

Another thing that keeps changing is the status of Don Caras Jr. contract with WWE that is on and off. He's the star from Mexico who WWE keeps wanting to learn the North American style to sign. Yes I know, stupid to get a lucha and make him just like 90% of the roster, as acclimation doesn't mean changing your style completely, or shouldn't.

Finally updating possible signings:

*Kevin Nash-A Work as he had a contract with TNA long ago resigned and was told to spin a story that WWE contacted him for an angle in TNA when he reappeared. Oddly WWE didn't confirm or deny it right away.

*Christian, Awesome Kong and the Beautiful People (Velvet Sky and Angelica Love) are some others with expiring contracts coming up for TNA, with Christian being the most likely to possibly leave and return to WWE. If he does, expect a good push since he left on good terms aside from a naming rights thing.

*No new news on Psycho Sid Justice, Goldberg or other older vets signing to report for now. Those in the IC belt match for Cyber Sunday are still on the bubble but have been contacted (Goldust and Honky Tonk Man, Rowdy Roddy Piper is already under a Legends contract) though again, HTM's status is worsened by his injury to his guitar hand that is pretty severe.

*UPDATE OCT. 29/08*


Sorry to report another injury but at last night's ECW tapings and show, Evan Bourne tore some ligaments and will be out 4 months, so there's an outside chance he makes it back for Wrestlemania 25. Some are saying his last few matches are earning him a look to be an entrant in the Money in the Bank match at Mania.

Meanwhile coming back are John Cena to action at Survivor Series, and soon after Randy Orton. Orton is going to be in FCW as likely soon will be Cena to give the body a test possibly so to see it's not a rush job back. Let's hope on their returns being successful. Ta!



This week looks like after giving their quarterly for profits, 3 wrestlers (I don't care of the ban Vince, it's WRESTLING for me and they're wrestlers, not simple entertainers...but I digress) from WWE. Super Crazy asked for his release and got it, while WWE cut Paul London and Chuck Palumbo. Note that Layla will now adopt the last name London too from now on (sort of the name change trend like with Kung Fu Naki and John Wayne Yang though latter looks like a one night deal).

BTW looking to next week where the WWE is on tour in Europe:

"The live Raw Monday will be in Manchester with Santino Marella vs. William Regal for the Intercontinental Title. Smackdown runs a show Monday in London at the O2 Arena, and then Smackdown and ECW are taped Tuesday in Manchester with Matt Hardy vs. Fit Finlay for the ECW Title, Michelle vs. Maria for the Divas Title, and Undertaker vs. Jeff Hardy in an EXTREME RULES~! Match. Raw also runs a house show that night in Birmingham."

*UPDATE NOV 10/08*


Well when WWE cuts talent they love to do it in droves. You can add to the releases abouve of Super Crazy, Chuck Palumbo and Paul London, Lena Yada, Elijah Burke and Kenny Dykstra. Again they keep claiming to want to push new talent but all I see is cuts like these, reduction of roles in the pecking order (See CM Punk, MVP, Kennedy, any of the ECW talent, Kofi Kingston...). Same old, same old. Expect more cuts to come of the talent they don't use or gave up on for various reasons like how they cut recently Lance Cade. ALSO in case you're wondering about Mike Adamle he's got a secure contract they're relooking at somehow getting out of but for now he's off the show and will be paid to sit at home until they can get out of the contract or it expires (it was a one year deal roughly). Consider the high hopes likely gone for the Spirit Squad alone:

It has been said already but the Spirit Squad curse continues:

Kenny Dykstra - Released today

Johnny Jeter - Out of the industry

Nick Nemeth - Competing as Dolph Ziggler and on a 30 day suspension

Nick Mitchell - Out of the industry and running a clothing store with Torrie Wilson

Mike Mondo - Released from WWE this past June

*UPDATE NOV.18/08*


Latest cut as they've been coming in spurts as one or a few so Estrada is gone. Let's see who survives not only match wise but the firing line as Survivor Series appropriately is coming Sunday.

*UPDATE NOV. 25/08*

First off as you saw on RAW there's a well done IC Title Tourney, so if you need to see the brackets you can locate them at

So for next week Rey takes on Miz with the winner facing Kofi Kingston, and Finley taking on John Morrison with the winner taking on CM Punk. The winner of the tourney gets a shot at William Regal, which I'd imagine takes place at Armageddon. I miss the old King of the Ring format so this is a nice idea to run right now.


**The mystery diva on "Raw" last night in the front row was Milena Roucka, who had the "Glamazon in Training" sign. Roucka was part of the 2006 Diva Search and was later signed and sent to Ohio Valley Wrestling.

So in the last bit we got back Randy Orton, John Cena, Edge and Melina. We got debuts recently of DJ Gabriel with new manager/former wedding planner Alicia Fox on ECW, and Jack Swagger, so Roucka is likely to debut soon, Kizarny will debut this week, Gail Kim is set to likely return on Smackdown and the big wild card, Christian is still up in the air though the longer it goes, the more likely he's back with TNA.

Others in waiting to see pending contracts and debut times include Don Caras Jr. from AAA Mexico, Hurricane Helms to in ring action pending a doctor's clearance, Mr. Kennedy likely in the new year, Umaga who was thought to be back at Survivor Series but would have been lost with Edge and Cena coming back already but look for him very soon back, and Dolph Ziggler's in ring debut.

**The WWE announced last night that there next three hour "Raw" on December 8th will feature the return of the Slammy Awards, the show takes place in Philadelphia.

For those not old enough it was simply a parody of the Emmys or Oscars. More comedy than anything though it did help for angles like the late Great Owen Hart who used his 2 wins as part of his character. Jerry Lawler mentioned he won 2 in the past as well last RAW. I expect Santino to win one so he can run with a good comedy angle once more.

Finally the reason Regal was eliminated so quickly at Survivor Series and also spawning this tourney is that he's fighting a flu he got in Europe on that recent tour so he's out of ring action until he's better.

*UPDATE NOV. 27/08*


OK got some news too! From

A sort of update and new signing news, we got Gail Kim backstage but yet to appear, not even sure if she's 100% signed but most likely is with writers taking their sweet time think up a story/gimmick for her. Meanwhile looks like Tyson Tomko signed as well with WWE. Now does this mean Christian is on the way?

Also for Canada: "The three-hour RAW will in Canada on December 8 at 8:15 p.m. There will be a pre-show starting at 8 p.m. The show will also repeat later in the night at midnight and the next day at 4 p.m." I think this is the same time for the US when the WWE also re-introduces the Slammys since 1997. I'll make a separate posting for that!

*UPDATE DEC. 14/08*

Ah just came back from a X-mas lunch Chiense Buffet party, got my new glasses so I can see again, and there's a PPV tonight.

So here's some news of late. Um and if anyone cares a bit ago Snitsky got let go for all 2 fans of his, heh.


Yep we got a RARE house show title change as the WWE tends to do these to make people go to more house shows in case it happens. The RAW Tag champs are now Miz and Morrison (whom I dub M and M 2) when they beat Kofi and CM Punk, a sure sign Punk is going to win tonight and go on to get that IC Belt.


Last news for a Buffalo (which is as close to Canada without being in it, count on many Ontarians making a trip down from "Bizarroworld" as Lawler dubs us) PPV, Armageddon. So expect lots of boos for Cena and HHH but lots of cheers for heels Jericho and Edge. Don't expect any title changes with too many in the last bit but who knows.

The big news this week was returning from Iraq for the Troops show JBL got in trouble but served. He was hazing many on the flight and the trip, mainly Joey Styles. He got drunk (not sure how the plane servers can not stop the guy once he got badly drunk) and picked fights, and Joey had enough. Joey told him off and JBL charged him IN THE AISLE but Styles wound up and PUNCHED HIM OUT! Yep so JBL is masked now with makeup like on RAW, is alone as everyone is on Style's side on this one like Lilian Garcia, whom JBL poured ice on while sleeping prior to the fight with Styles. And only JBL can NOT get fired for his hijinx...

Expect Mae Young and Goldust to be on the PPV show as both have been flown into Buffalo.

OK take care!

*UPDATE DEC. 16/08*

From and

Some notes for the upcoming RAWs leading to the Royal Rumble in January. 8 former champs faceoff then the winners go into a fatal four way on the following RAW to decide who faces Cena at the PPV.

Shawn Michaels vs. Kane

Rey Mysterio vs. JBL

Chris Jericho vs. C.M. Punk

Batista vs. Randy Orton

Complicated a bit but guess they love to try to confuse us Canadians, which they won't.

Rey meanwhile is OK, bloodied up but thankfully not a broken nose. You saw Snuka's son now called Simm Snuka premiere and he's likely to join the new Legacy (Orton, Manu, Rhodes). Expect soon for Kevin Fertig (Kevin Thorne) to return along with Tyson Tomko, perhaps a closer sign to if Christian returns or not. No news on Christian yet. Tomko did beat Burchill in a dark match and fans knew him again. OK short but to the point unlike the title chase, ta!

*UPDATE DEC. 23/08*

Well wasn't planning anymore updates but TONS coming out of the shows in my neck of the wood in Toronto! And got a lucky late gift with the 1 time return of TRISH STRATUS! Still rocking and looking good in ring, makes me fondly remember how good the Women's division used to be.

But we got OTHER news too! From

Looks like it's no longer an angle Batista was knocked out by Orton. As you see:

"Batista suffered a hamstring tear and will be out of action for several months. It is believed he will be undergoing surgery to reattach the muscle.

At this point plans for Cena vs. Batista, probably at Wrestlemania, seem to be out the window. The television storyline will be that Randy Orton's kick to the head gave him a concussion and will be used to set up a feud upon his return."

That's a harsh blow as Batista is pretty old and doesn't have too many years left to wrestle. His body is also big so it gets injuries like these more easily. If he's out at least past Mania that's at least the 6-8 months andy1 mentioned on the wall. Also puts the long term plans out of whack for now. Yeah we Torontonians cheered Orton taking him out but no one knew it was legit and this I must say hurts the top picture, but maybe opens a slot for someone while Orton lucks into having the main feud with Cena for a while now, likely to replace the Mania idea.

CAUTION as this next link is the SMACKDOWN SPOILERS also taped tonight:

Finally some updates on sites I occasionally use but WARNING ABOUT LOTS OF POPUPS!

Dropped Hade Vadder Smackdown character completely:

Former TNA talent Johnny Devine also got a dark match tryout:

I'll try to add anything new if I see it later today before I call it for a few days for the holidays.


As I sit waiting for RAW I figured why not skim the news for you!

You can check out the RAW preview stuff at and

Along with the Fatal 4 way for #1 contender to Cena's belt, we'll learn more people officially in the Royal Rumble (really only Koslov announced it himself on Smackdown so far), and 6 Divas will be in a match to determine who faces Beth at the Rumble.

Also there we find out the new DIVAS champ Maryse dislocated her knee cap on a house show. She's likely out for a bit but no time has been made yet until doctors give it a better look So her reign looks like a short one folks.

There is also the odd story on a serious injury by former WWF wrestlers Joanie "Chyna" Laurer on the weekend but she got to hospital in time. She had mixed alcohol with her perscription drugs then blacked out onto a mirror.

OK if I don't see any news in the next few days, see you then with more BEHIND THE SCENES news in 2009!


Welcome to the first 2009 BEHIND THE SCENES UPDATE! And we got some interesting notes!


No word yet but seems like he's at least on site for RAW. Now note they have been taping RAW and Smackdown together of late to save money so don't discount this means he's on RAW. Also he might be in to do just photo shoots/video shoots for future use like Gail Kim and Tyson Tomko did, both yet to debut on TV once more.

RAW tonight announced so far you got:
*William Regal Vs CM Punk for the Intercontinental Title
*John Morrison & The Miz Vs Rey Mysterio & Kofi Kingston
*Beth Phoenix & Santino Marella Vs Melina & Goldust
*Jillian Hall Vs Kelly Kelly

You'll see also Maryse's posting about her knee injury and she hopes since she dodged surgery that she'll be back sooner than later so they won't strip her of the belt for now and likely let the Maria/McCool feud try to unravel. Wonder if McCool's new beau off screen the Undertaker can maybe help her a teenie bit more at promos...and in everything really. Note she's starting to don clothing with the Taker symbol on it too.

Also here's the news on yet ANOTHER new WWE show to premiere post Mania:

"The WWE and WGN sent out a press release stating their new series "WWE Superstars" will premier in April and air on Thursday nights at 8pm EST and 11pm EST with a replay on the weekend for the 1-hour show. It will feature exclusive matches with talent from all three brands, which I assume will mean they will tape 3-4 matches between the Monday and Tuesday night tapings (which makes for a long night if they have to tape Raw, ECW and a match or two for "Superstars" on the Monday night. The deal is a 2-year partnership with WGN paying a licensing fee for the show."

Um great, like we didn't get enough hours of WWE as it is. I like wrestling but I need time to breath in between shows! Also talent will be overworked having to do now about 3 hours of tapings a day for 2 days to fill the TV (2 hours of RAW, 2 of Smackdown, 1 of ECW and 1 for this new show), added to house shows and monthly PPVs. Also no word on who will call the matches yet.

OK followup news from

And yep, no Smackdown tapings tomorrow so if Christian is in, can still be for Smackdown. I will say the source is not for sure as I read here:

--We have an unconfirmed report from New Orleans saying Christian arrived at the arena with Sean Morley. If it's the case, it wasn't hidden and in front of fans who say they saw him. I don't know if this is accurate because it is not a regular correspondent reporting it.

I guess we'll all have to wait and see then what is truth and what WWE will do, IF they got him, with the Peep's Champ.

Rumours persist from the previous day's news on these 2 Smackdown angles:

--There are reports of an angle inserted into Friday's Smackdown show where Jeff Hardy and fiance Beth are injured in a hit-and-run auto accident in Cameron, NC, most likely with Christian as the perpetrator. Jeff will be okay but Beth will apparently be seriously injured in storyline. That surprises me a little because she's always wanted to be out of the spotlight.

--Another angle is that Great Khali won the auction for the nude Vickie Guerrero photos

OK the Nude Vickie stuff is just stupid booking. The Car Crash is a bit too close to home again, especially with the Congressional reports now being made public with Stephanie McMahon saying in them "We do not use real life issues in our plotlines." Riiiiiiight. I do just hope that Christian wasn't riding then the infamous Hummer of wrestling...

Well to much news in 2009 then! Take care!


Wow quite a few things came in prior to Smackdown. Don't forget that those 2 new angles with Khali/Vickie and Jeff's car accident will air likely tonight as well.


There's also a bigger Associated Press article about the cuts to staff on the production level. The economy affects everyone and the recession meant that WWE will likely do more cuts of talents and staff, and already as you saw cut down on PPVs, though the latter is a plus so the PPVs left got more time to build stories and matches for as you're noting with the Royal Rumble, making them more important in the process.

Now signings we got one for sure as former TNA talent Low Ki, aka Senshi, signed with FCW and was already in a match last night. No word yet on if he'll get a call up but he's an AWESOME talent maybe good to help the ECW end to fill the gap of Evan Bourne, as he's got a nice high flying style with some awesome, creative ground game. Seems WWE has let him keep his Warrior's Way finisher from last night's show and that's good since it's unique. He goes middle to top rope and jumps down, double foot stomping the opponent's ribs. Sometimes the opponent hangs off the ropes too when he does it.

The rumour I was talking about is the yearly Hulk Hogan push for being at Wrestlemania. He appeared with Jim Ross on a radio show to push he'd even take the pin if he could be booked in a match against Texas' own Stone Cold Steve Austin since the match is in Texas and Austin, a sure fire Hall of Famer inductee this year, wants one more match at Mania as well. Unfortunately up to now Austin venomously refuses to have a match with Hulk Hogan, but JR kept the idea open since he thinks it would be an all time great match of 2 legends.

Again I apologize as the source about the sighting of Christian with Val Venis at RAW this week was false; it happens with outside sources sometimes.

Ted Dibiase Jr. should finish taping the Marine 2 by the end of February and was listed on some house shows during that time, so expect his return to RAW soon. No word yet on if he returns as a heel, or a face to battle Randy Orton who had put him out.


Also returning soon is Mr. McMahon in 2 weeks and that show will take place in Chicago. Apparently the No Way Out Poster is advertising the Elimination Chamber with Vladimir Koslov in the background, so that sort of suggests he's NOT winning the Rumble but will be place in the match. That would mean a RAW guy wins the Rumble, but then again, this is an early poster and could change. Stay tuned on that one and other news!


From and

OK as I said above there were going to be cuts and more came just minutes ago. 10% of the backstage and online staff got cut already and now talent is being cut too. I'll update as news comes in the next few days but so far cut from talent:

-Bam Neely
-D'Lo Brown
-Val Venis
-Kevin Thorne
-Referees Keenan Quinn, Mike Posey, and longtime stalwalt Jimmy Korderas
-Agent and former Referee Tim White
-Developmental Talent from FCW Gavin Spears and Mike Kruel

Heck they even fired Vince McMahon's LIMO DRIVERS so who knows how he gets to Chicago in 2 weeks now! Also employees high on the pay chart got cut from Titan Towers, and for their hard work security escorted everyone out. Well this was Black Friday indeed as the WWE Guillotine came out in spades in the Titan Towers Massacre.

ALSO to update on earlier Steve Austin news, we get from

"After slower than expected ticket sales for the Hall of Fame event at the Toyota Center in Houston, WWE broke tradition by already revealing that they would be inducting Steve Austin this year."

So there you go, now it's official that your first Hall of Fame entry will be the Texas Rattlesnake! Hopefully since they see the effects of the recession, this early announcement helps and likely leads to Austin starting any storyline much earlier to build towards a final match at Mania.

Stay tuned for more as it comes in spurts. Ta!



A few notes. SPOILER ALERT but we got 2 retirements in this week's TV. On Smackdown for sure, though it has been talk for weeks by her, Victoria is calling it a career. Easily one of my more recent favorite female wrestlers she was a former champ and had an awesome in ring skill set. Her Widow's Peak finisher is still one of the best for any wrestler. Loved her more as a heel with Stevie Richards as her manager and when she had th TaTu song "All the Things She Said." She could do the psycho heel but in late years had fun doing comedy like the Divas Halloween costumes of Yokozuna and this year, the PEANUT BUTTER, JELLY TIME Banana. I'll miss her but wish her a happy retirement. I believe she has a restaurent business so she likely will turn to it now.

The other retirement is a story angle. Similar to Ric Flair's one but obviously not as highly ranked, Tommy Dreamer announced on ECW that he too will retire unless he wins the ECW belt by June 6th when his contract is done. Of course June 7th is the One Night Stand PPV so count on his final decision to go until then, and no fluke that it's in New Orleans.

WWE also released referee Mickey Henson, Matt Cappotelli (former Tough Enough winner recovering from brain cancer), Sgt. Slaughter and Ron Simmons, the latter 2 who served as minor characters but of course have a long time serving the company. Now this note is interesting to note on all these firings of late:

"Vince McMahon is showing his displeasure in the new U.S. President elect Barack Obama. The recent layoffs were due to his prediction that Obama's leadership will lead to a nation with 10% unemployment, and that he is preparing."

Again if you saw in the GOOKER AWARD thread for worst of 2008, one of the choices was the Barrack vs Hillary fake match that was horrendous. Note Republican John McCain was left out. Now all 3 got to talk for real in front of the crowd but Vince has been showing his political views for a while, and he tends to have some preference to those who also choose Republican/big business (cite JBL).

Take care as the Rumble approaches!


Nothing much from my normal sources. A new cut of Bob "Hardcore" Holly to add as more cuts come here and there. Hade Vansen was the other one too recently but he had 1 promo then got canned. Don Caras Jr. On the other hand, after lots of back and forth on contract issues, decided instead to forgo signing with WWE and being in the Rumble, signing a 4 year extension with CMLL of Mexico.

For those curious Jericho is not an actual firing, and is in fact on house shows still. We shall see if Vince resigns him in the story on his return on Monday, if Jericho goes to ECW or Smackdown, or other plans. Take care!



Quite a few notes with the big story being the Mickey Rourke appearance. As reported during the Royal Rumble report he did indeed challenge Chris Jericho to a match at Wrestlemania, though the execution was off due to not really having a reason or the order should have been Jericho running down his movie the Wrestler before this announcement at the SAG awards.

Now what's changed is an Associated Press release by Rourke's camp that he is not going to be at Mania at all. This despite Ric Flair saying he's going to likely be in his corner (though he WILL be at the HOF ceremony and we find out now he's NOT entering Austin, but Ricky Steamboat instead).

The reason for this change could 2 things. The first is he's been told by his agent it's career suicide to go to WWE whom the elite Hollywood hates. Even when someone like the Rock enters it properly, a lot of the high ups look down on wrestling. Rourke's been going by his own drum which has its ups and downs, so with him now winning a Golden Globe and getting an Oscar nomination, he might be yielding this advice.

There another possibility: a wrestling shoot. You say one thing to shoot and fake out someone. In this case, Rourke might have used his camp to say he's now out in time so he's got a shot at the Oscar (though I think this is unlikely to help as at the SAG awards which along with the Golden Globes tend to predict the winner of the Oscar, but whispers persists they want Sean Penn to win again like he did at the SAG awards because he's more beloved and they hate those not in the Clique, and I don't mean the one HBK and HHH used to lead with Hall and Nash). Then after the February show is done, he can re-announce coming to Mania. The telling tale of this will be if WWE continues with Jericho making fun of Rourke and continuing to prod him to do it, so at least 1 thing on RAW might be good.

UPDATE on that is today Vince sent an email to E! Online noting:
"I am pleased that Mickey Rourke will be in attendance at WrestleMania to support the WWE Superstars who support him and the film in which he stars, The Wrestler."

Well let the circus begin no matter how this ends up, as it's been going on all week so far.

Yes again that ending was horrid, got the most hate emails on many sites, and looks like WWE is getting gunshy on pushing Orton, so the new plan is to push a NON WRESTLING SHANE MCMAHON to Mania. Yeah, this sucks. Expect a Shane/Orton match at NWO to be announced soon, maybe with Orton's title shot on the line. Yes this could get ugly, I got a bad feeling your new Mania main event might be Cena vs. Shane in the battle of Supermen...even if one has punches that looked weaker than a cat fight. I know this is not TNA talk, but they did the same except old over the hill heels killed the faces...I'm worried to have anything left that's over, the Super "Face" Shane will take on the Main Event Mafia elders of Kurt Angle, Booker T, Keving Nash, Sting and Scott Steiner...hey JR got those bowling shoes ready if THAT ever happened? I try not to be negative but this week alone is a low week of all time for wrestling ANYWHERE for the big 2...Smackdown you're getting HHH vs. Koslov AND the Great Khali (I thought he was face now?) with Taker vs. Mark Henry to rot your mind, and ECW even suffered with burying Tommy Dreamer despite this great retirement angle (didn't they do this with Flair?! no one cares...), a chase the ECW title from Hornswoggle, and Matt Hardy leaving, taking any interest likely away with him from an already desolate ECW show...moving on...

Yes indeed spoilers indicate the 2 Elimination Chambers participants. On the Smackdown side over 2 weeks, we will have Edge defending against Koslov, Big Show, HHH, Jeff Hardy and the Undertaker, while Raw will have John Cena, Rey, Kofi, Chris Jericho, and 2 more this coming week likely.

WWE made its second closure of one of their offices in Canada which makes me sad since I knew a few working there. Australia already suffered too with no more office, this all despite WWE opening new offices in Europe. Baffles me how they handle their recession cuts, though I guess Vince is going with his plan to show up US President Obama...THQ who makes the video games for WWE also took a hit due to the recession, making cuts recently in their company.

If you're in the Houston area for Mania this year, at least you're getting lots of love:

--It is now confirmed that Smackdown on 4/3 will air live from the Reliant Center in Houston two nights before Wrestlemania and tickets will go on sale Saturday. That means Houston will have Smackdown on Friday, Hall of Fame on Saturday, Mania on Sunday and Raw on Monday.

That's not bad if you got the cash to many all these events! Finally to wrap it up for now, it has been announced that AC/DC will be the main performing musical group at Wrestlemania 25 this year! Take care!



-I'm going back to the weekend news of how Chris Jericho's incident in Victoria, B.C. with some rabid fans (I apologize again for the Canadian fans here who have to deal with the few idiots who jump oncoming cars constantly). The police is looking into the incident and it's made a lot of news sources along with the wrestling news. Lots is sketchy even with all the Youtube videos posted of the incident since Jericho was leaving the parking lot, was swarmed, and then a girl and boyfriend got into with him and there have been charges laid, which the WWE is aiding in giving info to the police. I don't think anyone is in the right but it's a situation I don't think will warrent jail time for anyone either. Well I hope at least since I'm sure that would throw a wrench into WWE plans, not that I'm digging a possible Flair coming out of retirement to face Jericho at Mania 25, as even with wrestling you wish for one retirement to stick. Rourke is the main plan and as mentioned before it's likely a ploy by Rourke's camp to wait out until the Oscars are done by Feb. 22nd, before going back to see if the main plan can work with Rourke vs. Jericho and Flair in Rourke's corner. There might still be other plans as Vince changes his mind like suits each day...

-Speaking of Mania news at the moment only Stone Cold Steve Austin is officially announced as being a HOF Induction, but news has leaked out about others. So far those leaked include Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat who will be inducted in by Ric Flair (so Austin we're still in the dark who will induct him; might be Vince but no solid confirmation on that), "Cowboy" Bill Watts (to be inducted by Jim Ross), and Terry Funk.

-And speaking of changing his mind, check this article out anaylsing the return of Christian to ECW of all places. I do concur how it's a poor choice to debut him on your C show that few watch just to swerve the internet smart fans. It's 2009, and that ends up killing momentum like with Jericho, and is still doing so to Gail Kim whom they still claim to have no story for to have her debut. It's a wonder if WWE just gets the TNA departees to simply not use or use poorly to stroke Vince's ego, just like how Shane is the headliner facing Orton and Legacy. Paying dues is not a thing that works today. I do think some good might come out of it as ECW regains some star power lost when Matt moved, Matt is a big winner since he was put in the Jeff assailant role which will work well for him it looks like, and Christian, like Matt Striker announcing or past ECW guys like CM Punk, Evan Bourne and Kofi Kingston, might show that you can't keep them down and force the hand for WWE to move Christian onto RAW or Smackdown in the future. Bourne on that note should return soon, and Christian can work with up and comers like Jack Swagger or Miz and Morrison, while taking the load off guys like Finley and the soon to retire Tommy Dreamer. Also premiering was Tyson Kidd, a play off former Calgary Flames goalie Trevor Kidd (as Vince loves his sports knockoffs like recently released Kenny Dykstra from Lenny Dykstra of the Philadelphia Phillies, or Bam Neely from Cam Neely of the Boston Bruins), who is T.J. Wilson, one of the last trainees of the Hart Dungeon. He's managed by Natalya and I've had the privilage to have them on a previous wrestling show I worked and aided in booking a few years back. They're deserving of a WWE spot and I wish them the best!

- We got a date for the semi annual WWE DRAFT!

"WWE has announced that the (somewhat) annual draft / shakeup of the roster will take place on Monday, April 13, when Raw is live from Atlanta. "

So Mania 25 will on Sunday April 5th so it's about a week after it to let things settle. Once No Way Out (NWO) is done there will be a Wrestlemania 25 thread here on the forum for you to discuss things leading up to it, and to get the latest news leading up to it! Their page is at

Take care and will report the BEHIND THE SCENES news when I can!


If it's alright I will keep using this thread for posting or commenting on WWE Stuff backstage I don't mention in other threads. Take care!
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Well say bye bye top Freddy Prinze Jr from the creative team now.

According to, Freddie Prinze Jr. has left the WWE creative team. Prinze hadn't been around much for the last few months, and this was something that everyone in the company saw coming. Some haven't seen Prinze at a TV taping in nearly two months. Prinze joined WWE in July of 2008, after spending years as a regular at WWE events. He worked for the Smackdown brand and was said to be very well liked by the wrestlers, due to him being such a big fan.

This may explain a few things but it may not who knows.
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This is a leaked script of RAW so check the spoiler at your own discretion.

Other minor non-Mania news today with help also from :

-WWE's next straight-to-video project will be a remake of Chuck Norris' famous Missing in Action film. Hopefully starring Chuck Norris.

-Batista's return in May is the plan for now. Evan Bourne is already cleared to wrestle now. Mr. Kennedy is set for an April return to the ring.

- Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson hosts Saturday Night Live tomorrow night.


Well it's back to the normal news thread to update you on all the happenings behind the scenes as they occur concerning the WWE. We're now past Mania 25 so now comes the fallout.


-If many of you had a problem seeing the PPV it might be due to being under COMCAST in North America. They had huge issues on purchasing it then showing it that they gave refunds which will cut a lot of buyrate for the PPV as a result. They're new to HD and such so sadly it's on their heads for the major blunder but WWE will suffer more. Time Warner also had problems with their broadcast, ditto for England.

-WWE is claiming live wise it broke records in Houston with 72, 744 in attendance live for Wrestlemania 25. It's a live event record but NOT for the Reliant Stadium itself which held a Technology conference for 75, 922 people and a Miley Cyrus concert for 73, 459 in attendance.

-Due to the sloppiness of the Battle Royale and no introductions of the participants (go thank Kid Rock for going too long on his FIFTH song at that point), here's the final list of whom was in the match.

* Joy Giovanni
* Molly Holly
* Miss Jackie
* Sunny
* Torrie Wilson
* Victoria
* Santina' Marella
* Eve Torres
* Jillian Hall
* Katie Lea Burchill
* Brie Bella
* Beth Phoenix
* Alicia Fox
* Gail Kim
* Kelly Kelly
* Layla
* Maryse
* Michelle McCool
* Melina
* Mickie James
* Maria
* Natalya
* Nikki Bella
* Rosa Mendes
* Tiffany

So Nidia didn't make it and Joy was in her place. She was in town but not on the card, and fellow former Tough Enough contestant Chris Nowitski was in town too for Booker T's charity event. Lacey Von Erich (who is with WRESTLELICIOUS run by Jimmy Hart with some hilarious ads on Youtube), Shane's buddy Pete Gas and actor Michael Clarke Duncan were backstage too.

-For the Tag match that got moved (again thank Kid Rock and those thinking a DVD only match would be cool), here are the Lumberjacks (the roster guys with no match and who knows who ends up on the Guillotine of "Future Endeavours" in the future) for that Tag Team Title Unification match:

* Jack Swagger
* Great Khali
* Jamie Noble
* Shad
* Hurricane Helms
* Paul Burchill
* Goldust
* Curt Hawkins
* Zack Ryder
* Mike Knox
* Vladimir Kozlov
* R-Truth
* Evan Bourne
* Jimmy Wang Yang
* Tommy Dreamer
* William Regal
* Ezekiel Jackson
* Brian Kendrick
* Charlie Haas
* Dolph Ziggler

-The quitting of JBL last night is his last match in WWE. He has a blog up at where he states he's done, wanted a final match with Rey since Eddy Guerrero is his best friend and would have chosen him, and that he at the moment has not been offered the vacant commentator's job, and looks to move onto his future work in the business industry and owning OVW.

-WWE was content with the PPV but heard of how poor the last two matches were having to follow the amazing Undertaker/HBK match. Some suggest tonight Orton will get the belt too now on RAW. Other changes include for next year to have sitdown interviews with the HOF inductees due to those time restraints with the USA Network who were upset the Funks, Bill Watts and Austin went well over the time limit they allowed (think Oscars and their badly done time cap on speeches). Steve Austin was also loving his last ride in WWE as a public figure and will stay on to help them in other capacities in the future while taping new movies.


First of all Ricky the Dragon Steamboat still has it and is the man even at 50+ years old!

Next, from and

-OK did anyone still recall KEVIN KELLY was even employed by WWE still?! Well he's rumoured to be the next announcer for the new Superstars show they will begin airing in the US next week. No word if other countries will also get the show but that's now 2 hours of RAW (3 next week for the draft), 2 hours of Smackdown, 1 hour of ECW, 1 hour of Superstars for a total of 6 hours of WWE shows, not counting when they got a PPV too.

-As far Batista's return it was meant to be for May due to healing that torn hamstring. Hope he's not rushing back and risking further complications though. Dolph Ziggler managed to do a dark match with Evan Bourne last night so his feared broken collarbone injury is not as bad as thought. Also the match was not with Jimmy Snuka as first reported but with Simm Snuka. Also looks like Simm was the cameraman who missed that spot to catch the Undertaker doing a tope onto HBK. Man he's lucky who his adopted dad is...

From and

-Michael Hayes is having some time off until the draft at the moment.

-Other talent backstage the last few shows included a lot of second/third generation stars: DH Smith, Reid Flair, Ricky Steamboat Jr., Bret DiBiase, Amy Hennig, Nattie Neidhart, Lacey Von Erich, Wahoo McDaniels' son and even Sean Stasiak.

-If you want to see Rock's response to Cena's Wrestlemania 26 challenge check it at -Dwayne-Johnson-Responds-to-Cenas-Challenge-to-Return-to-the-Ring.htm

-The Extreme Rules PPV might have hit a snag due to the NBA playoffs. If in June the New Orleans Hornets are still in the playoffs, they will have to move the PPV from that arena, likely to a smaller nearby university.

By later tonight the tapings of Smackdown (back to one episode a week again) and ECW should be done and we'll learn who the new GM will be.


From over the last few days of taping Smackdown and ECW now we got as you saw a few changes:

-The New RAW GM is Vickie Guerrero, the new Smackdown GM is once again Teddy Long...and of all things the temporary GM who looks like she'll handle the draft this coming RAW will be Tiffany. Yeah, swerve for the sake of one for now.

-The announcing crew changed for the moment too. Michael Cole and King still do RAW, but Todd Grisham moved to Smackdown to replace the released Tazz, but he's ALSO taking Jim Ross' role as the lead play by play announcer. JR will stay on now as an analyst who will talk sparingly, but we'll see how long this last. On ECW it's now Matt Striker with Josh Matthews. Matthews was a former Tough Enough contestant who has good knowledge having done the FCW play by play before being called up.

-Remember the bad days for Simm Snuka of late? Well those might look up as it looks like WWE will have him on their new Superstars show starting next week on WGN in the US. He will be joined by Kevin Kelly who hasn't been seen since 2003. OK I looked it up online as best as I can and found info here at

*It will be an hour show created of course by VInce McMahon, starring the WWE Roster. It will thus have talent from all 3 shows. It will air on Thursdays at 8PM and 11PM.

Um that's all for now. Does mean the talent (likely the midcarders) will have to also do this show along with whatever show (or shows, come on, this draft is smaft and might not last too long before we get crossover again) they're on. But as noted it will have its own commentating crew, similar to the old Velocity/Heat shows for the moment.

They did release a press release for the show that can be seen at,-Top-Selling-DVDs,-JBL-Interview,-More.htm

-You can add MMA top fighter Josh Barnett to the celebrity list that was at Wrestlemania 25.

Meanwhile from

-Batista will be featured on the next WWE Magazine in a take off of Weapon X, Wolverine of the X-men. No word if he got any help healing though.

-Gail Kim's new movie Royal Kill will be airing soon in select theatres as it was delayed for a while.

-Looks like WWE now hires at a low rate any indy wrestler for bit parts like security guards or like you saw for Cena's Mania intro. Of course since anyone is taken some backstage differences have arisen as far as any respect between talent now.

-Apparently DH Smith might be coming back soon, and when he does he now has blonde hair. Hope he's not confused for Dolph Ziggler.

*UPDATE APRIL 12 to 13/09*

Just taking a moment from my Easter weekend to post some quick news. From

The schedule for the draft is as follows:

*12 performers will change shows they are on during the 3 hour RAW show this coming Monday, April 13th, and their interviews will be posted later on

*Howard Finkel will host at the same website an online supplemental draft for lesser talents on Thursday, April 15th at noon (Eastern Time).

*The site will also have 3 online chats and a fantasy draft pool.


More info on the Superstars show format:

**The new WWE "Superstars" show will also be debuting this Thursday on WGN. The company will be taking one match tonight prior to "Raw" and then 2-3 more matches being taped at the "Smackdown" and ECW tapings tomorrow night for the show. The idea is that it will largely feature in ring matches with less storyline and matches will be thrown to from the hosts, who will be in a control center. Kevin Kelly will not be one of the hosts of the shows as that plan has changed. Sim Snuka is rumored to be one of the hosts of the show unless creative comes up with another way to utilize him.

Well what a novel idea, wrestling over the silly storylines! Again no word on any station getting this outside the USA but I've also heard on the Sunday radio show the info is from that WGN is also their back up TV Station if myNetwork TV goes belly up due to the recession and horrid ratings overall for it.

**The theme song for "Backlash" this year is "Seasons" by The Veer Union.

That's it for now, keep checking here on the site too when the draft is updated
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OK I'm only replying here as I'm trying to figure out where the last update went for BEHIND THE SCENES. Hope that's alright.

*UPDATE APRIL 24th/09*


-OK I do recall last time we are still awaiting to hear on Jeff Hardy's contract situation. His contract is up in July so right now even booking him like at Backlash is up in the air. He wants some time off and might take a while to re-sign while WWE waits on his decision as they to indeed want him back long term.

-The latest cut by WWE is to consultant "Superstar" Billy Graham. While saving $24,000 per year in the process, it's odd since he's been a good employee and family friend even, a legend in all the sense of the word as he influenced many future stars from Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan to HHH.


-Cities are officially bidding now for Wrestlemanias between 2011 and 2014. Arizona has the next one for Mania 26 in 2010. Tampa Bay joins Indianapolis and Las Vegas as frontrunners to get one of the Manias thereafter. Note Tampa Bay has the advantage of being the home of FCW their developmental federation.

-The View as I watch Smackdown is now into a story arc with one of the hosts (Cybil Sheppard) talking about being in love with MVP and wanting him on the show after the PPV, and Smackdown is in Madison Square Gardens in New York where MVP and Dolph Ziggler will now faceoff for the US title, so I guess the planned stop to crossover to support this brand extension stuff is still not done after Backlash...this despite JR saying on his blog they will be locked.

*UPDATE APRIL 27th/09*

If you need a Backlash report to catchup on what happened there are a few like at

There were some random post PPV notes:

-Fans apparently were hot all night but not fans of the now former champs Cena and HHH, so much they started the old Queen for HHH as he was stretchered out ("Na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye"). Looks like unless either of them pull a Superman that both might take some time off to rest after some hefty schedules of late, just like how HBK took time off since Wrestlemania 25.

-When Cena did his finisher onto Edge into the crowd he did so into a bunch of "fans" planted there who were likely cheaply paid indie wrestlers for the event like they've hired of late.

-It was obvious Jim Ross, Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler were not told about the whole silly Khali kiss stuff since Vince loves to put down JR and did so again, so much it's upset JR rightfully so as Cole was being fed lines from Vince again on the headset and JR said so on air that his mic was cutoff until he cooled down. Who knows, might be yet another attempt to fire the best announcer in wrestling once more, all over how he looks, which is sad.

-Matt Striker, Josh Mathews and Todd Grisham all didn't work the PPV as they are considered by WWE as the weak links of announcing, which is very unfair for Striker in particular considering there was an ECW match to call.

-In the dark match for Backlash, Kofi Kingston beat Dolph Ziggler.

-Apparently at the show a fight broke out in the crowd between fans during the Hardyz' match, as one fan tried to double axe handle another fan and security stepped in, with one thrown about during the melee. Someone hasn't been heeding those "Don't try this at home" warning ads!

-From what we can decipher from the PPV, expect the following feuds to start this week heading to Judgment Day in 3 weeks:
John Cena/Big Show on RAW

MVP/Dolph Ziggler (this is only cross promotional due to to the View's host Sherri Shephard wanting to be in the angle at MSG in NY and they are only doing Smackdown at the show, hence using MVP on SD one more time so she can manage him; no word how long this feud goes)

Edge/CM Punk if they start the MITB angle, also note Judgment Day is in his hometown of Chicago, Illinois.


Christian/Tommy Dreamer due to that angle that Tommy will retire if he's not champ by the Extreme Rules PPV

OK now onto the news of the day and we already got a new signing by WWE!


-Lance Hoyt who was Lance Rock in TNA now has signed with WWE. He's a big guy who can fly but was never high up the card, but he does fit Vince's love of big guys. Hoyt now might get the spot formerly promised to Tomko until he got injured and was fired for being out of shape. Former ECW champ Justin Credible, who is friends with HHH and HBK, was also backstage just visiting for now.

Uh oh JUST got this news now from

-Matt Hardy is LEGIT injured after that spot where he was taped to the table and Jeff jumped on him from the ladder. It's a broken right hand and he's being listed out 4-6 weeks. The initial plan was after the Dolph mini-feud that MVP was to feud with him but now he's out until healed.

-Cena meanwhile is not legit hurt after taking that bump at the end. No word again like aforementioned if he takes some times off at all.

Alright that's it for now! Oh if you wish to see JR's recent blog about Backlash and his thoughts, he's posted too at

*UPDATE APRIL 30th/09*

I might have more later on as it's early today but I wanted to post some items of news from yesterday firstly.


-As seen, a good choice to have a rematch for Christian vs. Swagger for the ECW title gives us two title matches on Judgment Day so far (the other being Orton/Batista). As for Edge's opponent there has been changes already, as CM Punk was taken out of the Scramble match that will air this Friday and it's now a Fatal Four Way for the #1 contendership between Chris Jericho, Kane, Jeff Hardy and Rey Mysterio. I imagine it's to further push how Punk has that MITB briefcase and might be better served teasing using it in his hometown of Chicago where the PPV will be.

-In again one of the oddest crossovers, the women of the View talked with Sherri Sheppard's managing of MVP for one night on the upcoming taped to air Smackdown. She liked that he's single and hot but he's on the road too much. They did get to meet a lot to talk and connect. At least I guess MVP gets more rub from this and support, as he had a stellar match on RAW with Orton too. They need the new stars badly. Meanwhile reported at , Jim Ross is expecting MVP to now show on the View on Monday to further the crossover but it's not set in stone.

-Also Buddy Rose passed away suddenly so condolensces go out to him and his family. He had diabetes complications of late. He's an older star of the old WWF and some trivia about him is that we was in the first Wrestlemania match as the Executioner who lost to Tito Santana. He also had an awesome feud with the Rockers, Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannette in the past, and is a mentor to many stars wrestling today.

*UPDATE MAY 1st/09*

First from

-Apparently the Iron Sheik explained on the Howard Stern show that he's doing his autobiography on his own and not with the WWE is due to the language and content to be in it, which doesn't fit the new PG rating WWE has adopted. BTW someone tell me how the last few stories for some feuds has been PG?

-With the Hornets now out of the playoffs (wow I was so off about them upsetting Denver...), the WWE has now set the Extreme Rules PPV to be held in the New Orleans Arena on June 7th

-WWE used to have a few developmental companies like Ohio Valley Wrestling, until recently moving it all to just FCW in Tampa Bay. Seems one of those other developmental groups, Deep South, has filed a lawsuit against the WWE over that talent movement and contract cancellation.

Next from

-Apparently in one of the huge boxing matches this year between Manny Pacquaio and Ricky Hatton, Batista will be in Manny's corner on his way to the ring tomorrow night in Las Vegas. This is due to Batista's partial Filipino bloodlines which Manny is also from, but Hatton and Batista apparently got together well too since Hatton is a huge WWE fan.

-Former TNA and WWE developmental prospect Sonny Siaki is donating his kidney on June 5th to his brother Bernard, who has been seeking a donor for a few years. This has been a huge thing that retired him early from pro wrestling to help his brother so I wish them the best of luck on the transplant.

-The song ‘Rescue Me' by Buckcherry will be the official theme song for ‘Judgment Day' this year.

*UPDATE MAY 2nd/09*

Usually I wait until the afternoon to report so all the news comes in, but I saw this piece of info from the morning WWE Headquarters from their shareholders meeting and almost fell off my own chair!,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/

"At the WWE shareholders meeting this morning, Vince McMahon said WWE was looking into adding a Wednesday night television show. He said being on television every night would make it easier for fans to follow the storylines or catch up with the storylines in case they miss a show.

He also announced the company is considering canceling the tour of Mexico in a few weeks because of the swine flu outbreak.

He also announced Pepsi has signed on as a new company sponsor."

OK the last 2 points are fine, Mexico is not the place to be if even the Lucha Libre companies like AAA are closing down until that's handled. And getting Pepsi on board is a huge coup, and CM Punk has to be happy. But that first point I nearly had a freakout. I still might, as do we REALLY needs WWE shows each night?! Only soap operas, game shows like the Price is Right and the News go on daily like that and none of them are putting bodies on the line like the wrestlers do. THEY ARE WRESTLERS, as opposed to the coined term entertainers Vince is now believing in. Even if it was another hour show like Superstars is that was recently added you're going to burn out your talent fast, get more injuries, cut their time off to rest or be with family, cause more likelihood of drug use to heal/aid themselves, and for us fans, burn US out as the writers will try to figure out how to make more TV. It's sad Vince is starting to lose a grip on how to make cash the right way. If you want to see a good set of rules they SHOULD adopt, give Lance Storm's latest article a read at

Now some tidbits from

-Vince also added at the morning meeting that MMA is not on the horizon to add to the company.

-Don't count on anymore Divas posing for Playboy as once again Vince is using the PG rating as the reason.

-Vince blames the low PPV numbers not on the recession, but on how fans are watching in groups rather than buying as individuals. Uh we've been doing that for a long time already.

-Someone honestly asked if Mr. McMahon would be the one ending the Undertaker's undefeated streak for Manias and he said unlikely. I really hope he's not getting the idea EVER to do this or else he's really lost it...Vince is apparently too busy to also ever appear in any of his WWE Films.

-For the Great American Bash poster, Batista is featured on it.

*UPDATE May 5th/09*

From various sources like

-Big news today is that the Undertaker, who's been hurting even before his Wrestlemania match with HBK and has been taking time off on his aging body and ongoing knee issues, will be evaluated this week and make a harsh decision: choose to go on in the pain or get the surgery which could see him gone for a few months at the very least. Also if it's severe it might even be a thought to retire sooner than thought, but it's all in his court now to decide. We wish him the best no matter what choice he makes.

-Updating the cancellation of the Mexico tour by the WWE, they will now in that slot around May 29-30th do shows in Alabama instead.

-Jeff Hardy is still unsigned at this time. He is still being booked strong like becoming #1 contender on Smackdown due to none of the stars there ready yet to be put in the huge program against Edge. Meanwhile WWE sources are finally noting how badly they need to put over the new talent, hence why we've seen pushes of late now for MVP (with the View helping), Evan Bourne, Dolph Ziggler, Kofi Kingston, John Morrison and so forth. Let's hope they don't abandon them too soon as the staleness needs all the help it can to freshen things up!

Reported from

-Batista was interviewed during the Hatton/Pacquaio boxing fight and has mentioned due to his age he's contemplating retirement soon. He also of course knew he was to be in the Mania main event but of course his injury kept him out of it.

-Don't forget that ECW starts at 10 p.m. if you watch it in the USA. Canada and other countries stay the same time slot.

*UPDATE MAY 7th/09*

First off from

-Jacksonville, Florida joins Tampa and other cities in the bid for a Wrestlemania. Their stadium could hold up to 90, 000 fans.

-WWE signed a new Diva to start in FCW first in Miss April. I've read up on her a bit and she's a dark long haired gal trained by Jay Lethal of TNA. She's worked for National Wrestling Superstars and is quite young, with the Shining Wizard as her finishing move.

-Cyber Sunday this year will be on October 25th in Pittsburgh, rather than New Jersey as originally planned. Pittsburgh was to have No Mercy, no new site has been announced yet.

-With her crossover with WWE and the View, Sherri Sheppard is teasing becoming a wrestler now. I'm not sure if she's really clicking with MVP that much to go on the road with him, or maybe he never heard about Sapphire...

*UPDATE MAY 9th/09*

First up from

-The May tour to Mexico is now back on once cooler heads prevailed over good ol' H1N1/Swine Flu fiasco, which IMHO is only a major concern when you panic and not help the poor in Mexico actually cure it. The shows that were to take their place in Alabama have been moved to the Fall.

-WWE signed another developmental talent in Fred Sampson from New Jersey. He was previously with ECWA as Frederick of Hollywood.

-WWE is going ahead with their Rise and Fall of WCW DVD, but many involved at the time with the company declined being interviewed or involved with this project, in particular Eric Bischoff and Ted Turner.

-Mr. Kennedy is rehabbing his injured shoulder still now down in FCW. He did a 6 man tag and looked in good shape for now. If he can keep it up, he should be on the main card in the next few weeks.

*UPDATE MAY 13th/09*

Frist from

-Again Jeff Hardy has yet to re-sign with the WWE as he's hoping for time off before doing so. Again they push him since they feel he's the only one ready on the Smackdown side, not having enough faith in CM Punk yet. His contract is up by the summer.

-Dr. Phil Astin got sentenced to 10 years in jail for distributing drugs to many wrestlers, including Chris Benoit.

-Online now are photos of Eminem going around town in Rey Mysterio's black lucha mask. Hope he's not looking to get into a ring anytime soon then...

-If you saw ECW with the new Hart Foundation of Nattie Niedhart, DH Smith and Tyson Kidd, look for Finley to get them in a long feud, possibly tagging with recently called up fellow Irishman Sheamus O'Shaunessy, who is doing dark matches to get a good look at the big man first.

Next from

-WWE has now the rights to a film script for Brother's Blood which is written by Karl Gajdusek who wrote the Condemned that had Steve Austin in it. Many believe this is John Cena's next movie. In other movie projects, Wrong Side of Town is adding to its cast with Rob Van Dam, Batista and Viscera.

-Melina is off cards of late due to strep throat. She's off the road until she recovers.

-The new Wrestlemania DVD to come out this week has a lovely edit: NO KID ROCK. This is due to the huge amount of copyright payments he'd be due on top of his fee if it made the DVD too. "The company has also edited off a comment made by Bill Watts during the Hall of
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Posted 6/8/09 , edited 6/12/09

OK have to use yet another new reply thread for the updates....dang it all. But here's your BEHIND THE SCENES news again! *SPOILER ALERT as usual*

*UPDATE June 8/09*

From and so far:

-Chris Masters is apparently waiting on a drug test result to get the contract done, as last night on the radio I had mentioned that RVD had noted in interview. Of course Masters failed a drug test under the Wellness Policy a while back the first time with the WWE, so hopefully he's cleaned up and we'll likely see him again on WWE TV soon.

-The PPV Armageddon is set for December 13th, but no venue is booked as of yet for it.

-More injury reports flow in from last night's PPV. Jeff Hardy suffered a broken finger and a banged up shoulder but has no plans to miss any time for now. Batista as mentioned on the other hand is not so lucky. As reported he's getting surgery on Tuesday. Originally it was thought to be a torn bicep, but the analysis is in now fully. It's a torn tendon in the bicep suffered about 3 weeks ago, just after his return from a hamstring injury. He's out for a while and hopefully won't be rushed this time back too soon, or else he's a Mr. Kennedy in waiting to be fired even with his status in the company. Orton has a good chance to get the belt back tonight on RAW, considering he lost in 7 minutes at the PPV.

-On that note, word is HHH is still being kept at home to sell the Orton punt like Flair is. Shawn Michaels is still on rest time after Mania and is contemplating his options for retirement in a year. At first it was looking like he'd be back by Summerslam, but now he's considering a restricted schedule like the Undertaker has had for a while now (Taker is still healing from his own surgery). Now with Batista out again on the RAW side we'll see if WWE will give them a call to reconsider.

-The dark match of the PPV was Mickie James and Kelly Kelly over Beth Phoenix and Rosa Mendez. Yes this was a dark match and the Hogpen match got on the PPV. Go figure again as it's already ranking on worst match of the year.

HUGE news just coming online at various sites! Going to use for this update:

-Umaga, who lost last night to CM Punk, got released by WWE. No official news, so best that can be found for reasoning is his past suspension. "[Umaga] was one of the names listed on the Signature Pharmacy list in August 2007 and served a 30 day suspension after purchasing somatropin from the pharmacy."

Thing is at most this is strike 2 of the Wellness Policy's 3 strike system (a bit simliar to MLB Baseball, with strike 3 being a release, a second is 60 days suspended). On the WWE website it's indeed a release.

Other stuff from there is agian you can now hear the RVD interview where he talked about Masters. He himself is out of wrestling short of international trips. WWE is still contacting him periodically but he's happy doing movies and working on his website.

Also now news from

-I can confirm this too since Canadian TV announced it prior to RAW here. Next week's RAW is a 3 hour show starting at 8PM in the US, 9PM in Canada. It's a tribrand show so all 3 shows are on it, AND all 3 titles, the World, WWE and ECW titles will be on the line in 3 matches on the show. Wow more TV with the Bash (don't call it Great or American) PPV just 3 weeks away.

-Also from that source, Evan Bourne is getting some slack in the UK for his comments in an interview about how the current ECW trumps the past one. Mind you I see this as just playing the political game like Vince would like it to keep his push going, but that's just me.

-MORE updates on Batista's injury. It's been downgraded now. Initially feared as a full tear of the bicep tendon it's been finalized as a slight tear. In injury terms he still needs surgery but recovery is now estimated as several weeks. If it had been a full tear, such surgery recovery would have been several months so that's some good news out of this injury if any can be had. Of course as I type they've done the injury angle on RAW by Orton. who is holding the belt now if he doesn't get back to defend it in a rematch clause deal.

And yes MORE updates post RAW, from all the above sources:

-The 3 hour show next Monday is called 3 for All.

-Vickie Guerrero, who resigned from her GM post on TV tonight, has indeed given her notice to WWE as she wants to spend more time at home with her daughters. No word yet if this means she's done with WWE for good though, and no word on a replacement GM yet, though with how I called it that HHH returned early, I think his wife Stephanie might be on the way back too for this reason.

*UPDATE June 9/09*

Man things have picked up to paraphrase good old JR. So first from

-There's a lot of backstage stuff concerning the most recent release of Umaga. Like how Mr. Kennedy was cut last week it's not cut and dry (many say Kennedy upset Orton due to the botched RKO spot while others say it's a combination of his mouth and injuries backstage for him being let go). Umaga is now claiming he quit the WWE after the PPV while the WWE claims to have released him. We've still yet to even hear an official reason. This might be another wave of cuts to come considering we had Kennedy, Umaga and 4 FCW talents cut already in 2 weeks.

-Vickie's leave is also controversial since she gave the notice on the weekend to spend time with the family, then you saw the promo cut by Edge on her way out. Some think this was Vince telling Edge what to say in spite of the Guerrero family and Vickie's look overall. This is pretty low then considering her husband died with his company and now Vince is upset someone would leave the WWE due to family. GROW UP VINCE!

-Vince's ego is also all over next week's 3 hour RAW. He's given a list to creative of guys who are to be excluded and NOT used at all on a 3 hour show you sort of need bodies to fill the time. He's told them that they are not even to have a second of screen time no matter what, further fueling he's getting ready to fire a whole bunch of talent within the next 2 weeks on top of the last 2 weeks so far.

-Batista had his surgery today for the tendon in his bicep and it will need 4-6 months to heal, but again if it was a true full tear he'd have been out more months. Oddly on the WWE website, Batista is still listed as the champ, and I guess on RAW they will have a title match to officially crown a new champ. HHH and Orton are a given with MVP possibly bring finally thrown into the mix for this title match and future feuds for the belt, considering HHH/Orton is getting stale.

-FCW talent Seamus O'Shaunnessy, who has been doing dark matches, will get his first match for sure against Evan Bourne on Superstars this week. Bourne also faces Tony Atlas on ECW this week. *UPDATE* This is actually still a dark match, correcting that the Superstars match for Bourne will be against Zack Ryder tonight instead.

*UPDATE Jun 10/09*

A side note first to how I'll do these updates. Due to sometimes the site having odd issues with edits of large pieces, I think I'll have to make new reply threads every 1-2 weeks then when a thread has piled up a lot so nothing is lost. Hope that's OK with everyone then.

Well then onto the news!

First from

-As of now the current status of the WWE Title on RAW is that it is now vacated from Batista. Spoilers are out already so here's next week's RAW title matches from Chalotte, North Carolina:

*John Cena vs. Big Show vs. HHH vs. Randy Orton for the vacant WWE Title (RAW belt)

*Champ Tommy Dreamer vs. Christian for the ECW Title

*Champ CM Punk vs. Edge for the World Title (Smackdown belt)

-Funny how COO Donna Goldsmith gave a report stating MMA has no stars since they get KOed then disappear. OK fine not everyone is an MMA fan, but stick to worrying that the WWE roster is stale on top and make your new stars instead.

-Jeff Hardy has been cleared to wrestle despite the broken finger and shoulder injury. Man those Hardyz are logging up the arm injuries, but they're both working shows for now.

-Tommy Dreamer got a nice new deal for all his hard work. It's believed to be a 3 year deal for the 38 year old legend.

An update to the Vickie Guerrero situation is she was looking to leave WWE well long ago ever since they started the "pig" comments about her weeks ago. More on that from

And an update on Vince as I read it up at,-Drug-Testing,-Announcing-Duties,-More.htm is that if not said enough, Vince is on edge even moreso since the whole NBA debacle. He's got King calling the big angle stuff on RAW now due to the distrust in Cole now, he's considering more releases (and that spawned again those conflicting reports on if Umaga asked for his release or he was let go), and that he's not sure who will now take over as RAW GM with Vickie out. The speculation is that it's between moving Tiffany from ECW to RAW into the spot (Heaven help us all if that's the choice) and Ric Flair since it's in Charlotte and he's done it before.

Yes being around Vince as his support staff, to quote Gary Jules' song: "It's a very, very Mad World..."

*UPDATE June 11/09*

Here's the news early on from

-"Whyyawannabringmedown" by Aranda is the official theme song for WWE's The Bash PPV. "Pat Sajak I'd like to by some spaces please..."

-Rey Mysterio is nursing a lingering knee injury and is being kept off TV for this and to further the angle with Chris Jericho. No word if he'd need more than this, as WWE now is having problems affording time to others to have time off.

-Updating on Umaga's release it was indeed a Wellness Policy deal, but with 2 differences from the past. One is that it occurred on strike 2 of 3 of the system, due to Umaga refusing to go into rehab, choosing instead to leave/be released and now taking time off, not taking any bookings. The second is that this is the first time it didn't go to the media like in the past, causing some speculation about review of the policy.

-Oh looks like WWE is hiring a new female announcer to add to Lilian Garcia (maybe for ECW or Superstars?). They want someone between 20-30, a singer (so Idol contestants and similar would be looked to for example), and of course attractive.

But what does this mean for Lilian Garcia, who does have signing deals as well? Sources whisper then she might be on the outs too then.

*UPDATE June 12/09*

Here's your lead in to the weekend news of WWE! First from

-You'll see it tonight but the Smackdown Title match for the RAW 3 hour 3 for All show will now add Jeff Hardy to make it a three way match due to CM Punk's interference in a #1 contender's match between Hardy and Edge. I'm liking this slow heel build for Punk! Meanwhile this is a first, the RAW after the 3 hour one will air commercial free from Green Bay (minus Mr. Kennedy of there of course). Somehow I think up here in Canada it will still fit in commercials since that's the norm for us up here on simulcasts of anything of the USA so I hope we don't lose any of the show up here. Due to this, the length of the show will be closer to a PPV one.

-Guess for once WWE is in a giving mood as the BASH PPV coming up will also feature a free concert (at least announcing it as such instead of what we got with Kid Rock last time...and hoping not for a repeat of that...) which will have Adelitas Way and Rev Theory do the show before the PPV (good call). Kelly Kelly will introduce Adelitas Way who does the Superstars intro song Invincible, while Rev Theory of course does Orton's intro song "Voices".

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Posted 6/13/09 , edited 6/20/09
*UPDATE SPECIAL: June 13th/09*

I took some time to read up properly, then even watched some old videos I have or online of Misawa. Many places have news on this late breaking news, but a nice piece I'll use to explain why he does link to WWE/WWF - with help from,com_frontpage/Itemid,1/ and

*Some eerie coincidences is that today Japan got the release of the Wreslter, and SPOILER ALERT: the movie ended the same way he passed away, in mid match, from a safely done move. It's thought to be a heart attack possibly, as fans and the whole roster of NOAH chanted quietly "Misawa, Misawa." It's all over the Japanese news as Japanese Pro Wrestling, or puroresu, is as big as anime there. Many of its stars are as revered as the voice actors and J Pop Idols and Sumo Wrestlers.

*So on the broad scale he is a legend of pro wrestling. Consider some of his stats: 3 time Wrestler of the Year in the 1990s and maybe the star of the 1990s, the first man to take over the Tiger Mask (think King from Tekken as it was an anime too) gimmick, founder of Pro Wrestling NOAH after leaving All Japan, a record holder of the All Japan Triple Crown (think it like the old WWE triple crown of holding the World, IC and Tag belts at the same time) as he has a record 5 reigns holding this distinction (Only longtime rival Toshiaki Kawada has done as many), with a combined days count of 1 799, holding 3 of the longest reigns at 705 days, 466 days and 364 days, multiple match of the year winner, and multiple belts over the years in NOAH, All Japan and elsewhere.

*So how does he link to WWE/WWF? Well, he was trained by Shohei "Giant" Baba and 2 Americans, Dory Funk Jr. (WWE HOF Inductee) and Dick "The Destroyer" Beyer. He won his first heavyweight belt tagging with rival Jumbo Tsurata to beat Stan Hansen and WWF Star Ted Dibiase Sr. He's fought various WWF talent like Doug Furnas, Terry Gordy, Steve Williams, Vader, and as Tiger Mask II, in a joint event with the WWE in the 1990s, fought Bret "The Hitman" Hart on a card that had Hulk Hogan vs. Hansen, and Andre the Giant tagging with Giant Baba to take on Demolition.

*As far as wrestling moves, he innovated the Tiger Driver (double underhook powerbomb), the standing emerald flowsion (sitout side powerslam), the Tiger Suplex '85 (Modified Half Nelson Suplex) and the wrist clutch tiger suplex (double arm German suplex).

Give his stuff a look as it's easy to find. I myself watched today his match with Kenta Kobashi, two of the guys I watched when I was first introduced to puroresu to expand my pro wrestling horizons. RIP Misawa.

*UPDATE June 15th/09*

Let's start with news from

-WWE's John Laurenitis, Jim Ross and FCW talent Low Ki have posted online their thoughts about Misawa's passing, which now has been declared due to a cervical spinal cord injury from the back suplex. It was a freak accident and no one is ruled at fault, and again, Misawa, you shall be missed dearly.

-Ric Flair seems to be cutting more from ROH due to him returning to WWE, now telling the official backstage that he'd not do even on camera guest refereeing last weekend. He's got 3 appearances left with ROH that are all non-TV taped, and Flair continues to say this was his call and not WWE's.

Meanwhile from

-A lot of talent won't know until RAW goes to air if they are on the 3 hour show tonight. Some of them have been banned from being on the show by Vince to the writers, no reason given other than Vince wants only the tippy top guys on the show (this will be telling again where guys are on the pecking order considering 3 hours is a lot to manage and you need either lots of guys working, or by this case it looks like, the select few who will have to work a lot). Also, it's mainly Smackdown and ECW talent who is most in the dark as the RAW guys got a better shot of being on the show of course.

-Also worrisome is the ongoing speculation that after Vickie Guerrero's departure and horrid treatment of her final show, that Rey Mysterio, a long time family friend, might want out of WWE now, which would be a huge loss for Smackdown and WWE in the marketing, merchandising (his masks are a top item for kids) and overall PG rating showcase. Word is of course that WWE is working harder to appease Rey to stay with incentives and likely big pushes to come with Jericho's story and more, but again it's early on so we shall see if anything escalates from this.

Finally from

-JR also talked on his blog about Umaga's release. He's addressed the situation and hopes he would return after time off and thinking with his family.

-Mike Pavone has been made the new head of WWE Studios. He's a former consultant on the WWE creative team and his credentials include: The Client (CBS), Prison Break (FOX), High Incident with Steven Spielberg (ABC), Jack & Jill (WB), Against The Grain (NBC), Street Time (Showtime), The Blue Wall (Disney), Northmen for Warner Bros. and Seven Men from Now for Beacon Films.


-Looks like unless it changes during the show, as figured since it's in Charlotte, Ric Flair, despite only getting the Orton punt not long ago, will be back on RAW tonight. Also word going around now is he will return as the RAW General Manager.

-Also to show tonight will be Legendary former WWC Champ Carlos Colon, father of Carlito and Primo. No word if just to watch or if he'll be onscreen or even involved in the Colons/Legacy angle for the tag belts.

More late news from

-Added to tonight's 3 hour Three for All RAW is Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio for the IC Belt.

-Vince McMahon will make his return too to WWE TV tonight. He's there of course to announce the new RAW GM (and if it's Flair...didn't we do this once before?!).

-JR will be calling the World Title match tonight as is on RAW. I imagine they might do the 3 man booth again (Cole. JR, King).

-Gregory Helms is FINALLY once again doing the Hurricane gimmick again on house shows, hopefully on WWE TV again soon too while healing up.

Oh quick note on Jericho is I hope he IS defending the IC belt tonight AND brings it because at he is noted that at the last house show he FORGOT the IC Belt in his hotel and by the time he remembered, he had to go for his match, so they hid and electrical taped the Women's belt to use instead. So does he become the 2nd man to hold the belt (the first being Harvey Whippleman who was in disguise until he was revealed)? I love Jericho and have seen him live for Fozzy, but this is ribbing worthy, heh.

*UPDATE June 18th/09*

-Well guess Flair and Colon weren't used (but they and David Flair were on site) and we got Trumped instead. Now various sites have noted as reported by many like at on how the media have been treating it like REAL NEWS that Donald Trump bought WWE RAW. From Howard Stern's Robin Quivers to the NY DOW JONES is covering it like real, while the WWE sent out a press release about it (though techincally this could be illegal or at least unethical business wise short of Trump actually having some form of ownership behind the scenes, which is doubtful). Man and you wonder why we're in a recession...just check who's in charge and how they react...UPDATE to this is that USA Network releaased another press release on how (SHOCKING!) the Trump puchase is FAKE and only for promotional purposes in the story. Well the days of kayfabe are long ago folks! Also the SEC that checks when in business if things are legit or not might now take action on WWE and USA Network for doing a shoot story in today's recession times. I don't know where to go with that as all sides are in the wrong, but I slightly lean to how stupid general media like TV Guide fell for a wrestling story so we shall see if any action comes from this...

-Meanwhile the WWE does indeed plan for the commercial-free RAW next week to hold the stipulation of Last Man Standing for Orton/HHH and STILL have that same week the PPV match. I figure it will be some silly draw leading to another stipulation on Sunday, really burning things out sadly as I can't care anymore about this feud...

-Big Show is in a lawsuit with SoBe Entertainment who paid for his new house in hopes it will pay off via his boxing career...which deteriorated of course to a mere wrestling feud with Floyd "I'm injured again but call myself the #1 boxer in the world" Mayweather. They're looking to get money back, similar to the Deep South Wrestling lawsuit that also came up for money lost when WWE moved its farm system to FCW. Not a good week in court for WWE.

-Gerald Brisco is in hospital for heart surgery and we wish him the best in recovery.

-Jerry the King Lawler gave replica belts to the NY Yankees and Cleveland Indians of baseball for them to use for their Players of the Game awards.

-On the injury front Matt Hardy is cleared of his hand injury. Said so on his Twitter like everyone seems to do now.

And some bits of news from

-Add Calgary based wrestler Ravenous Randy to the WWE developmental as he got an offer to go to FCW.

Some late to confirm news about a new signing to the WWE roster at

-Dos Caras Jr., the "Two Face" of AAA Mexico, after about a year in negotiations has finally signed a 3 year deal with WWE. Some think with Rey considering leaving that this might have pushed WWE to better the deal with Caras. He got major concessions such as no time in FCW, being put right away on the WWE roster (likely Smackdown which does more shows for the Latino fandom and is a bigger draw for them, hence why Melina and Rey moved to Smackdown last draft) with a good chance of being put into the Jericho/Rey feud over the mask and title. He also will retain the rights to his name and gimmick, a rarity but something a lot of talent of late now try to negotiate, but while in WWE's employment they too may use his name and gimmick. He's a well known MMA and pro wrestling star and has many family ties to greats like Mil Masceras.

*UPDATE June 19th/09*

Well last time we talked about signings so of course who didn't see this coming: MORE CUTS! From

-Today's cuts are Candice Michelle, whose cache into GO Daddy ran out due to her constant injuries. Sim Snuka is out for being clumsy and generally not Legacy material. Finally add on the release of developmental talent Joseph Canterbury from FCW (son of Mark, one of the former Godwinns). Reasons given seem to be from again Sim missing that spot to catch the Undertaker, while Michelle had the injuries but more due to having all those side projects like GO DADDY.

Here are some other news bits from and

-Another survey got sent to fans. They are asking about another PPV name and this time the list is: WWE Blackout, Annihilation, Knockout or Zero Tolerance. And yes I'd laugh if that last one was headlined by Randy Orton.

-Yet another survey also asked about an all Hell in a Cell PPV (Oh brother), and the names for that to choose from are WWE Lock Up, Hell in a Cell, Rage in a Cage or No Escape.

-The Commercial Free RAW next week will also be commercial free in Canada on the Score.

-The scheduled house show in Valparaiso, IN, was canceled yesterday. This was done in order to have all talent again present and ready for if they're called upon to be on this very long show and long week with the BASH PPV next Sunday.

-Late news that Daivari who is in TNA as Bashir right now has his contract up this summer and WWE seems to have plans to offer him a contract deal back into the company.

Take care!
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Posted 6/23/09 , edited 7/2/09
*UPDATE June 23rd/09*

-Another week, another quick change to an idea given up on. RAW really is lagging compared to Smackdown and ECW these days despite being the WWE's flagship show and this week again showed why. So first to news then from

-Donald Trump is indeed done with WWE as this was Vince's call combined with likely Trump getting bored again with it (an inevitable case as he's got other businesses). There was no real sale again as that was kayfabe despite the media getting fooled (again), but the refund stunt is true and is coming out of WWE's pocket for $235,000 in ticket sales. But like the Million Dollar giveaway and the combined commercial free show USA wasn't too pleased about and likely won't do again, it was an interesting one off event that simply ran its course so quickly, and WWE will move onto the next promotion to get RAW going, even if all it needs is better writing that's not predictable, new stars (like Miz NEEDS to beat John Cena this Sunday or he's toast with WWE) instead of the same HHH/Orton/Cena combo on top, and PLEASE stop scripting the announcers and talent...the comedy SUCKS and it feels like listening to Linda McMahon from everyone: cardboard acting...

-Donald Trump Jr. was behind the announcers table all night last night. Wonder if HE got any og the Kentucky Grilled Chicken that was shilled to death last night I almost thought it was having a match at the BASH.

-Matt Hardy has a reported torn abdominal muscle during the taping late last night of the Superstars match. He will need surgery on it and not sure if he will somehow work through this like the injured hand that just got healed or if he'll be off for some time this time.

-A Green Bay fan got thrown out of the arena for apparently throwing back the hat Cena threw into the crowd. Again, talk about hypocracy.

-I am sad to report the passing of Canadian wrestler and WWF announcer Billy Red Lyons today at the age of 77. He'd been suffering from spinal cancer. For Canadians like myself I still remember a bit of Maple Leaf Wrestling which was the Canadian version showing of the WWF shows, and I always made sure to "don't 'cha dare miss it." Give a look at some homages to him at

Now to news from ,

-Rey's days with WWE seem closing to and end. Combine the signing of Dos Caras in case he leaves to cover the Latino fanbase, the events with family friend Vickie Guerrero, and now pay issues as all wrestlers are seeing paycuts with lower gates (I imagine it can't help giving a FREE RAW just now), the writing's on the wall that Rey is about done after his contract is done with WWE this summer.

-WWE sent out a press release about the firing of Donald Trump (how this all ended has too many plotholes to explain), and this time there's zero coverage from the media who likely didn't like being fooled once. It did note this might not be the end of the feud between them after the slap on the show at the end. Joy.

-WWE is now eliminating the tag team name of Priceless and so from now on Ted Dibiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes will go under the name Legacy as well.

*UPDATE June 28/09*
Been a quiet time after the commercial free RAW and decent ECW and Smackdown shows. But I'll slowly update today between anime watching.

For now updates from and along with some speculation going into the PPV:

-I'm trying to be optimistic but am worried after Smackdown where Vince was all over it. Aside from a good push to the slow CM Punk turn, the rest of Vince's time was rubbing out talent on the show: Teddy Long who after tonight may no longer be GM for some reason I got no clue, Rey whom Vince is very upset is thinking about leaving WWE over the above details that you can almost count his ego getting in the way to unmask Rey despite the mask being such a huge hit with kids, and Jeff Hardy whom Vince is also not happy has not re-signed just yet and wants time off. Really it's frustrating as 3 of the top faces on Smackdown might be gone due to Vince thinking Smackdown is a worthless show, and there are talks of making the best thing on TV like one of the sinking ones in RAW. Let's hope it's not the case but be forewarned...

-Sad to pass along the news that Paul Burchill's brother has died in Afghanistan after word from The Hurricane's Twitter. It's been a rough week in wrestling again indeed...

-Officially WWE has changed the names of 2 PPVs. Using the polls of late, the October 4 PPV that was No Mercy shall now be called Hell In a Cell. If you haven't figured it out, this show will have all major matches in the Hell in a Cell, further killing off that stipulation and making for cameraman nightmares. Recall too the PPV before it in Montreal, Breaking Point, will have all major main event matches as submissions only matches for wins. Meanwhile 3 weeks later, the October 25th PPV that used to be Cyber Sunday has now been changed to WWE Annihilation. No word then if the Cyber Sunday idea is done with where fans voted on matches/opponents and such.

-WWE Armageddon will be on December 13 this year.

-WWE's Michelle McCool and John Morrison are taping episodes of Fox's Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader? this week for a fall airing.
Guess they saw RAW of late and thought there's no way they (well the writers for sure) can't even be smarter than a 1st Grader. Do note that McCool like Matt Striker is a former teacher.

-FCW, the WWE developmental territory, had the debut of new WWE signee Sicodelico under the name Expiera, whom is related to the recent signee Dos Caras Jr. who will debut in WWE soon himself, possibly in the Rey/Jericho angle.

-WWE Announcer Lilian Garcia has addressed on her website about the news a while ago about WWE looking for a new announcer/singer like herself. It is because she's given her notice to leave at the end of her contract. So once she's gone a new face will replace her in due time.

*UPDATE July 1st/09 - Canada Day!*

Hello from my day off here! Thought I'd drop by and least give whatever news has come out of the WWE since the PPV and RAW. Sources for today come from and

-In case you haven't seen as WWE was trying to push more people to go to their website to check but not say it on RAW, The Donald apparently made a 15 person trade.

* Traded to Raw: Evan Bourne, Jack Swagger, Mark Henry, Alicia Fox and Gail Kim

* Traded to ECW: Shelton Benjamin, Goldust, William Regal, Brie and Nikki Bella

* Traded to Smackdown: Matt Hardy, Finlay, David Hart Smith, Tyson Kidd and Natalya

Been reading a few reviews and it's clear that

1. Brand Extrensions mean NOTHING again as we swap bodies again to "shake things up".

2. ECW got pillaged but that's expected from their C show of developmental where the talent's been good of late. But seriously, are they still trying to work over that Michaels Hayes racial deal to push of all people MARK HENRY as a top babyface on RAW?!

3. The Bellas are likely moved as they're on the outs soon most likely. Goldust, Regal and Finley is a movement of the vets that actually help the backstage or in ring talent (like Finley is a producer). Matt's still going to be away due to the abdominal injury, though no word still if he needs surgery for the tear and how long he's out still for now.

4. WWE has no clue how to push young talent again as Henry gets pushed while Bourne, MVP, Swagger and Miz all lost on RAW despite varying amounts of offense. RAW writers are said to be very scared right now to push anyone not named HHH, John Cena or Randy Orton that this is what we got unless someone thinks otherwise, which is rare.

5. Biggest benefactors of this are the Hart Dynasty who now get to shie on the talent heavy Smackdown, and Gail Kim and Alicia Fox who were lost on the thin Smackdown shuffle of females but not get added to the Divas on RAW like Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Maryse and others.

-RAW and some of Superstars have also taped next week's shows due to a tour in Australia so things have been decided for the next PPV, Night of Champions (NOC).

-Some quick health updates: Edge didn't have a match set for the BASH last Sunday due to growing wear and tear. Count of course as he's said in interviews the ladder match with Jeff taking its toll on his much older body these days to heal. Meanwhile his new partner Chris Jericho is also hurting after doing 2 matches in one night, something he too is getting too old to do like in the past. This could explain further why making them a tag team occurred to give them a slightly lighter work load (though means they can be called upon to be on any show) while I do find it elevates the tag belts as a big title.

-4 new talents debuted on ECW: Yoshi Tatsu who was a former New Japan talent under the name Naofumi Yamamoto, Sheamus O'Shaunessy who is wrestling under his first name only (thank goodness if I ever need to write about him) who is an FCW talent that's a huge Irishman I guess who can now fill that spot with Finley gone, and Tyler Reks who is the current FCW champ that does a dreadlock surfer gimmick and does a lot of hig flying moves. Also Abraham Washington debuted his show on ECW, and he's formerly GM in FCW.

-MVP was shown by CNN and other media to be at the BET Awards on Sunday with the View's Sheri Shephard.

-Finally the guest host thing looks to be for now again, as Ted Dibiase Sr. will host next week. I personally wouldn't mind he take the job permanently and maybe if he really shines in the role he might earn it.

*UPDATE July 2nd/09*

Here's the early news today for WWE related stuff. From

-WWE Legend Roddy Piper was arrested on a DUI this morning and it's all over the gossip news. Meanwhile another former WWE star B. Brian Blair has gotten abuse charges dropped from a Father's Day incident involving his sons. The third former talent, Jerry the King Lawler's "son" Brian Christopher has had a rough week with a fight in a bar with an MMA fighter netting him a black eye, then a drunken disturbance recently where he fell into a cooler at a convenience store.

-WWE signed former SHIMMER talent and OVW Women's champ Serena Deeb. She's got a good resume as I checked her up and with how RAW is now the place for Divas when Gail Kim and Alicia Fox were added via the trade to Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, Maryse, Rosa Mendes, Jillian Hall, and Kelly Kelly, that's a decent division again.

-Tecate Light has filmed a new commercial featuring Rey Mysterio. It talks about how he'll spread Lucha Libre in the US.

Now from

-WWE, THQ and Jakks Pacific are still in court over who owns the licensing rights to the video games. Jakks is trying to renew it as they also own the toy line but THQ who made the games primarily say that's a breach of contract. This might delay the release of future games as it's been in courts for a while to try to stop productions of the games until it's settled, but for now it's a working progress.

-Batista's injury update is that while on RAW this week he told the backstage how his recovery is on schedule, and he plans to start working out in 4-6 weeks. Just please don't rush it again and re-injure yourself again, Animal...He does want to be back for Survivor Series as it's in his hometown of Washington. He will miss the July tour in the Phillipines which he's upset about being part Filipino. He is in talks to do a movie with friend/boxer Manny Pacquaoi to do an Asian movie in the form of a "Kung-Fu Hustle" comedy/martial arts film.

See you next time and in honour of Billy Red: "Don't 'cha Dare Miss It!"
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Posted 7/4/09 , edited 7/10/09
Let's get to your WWE BEHIND THE SCENES updates this long weekend!

*UPDATE July 4/09*

Happy 4th of July to all American members! Some big news with use of sources at

-Here is the full report to now on Edge's condition:

"At a WWE Smackdown brand house show in San Diego on July 3, Edge seemed to have suffered a major knee injury during a match with Jeff Hardy. Edge seemed to have turned his ankle early in the match and di not get up. Medical personal quickly attended to him and he was taken out. Although it's too early to tell, some are thinking this might be a torn Achilles tendon. If this is true, he will be out of action for months. The status of the tag team titles is unknown at this time."

This of course is horrid news as both Jericho and Edge were working hurt as it is over these last few weeks with so many bunched up shows, so sorry to say this was inevitable. It doesn't sound good and do note all the shows pre-taped stuff due to tours in Australia (on right now for RAW) and Hawaii then Tokyo (Smackdown next week). This might give a bit more time before they tape anything for the week of the next PPV, Night of Champions, which will have every belt on the line. So far we know both women's belts are on the line (Melina vs McCool, Mickies James vs. Maryse in the all M Divas fest), the world belts are on the line (Orton vs the winner of Cena/HHH coming this Monday, Jeff vs. CM Punk). That leaves a tag team belt in limbo, the ECW title likely to be figured out soon for Dreamer's opponent, the US and IC belts to be defended too with opponent to come for Kofi and Rey respectively.

Meanwhile some other news from

-Roddy Piper has been let out of jail on bail and will be back in court on July 23rd for his DUI charge.

-Talk right now is if the tag belts need to be stripped or moved that Legacy is the likely candidate to get them, while that taped footage is being looked over to sell said Achille tendon injury.

-According to JR, Gerald Brisco's heart surgery is on delay.

*UPDATE July 5/09*

Been quiet since the Edge injury but there are a few items of note. From and

-September 13th is set for WWE's new PPV called Breaking Point. It has now been decided that EVERY match in this show will be submissions only matches, so no pins allowed (I guess DQ and Count Outs still can occur or else that's going to be a long PPV to get to a decision). This will take place from Montreal, Quebec, Canada, or as King likes to call us, Bizarro Land. We love you too Jerry...

-MVP has been pulled from Carlos Colon's WWC anniversary show by WWE. The reason cited is the risk of coming off an international tour then doing the WWC show, which can be seen as a weak excuse since Carlos' sons are still coming. Others point to how MVP was to face the recently released Umaga who was let go when he wouldn't go to rehab after his second offense of the Wellness Policy. In an interesting twist, Mr. Kennedy, another recent release of the WWE, will now face Umaga on the show.

*UPDATE July 7-8/09*

Just posting as such since I'm technically going to be writing this between the place where the days shift over. So if something comes for the 8th later on, I'll try to get it up.


-Edge had his surgery today with Dr. James Andrews to repair the torn Achilles tendon. No word officially on how long he'll be out though the WWE has already acknowledged it prior to the showing of Smackdown that has a run in by Edge since it was taped prior to the injury. Most who have had this injury tend to be out 8-10 months minimal so don't count for Edge to return this year for sure, possibly being out until past Wrestlemania. Also consider he's in his mid-30's, made a lot of cash and has done almost everything to do. He is a passionate wrestler but might have to evaluate if it's worth it to come back, or at the very least request a reduced schedule from WWE upon return. Edge and Matt Hardy will be out a while, with Matt having surgery on his torn abdominal muscle which will keep him out for 8-10 weeks, keeping 2 of Smackdown's big heels off the card for a while. No word yet on the status of the tag belts that will be defended against Legacy at the Night of Champions PPV.

-Jerry the King Lawler will announce this week if he'll run for mayor of Memphis again. In 1999 he came in third, so his friend JR is advising he doesn't do it but we should know soon. No word if this means he'll take time off to campaign.

-The recently renamed WWE Annihilation PPV got changed BACK to the old name, Cyber Sunday, likely to confuse us all while going back to trying to theme every PPV that is not of the big 4 (Summerslam, Survivor Series, Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania). Themed PPVs so far are Cyber Sunday again where all fans vote on matches, the new Breaking Point which will be all submission matches, and the new Hell in a Cell PPV that will have all matches in a Cell.

-The official song of this year's WWE Summerslam is Aerosmith's You Gotta Move.

*UPDATE July 9/09*

First from

-Note if you watch ECW in the USA that it's moved now to Thursdays at 7PM EST on the newly rebranded SyFy (it's still the Sci-Fi network with a new name to not sound as "nerdy"). It will precede WWE Superstars which airs on WGN at 8PM EST.

-In a cross promotion with Bruno, starring Sacha Baron Cohen, he's listed as a big fan of professional wrestling, particular John Cena. No word if this means we'll see Bruno at a RAW anytime soon but you never know...

-The song ‘Loaded' by Shattersphere will be the theme song for ‘Night of Champions'.

-WWE released a press release that 12 Rounds was the top selling DVD this week, beating out the 5th season of Entourage and a Jonas Brothers concert DVD. Usually I don't care for Cena movies but beating out a worse evil in the Jonas Brothers, I can dig that.

Now some news bits from

-Ezekiel Jackson (remember him, he used to back THE Brian Kendrick) has a WWE Universe blog online teasing he's ready to finally return. Hopefull he learned how to wrestle a bit or he's best served as a bodyguard again for someone new.

-WWE's next foreign tour will be in September in France.

-Jerry Lawler is indeed running for Mayor of Memphis again. He's of course mentioned that if he wins he won't have time to be a WWE announcer so stay tuned on his results.

-The constant name change to Cyber Sunday might not be done, as Annihilation apparently wasn't well received in the WWE HQ, hence the change back to the old name for now. It's assumed for now whatever name it gets, that it will still retain the fan voting aspect of the show.

-The reason for the quick match between Cody Rhodes and Mark Henry on RAW this week might be a lingering shoulder and neck injury Cody Rhodes is having. He's working through the injury on the tour for now. ADDED: Seems like Ted Dibiase Jr. is also working though a shoulder injury so add them to the walking wounded like Jericho, and of course guys out for various reasons right now like the Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and recent surgery cases Edge and Matt Hardy among others.

*UPDATE Friday July 10/09*

Some bits from

-Dos Caras Jr. apparently is just going by Dos right now, but still did a job to Kris Logan in FCW, so no clue on what's up with his new deal or when he'll be called up.

-Still no doctor's timetable after Edge successfully had his surgery. Matt's done his surgery too and does have the 8-10 week schedule to heal.

-John Cena is getting married in Boston tomorrow so he left the Australia tour early. It's his high school sweetheart he's marrying, aww.

-I will be watching Smackdown in moments as apparently the Jericho/Rey match on it is PPV quality like their Match of the Year candidate from last PPV, while seems Ron Killings will have a new controversial character on it. Take care!

So tune in next time for more news; don't 'cha dare miss it!
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Posted 7/11/09 , edited 7/24/09
*UPDATE July 11/09*

OK got the news from and it includes the host for the July 13th host of RAW!

-The host has been announced as SETH GREEN, creator of Robot Chicken, Dr. Evil's son in th Austin Powers movies and star of other shows like Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Family Guy. Apparently the crossover deal is Seth does the GM duties and HHH "will be part of a sketch in Robot Chicken's season 4.5 premiere on Sunday, July 26 at 11:30pm/ET on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim with a sneak preview exclusively on Monday Night Raw." Hmmm wonder if HHH can work with a Robot Chicken now.

WWE released the news of it at

This can either improve the usual WWE comedy or be horrid, we shall see. And you can almost see coming a mile away Hornswoggle being mistaken for Mini Me!

-JR reports on his blog that Gerald Brisco is undergoing his heart surgery now, so best of wishes on that going successfully. He also assumes for now Edge's surgery will be no more than 6 months out but again best to wait on official word.

-ECW will move back to Tuesday nights on the newly renamed SyFy Channel.

-Adelita's Way will also be in attendance this RAW. They do the theme songs for Legacy and WWE Superstars.

-For pictures of Cena and his new wife Liz, you can check at

*UPDATE July 12-13/09*

Tonight got a few items to note so far from

-Apparently Newsweek has reported that there's a power shift in WWE Headquarters. And no it's not someone in WWE but she sure has a name suited for it. USA Network Boss Bonnie Hammer has taken over some of the hands-on decisions of the WWE ever since they moved back to USA Network. To quote:

"The article notes that Hammer sometimes watches RAW from home and stays on the phone with cameraman, instructing him on exactly when to pull the camera back. She is also the one who originally urged WWE to hire soap opera and comedy writers."

So yes all the recent angles have not only been Vince ideas but now TV execs deciding too. Man that's a lot of cooks in the kitchen, with none of them too good of late.

-The WWC show in Puerto Rico went down and they even did a promo for Carlito to explain why he turned on Primo on RAW to free himself as a star now. They still did their match against Thunder and Lightning and Carlito got pinned, then Primo did the Backstabber on him post match to complete the split I guess.

-Former talent Brock Lesnar of course became the UFC Undisputed Heavyweight Champ yesterday and some of his peers chimed in on Twitter:

* Shane Helms: "Mir, what do you think of Pro Wrestlers now after getting your ass handed to you and getting beat in a completely one-sided fight!"
* Matt Hardy: "Yeah Brock! Reppin' the toughness of "WWE" guys by making Mir & the non-believers eat their words! We popped HUGE 4 your post fight promo!"

It was a huge promo, better than any he did in WWE cutting fingers and heel heat on the booing crowd in Las Vegas, then kissing his pregnant wife Rena "Sable" Mero.

Just doing some late updates as RAW is about to play up here in Canada eh. News from and

-Rumour backstage is the main event for RAW will be John Cena, HHH and SETH GREEN (?!?) vs. Legacy. I PRAY this is not WCW all over again if it happens and the belt is not suddenly on the line...

-Nick Dinsmore (formerly Eugene) was rehired by WWE to help train guys in FCW and other yougn talent. He's actually quite talented in ring outside that character.

-WWE's October pay-per-view Cyber Sunday has been changed again to Bragging Rights. We'll see how long this name change lasts then.

-As you saw on RAW, next week's host is ZZ Top. Not sure how this will work since you don't think about them talking much other than singing. Hey love the music but they might be a bit dated to the current crowd. They do show up at shows sometimes in the crowd.

*UPDATE July 16/09*

Bit of a slow week in news but here's some tidbits from

-July 20th is the date set for WWE to answer the Deep South Wrestling lawsuit about leaving them as a developmental company.

-The 2010 RAW vs. Smackdown game will feature online Royal Rumble options. A Road to Wrestlemania mode will also be featured.

-The Tribute to the Troops show is set again for December. There will be some Sunday pre-tapings for Smackdown too in the month so to give the company time off earlier.

-The new ref working for WWE who no longer names refs during matches is Justin King, formerly of FCW.

-Mattel is already adversting taking over the WWE toy line from Jakks Pacific.

-I will end with theories on Jericho's partner who will be as sneaky and smart as him as he promised. One thing done last Smackdown was the run in by Dolph Ziggler on Rey. I could see Dolph being that partner now as he's a young guy who would benefit from a rub with Jericho's experience. There's not many others on Smackdown due to injuries (Matt Hardy, Edge) who would have worked. There is one other person who might be considered due to his return being wanted anyways by Summerslam but it's his call: Shawn Michaels. He's been away and can still continue his heel-ish character that he had with the Undertaker, and that could in turn lead to a Jericho/Undertaker feud that's never been done too once he returns closer to Wrestlemania. Again these are theories so we shall see which path WWE goes. Of course Legacy is another matter with the teasing of dissention, who knows how long THEY would be together if they took the belts. With the Colons split too we only got left the Hart Dynasty and Cryme Tyme really. No love for the tag divison...

*UPDATE July 18/09*

Just some quick news notes from

-Jillian Hall has been off due to being ill but should be ready to come back soon.

-7-11 is the main sponsor of Summerslam. The promotion includes "premium fountain soda cups featuring John Cena, Edge, Triple H and Kelly Kelly. Also, they are planning a "Summerslam Slamwich" for the northeast that could go nationwide." So when you drink the HHH one are you supposed to spit it out? And as Edge (and Christian) would say, Sodas Rule!

-WWE is forming a new Street Team overseas outside North America to promote the company actively on the Streets.

-Next week's Smackdown main event is already announced as Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk, non title of course since NOC PPV is that Sunday.

*UPDATE July 19/09*

Just some bits and pieces of weekend news flowing in from

-Seth Green was on the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brian to talk about being on RAW. Of course Conan too mocked Orton, but I doubt any shot of Conan being host of RAW short of doing his show on site. Oh boy did I give WWE another idea?

-Superstar Billy Graham is selling his HOF ring on eBay since he's got different views on the whole HOF of course with no real building deal. It's for charity the proceeds.

-Ron Simmons is now in the College Football HOF.

*UPDATE July 20-21/09*

Not too much yet, splattering of things from and

-Chris Jericho on his Twitter said a fan at the weekend house show jumped into the ring and things didn't end well for that fan. Kids, know jumping the railing means your butt is likely toast in more ways then one because that's trespassing and that means security and even the wrestlers are in the right of way to stop you by any means necessary. Well in all, looks like the dummy who tried to go in got hung up on the ropes. Well he's a tad worse than Khali then in ring, heh.

-ZZ Top is the host tonight, with no word on how much longer this goes. Usually it's a mystery with Vince these days, while he and his wife did have dinner with Regis Philbin which was mentioned on his show, so who knows.

-Gillette Shaving is now doing sponsor spots with John Cena, Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes for the videos on the internet.

-Add Muscle Flex to Deep South Wrestling and others with lawsuits with WWE. This one is over a copyright for the "in The Raw" trademark.

-Well Shaquille O'Neal, now of the Cleveland Cavaliers of the NBA will host next week's RAW. Some on ESPN said that Shaq makes anything much more relevant that he's attached to, so let's see if that's true and Vince gets more coverage from them since the whole Denver Nuggets debacle. Expect Shaq to make his popular Twitter account and new reality TV show where he'll face other atheletes in sporting competitions to be pushed heavy on the show. Shaq also does MMA in the offseason to keep more healthy so I wouldn't be surprised if we saw any in ring interactions with the talent; just PLEASE no Shaq Fu...By the way noting that some fans actually RECALL Shaq still has a standing feud with Carlito from 2006 when he was with the Miami Heat. WOW, WWE and slow burns for feuds? Go figure.

-Oh joy because the comedy that made me sleep through most of RAW this week is continuing on Smackdown with more Pretty Ricky with R. Truth. Someone care to explain why this is funny? Nevermind, your head would explode. Just go make a sitcom already WWE could have a hit for FOX.

-WWE has indeed responded to the lawsuit by Deep South so that's another one for their lawyers to handle.

-myNetworkTV made an error on the Smackdown main event this week. It is NOT Jeff Hardy vs. CM Punk which is the NOC PPV match, but CM Punk will face Rey Mysterio.

- WWE is taping the "A Decade Of Smackdown" special on Tuesday September 29th to air on Friday October 2nd at 8PM. Stars from all three brands will be on the show.

-By the way for the 6 man pack for the US Belt...where's Evan Bourne?! NOTE: Bourne on his blog today is selling the injuries done by the Big Show, hence why's he's not in the match. Still sucks though.

MORE late adds of tidbits!

-Shaq and Jeremy Piven will be your next 2 weeks of hosts coming after the NOC PPV. Shaq now plays for the NBA Cleveland Cavaliers and has a reality TV show coming up as aforementioned, while Piven is from the big Cable TV Show Entourage and has a new movie coming up called The Goods: Live Hard. Sell Hard debuting in theaters August 14th.

-Roddy Piper will see a court case in his DUI case from early July in LA where he could face 6 months in jail if convicted. Also in court news, the IRS in California is after Stone Cold Steve Austin for backtaxes, while the Hulk Hogan divorce case could finally settle this month.

- The WWE applied for the copyright licenses to the following names: WWE Bragging Rights (due to the name Annihilation that was given to the formerly named Cyber Sunday was owned by Marvel Comics-still no word if this PPV is themed like Cyber Sunday was with fan voting), Slam Master J (for Jesse), Delicious (for R-Truth's alter ego), and Celtic Warrior (for Sheamus).

*UPDATE July 23/09*

Just some more tidbits today. From and and

-WWE still has a few companies they've yet to get tape libraries from for their classics/DVD releases. The biggest in Mid-South, owned by the wife of ex-owner Bill Watts. She wants a lot of cash to give them over, as well as a contract for her wrestling son Erik Watts, who was last in WWE as a part of Tekno Team 2000.

-JBL was not offered an announcing contract when he asked WWE to rejoin them in that capacity. Pity, he was awesome in the role.

-Jeremy Piven is pencilled in to do the show after Shaq's one next Monday. So Piven will appear in August 3rd's RAW show from the Mohegan Sun Casino. The July 27th show is in Washington, D.C. Oddly, neither are drawing much publicity, possibly due to being weekly now with this hosting thing, it's burning them out to do preshow pub. ZZ Top, for WWE this is odd due to the PG rating to draw in families, drew the oldest fans watching last show.

-Aerosmith's "You Gotta Move" is reported in being the theme song for Summerslam.

-Hurricane will be at the Comic-Con this year.

-The contract for Chris Masters is done and he's back with WWE. Once they figure out a start date for his debut on the main shows again they will let him know, for now he'll keep in shape in FCW most likely.

-WWE is considering from these topics for future DVDs:

Talent Profiles:
*Chris Jericho
*CM Punk
*Ricky Steamboat
*Randy Orton
*Brock Lesnar
*John Morrison

Compilation Titles
*Clash of the Champions.
*Best of the Elimination Chamber
*Compilation of Giants and Monsters.
*Best of Monday Night Raw: 1993
*In Your House
*"Craziest WWE Moments"

-Finally note this is only a POSSIBLE SPOILER about Summerslam: Movie Entertainment Magazine out of Canada features a Summerslam advertisement that lists Shawn Michaels as appearing on the show. I've yet to see the magazine myself up here but do note how WWE sometimes releases stuff early then changes as they wish. But this is a hopeful sign since they had wanted HBK back around that PPV.

So tune in next time for more news; don't 'cha dare miss it!
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Posted 7/24/09 , edited 7/30/09
*UPDATE July 24/09*

Hiya folks hope your weekend is good as Night of Champions approaches this Sunday! I'll try to post what I can right up to the PPV and any revelations from it. Also note next weekend I'm out of town so I won't be updating until I get back.

Today's news comes from and

-Ring of Honor is in Toronto this weekend and has the last public appearance by Ric Flair with them since he returned to WWE. Also on the card for the 2 night show that worked in WWE in the past includes Bret the Hitman Hart, D'Lo Brown, Jerry Lynn, Lance Storm and Colt Cabana.

-Former WWE developmental talent Damian Steele passed away. He used to tag with Ray Gordy (Jesse in WWE now) in FCW. No cause of death is yet determined.

-In the odd news of the day, Jose Canseco who recently got owned in his first MMA match and being 0-2-1 in his boxing ventures, had to step out of his latest one due to his ailing father. So to take his place in a boxing match with Bill "El Wingador" Simmons, the former chicken wing eating champion tonight in Philadelphia, will be former WWE talent Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake, who was last seen helping Donald Trump and now MMA/TNA star Bobby Lashley shave Vince McMahon's head bald a few Manias ago.

-An update on the JBL news is he's squashed any rumors of going to TNA after WWE didn't tender him an announcing contract. He's content being retired at this time.

*UPDATE July 26/09*

Nothing much yet but as the PPV is on if anything comes up I'll do my best to report it here!

Sources for today include and

-Jericho Twittered that his partner tonight will indeed be EVIL. So that narrows it down to Kane, Evel Knievel, Scott Evil (Seth Green), Dr. Evil, Jens "Little Evil" Pulver, Mike Myers, KAI EN TAI, Skeletor, Cobra Commander, Lex Luthor, Satan, the Axis of Evil, Dracula, and Evil Lynn.

OK on a serious note I've now seen theories on it being Christian, Jack Swagger, the Miz, John Morrison, Dolph Ziggler, D.H. Smith, Tyson Kidd, RVD, Ralphus, Kane, Shawn Michaels, Cody Rhodes (pulling how he turned on Bob Holly by swapping teams), Ted Dibiase (to start a face turn), Randy Orton, Shelton Benjamin, Hulk Hogan, Finley, Matt Striker, The Undertaker, CM Punk, Sabu, Raven, Shane Douglas, The Big Show, Ricky Steamboat, Eugene, Hacksaw Jim Duggan, Bob Holly, Chris Masters, Joe Hennig (the late Mr. Perfect's son in FCW), Charlie Haas, The Brian Kendrick, Shawn Michaels, Ric Flair, Roddy Piper, Lance Storm, Shaq (next week's host of RAW), Jeremy Piven (the host in 2 weeks), Robert Englund (a rumoured host for RAW, who was Freddy Krueger), Mickey Rourke, Chavo Guerrero, Funaki, TAKA Michinoku, Kevin Sullivan, Monty Brown, Gillberg, Dennis Stamp, Kamala, Juventud Guerrera, Axl Rotten, Bull Nakano, Rikishi, Papa Shango, Damien Demento, and anyone else not with TNA or another company at the moment. It's now a big deal for the PPV which is good, but let's hope it pays off in the end.

UPDATE! The Partner has been the BIG SHOW. There you go.

-And speaking in the many rumoured partners for Jericho, TNA's Jeremy Borash Twitter from Comic Con where the Hurricane, Bella Twins and Justin Roberts are there for WWE, that Robert Englund has said he's been asked to host RAW in the near future. Freddy Krueger hosting RAW?

-Jim Ross teases talk on his blog about Maria being a heel or face at the moment since she's linked to Dolph Ziggler. I think she needs a heel turn even if Smackdown is face light for Divas.

-MVP was at the NBA's Philadelphia 76er's Beach Bash signing autographs, likely a crossover with the NBA again with Shaq hosting this Monday's Night RAW. Also the NOC PPV itself is in Philly tonight so expect a raucous crowd. Batista meanwhile was at a San Diego Padres/Washington Nationals game this weekend.

-No news yet on Jeff Hardy signing. So he has the belt if you saw the PPV or heard or saw the results here on the main page. Talk is they go to Summerslam in agreement he hangs around for it, then if need be, drop back to Punk until he signs.

News as I listen to LAW at

-Another host might be in contact for RAW. This time it's Snoop Dogg the rapper. Joy.

-No listing of Jeff on house shows past Summerslam, maybe they are outthinking themselves like they did the PPV.

-Choosing Big Show as the tag partner looked like just outthinking the 10% of internet smarks. Yes they fear us in WWE.

-Lots of odd booking order too, killing the IC title match in general. Also odd crowd, a quiet Philly crowd?!

*UPDATE July 28/09*

Hiya! Back with some fallout from NOC and RAW and no I won't make more lame Shaq jokes. Sources from

-Rumours are ongoing about more future hosts for RAW past Jeremy Piven of Entourage next week. Among them: Snoop Dogg, Michael Clarke Duncan and Robert Englund. ESPN and other sports news stations did comment on the Shaq appearance which ranged from those loving it (even the comedy), those saying it's smart for Shaq to branch out and understand today's generation of entertainment, while some hated it and warned if he got injured it would hurt the Cleveland Cavaliers and be irresponsible, while some simply took a normal turn to trash pro wrestling. Shaq did a lot for the show along with promote his Twitter and new show Shaq vs. I took a peek and left quickly after reading he found "Orton's butt the sexiest white man's butt this side of Steve Nash." Ummm yeah. There are some rumours Shaq might move to MMA or even WWE long term once his career is over, but again, those are avenues at best at his age. Also ESPN took jbas at Shaq for the Scrabble playing bit that imitated one of their ads.

-The Hogan divorce case is finally done and settled in court.

-Maryse is said to be set for knee surgery. I doubt it would have helped her performance at NOC but she doesn't seem ready for the ring if she got the injury on her first singles match in a while. No word how long she'll be out but it's the reason she got written out of the Miz storyline. It also might have been a lingering injury of hers.

-Advertised for Smackdown is Jeff Hardy vs. John Morrison for the title this week.

- At is the footage of the HHH birthday celebrations after RAW as HHH turned 40. Funny note of no injuries during the cake handling. Batista was there since it was in Washington.

-Survivor Series presales already started.

-THQ and Jakks Pacific settled the royalties lawsuit with WWE on the video game.

*UPDATE July 30/09*

Hiya folks! Here's your last update of July 2009 before I'm on the road for the weekend. I'll try to catchup and update the news again once I return and rest. Today's news comes from the following sources: and and

-Returns are coming and none too sooner than the Undertaker and "HBK" Shawn Michaels. HBK will be back first now with that whole story set up with HHH taking on Legacy's Cody Rhodes and Ted Dibiase Jr. next RAW. And even if it's an old face, HBK has been sorely missed on RAW for his in ring work and mic work. Maybe it will help freshen things up a tad while you can easily smell the DX reunion coming for 1 last hurrah.

The Undertaker meanwhile isn't scheduled until at least September for a return as that is when his doctors cleared him after his surgery after Mania. No word on which show he'll come on, but most think it will be Smackdown for a big name to add there with Edge and Matt Hardy on the shelf.

Other injury reports include Maryse who underwent successful knee surgery, going so far as on her Twitter saying she's bionic now. Can a tag with Robocop be far off? And I just dated myself again. Word is she'll be out for at least 3 months.

-Summerslam is being treated like a Mania in hopes cities will bid for it like they do for Mania. There will be tons of Hollywood Parties for celebs to come to, a FAN AXXESS prior to the event, deals with myNetwork and NBC to pump up the event, and huge sponsors on board like the recent Pepsi/7-11 deals for drink cups and giveaways. Kelly Kelly will be doing tons of ads as the main spokesperson for the WWE.

-On the flip side, since they expect a sellout, WWE talent was told no complimentary tickets will be given for this PPV.

-If you feel a lot of deja vu of late (no not from Season 2 of Haruhi Suzumiya), then you're right. Since the 2004 Summerslam (which was my last live event attended) where Randy Orton won his first WWE Heavyweight title to become the youngest champ, there have been 24 other PPV matches (singles, tags, etc.) that involved John Cena, HHH and Randy Orton. At Summerslam this year, it will be the 25th such combination. This is staggering considering they missed a combined 3 years of in ring time: Orton was out for 13 months, 7 months for Cena and HHH had 14 months away, while only 2 of the 3 have been on the same brand for 3 of those 5 years in the span indicated. 51 events since Summerslam 2004 have had at least 2 of them on the PPV, and since 2007 of the 26 eligible PPVs, 17 of them involved some combination of HHH, Cena and Orton. Take those same 51 PPV events and consider Shawn Michaels and Batista, the number becomes 44 times that those 5 have been in the PPV AND in the main event! Man I hope Yuki didn't have to live those events over and over again...

-There is no truth to WWE re-signing Scotty 2 Hotty at this time.

-USA this week did a huge 4.0 rating with Shaq as host, breaking some July records in the process.

-Shaq's Scrabble game spoof on RAW was his idea, despite ESPN dissing WWE for copying the ad idea.

-Jeremy Piven in a radio interview said he got the gig to host RAW next week as he's HHH's workout partner at a gym they both frequent. Well there's a way to get on RAW now.

-WWE cut another talent that you could see coming with their squash burial format of booking the midcard or lower card talent. THE Brian Kendrick was cut today. There's another good in ring guy and someone who was working when given a push being cut short in that push, and now, simply cut.

See you next time, so don't cha dare miss it!
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Posted 8/3/09 , edited 8/15/09
*UPDATE August 3/09*

Greeting WWE groupies! I'm back from my road trip and now here's your updates from the weekend! Sources today include: and

-August 24th will be the last RAW for WWE Announcer Lilian Garcia as she's not renewing her contract and leaving the WWE for personal reasons and career changes. Wishing her the best! A new female announcer will come in with singing experience to replace her.

-Michelle McCool got injured on the weekend at a house show twisting her ankle in a match with Eve. She's lucky it's not serious but will not be in ring action for about 1 week for now.

-With Nick Dinsmore back, expect to see Eugene return to FCW for sure, did house shows this weekend as Eugene, and possibly to then appear on the WWE main roster as well while he helps train the talent too (he's a former trainer too).

-November 7th the Mania XXVI tickets go on sale for Arizona.

-Jeremy Piven who will host tonight's RAW hinted he might not hint alone and might bring someone in from his past movies or Entourage TV show, with the 1 name seeming to be around a lot is Mike Tyson, who has a past with WWE. LATE UPDATE: The second guest host tonight for now will be Dr. Ken. Um not sure who that is, I just report them.

-Lots of star struck looks backstage for Piven tonight.

-WWE released referee Marty Elias.

-The Miz vs Jericho Twitter wars keep going though Jericho has more viewers for now. Some recent pokes of fun included the Shaq jokes calling Jericho "Christina" and something about Chuck Norris tough as someone jokes.

Some late news pieces:

-Sgt. Slaughter is host of RAW next week, which makes little sense since he's not in the new GI Joe movie also coming out and RAW is being held in Calgary (dramatic pause), Alberta, Canada with tons of Canadian talent could do very well. Trish Stratus was one many thought might do it. Other rumours are ongoing like RVD doing one in Detroit when it's there soon.

And now the next day news from

-August 24th may now be just a rough date for Lilian Garcia's last day as it's not set in stone as she's said on her Twitter.

-The next Raw vs. Smackdown 2010 cover will have Cena, The Undertaker, Edge, Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio.

-No word on what will happen to the Miz, but he's at the moment still employed by the WWE, though after the recent cuts of a ref and Kendrick, there have been talks once more the WWE chopping block could get lots of work over the next few days.

*UPDATE August 5/09*

Today's news comes from and and

-You'll see the SD matches have been added or can wait to when it shows Friday.

-Brooke Hogan has been approached by Vince McMahon for a job in WWE. Some would think she might replace Lilian Garcia considering her singing background, but reading this makes it sound more like a DIVAS contract. " "It's just not my interest. I'm more of a girly girl... But I would really kick ass at it because I'm really strong and my dad's trained me up since I was 12," said Hogan." Oh man she might not last 1 minute in a ring.

-Meanwhile Stephanie McMahon mentioned in Business Week "when Donald (Trump) took over we realized that our audience wanted to see something new." McMahon teases Freddie Prinze Jr., Bob Barker, Reverend Al Sharpton as upcoming guest hosts for WWE's flagship program." So there's another 3 names along with Robert Englund/Freddy Krueger being rumoured, and you can also add their consideration of bringing back Mike Adamle to guest GM as he's been asked despite not having a contract with WWE anymore. That would be a nightmare. This coming week again in Canada is Pro-USA HOF wrestler Sgt. Slaughter.

-Oct. 4 the newly named and themed Hell in a Cell PPV will take place in New Jersey's Prudential Center.

-Tony Atlas' future is up in the air and he might be cut next ever since Mark Henry moved to RAW from ECW. His profile has been pulled from the website.

-The Miz's profile has also been taken off the RAW page so we shall see what they will do next with him.

-The new update is Jeff Hardy will work right into Summerslam then leave, with a contract still on the table yet to be signed to count on the belt going back to CM Punk at the PPV. No word if Jeff will simply rest like he said then try to re-sign with WWE or even move to another company despite saying in interviews that he wants to only be in WWE.

-During the Abraham Washington taping this week a huge "THIS IS STUPID" chant had to be edited. Though considering seeing it, it deserves the chant along with other things of late...

*UPDATE August 7/09*

Not too much but here's what's in the WWE news at and

-The game show DEAL OR NO DEAL will be doing auditions for fans to be on the show who are WWE fans. Usually special guests show then on the show to help the briefcase guessing game, and might be yet another sign of a future guest host in Canadian Howie Mandel.

-Lots of revenue numbers down in the latest meeting with stock holders. WWE announced a 3 year growth plan to now help things out.

-John Cena was on the TV show Psych.

-Kane/Khali will be confirmed soon for Summerslam considering interviews in the news of late with Kane.

*UPDATE August 8/09*

Hello out there! Here's today's news courtesy of and

-The latest cut by the WWE is Ricky Ortiz. No more rallying up I guess.

-WWE did a supershow in Denver, Colorado last night but NOT with the Denver Nuggets arena that feuded with them over NBA games and RAW.

-Yet another rumoured host for RAW is TV trash show host Jerry Springer being seen by TMZ in Stamfort, CN near the WWE HQ.

-Dr. Ken went on the Jimmy Fallon Late Night show to cut a promo about Cena dumping him onto his head at the end of the show, shades of Andy Kaufman. He swore revenge so add him to Kevin Federline to someday get a revenge plot going...if anyone remembers them by the time it happens.

-JR on his blog debunks a rumour about Brock Lesnar walking away from a 7 year, $40 million deal a while back to do football then MMA like today.

-Miz was interviewed about no longer being allowed to see Lakers home games. One, he's a Cleveland Cavaliers fan so I doubt that's big and two, on the bright side it also means he won't be able to see LA Clippers home games. Oddly he's still in the Summerslam commercials, so maybe it really was just Summerfest he was banned from.

-Roddy Piper is talking about another WWE return, though I'd guess as a guest GM on RAW.

-Speaking of returns, all that hinting and polling about a Big Show/Shaquille O'Neal match is picking up steam as the Cavaliers might allow it after all and it would be made for later in the year. Those E polls by the way will continnue each RAW like the DID YOU KNOW "facts."

*UPDATE August 9/09*

More news from and

-Kane sure talks a lot more these days, as not only has he talked about the likelihood of his match with the Great Khali at SummerFEST, but he also mentioned to add to the rumour list of RAW Guests host so far like Lebron James, Robert Englund, Jerry Springer, Freddie Prinze Jr., Bob Barker, Reverend Al Sharpton and Howie Mandel, you can add the name of Ricky Gervais to the list. Scratch Springer off the list of hosts potentially as he was in the area since his show is moving to Stamford, CT where WWE HQ also is. Guess they're neighbours now, I smell TV sitcom!

-Now an update on Shaw vs. Big Show. The talk, if you can believe this, is that it will be done on a September RAW show that would be 3 hours. Yes such a match on FREE TV. The only slight logic is that it's the time new shows on TV premiere. That's great for USA Network, but WWE gets NOTHING money wise from the deal. Another issue is from the NBA as that's the pre season time for them and I doubt with Shaq on a new team in Cleveland that it would work out.

-HHH will be on the Jimmy Fallon show after we just had Dr. Ken on it.

*UPDATE August 10/09*

Some quick pre-RAW updates! Sources include

-Seems one reason Slaughter of all people was asked to host tonight in Calgary was due to the celebrities of the USA not wanting to come up to Calgary. What, we Canadians don't bite, eh? And we're NOT Bizarroworld, thanks a lot King. GI Joe the new movie also came out and of course Slaughter was a part of the old cartoon so expect some reference to that. UPDATED: Man WWE sure hates us in Canada to have Slaughter AND Duggan heel turn on us!

-Lance Storm since he's nearby living in Calgary will be at RAW for at least interviews. Let's hope for a serious moment he shows on the RAW show too then, especially if fans turn on Slaughter fast.

-JR noted so far no word on Bret Hart showing up on RAW but you'd imagine if he's willing they'd have to do that.

-NBC is going to do a 25 years of Wrestlemania special on August 29th.

-Ricky Steamboat's son is working now for WWC in Puerto Rico and will tag with his dad soon on a show.

-And now we got the next TWO guest hosts of RAW. Next week it will be former WWE writer and Hollywood B actor Freddy Prinze Jr., and just confirmed that the following week it will be after all former GM Mike Adamle. Wow an inept writer and GM back to back!

*UPDATE August 13/09*

Greetings! We're closing in on Summerfe...err..SummerSLAM (and wow there's been so few advertisings for it despite promises of such; yet more for the other name which happens to be a festival in Milwaukee apparently!) so here's more news leading into it! Sources today include and

-Indeed Hulk Hogan turned 56 this week, brotha. Speaking of such, the WWE is looking to cash in and do a DVD on him soon.

-Jerry Lawler has launched an online site for his Memphis Mayoral campaign.

-You can now add MC Hammer to the growing list of people who want or will host RAW. On his Twitter he said it's Hammer Time! I thought 2 things, how Cena might come out in parachute pants...and THIS!

-THEN add that the August 24 RAW might be hosted by boxer Floyd Mayweather, the first we've seen of him there since the Show feud at Mania. It's in Las Vegas his hometown, and he can promote his fight with Juan Manuel Marquez on September 19th. It's also Vince's birthday so count on something big on the day. Other rumoured hosts/guests for this show is the mentioned in the past Mike Adamle and now the Godfather who has been low key since retiring from WWE.

-Jericho and Khali will be in the new SNL movie MacGruber, a spoof of old MacGyver TV shows.

-This is only initial talks, but WWE might return to Toronto, Ontario, Canada for the 2012 Wrestlemania. Rogers is looking to possibly bid to hold it again in the Rogers Centre (formerly the Skydome) as it can pack a huge amount of fans in at once. Mania has been in Toronto twice in the past and sold out, but we'll see especially considering RAW this week and with Breaking Point in Montreal coming up.

Some late quick news items:

-Apparently Eugene's run was that quick. He looked out of shape I'll admit which might have led to it, but Eugene's been cut again after 1 match on RAW.

-Linda McMahon who is on the Connecticut Board of Education is considering a run for a Senate seat, where she'd run as a Republican against Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd in 2010. If she did run she'd likely step down as CEO of WWE.

-Elijah Burke talked in an interview on how he was asked to be in the Spiit Squad but turned it down. In the long run he might have not gotten on TV with their run but now they're all gone from WWE except Dolph Ziggler who had to work hard to create a new persona as the rub wasn't there *coughDXburiedthemandsoonLegacycough*

-Batista has been cleared to start full fledged workouts again under doctor's careful observation.

-The WWE HOF ceremonies in 2010 will be held in the smaller Dodge Theatre in Phoenix, Arizona.

Tune in next time, and don't cha dare miss it!
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Posted 8/15/09 , edited 8/21/09
*UPDATE Aug 15-16/09*

I'm going to combine the weekend updates from now on since things sort of filter oddly on weekends. Again I am not sure I can do a SUMMERSLAM PPV live report due to being at a luncheon the same day but if I make it back in time and am not worn out I'll do so; otherwise I'll simply stick to updating the BEHIND THE SCENES news during the PPV if I can.

For now here's the news then, from

-The Undertaker again will be scheduled to return at the Breaking Point PPV in Montreal in September. Count on him getting right back into the title hunt against whomever wins the CM Punk/Jeff Hardy TLC match. On that note, it's looking like Jeff will not sign any deal past that match until he's had time at home to rest, but he has had some things catered to change his mind like a new deal on the table and returning brother Matt Hardy as a face on SD on his side.

-The DX skit this Monday Night RAW was taped in the WWE's cafeteria in Stamford, Conn.

-Heath Slater won the FCW Heavyweight Title off of Tyler Reks who has been seen more and more on ECW so count on that being a permanent move.

-Remember that this coming week's host is former creative writer on WWE Freddie Prinze Jr. Then the RAW after Summerslam in Las Vegas has rumoued MIke Adamle, the Godfather and Floyd Mayweather as guests hosts or simply to make appearances, while count on Vince himself to be there too for his birthday.

-Jim Ross on his blog at

*Talks about Kurt Angle's arrest this weekend on drug possession (HGH he claims he has a perscription for), an expired license and stalking charges by his former girlfriend from TNA Rhaka Khan. In general loved working with Kurt but advising he should come out of wrestling to try to reclaim a normal life.

*Is hinting too Floyd Mayweather is a done deal for next week's RAW in Las Vegas. His other hints to hosts: Gene Simmons of KISS, Dog the Bounty Hunter and his wife Beth, Jane Velez-MItchell, no one named "Jackson" unless it's Rev. Jesse Jackson just for an opening intro to a RAW show, Larry King, and of course, Jerry the King Lawler, who he's confirmed that the run for Mayor of Memphis is not a PR Stunt and he's run in the past seriously.

Of course as mentioned in the news a bit ago, Linda McMahon is also looking to run for US Senate too.

-Variety Magazine will publish an article on the WWE celebrity hosts, with the piece also here at with the following notes:

*Stephanie McMahon indeed said the hosts are just like promoting the WWE like the late night talk shows do. She says they want more awareness of the product and to attract new viewers to WWE.

*They pretty much confirmed these guest hosts to come barring cancellations: Bob Barker, the Rev. Al Sharpton, Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell, Floyd Mayweather and LeBron James.

*Talks are also being done with Fall Out Boy's Pete Wentz, Ashlee Simpson, the Osbournes, Danny DeVito, Regis Philbin and Kelly Ripa, Jimmy Fallon, Rachael Ray, MC Hammer, Woody Harrelson, Serena Williams and Ashton Kutcher.

Well looks like it's now Monday Night RAW the Late Night Show for a while...

*AUGUST 20/09*

OK been a bit quiet but here's your news from the WWE. Sources include and and

-Sadly JR updated that Dr. Death Steve Williams had his cancer return, so let's hope he can fight this one off too.

-The new ECW Diva is Courtney Taylor, who is Beverly Mullins who was in FCW being a valet for Alex Riley, and is a former Playboy and Hooters model. Don't act so shocked on that last point.

-As you saw, Floyd Mayweather who just unretired will host RAW after Summerslam in his hometown of Las Vegas on Vince's birthday. He will be promoting his fight with Juan Manuel Marquez on September 19th (going head to head with UFC 103) and HBO will be debuting a four part ‘24/7' series on Mayweather Jr. Vs Marquez starting August 29th.

-If you're going to Summerslam in LA, note the Friday Fan Axxess is cancelled but the Saturday hours extended to 9AM-8PM in the Nokia Theatre.

-One of the upcoming hosts, Access Hollywood host Nancy O'dell at least is being done to promote awareness and monies to help cure Lou Gehrig's disease. UPDATE: She is now not going to host a RAW, but show up on Summerslam this weekend as a backstage interviewer, I guess to add to the new ECW Diva aforementioned for the show.

-The update to the Breaking Point PPV in September in Montreal has been changed again to just the main events being Submission only matches.

-Looks like the DX feud with Legacy will go at least until September 1st for a ECW/Smackdown tapings in Cleveland, Ohio to boost sales (thus no word if it's a dark match or making the TV), and it will be in a Steel Cage. Also on this card will be Big Show and Chris Jericho vs. Rey Mysterio and the Great Khali.

Tune in next time, and don't cha dare miss it!
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Posted 8/21/09 , edited 8/23/09

Alright since I'm away most of Sunday and am not sure when I'll be back, the plan again is my friend andy1 is doing the live report for this show on these forums as well while I'll jump in with news on this thread as it comes in.

So keep an eye on this thread for all the weekend news for Summerslam and WWE BEHIND THE SCENES news!

Sources all weekend will include: and and and and

-A report shows that Pierre Carl Oulette who was one of the former Quebecers got a tryout with the WWE with mixed results. I quote from an interview with Oulette:

"After the show, I asked Mike Rotunda, I said, 'Should I wait for their phone call or should I wait and thank Vince for the opportunity?' Mike said, 'No Carl. You should wait for Vince and thank him, so it'll be fresh in his memory, you know.' So I'm just waiting at the end of the Smackdown show. He's coming out and it's maybe 12:30 or 1 a.m. And I go, `Vince, I just want to...,' and he shoved me into the wall like I was a piece of crap. I felt pretty bad. Right after that, I got to my hotel room and called John Laurinaitis."

OK so maybe he's been in a bad mood again but it's not well received if this is how the backstage is of late in WWE.

-Floyd Mayweather's hosting of RAW following Summerslam in Las Vegas is part of the back and forth between his boxing match with Juna Marquez and the UFC 103 card which is now going to show a commercial free undercard show on SPIKE TV. Of course this is not odd with TNA wrestling also being on SPIKE TV as a competitor.

-Apparently WWE isn't worried about Jeremy Piven's snafu of Summerfest nor that it is the name of an existing festival in MIlwaukee, as past Fan Axxess events were called the same name.

-Nancy O'Dell of Axxess Hollywood is already promoting online the Betty's Battle charity to help cure Lou Gehrig's disease. Again she will be a backstage interviewer this Summerslam. She will make a future RAW appearance too as a guest to promote the charity.

-Apparently the new DX "biggest member" T-shirt with HBK and HHH on a tank has been now removed for sale from the WWE Shopzone.

-For now the latest update on Jeff Hardy from his brother Matt is Jeff should still be with WWE after Summerslam which is only half right. Jeff is committed to the RAW and/or Smackdown after Summerslam if needed, but then he's out of WWE until he signs a new deal. He'll take his time off but of course there's still no word on if he will re-sign or not so keep your fingers crossed! Meanwhile Matt also updated the Hardy Boyz reunion is likely a one shot or going to be for special occasions as both still want to pursue singles careers right now.

-Last word on the last match which would be the Main Event of Summerslam if you go by the advertising seems to point to DX vs. Legacy being it, which would be very odd considering there's no World title involved in it, and you got Legacy's leader Randy Ortonin a title match with John Cena. Then again we all know HHH has that control to request going on last so we shall see.

-Jeff's fiance Beth, and the Hardy's close friend and former WWE talent Shannon Moore are in LA for the PPV.

-Jim Ross clarified on his blog about a rumour that his contract is up. He does negotiate a lot of contracts but right now he's fine in his spot and pay in the WWE on Smackdown.

-JR also noted how a lot of talent don't got matches like Kofi, the Harts and John Morrison, but hints they might be one of many surprises to have an impact on the matches. Also with it being in the Staples Center in LA, we might even see Shaq one more time or other celebs too.

So tune in next time, and don't cha dare miss it!
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Posted 8/22/09 , edited 8/24/09
*Special UPDATE Summerslam Day August 23/09*

This will be the post when I can update on the BEHIND THE SCENES for the WWE Summerslam PPV, so keep an eye on this space for updates as soon as I'm able to check and post them!

Sources all weekend will include: and and and and

Your early news!

*Roddy Piper is backstage for the show, no word yet on him being used on it but he's there to meet the video game media considering Raw vs. Smackdown 2010 will air footage at the PPV tonight for it, so count that maybe being a hint he's in the game as a Legend. Tony Atlas was also in LA to do the same video game promoting. No official Shaq sightings but also there are Shannon Moore and Jeff's wife Beth. Again Nancy O'Dell of Axxess Hollywood will handle backstage interviewing and promoting awareness for the charity to cure Lou Gehrig's Disease. Now some said they saw Bret Hart in LA but this is not a wrestling related visit and he's already back in Calgary, so unless he can teleport, he's not going to be at Summerslam. You can expect more cameos and I'll report them here when I confirm them.

*Latest update is Jeff will work RAW for sure past Summerslam and possibly Smackdown before taking an indefinite leave of absence. He's talked about doing a reality TV show in his downtime and some shows with his band peroxwhy?

*Floyd Mayweather is of course set for Monday RAW as the guest host as well. At the moment in Las Vegas the main event is advertised as DX and Cena vs. Legacy but this could change to be a dark match. On Smackdown there's an advertised JeriShow vs. Rey and Khali match and CM Punk vs. Jeff Hardy.

*Several WWE wrestlers read a script for a future WWE Movie. They were for the same role: Christian, John Morrison, The Miz and Dolph Ziggler.

*WWE had several industry parties for the celebrities of LA, along with execs from TV and advertising groups. They're pushing hard to network to further things like the guest hosts and such in WWE.

*Jim Ross was busy filming a crossover show with the Food Network today.

*At today's Fan Axxess, they had 2 matches. Primo beat Carlito, and Hurricane Helms beat Paul Burchill. After the Helms win, out came Matt Hardy and Shannon Moore to congratulate Helms. Howard Finkel did a post match interview where Helms said his comeback was worth it with his 2 best friends.

* Direct from is the news that RVD and Lita are now backstage!

*Our Celebrity sightings are: Luke Perry in the crowd, Nancy O'Dell interviewing Freddy Prinze Jr. about getting revenge on Orton while promoting her foundation raising awareness and money for a cute of ALS (Lou Gehrig disease), and later during Orton/Cena's match, Freddie had backup sitting next to him in the form of UFC fighter Tito Ortiz (minus his wife Jenna Jamieson) at ringside.

*I'm trying to find out who the person was who ran in on the FAILED Cena/Orton match, and it's narrowed down to 2 guys who could end up joining Legacy: Joe Hennig (son of the late Curt "Mr. Perfect" Hennig) or Ted's brother Brett Dibiase. Most likely it's Joe who has been longer in FCW and is more ready to be brought up.

*HUGE signing by WWE, as they signed tonight away from Ring of Honor where CM Punk came from Bryan Danielson. for his bio. He's a former WWE developement talent, he's trained by many including HBK and William Regal, and he was enhancement talent for guys like John Cena. Trust me if he's given a good chance he's a star in the making and an amazing in ring talent!


*The "fan" that ran in on Cena/Orton was indeed Brett Dibiase, younger brother of Ted Jr. Might be a bit too soon to bring him up but we shall see.

*Jeff and CM Punk are OK, just normal sores and bruises from TLC. Jeff of course again is booked for this week's shows then is likely taking time off for now. No contract is signed yet but latest is he'll re-evaluate at home, but highly doubtful he'd go elsewhere.

*Others backstage post show were Arsenio Hall, Tito Ortiz with wife Jenna Jamieson, record producer Rick Rubin, Lemmy of Motorhead, and Holly Montag from the Hills TV show.

Keep on moving and enjoying the night and PPV!
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*UPDATE August 24/09*

Well it was a busy PPV but now here's the news coming out from it!

Sources today include and and

*The LA Times covered the WWE change to their PG rating. Notes from it include Maria noting that you'll never see anymore lingerie matches, and that even the Divas are warned to no longer show cleavage too, Vince saying that this means he deals with less agents which he hates while his top end guys still get millions of dollars per year, Vince also hopes in 2 years time to open a WWE network with all that content he has, and Cena defends again how he supported heavily the PG rating because it is helping get the product out from being old and stale with the more mature rating in the past. OK someone then explain his match with Orton last night...

*Also note from that article they noted how the WWE changed to PG due to not drawing advertisers and families anymore. Getting a new Network for this with their connections is possible, but wouldn't mean moving shows like RAW from USA Network.

*Well then this news is not good. Floyd Mayweather, tonight's RAW host, had his car found shot up at a shooting in the Las Vegas area and his home was searched today for evidence or the gun. His alibi is that he takes his kids to the Skating Rink where the shooting took place. He's scheduled to show for RAW, and groups like ESPN and Media Life Magazine have been following his appearance positively thus far. Nothing was found at his home and for now he is not a suspect in the shooting.

*More news and a trailer for those looking forward to RAW vs. SMACKDOWN 2010 at

*Slash of G N' R who Twittered about it, Piers Morgan and Robert Patrick (Terminator 2) were also at the PPV.

*Tonight's RAW marks Vince McMahon's 64th birthday.

*Newly signed talent Bryan Danielson will start a tour with ROH for his Farewell Tour which will end in September, where the WWE will then decide if he's FCW bound first or directly placed on the WWE roster.

*There are talks about Shaq's new teammate Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers hosting RAW next week when RAW is in Cleveland, OH.

*UPDATE August 25/09*

Welcome back as we got more updates today! Sources for the updates include and

*This is only rumour but the reason WWE didn't acknowledge Tito Ortiz of the UFC might be twofold. One is the obvious point that the UFC is the true #1 competitor to the WWE for viewership, despite WWE saying UFC is only taking the older fans which is not so true despite WWE gearing to the younger audience. The other might have been a deal to try to get a UFC talent as a guest host for RAW (which was horrid BTW I found this week with Floyd and the Vince love in) but UFC nixed it.

*It is set that this Smackdown's main event in a Steel Cage between CM Punk and Jeff Hardy will be Jeff's last match before he takes times off and considers the new deal on the table to re-sign him. UPDATE LATE - Jeff had his last match and a party with friends in the company. Matt said Jeff's signed a deal with FOX 21 Studios for a new reality TV show while he's away.

*The WWE sent out a new survey asking fans which of these 3 PPV themes they'd want to see: a return of a King of the Ring Tournament (which I would dearly want back as it made new stars and worked effectively for a PPV), a show where all the main event matches are Street Fights (which is confusing considering we got Extreme Rules already) and a show where all the main events are TLC matches (is there anyone at the top of RAW that could even do one?!.

*After RAW went off the air, DX and Vince did some crotch chops, then Shane, Linda and Stephanie came out to sing Happy Birthday to Vince. This ended with Pat Patterson singing "My Way."

*Speaking of RAW that segment at the start seems was SOOOOOOOO too long due to Mayweather really being late coming into the arena, most likely due to his car being linked to that shooting having bullet holes in it. Someone get him a rental then. Interestingly the show ended with no host announced for next week, so the Lebron James talks might be either on hold or still being worked out. LATE UPDATE - Apparently GLAAD was also upset with the intro for different reasons. Since Vince used the word Gay to describe the Canadian group Cirque Du Soleil (he hates us if you haven't kept track), they want an apology now from the WWE for that remark. No response has been given yet.

*Shaq won't be doing a match with Big Show next week either as he's busy during Tuesday when Smackdown is taped. There is still word he might do one, again oddly, on TV for free.

*Lilian on her Twitter said she's not fully done with the WWE but her last shows will come in the following weeks to come.

*NBC will air the Special Wrestlemania 25 show this Saturday except in the NY area which has a NY Jets preseason NFL game on at the same time. NBC's Conan O'Brian also had on his show on Wednesday Big Show, Great Khali and Legacy minus Orton.

*Orton apparently got Eugene back into the WWE but he's quite upset how Nick Dinsmore (Eugene) came in overweight, leading to his release.

See you all next time; don't cha dare miss it!"
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