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Posted 8/27/09 , edited 8/28/09
Big breaking news

Rey Mysterio suspended for a Wellness Policy Violation

Well let you know what the deal is with the IC Title as news comes in.
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Posted 8/27/09 , edited 9/7/09
*UPDATE August 27-28/09*

I'll add to today's news and more!

First off as noted, at the press release notes Rey has failed the Wellness Policy check and is suspended 30 days starting from September 2, likely to get time to have him drop the belt on the Smackdown tapings in Cleveland, most likely to Dolph Ziggler. This is Rey's first violation.

This puts a huge hole on the face side of Smackdown, and might also even mark an end to Rey's WWE run as he's already expressed displeasure over contract renewals, about having a long IC title run and how the Guerreros have been treated in WWE of late. If more news breaks it will be reported here!

Now for the other news from and and and

*On Conan's show, Legacy attacked him in a skit and called on Show and Khali to save him, with Show bursting through a wall, playfully brawled before giving them both chokeslams through a bar on the set.

*Lilian reported she'll be done with the WWE next month.

*The Food Network teamed with WWE for a November Edition of Dinner Impossible where they will make a meal for the WWE crew without letting them know during Summerslam. Jim Ross, The Big Show, Stephanie McMahon, Gail Kim and The Miz will be among those heavily featured.

*Note now on Superstars that match for who would face Rey at Breaking Point will have some plans likely changed now. It was Dolph Ziggler vs Finley vs. Mike Knox.

*Val Venis and A-Train were backstage for Smackdown this week.

*Christian in interviews is talking about teaming with Edge again upon his return.

*The WWE has added a Life Enhancement section on their corporate website section, which includes personal life development, personal finance education, health insurance education and media training.

*The First RAW of 2010 is set for January 4th at the Ervin J. Nutter Center in Dayton, Ohio.

*Speaking of RAW, as of last night it looks like WWE HOF member Dusty Rhodes will host next week's RAW. Should be good considering how Ted Dibiase did and played off of Dusty and his son.

*WWE and the game show Deal or No Deal already started tapings. Batista, Eve, Dolph Ziggler and Maria are already there with more to come to tapings of the game show. 5 episodes for November were made with Dolph has banker and the Divas as briefcase gals. No word on Batista being used on air.

*At this time Dusty Rhodes will host RAW next week but WWE is still trying to secure a celebrity, meaning the initial plan to get Lebron James is not totally squashed just yet. UPDATED from as I watch Smackdown that Dusty is finalized to host next week.


Here's your weekend wrapup of the news! The sources today are and

-WWE signed another former NBA cheerleader/dancer to add to Layla by signing former Orlando Magic dancer Trinity McCray. She will be sent to FCW to train.

-The WWE has now confirmed the host for the next 3 RAW shows. This coming Monday August 31st is Dusty Rhodes. September 7, remember to spay or neuter your pets because BOB BARKER, yes the former Price is Right host will host RAW on Labour Day. But then we get back to a wrestling host again as the RAW after Breaking Point on September 14 from Toronto, Ontario, Canada will indeed be hosted by the talented and one of the best Divas of all time, TRISH STRATUS! I know as she's done a lot of TV hosting too of late she can carry a show on her own! I have been in contact with her friends and she's been doing lovely, the new darker hair look is working out, and her yoga school Stratusphere is running swimmingly!

-Further dissention is coming from the Rey suspension, as Rey did an interview in Mexico stating he has a presciption for the drugs he took for his sore knee but didn't get the proof into WWE in time before they decided to suspend him. WWE is now upset he did this interview. It's apparently dividing the backstage too as most generally love Rey but this new development is changing some people's minds. It's also going to hurt some of his appeal with a PG crowd WWE is trying so hard to attract. The plan is now changing between Dolph getting the title shot earlier and getting the belt this coming Smackdown, or Dolph coming in to interfere and cost Rey the belt against someone else (which would be quite tricky since he has the title shot already). It also presents the issue a face likely has to be shifted to the forefront of the IC belt unless they risk 2 heels going at it for the belt temporarily.

*UPDATE September 3/09*

Hi, been just trying to make sure my computer is OK as it's had some glitches of late. Let's hope those are behind me as I do the updates now!

Sources today include: and

-Lita has been seen backstage a lot more of late in the WWE and not simply for friendly visits. We know she's dated Matt Hardy (whose blog is back up after an odd 1 day suspension after congratulating his brother for putting over CM Punk, and insuring all Jeff fans that Jeff is just taking time off to heal and within 1 year Jeff will re-sign and return to the WWE), and Edge (who is slowly healing from his recent injury woes), but now some sources are suggesting Lita is dating...the Straight Edge Superstar CM Punk! We'll see if this is true over time, but man she gets around!

-Rey Mysterio's 30 day suspension is underway after failing a drug test. Now again he's in bigger hot water for not getting approved an interview in Mexico discussing that the WWE gave him notice of this upcoming suspension while he was in the UK promoting Summerslam and didn't have enough time to show the prescription. He's been at odds with WWE since contract extension talks failed a while back and the handling of the Guerreros. This could lead now after several creative meetings to a large fine to possible firing of Rey/Rey quitting the WWE in the future, but for now you'll see on this coming Smackdown who he dropped the Intercontinental belt to first.

From now on ALL interviews must be cleared with the company, which will make most media weary now about what they can or cannot ask WWE talent, or even if they will be able to interview them altogether now.

-After TNA talent Christopher Daniels got arrested for a DUI, there are TWITTER indications from his account the Hurricane Helms' account that Helms was also in the area that night. It is unknown if Helms was in the car during the DUI, but that Daniels was stopped in Helm's neighbourhood. A Nightmare on Helms Street indeed...

-Canadian independent talents Franky the Mobster, Mike Alias and Tyson Dux will likely get some time in the WWE ring when it does Breaking Point, RAW, ECW and Smackdown in the Ontario/Quebec regions coming up. I can personally vouch that Alias and Dux are awesome talents I've met and/or worked with in the past, while Franky has gotten good reviews doing shows with ROH recently.

-WWE's Wellness Policy now increased fines for failing marijuana tests to $2 000.

-Kyle Rausmann is the latest new adding to developmental deals in FCW. He's a former Michigan State Football player who has been training in California in wrestling.

*UPDATES September 4-7/09*

I hope you'll be enjoying the long Labor Day weekend before school starts for some of you! Here's your news of the weekend, from and and and

-WWE is just about done and signed yet another top talent away from ROH in Nigel McGuiness, very similar to when the old ECW was raided for talent long ago (though of course WWE has said they've been pursuing the two since May, which is very possible too), so we'll see if ROH can survive or not as WWE looks to at least take away the talent (who knows if they end up doing well like CM Punk or wasted like Colt Cabana). I will say that NIgel is an excellent British wrestler who is as talented as Danielson in ring and does a great heel gimmick. He'll wrestle at least until the end of the month for ROH before going WWE bound, similar to how Bryan will finish up his independant show dates first as well. Once the contract is official for Nigel he too will likely be put on WWE right away like Bryan, with little to no FCW time.

-Some more updates on ROH/WWE is that once ROH moved to a Monday 8PM and 11PM timeslots on the East Coast it caught WWE's attention. Danielson has been on the radar since his dark match days in WWE and there were plans to have him be Brian Kendrick's new tag partner when he was doing that angle, but Kendrick got cut too soon for that to happen. Nigel has been of interest to both TNA and WWE, with TNA taking fellow Brit Doug Williams already too. OVW matches Nigel had in the past also kept him in view of WWE. WWE is indeed now instructing their staff to watch ROH on TV and eye for talent that is WWE worthy. Some are under contracts but they are under normal situations where a 30 day announcement before leaving for WWE can be worked out.

-Speaking of the indies, at the Dragon Gate USA show on Sunday where Bryan will fight one of his last shows on the circuit, Jerry Lawler and Jim Ross will be on hand to do autographs.

-Former RAW Host Jeremy Piven seems after trying to net phone numbers of Divas during his appearance got one. At the NFL NY Jets game, he was seen with Kelly Kelly in tow.

-Batista will be getting his own DVD called "I Walk Alone" on October 20th. dropped its Industry news section. It's been replaced with a Worldwide Tab for international news instead.

-There's another PPV change as the December Armageddon PPV is now in San Antonio, TX and is likely going to be the newly themed TLC (Tables, Ladders and Chairs) PPV.

-The newly named Hell in a Cell PPV on October 4 will be sponsored by the new video game, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Smash Up.

-Those AWFUL Pretty Ricky (R.Truth) videos return to the website this time with John Morrison in them.

-For those needing more insurance Jeff Hardy will be back after some time off and to look over a new contract, his profile is still on the website. Oddly (maybe frightfully too) Big Dick Johnson is now on the RAW roster with a profile too.

Catch you all next time, so don't 'cha dare miss it!
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Posted 9/9/09 , edited 9/14/09
To save on time from now on, I'll post at the top here the main sites I'm using for news sources. If another source is used I'll put that right into the news piece of note.

General sources are from and and and


-On the weekend Puerto Rico shows, there was a backstage scuffle between the Great Khali and the Big Show over the 6 man tag match they were in and some other wrestling details that are sketchy. Luckily the Undertaker, the unofficial locker room voice of Smackdown, came in and broke the fight up before it came to blows. Show had stepped on someone's bag then Khali jumped him on the ground before the Undertaker stepped in. MINOR UPDATES on how it started. There's been so many reports but the gist is they were arguing over how only 1 big man should do the big moves Giants do, and Big Show started the fight with a punch. Khali blocked it, and then Show slipped on said bag. Khali mounted him and tried to punch before the Undertaker moved in to break it up. Neither man will be disciplined. I could see somehow a match between them as it's been talked about for a bit.

-The Bob Barker hosting was generally well received as many tuned in or Google searched it up. Even a few radio stations did rumour management on it.

-Lilian Garcia's last show before leaving the WWE will be September 21st. There's still no word on who was hired to take her spot yet.

-WWE signed referee Ronnie Washington who was with Big Time Wrestling. He'll be sent to FCW to understand the WWE-style.

-FCW talent big Papi Sanchez underwent successful gall baldder surgery.

-Chris Jericho got a nasty cut during a recent house show but it's not hindering his in ring status for now.

-No word yet on Batista's announcement, but if you read Smackdown spoilers, Teddy Long will also make an announcement next week that will change Smackdown, so some are thinking you put the two together, and somehow Batista might not be retiring but simply being traded/moved to Smackdown instead.

-Sunday, January 24 in Atlanta is the date and site for the Royal Rumble. Also note that Survivor Series is STILL planned as a site error took it off momentarily. It will go head to head against the big NFL Conference Championship games, either the AFC game on CBS or NFC game on FOX.

-WWE Classics in response to fans will no longer make blood scenes black and white, but swear words or the middle finger will still be censored.

-WWE is looking for a new Senior Vice President of Marketing.


-Updating an earlier news piece, it's been confirmed that Lita and CM Punk are indeed a couple. In fact they've been a couple for 1 year now! Lita of course used to be in the WWE until she retired to focus on her punk band the Lucha Gores. She also used to date Matt Hardy then Edge in that real life shoot angle.

-The IC Match between Dolph Ziggler and John Morrison is indeed off the PPV. There's been no reason given officially but it is a sign that the 6 matches scheduled are being clocked to be long enough for a normal 2 hour, 45 minute slot. The 3 main events (the two World titles from RAW and Smackdown, and the DX/Legacy tag) are likely to go around 20 minutes each counting intros. I really HOPE they don't add too much backstage talk then, and if Kane/Khali and Christian/Regal SWAP time allowed from last PPV that would be a plus too. Morrison will now instead host a chat on the WWE website during the PPV.

-JR noted on his blog that the RAW crew will likely get the majority of the announcing (joy...). He's also noting Shelton Benjamin's face turn (odd ECW keeps flip flopping him) and Trish Stratus as next week's guest host. He also addressed the constant rumours about going to TNA. For now he's staying put in WWE to retire there but some inside both WWE and TNA think he might move to TNA if WWE plays anymore hardball with him.

-Another update to a previous noted PPV change, the WWE apparently wasn't aware until now about the NFL games so they now moved the Royal Rumble to January 31st to avoid conflicts now with the playoff rounds. It will now go head to head with the newly moved Pro Bowl which is an all-star game, but it's a much lower rated match than the playoffs at this time.

-Jeff Hardy is now moved to the Alumni section of the WWE website.

-Vince addresses in WWE Magazine that he's not going to pretend anymore that Chris Benoit doesn't exist in WWE history, comparing it to OJ Simpson. Well we'll see how that goes then.


Here's your weekend news now!

-The biggest up to date news it the arrest of Jeff Hardy. There's tons of conflicting reports as it just got on the news, but so far it seems Jeff was caught trafficking drugs that were controlled presciption drugs and anabolic steroids. TMZ reported it was about $2,500 worth of drugs that included vicodin, soma, anabolic steroids and even a "powder cocaine." Jeff has gone on Twitter several times to say things are being blown out of proportions, and that Matt did not post his bail of $125,000 but that Matt just learned the news as the bail was paid and Jeff is out on bail. He is facing charges for possessing opium, drug trafficking, felonies for keeping and selling drugs, and having drug paraphermalia.

As more news flows in it will be reported here but this is a serious case looking not only at illegal drugs and trafficking, but how it's the 3rd case of a Superstar pro wrestler being caught with presciptions drugs in the last month on different cases (Kurt Angle of TNA and Rey Mysterio in WWE).

LATEST UPDATE ON Jeff Hardy arrest:

*An anonymous tipper gave the police the tip a few days ago which led to a house check warrent and the subsequent arrest after finding the drugs and paraphermalia. Now several people of the indusry have commented on it. Jim Ross noted he just heard the news and hopes Jeff is getting proper council. He's not quick to judge but does know Jeff has his personal demons, but he's got a right too to a fair trial to show innocence or guilt. Online via Twitter or personal websites, Chris Jericho and Matt Hardy also mention supporting Jeff and not believing the hype of the media. Matt of course is extra busy having been involved somehow in Jeff's bail. Lance Storm also addresses the situation and other items on his website at I do concur you got to know the law a bit better and being arrested and being guilty are two separate things so don't be hasty to judge yet on this recent Jeff matter folks! Also note that due to Jeff not having a contract with the WWE at this time as he was taking time off that the company cannot punish him at this time. As far as his status with WWE in the future, no one knows as this is a unique case due to not having a contract at the time of arrest.

-The injury report grew. First an update from Michelle McCool's blog is that the injury is actually worse than predicted from the house show injury. It's a torn corner of the PCL (Posterior Cruciate Ligament) along with a bruised band around the meniscus that holds the knee capsule together, and the bone itself is also bruised badly. She's still out indefinitely but is not being stripped of her Women's Title for now. The other Divas champ, Mickie James, suffered a breast implant burst so she's taking the weekend off to get it fixed, but should be back for RAW in Toronto next week hopefully. So for the moment on the Divas Injury Roster is still Maryse, and now you can add Kelly Kelly to that list. She's undergone X-Rays to check an injured right knee and she could be out for some time pending the results.

-There's possible talk that Ric Flair might show up to face Hulk Hogan in a new promotion called Hulkamania. This would be suspect since Eric Bischoff is one of two people running it along with Hogan and Flair is not on good terms with Bischoff, not to mention the WWE would have a say on all this. If more solid info is found on this story it too shall be updated.

-The WWE Title belt Jerry Lawler gave the New York Yankees is being auctioned off for charity.

-Stemming since the RAW that ended up with Dusty hosting instead, there's still talk of Lilian Garcia being a guest host before she retires from the WWE to pursue other ventures. The talk is now that it might be on September 21st, the last day she's working on RAW.

-JR talked in his latest blog too about Scott Hall being an announcer. He's heard his work on other companies and hinted he's have a career in it if he concentrated on it.

-A new match has been to the PPV this Sunday, but it's apparently not the cancelled IC Title match between John Morrison and Dolph Ziggler. I think they might feel the move of belts due to the Rey suspension doesn't give enough time to build it. So instead you can add a US Title match between the champ Kofi Kingston and the Miz. NOW I just got news the reason that Morrison/Dolph got cut was not due to timing of the PPV as a whole issues but not being able to settle on a finish at this time. Umm, I'm going to suggest Maria turns heel and helps Dolph win it, causing Morrison to do a babyface chase perhaps? Well looks like it will get a match and finish for the new Hell in a Cell PPV that comes in 3 weeks time after Breaking Point unless they change their minds again or still cannot think up a finish. Another possibility is that if they do a Screwjob finish in the Punk/Taker match (oh really, in Montreal?), that doing a second one like I suggested would be overkill (what, overkill on finishes in WWE?). Speaking of that match the original plan was indeed for Taker to win clean but now cooler heads prevailed as they see that as a horrid decision considering the timing. A huge Screwjob or tons of run-ins could happen.

-Go figure fans already reacted in videos like this.

Tune in next time, and don't cha dare miss it!
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Posted 9/13/09 , edited 9/18/09
Here's your news once again!

General sources are from and and and


-At the Montreal PPV tonight, Canadian Indy Wrestler Josh Burton is getting a look as an extra to be used tonight.

-The update on the Jeff Hardy situation is as follows: Jeff and Beth were both home but only Jeff was arrested. The case is still under investigation so more charges might be found. Note from Lance Storm's article on the situation that he reminds that US Law automatically gives a charge of drug trafficking if what is found exceeds normal prescription amounts, so it's yet to even be determined if he was selling the drugs, using them for himself or both. Opium trafficking, which is one of the charges Hardy faces, carries a mandatory prison sentence of 3-14 years, even for first-time offenders. Finally the tip that led to the raid and arrests is key due to when it was given. It was given well past the last day Jeff was under contract in WWE which was August 25th. The tip only came a few days ago.

-For now Evan Bourne is scheduled to wrestle a dark match before the PPV. UPDATE-Bourne beat Chavo Guerrero in the opening dark match.

-Sylvain Grenier, formerly of La Résistence in the WWE, is backstage considering it's in his hometown. There are talks of signing him back into the WWE so that's why he's possibly there. Also on hand is Montreal wrestling trainer Wayne Cryderman, who brought in more of his own talent in to be extras for tonight. I suspect the extras might be for the Submissions count anywhere match to keep things civil (particularly for HBK and I don't need to explain that one in Montreal).

-You can add Melina to the injured Divas as she has a splint on her finger which is injured. No word on if she needs more time off aside from not working the weekend.


Yes I'm an upset fan. For them to book lazily in their 10 person board room meetings of creative writers they chose to repeat history. What really upsets me is having the announcers constantly saying it's US the fans who can't let Montreal Screwjobs go. No that's a load of you know what as they keep shoving it back down our throats. Even the website asked about who screwed Taker: Punk, Teddy or the ref. I'll give your answer here: it was Vince. Vince flipping a finger off to a loyal fanbase once again because we're not sheep, that we cheer or boo GOOD TALENT and National Talent because we're proud of those who truly work their butts off. You can earn the respect too with us, look at John Cena. I give him credit last night working his butt off for a win and working over a good story about he and Orton fighting over using the handcuffs. It's business 101 as well, DON'T upset or tell off your fanbase!

And as far as letting go, it's a very select few if they notice that still shout "YOU SCREWED BRET." The majority of Canadians have moved on! I can vouch I've been to shows in Canada and most of us now even tell off the minority who want to start that chant. And really the best thing after that is ignore them. WWE ignore them and they'll die out in due time. But keep throwing it back in our faces and saying it's our fault, that's low and insulting. If we can work on getting that minority to shut up, someone do the same on the WWE end.

I fear this week's Canadian shows will continue to be shots back at Canada but WE WILL NOT BACK DOWN! WE SHALL BE HEARD BECAUSE WE are true fans, we got freedom of expression and will not bow down to this utter garbage. We will cheer and boo who we see fit, and trust me, things can be patched up but it's got to start with the WWE too. Otherwise, count this as a downfall of fandom from our end.

OK done my rant for now, I needed to get that out of the system so I can review properly here. Again the opinions are mine alone, not the group or CR website.

Onto news now!

-Post PPV reports said nothing was explained or said, simply Undertaker leaving quietly and MANY fans demanding refunds. I seriously can't blame them.

-WWE released 4 developmental talent from FCW: Kris Logan (Brian Cage), Fletcher Chase (Jason Garrison), Troy Jackman (Ian Richardson), and Aiden Frost (Jason Riggs).

-Meanwhile WWE is going to take a look this week at the following Canadian Talent: Joshua James, Michael Von Payton, George Terzis, Dave Titan, Reggie Marley, Damian Styles and Frank Bradley. I have seen or even worked booking Indy shows with a few names so I wish them the best of luck!

-In a shocking change, Canadian President of WWE Canada Carl DeMarco has left the company. I must say I've seen him at Fan events for the WWE and he's always jovial and working hard and has been at the job for a very long time after being Bret Hart's manager for 5 years prior to taking the job, which also had him handle the China and Latin America offices of the WWE. Wishing him the best in his future endeavours indeed.

-Again Trish Stratus is hosting RAW tonight. Batista will make his big announcement just days before Teddy Long makes his on Smackdown so put two and two together it's a possibility it's a move. Also HBK vs Ted Dibiase Jr. is on the show tonight.


-As noted on RAW, next week's celebrity host is Cedric the Entertainer. It's also Lilian Garcia's last show so I guess they dropped the idea of her being the host.

-The Hershey, Pennsylvania show is said to be the next 3 hour RAW using talent from all three shows on November 23rd before the Thanksgiving Day in the USA on the 26th.

-Tonight's ECW main event is the rematch of Christian and Dreamer vs. Koslov and Jackson.

-September 16th we'll get a clearer announcement if Linda McMahon will run for US Senate. If she does she will step down as WWE CEO and Vince would take over that role to do with his other existing roles.

-For RAW vs. Smackdown 2010 the names of who is in the game should come by next week.

-Tommy Dreamer is working through a sore elbow at shows.

-Seems like Ric Flair will be coming out of retirement since his last match in WWE. A source close to him said Flair will come out of retirement to wrestle for the new promotional tour by Eric Bischoff (whom I guess he might have patched up the past differences about) and Hulk Hogan called "Hulkamania-Let the Battle Begin" that will be touring in Australia, somewhere Hogan has never been to. Likely you can count on the Nasty Boys and Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake being on the card since they're friends of Hogan's Already confirmed for the tour are Diamond Dallas Page, Ken Anderson (Mr. Kennedy in WWE), Charles "Godfather" Wright, Sean Morley (Val Venis), Eddit Fatu (Umaga), Shannon Moore and Lacey Von Erich. If this is the case you know some will be sad since this is a rival company possibly and well, coming out of retirement shows how things are with Ric financially and emotionally. We shall see how this goes as the possibility this tour becomes a new rival company to the WWE are possible if it does well. Further news on the deal is that it's a 3 year deal so count Flair out of doing anything with WWE for a while again. Note that Ric was initially going to be used as a possible Smackdown GM or RAW GM or even an announcer, but a deal was never signed so he has no official obligations to WWE after leaving ROH as their ambassador, who got that new HD Net deal on TV going head to head with RAW, leading to the signings of Danielson and McGuinness with possibly more on the way. It will be Hulk Hogan vs. Ric Flair as the main event on this tour.

There's more to this. There's a planned reality show already in the works for the show focusing on Flair and Hogan during the tour. Bischoff is already also trying to contact free agent Jeff Hardy to sign with them as well. With Hogan and Flair having gone through expensive divorces, they can now commit to this project that has been in the plans for a while, and there's plans for it to be an international touring company as it will rival WWE, TNA and other feds worldwide.

-Speaking of Jeff Hardy, his court date is set for September 30th. I'm sure he's hoping he has Kurt Angle's luck, who got off today from the majority of charges stemming from a stalking case of TNA talent/girlfriend Rhaka Khan which included finding prescription steroids in his car. The charges again are: felony possession of cocaine, felony drug trafficking of opium, (Two Counts) Felony possession with intent to redistribute a Schedule III drug, maintaining a dwelling for drug use and/or distribution and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. Now the charges for trafficking come from the amounts found in excess of normal weights for allowed presciptions, so if he can present that prescription the charges could be reduced or dropped. Jeff has still yet to release a new statement since saying he would on his Twittter.

-Despite being suspended, Rey Mysterio's Autobiography is set to go out on sale soon.

-WWE cut a 5th developmental talent, Espiral who was formerly wrestling as Sicodelico Jr. This one is particularly noteworthy after he was included in the deal to sign Dos Caras Jr. who is still in FCW despite being promised a spot on the main roster soon. Both are huge Mexican talents.


-To update some earlier news, Linda McMahon has indeed stepped down as WWE CEO to run for a US Senate position for the state of Connecticut, with Vince taking over the role while keeping his other roles as Chairman and Owner.

-FCW added some talent to fill in spots today, though expect more cuts to come of the roster. For now they added Jackson Andrews and Jimmy Uso. Uso in particular is the son of former WWE talent Haku.

-Extra spoiler alert here!

The angle done on Smackdown this week where Kane smashed Khali's leg and theh stretchered out was due to Khali needing surgery on some needed knee surgery that is needed soon, so he'll be gone for a while. Also lots of Teddy Long's security on the show were local talents like Kris Chambers and Phil Atlas, the latter another person I've worked with and is a solid talent.

-You can also officially add Kelly Kelly to the injury roster with a minor knee injury.

-HHH will accompany recent RAW guest host Floyd Mayweather this weekend in his boxing main event match with Juan Marquez.

-With Jeff Hardy's court date approaching, he has deleted his Twitter and MySpace account.


-The ECW Championship match of Christian vs. Zack Ryder will be taped in Tulsa Tuesday to air then. In fact on Zack's Twitter account he's already Photoshopped the title around his waist, heh. Of course he got in trouble and it has been pulled down, though if you wish to see it go to,-Zack-Ryder-Wants-The-ECW-Title,-More.htm

-Cedric the Entertainer is going to be promoting a new DVD called Shaq and Cedric the Entertainer presents All Star Comedy Jam in Little Rock, Arkansas when he hosts RAW. This has a possibility then of Shaq making a return appearance somehow too.

-Muscle Flex Inc. is sueing the WWE over products with the word RAW in them in Canada. The conflicting products caused for a cease and desist to be sent but WWE had ignored it so more legal action is now on the way.

-Chris Jericho on his Twitter said a book about his life should be out by 2010.

-Hot off hosting RAW, Trish Stratus' Stratusphere Yoga will now be a video game for the Nintendo Wii. It will likely come out in 2010.

*UPDATES SEPTEMBER 18-20/09 Weekend*
Here's your package of weekend news as it flows in these days!

-The Ultimate Warrior lost a court case to recoup any damages by the WWE DVD about himself. He's got a rebuttal on his webpage.

-The WWE will return to the Middle East this X-mas season to do another Tribute to the Troops show. They will fly there in early December to tape it, then it will air on NBC as a one hour special, currently slated for December 19th at 9PM.

-Big Show vs. Batista will headline next week's Smackdown in Tulsa.

Come back for more info on the WWE, so don't cha dare miss it!
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Posted 9/20/09 , edited 9/21/09
Hey all here's the latest Behind the scenes news for you all to digest.,-Vince-Wanted-Hardy-Buried,-Punks-Future,-Possible-Jericho-DVD,-More.htm

411 mania » Wrestling » News

WWE News: Undertaker Health Concerns, Vince Wanted Hardy Buried, Punk’s Future, Possible Jericho DVD, More
Posted by Larry Csonka on 09.20.2009

Lots of WWE news…

- Right now there is a lot of concern regarding the health of The Undertaker. He came back to work in Puerto Rico, as a warm up for his Breaking Point match, and that is when concern started. After WrestleMania, Undertaker had hip surgery, but it was played off as a minor thing. In reality, he had very serious surgery, possibly a hip replacement, and the company wondered if he would return at all. Taker is in a lot of pain, and noticeably slower; this is why the Breaking Point match was booked to be so short. Some are wondering if we will see him retire at WrestleMania 26.

- Al Sharpton will guest host Raw on September 28th.

- The View's Sherri Shepard is expected to guest host in October.

- Vince McMahon made the call for CM Punk to cut a promo on Jeff Hardy at Breaking Point. Punk had already cut a promo, but Vince made the decision to add in the Hardy comments and re-shoot the promo.

- The creative team has been pushing to give CM Punk a bodyguard. Ezekiel Jackson had been rumored for the role, but the feeling is that working on ECW is the better place to develop him. Another option is Festus. The angle would be that Punk either got him off of his medication to make him normal, or that he is feeding him pills to control him.

- If the WWE doesn't put out the Jeff Hardy DVD in December, a likely replacement will be a Chris Jericho compilation DVD. WWE is still working on the Jeff Hardy DVD though.


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Posted 9/22/09 , edited 9/23/09
Hey all some Behind the scenes news from the last two days,-Chris-Benoit-On-Best-Of-Smackdown-DVD,-More.htm

- The plan is for Rey Mysterio to make his return from suspension on October 6th. This will be the ECW/Smackdown tapings in Trenton, New Jersey.

- Footage of Chris Benoit makes a brief appearance on the Best of Smckdown DVD, during the TLC III segment. This is the first appearance in new material for Benoit in years. Vince McMahon recently stated that he would use Benoit in historical instances, but not to promote him, and that seems to be the case here.

- The theme for WWE Classics On Demand in October will be "Things That Go Bump In The Fight."

- Steven Andrew Slocum, a student of Booker T's is now working for Florida Championship Wrestling as Jackson Andrews.


According to his Twitter page, Stacy Keibler will have a role on an upcoming episode of USA Network's Psych. The episode is filming this week in Vancouver.

- Albino Farm, which features Chris Jericho, is now out on DVD.

- Maria and The Hart Dynasty are scheduled to appear at the Cold Stone Creamery in Times Square on 9/24 at 5PM ET.

- The Miami Herald has an article up on WWE's plan to tour Florida in December.

- John Cena appeared on a clip for the show Drafted on The Score in Canada after RAW last night. The clip featured Cena at a press conference doing an "audition" for calling sports highlights. The show is sponsored by Gillette, which is probably why Cena was involved, and is about people trying out to be sportscasters.

There you are will be back soon

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Posted 9/24/09 , edited 9/24/09
Here's some more behind the scenes updates.

[- WWE has sent out another survey to fans, asking their opinion on names for an upcoming PPV where the main events are all Elimination Chamber matches. The choices are:

* Elimination Chamber
* No Way Out
* Battle Chamber
* Heavy Metal
* Chamber of Conflict

- It would appear that the February PPV, traditionally the No Way Out PPV, which has been hosting the Elimination Chamber, is the PPV they are considering the change for.

- Vickie Guerrero has been booked for the Smackdown 10th Anniversary special, which will tape Tuesday in Boston. [Credit:]

- has a "Where are they now?" article up on the Mean Street Posse. You can check that out here.

- The Times Union has an article up on this week's Raw guest host, Rev. Al Sharpton. When asked about Sharpton hosting Raw, WWE publicist Kevin Hennessy says Sharpton's current work on education reform dovetails nicely with WWE's own campaign for youth literacy, Get R.E.A.L. You can check out the article here.

- The Southtown Star has an article up with WWE Hall of Famer Jimmy Superfly Snuka. Snuka is looking for "9 to 5" jobs he can work as part of a new reality show called "The Superfly Challenge". You can check out the article here.

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Posted 9/26/09 , edited 9/27/09
For now for my references please go to my early link sources in posts.
-It's still in initial talks but the door is ajar for Bret Hart, who was on radio saying it's not out of the picture to return to the WWE in a regular role. The 3 spots to consider is manager of the Hart Dynasty[which opens a shot one more time for troubled Teddy Hart to finally debut in WWE if he stays out of trouble], GM of RAW[least likely unless they want weekly unpredictable meetings of Bret and HBK who unlike Bret and Vince have not come close to burying the hatchet], or most likely replace Teddy Long as GM of Smackdown under some new Vince/Undertaker/CM Punk feud role stemming from Montreal Screwjobs. If more progresses from this consider it huge news to come.
-The Rock had pretaped a promo in his home to air on the 10th anniversary Smackdown. No word yet of him guest hosting but coming to RAW soon will be Dennis Miller[comedian], Nancy O`dell, Sherri Sheppard[View/MVP date], Jeff Foxworthy and of course next to get his message of racial tolerance out, Rev. Al Sharpton.
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Posted 9/27/09 , edited 9/27/09
Ah see you beat me to it trigunkwan but yep here's the info on Rock's Smackdown apperance.

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is set to appear on the 10th Anniversary Smackdown show via tape. The WWE crew filmed the segment at Johnson's home this past week.

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Posted 10/1/09 , edited 10/1/09
Interesting notes of the week:
-Justin Roberts now announces RAW, Tony Chimel still does SD and new gal Andy will report doing ECW so sadly no Fink return.
-Michael Cole will also return to SD for the anniversary show, while Vickie is there to honor Eddy's SD moments and there's strong hints the Rock during his promo that he would be a GM on RAW at least for 1 week.
-Big Ben of the NFL will host next week's RAW and already taking heat since his Steelers are1-2 playing Sunday and this also goes head to head with Monday Night Football. No word yet if the NFL fines him for hosting.
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Posted 10/2/09 , edited 10/2/09
Quick notes:
-Looks like Vickie Guerrero might be back a bit longer as from SD to show she will introduce and manage Eric Escobar who was in FCW, sometimes tagging with Primo.
-Tiffany is legit injured from an arm injury she substained in FCW recently and her return is unkwown.
-Matt Hardy twittering about punishment that some thought was from WWE but he explained later was a bet to see how internet critics would react did upset too some in WWE so who knows if real punishment will come.
-Pittsburgh Steelers coach Mike Tomlin won't talk about his QB Big Ben hosting RAW against the huge MNF NFL game between Minnesota and returning Brett Favre vs. Green Bay. ESPN and other news sites are following while some in the NFL are not happy so further punishment is possible.
-Ice-T and wife Coco are the latest to be asked to host RAW in the Fall.
-Finally catch SD for the Rock promo alone as fans on site say it's a year's best and talks for a future return heighten, though apperantly the Rock threw away the creative team's script and gave an 8 minute improv classic.
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Posted 10/5/09 , edited 10/6/09
Here's some news from behind the scenes for you all .1stly here's so guest host for Raw news

Over the weekend, Ice-T told fans at an autograph session that he was confirmed to be a WWE Monday Night Raw guest host. Both sides are figuring out a date that will fit into each side's schedule.

Access Hollywood's Nancy O'Dell and actress Maria Menounos will co-guest host Monday Night Raw next week.

Lastly for those Wondering Why CM Punk may have lost the belt At the PPV here's possibly why.

From the Wrestling Observer:

The Undertaker took issue with CM Punk's appearance during the European tour and told him he needs to dress more appropriate for a World Champion and that he is representing WWE overseas. Punk's response was, "what about John Cena?"

The conversation got back to WWE management and they took it as if CM Punk feels he is a bigger star than John Cena is. The decision was then made to strip Punk of the title at last night's Hell In A Cell PPV and make it an opener.

The incident and Punk losing the title has been the talk of the Smackdown locker room over the weekend. Majority of those from the Smackdown brand were under the impression that Undertaker would win and there are some who are wondering why someone who works a limited schedule and has health issues was given the title and that it was too early to take the belt off CM Punk.

The current plan is for the Undertaker to start a program with Batista.

Thats all for now folks.Be back soon with more news
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Posted 10/8/09 , edited 10/8/09
Nice reporting as usual andy while I work on getting the new comp.

-Just on Punk being put to the doghouse is a bad choice over a flippant remark while WWE finds new ways to protect the established. I worry Undertaker as champ hurts WWE now since he does no house shows because of age and ongoing pains, while feuding Batista is another injury concern and limited in ring, while new stars again are on hold. Cena meanwhile expect more title flips back to him as THE rivalry continues sadly.
-With Vickie being the latest to comeback since her kids went back to school, look out for Booker T to be back as his TNA contract is almost done, he's unhappy so talking backstage about going back to WWE despite a rocky leave, and WWE wants him back as a "new" superstar.
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Posted 10/9/09 , edited 10/10/09
Hey all.Well it seem's the WWE have changed another PPV's name here's the low down.

WWE is currently advertising the February PPV, which had been named No Way Out, as "WWE Elimination Chamber".


So only the big four and Backlash and Judgement Day remain as is for now.
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Posted 10/12/09 , edited 10/13/09
Hey folks here's some more behind the scenes news its a lot so here goes,-Another-PPV-Name-Change,-Maryse-&-Undertaker-Updates.htm

WWE has made legal threats to the Wine School of Philadelphia, telling them to stop naming a class they offer "Sommelier Smackdown." The founder of the school has said that WWE doesn't have any legal rights to tell them anything, since they don't own the term "Smackdown."

- WWE is considering changing the name of their May PPV. Three names being considered are Riot Control, War Games, and Multimania.

- The Undertaker will be working and headlining this week's Mexico tour.

- Maryse is scheduled to return soon to TV.


- Ozzy Osbourne is set to host an upcoming RAW, likely the 11/2 episode. He will host with his wife Sharon.

- has a story up on some of the republican candidates for the senate criticizing Linda McMahon for donating to democrats over the years. You can read that article here.

- Nancy O'Dell and Maria Menounos of Access Hollywood were on the Bob and Tom show this morning, talking about their appearance on Raw tonight. The Bob and Tom show is based out of Indianapolis, where Raw is tonight. Anyway, it was about a five minute segment with them talking about Nancy's foundation, which is hoping to spread the word through hosting the show. Apparently Nancy and Maria are both big wrestling fans. When asked who their favorites are O'Dell said, "The good girl in me says John Cena but I really like Randy Orton." Menounos also said Orton was her favorite. O'Dell then added "but I really like Chris Jericho and Big Show, they make a great tag team." The segment ended with them plugging the show for tonight saying it will be a lot of fun with some surprises. A TV version of the show airs at Midnight tonight on WGNAmerican. [Credit: Kevin McGuffey and]

- has an article up on Nancy O'Dell being named the "WWE's Hottest Fan". You can read that here.

- Dutch Mantell has a new blog up, which is actually a free chapter from the book he will be releasing next year. He discusses Kane's early career, including the wild tale of a riot in Puerto Rico, where Kane played a big part. The blog also has some never before seen photos of Kane. You can check that out here.

Lastly as some of you may have seen we've had some Diva trades done tonight on Raw and here's who went where

- There was a special "Diva Trade", involving divas from all three brands. Here is the info from

- As we saw on Raw, Melina was traded from Smackdown to Raw and became the new WWE Divas Champion.

- Beth Phoenix was traded from Raw to Smackdown.

- Mickie James was traded from Raw to Smackdown.

- Rosa Mendez was traded from Raw to ECW

- Eve was traded from Smackdown to Raw.

- Brie & Nikki Bella were traded from ECW to Raw.

Thats all for now til next time all.
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