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Posted 1/4/10 , edited 1/19/10
General sources are as normally credited to and and and

As usual some quick new notes:

-Update for now is Jeff Hardy is indeed in Florida but no news yet on being on the show tonight. Shannon Moore will be as he was signed along with the Young Bucks, a re-signed Angelina Love, Sean Waltman and Scott Hall for the moment. Of course Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff are present and talked to the talent already. Many surprises are promised but yet to hear who they are.

-Meanwhile Bret and the Hart Dynasty will be on hand for RAW. Again note John Cena is not at RAW due to being at the Fiesta Bowl. Matches set are DX vs. Jeri-Show for the Tag belts and Kofi vs. Orton.

You can tell both backstages are in flux and concern and anticipation, considering both Hogan and Hart back in the day had huge say in the product's direction and now you got creative teams, so expect clashes on that level for both companies.

-WWE and Deep South Wrestling continue their lawsuit over developmental territories when WWE severed ties.

-NBC is starting the advertising campaign for the latest season of Celebrity Apprentice featuring WWE Diva Maria and former WWE talent Goldberg.

-For the moment both RVD and Mr. Kennedy went on Twitter saying they are not returning on either show and watching, but who knows how that might change or not in the next few hours.

If you wish to see how the experts are handicapping the ratings tonight look at

I'll go with 3.9 for RAW, 1.3 for TNA for now.

-Since JAKKS deal is expired, Mattel now takes over the WWE toyline.

-Just updated, Melina, due to needing ACL surgery, has been stripped of her DIVAS championship, so add to RAW tonight the beginning of a tournament to crown a new champion.

I will be seeing both shows and let's hope it spawns competition and entertainment and maybe even good wrestling tonight!
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Posted 1/4/10 , edited 1/5/10
Hot off the press here's the first Intel for tonight's Monday Night War's version 2.0


Dave Meltzer reports that Ric Flair is likely to appear on TNA Impact tonight. He was spotted boarding a flight to Orlando from Charlotte yesterday.

Also set to appear on the show tonight: Scott Hall, Sean Waltman, Sean Morley, Orlando Jordan, The Nasty Boys, Angelina Love, Jason Hervey, Brooke Hogan, & Nick Hogan.


The word from backstage at TNA Impact, according to Dave Meltzer, is that TNA has talked Jeff Hardy into signing with the company

WWE has asked USA Network for an extension tonight to air RAW until 11:20PM. They're hoping to grab the 1-1.5 million viewers that they expect to be watching Impact after Impact ends at 11PM. The feeling within WWE is that more people will be watching wrestling tonight than have in a very long time.
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Posted 1/4/10 , edited 1/8/10
Well after all it's never easy to reach the hype level, so both shows did decent but nothing groundbreaking. Nevertheless there's some news from both.

TNA by the end loaded heavy on apperances and new signings. Yes sorry Jeff Hardy fans, he has indeed signed with TNA (despite WWE having offered a new deal if his court case that is still ongoing is settled, along with a Mania program with CM Punk; Vince at the moment is not commenting on any TNA signings)
along with:
Shannon Moore, Orlando Jordan, Val Venis, the Nasty Boys, Scott Hall(possibly 1 time deal), Ric Flair, Sean Waltman(possibly 1 time deal) and of course, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan.

RAW meanwhile just had Bret Hart show but did the angle of burying the hatchet with HBK, while still having unresolved tension with a bitter Vince McMahon. The Hart Dynasty did show up but only to the crowd post show along with the rest of the RAW roster minus DX to cheer on Bret and then depart.

OK so really next is to see if we got any good payoff. Let's hope as otherwise it's status quo and that's not really good for entertainment or in ring product right now for any fed.

Other quick news:

-RAW did take time to talk about the passing of Steve Williams. Jim Ross has a blog up about it. Williams' funeral is this week.

-USA Network denied the overrun to RAW as the already upset movie rights just after RAW wanted to air right away and didn't.

-Mike Tyson is next up to host next Monday's RAW against SPIKE TV's next show to go head to head (as said my UFC President Dana White), the next UFC Free Fight Night.

-You can add then to RAW guests hosts announced after Tyson, Don Johnson/Jon Heder and the cast of Psych, for February 1st it's actor William Shatner. JR addressed on another blog there is no truth to the rumour of Macho Man Randy Savage coming in to host any RAW at this time.

-Former ROH star Bryan Danielson had his first dark match in a win against Chavo which got rave reviews, a good sign for now. He requested afterwards to get some training for ring rust in FCW, where he will keep his name but add the nickname "International Superstar".

-WWE reports Melina's injury will keep her out until July at earliest.


-Andrew Whitaker got promoted to the head of WWE International.

-WWE is starting new promotions with KMart and their new toymakers Mattel while giving away promotional Wrestlemania chairs.

-As far as WWE in movies, John Cena started filming of My Brother's Keeper, a WWE film, Big Show in Knucklehead,
also a WWE Film, while Hollywood movies have Mark Henry, Kane, MVP, Chris Jericho, The Great Khali and Big Show will all appear in the SNL parody film MacGruber. They will play henchmen in the movie, which will see The Big Show "make out with another man". Chris Jericho is the only WWE star to have a speaking role in the film. The next WWE Studios film will be called Big Red. The film is described as a "coming of age comedy about a kid in the 1960s".

-Batista is the coverstar for the 2010 Elimination Chamber PPV.

-WWE signed from OVW Asher Knight. They also used from the indies for the fan who CM Punk "saves" wrestler Ted McNaylor.

Well let's see how the week goes now from this, even if for one night, big moment.
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Posted 1/8/10 , edited 1/9/10
Here's the late news for tonights behind the scenes

-Batista will be filming an indepent movie next month,-Press-Coverage-of-Monday-Night-War,-More.htm .

-Adding onto what trigun mentioned with regards to the Big Show's WWE film,As well as Tommy Dreamer and the late Steve Willanms added to the WWE alummini page

-Lastly get ready for WWE the music voulume 10

Thats all for now either myself or tirgun will be back soon with more news

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Posted 1/9/10 , edited 1/11/10
Yep, a few weekend items to add as it moves along before the RAW/UFC Monday Night Showdown this coming week.

-Looks like time for WWE talent housecleaning once again, with the first person given best wishes on future endeavours being the release of DJ Gabriel. If you recall he was a dancing duo with Alicia Fox on ECW until Fox got moved to RAW and DJ got moved back to WWE developmental. More releases are expected over the next few days. ADDED: WWE Developmental talent Sweet Papi Sanchez got released. So were Rashad Goff, Christoph Herzog, Aaron Reed, Bryan Wilcott, Max McGuirk (who is the grandson of former Mid South promoter Leroy McGuirk) and Dylan Klein.

-WWE has removed all mention on thei website and most of their video packages of Jeff Hardy, Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff and some of Mick Foley and Ric Flair.

-ECW GM Tiffany and current IC Champ Drew McIntyre are engaged, hoping to marry in May.

-Not fully confirmed but it's about a lock for Stu Hart now to go into the WWE Hall of Fame after the angle on Monday. They might also follow up on another HOF angle by inducting Bullet Bob Armstrong.

-Even after WWE ignored using former Diva Stacy Keibler as a RAW host in her hometown of Baltimore (which ended up being hosted by Verne Troyer), she talked to about how they approached her weeks later about doing it but schedules conflicted, so for now she won't be hosting but is still open to it if the opportunity is right.

-Former wrestlers Jim White and Ludvig Borga passed away on the weekend.

-Bret Hart won't be on this week's RAW but is scheduled to appear on January 18th in Knoxville.

Stay tuned!
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Posted 1/11/10 , edited 1/18/10
Some early WWE news for you!

-The HOF ceremonies will be on March 27th before Mania in Arizona. USA Network has say on the length since they will only air the last hour at 11PM with no replay while the ceremonies will start at 7:30PM, likely limiting production and speeches further. Stu Hart's name is now the lone one confirmed so far to enter. It will now go head to head with the UFC PPV that night in NJ with title main events of Georges St. Pierre vs. Dan Hardy and Frank Mir vs. Shane Carwin.

At–-Opening-Page-And-Newsstand-Cover.htm you can see the first images for the new WWE Comic book. Zombies anyone?

-Goldust and Eve will be making appearances for FCW.

-Talks continue for Booker T to return to the WWE as noted by his brother Stevie Ray on radio this weekend.

Remember that RAW is hosted by boxer Iron Mike Tyson tonight heading up against SPIKE TV's UFC Fight Night main evented by Nate Diaz vs. Gray Maynard. For now Tyson might be a guest ref as well while the Divas tourney continues.

*UPDATE Jan 12-13/10*

-Stone Cold Steve Austin who is filiming movies right now, will be on NBC's Chuck soon, and will now how RAW on March 15th in San Diego just weeks before Mania 26 in Arizona.

-Recent jobber on ECW against Beretta/Croft luchadore El Super Nova has signed with the WWE and will be sent to FCW for training. He is the son of El Texano.

-Brooke Hogan accidentally revealed on Bubba the Love Sponge about how TNA is looking to move to Monday's permanently, but nothing is 100% set yet, though SPIKE TV was very pleased with the ratings so far.

-There is an interesting battle that will be taking place in August at the box office. Dwayne Johnson's picture ‘The Other Guys', which also stars Mark Wahlberg, Samuel L. Jackson, Will Ferrell, Eva Mendes and Michael Keaton will be coming out one week before ‘The Expendables' which is Steve Austin's next movie that features a whose who including Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, Mickey Rourke, Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Randy Couture.

-Mickie James' first country music single comes out on Feb.16. Her album comes out in March.

-Molly Holly visited the talent last night at RAW backstage.

-The Big Show, Bella Twins and R. Truth will appear on an upcoming episode of ABC's Extreme Makeover to tear and remake a house.

-OVW will welcome VP of Talent Relations John Laurenaitis, Gail Kim and the Miz for a 2 day Q and A and tryout camp on Feb. 22-23.

-This story is breaking stemming from a weekend incident in Boston at a popular restaurant involving Randy Orton and a 15 year old fan. The fan wanted a picture with him after taking one of him in the parking lot. Reports say Orton spat his gum at the kid, swore at him and even challenged his mom to sue him. Police are investigating, interviewing other witnesses, and have scheduled a hearing on a simple assault and battery charge and a clerk magistrate will determine if charges will be pressed.

Safe to say the Royal Rumble match could be the least of concerns considering this sounds serious. If more info comes in on it or other news we'll report it ASAP.

*UPDATE January 14/10*

-Apparently there's a story circulated by WWE crew about how their one flight got delayed due to Tyler Reks who claimed there was motor issues and wanted it to land ASAP. No disciplinary action has come of yet.

-Ted Dibiase Jr. is shooting down a report of an interview with PEOPLE magazine which he is saying is a false one.

-The Rock will be on Leno tonight to promote his movie the Tooth Fairy.

-New products for 2010 from WWE include an iPhone version of RAW vs. Smackdown and greeting cards coming soon.

-Adding to the simple assault and battery charge against Randy Orton this week, there was also a lot of tension from botched spots in RAW's match with Kofi and Cena:

"For those curious to the finish of the Orton Vs Kingston Vs Cena match it appears that Kingston was supposed to be on his hands and knees and take a kick to the head and got up without taking the kick and also appeared that the run in involving Ted DiBiase Jr. was screwed up. Orton was visibly pissed off after the match yelling ‘Stupid' at Kingston and you can see him mouth the words ‘He f***ed it up' after the match."

Again, we shall see if Orton is finally punished, or gets the JBL treatment and walks away the champ at the Royal Rumble.

-Adding to changes of the original plans of the PPV are the ongoing injuries sustained by John Cena. He is wrestling with bulging discs in his back that need rest if not surgery. This is why he's not the one facing Sheamus for the title as originally planned, and likely will be kept limited for now in action.

-A glitch for ordering WWE HOF tickets has been resolved for now.

*UPDATE January 16/10*

-Bret Hart, who will return to RAW this coming Monday when it's hosted by Jon Heder and Don Johnson, has also started a Facebook page to discuss the recent events on RAW.

-The WWE will return to Denver's Pepsi Centre in March for a house show where they last were not seen due to the debacle with the Denver Nuggets owner and the building owner, ending up with RAW in rival Los Angeles' Staples Arena. Let's hope there's not another repeat of this as the angle done afterwards was one of the worst of 2009.

-WWE teamed up with AmeriCares to give donations to the people of Haiti after the devastating earthquake, more info at

-The Rock in a recent interview at talked about how he was asked to host last Monday's RAW but due to conflicts with promoting his current movie the Tooth Fairy, he was in Mexico instead. He certainly wants to return to the WWE and after filming Faster, he will talk again with the WWE about a summer return that might be more than just a RAW hosting spot and more like the temporary deal Bret Hart is doing for an angle.

-Chris Raaber, an Austrian wrestler has left FCW.

-Updates on WWE Films include John Cena soon starting filming on Brother's Keeper, where Cena is one part of a strong ensemble including Patricia Clarkson (The Green Mile) and Danny Glover (2012). The film follows a teenaged boy (Devon Graye) and his attempts to reconcile with his mother and older brother (Cena) a decade after the father of the family passed away. They have announced a 2011 release for the remake of the 1984 Chuck Norris film Missing in Action, but no cast has been announced for it yet. Chuck Norris has appeared before at the 1994 Survivor Series, so a movie cameo and a RAW guest hosting spot is not out of the question.

-Bryan Danielson had his first match for FCW against Low Ki, who goes under the name Kaval in FCW. Also Joe Hennig and Brett Dibiase won the FCW Tag Belts.

-Maria in an interview talks about having plans for life after wrestling, which could be a hint of her departure in the future especially if her appearance on Celebrity Apprentice opens up new avenues.

*UPDATE January 17/10*

-Eric Escobar has been released by the WWE. He's likely the first of many in the recent house cleaning to come.

-Tommy Dreamer is now working with the new EVOLVE promotion and was involved in an angle with Jimmy Jacobs stemming from his retirement from ECW and WWE.

-With the continuation of the competition between TNA and WWE, TNA's Genesis PPV has some changes and addtions. TNA will no be going with the 4 sided ring like WWE as this was Hogan's call. They have signed Mr. Kennedy to face Abyss on the PPV instead of Bobby Lashley, likely due to the MMA obligation with Strikeforce coming up on Jan.30. Scott Hall is being angled off the show too in the tag match with Beer Money, being replaced by Sean Waltman tagging with Kevin Nash. The Brian Kendrick has been signed ot face Amazing Red for the X Division title.

-The Royal Rumble, even with 7 weeks to plan and advertise, has been poorly handled in both respects. This week though RAW and Smackdown are planned barring changes to announce 1 new match each to the card, and the 15 first names to enter the Rumble officially. A few guys last week talked about it so expect Priceless, Evan Bourne, Mark Henry, Jack Swagger, Santino Marella, CM Punk and Chris Jericho to be among the first set of announced participants.

Take care!
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Posted 1/18/10 , edited 1/22/10
General sources are as normally credited to and and and

-Bret Hart is supposed to be on tonight's RAW hosted by actors Jon Heder and Don Johnson, but there's been not much advertising after Vince last week did the weak promo about banning him from the arenas of the WWE. There might be a last minute change of his appearance this week.

-Numbers that are back point to a very low rating and viewership this year of the Survivor Series, one of the big 4 PPVs of the WWE.

-Jerry Springer will host the February 15 show in Des Moines, Iowa. Yes that's so PG...and be wary as in a radio interview his reason for hosting was "because they asked me to host it." UPDATES: You can now add another NASCAR driver (because that went so well last time) Carl Edwards to host RAW on February 8th. And of all guests...Cheech and Chong for the March 1st show?! You can cue the RVD/"up in smoke" jokes for that show already...

So this is your updated schedule for RAW hosts:

* 1.25.10: James Roday & Dule Hill (From Psych on the USA Network)
* 2.01.10: William Shatner
* 2.08.10: NASCAR Driver Carl Edwards
* 2.15.10: Jerry Springer
* 3.01.10: Cheech and Chong
* 3.15.10: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin

*UPDATE January 20/10*

-Skip Sheffield made his debut in a dark match on RAW, beating Chavo Guerrero with a backpack stunner. Johnny Curti also wrestled in a dark match on Smackdown losing to Kung Fu Naki.

-The WWE has cut ties with 20th Century FOX and Lionsgate, taking control of WWE Films with Vince McMahon at the helm now, while signing a new deal with Samuel Goldwyn films, who will handle theatrical releases, and Vivendi Entertainment who will handle home video distribution. There are 9 films planned through 2012 where they hope to retain all rights to them which they could use for a future WWE TV Channel. They are gearing to make family films and comedies, as opposed to any plans of making the Marine 3. One of those films now has a leading role filled, as Randy Orton will be starring in WWE Films’ Big Red with the plot being announced as “In 1965, as the world changes all around him, 12-year-old Andy Nichol comes of age when he's asked by his favorite teacher, Mr. Simon, to partner with school outcast Big Red for an English assignment.” Mean expect releases in the summer of ‘Brother's Keeper' starring John Cena, which will be a theatrical release as well as the fall film ‘Knucklehead' starring Big Show.

-Chris Masters was on Nickelodean's Big Time Rush comedy show. Chris Jericho meanwhile will be going to LA to film more scenes for the SNL movie MacGruber.

-Sid Vicious/Sid Justice is still trying to get a spot in WWE or TNA, as he's saying he's in peak health and grew his hair out longer than last seen in WWE.

-When CM Punk does the shaving head angle on Smackdown this week, he will be doing it to a female this time who is from FCW, diva Mia Mancini (Serena Deeb from SHIMMER). Since she is signed to the WWE unlike the last 2 guys shaved who are wrestlers from the independants there's a good chance she might join the Straight Edge faction of Punk and Gallows permanently. UPDATE: She indeed is joining CM Punk's faction permanently as this will mark her TV debut as Mia Mancini.

-For those curious about former WWE stars turned MMA stars Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley, the former is finally cleared to fight again in the summer after various health problems the could have caused retirement from the UFC, while the latter will be on the Strikeforce card on January 30th, while still for now also working for TNA.

-The Rock (Dwayne Johnson) was on Letterman to talk about his new movie the Tooth Fairy but talked a lot about wrestling. He talked about hosting RAW but for now doesn't foresee himself returning to in ring action, but he does miss the crowd and fanfare.

-WWE will have their 4th quarter of 2009 numbers released at a conference call on Feb.11 hosted by Vince, which should be in particularly noting the very weak numbers done by one of the big 4 PPVs, Survivor Series.

-The next WWE Themes CD called WWE The Music: A New Day will come out Thursday, Jan. 21. Below is the full list of songs on the CD:

The Legacy - It's a New Day -

Dolph Ziggler - I Am Perfection -

The Miz - I Came To Play -

Christian - Just Close Your Eyes (This theme is one of the most fan requested wrestling themes of 2009 on You Tube) -

Bret Hart - Return The Hitman (Sorry No clear version) -

Sheamus - Written In My Face -

Tiffany - Insatiable (GAWD! It's Torrie Wilson's last WWE theme. Why they bother I never know) -

Ezekiel Jackson - Domination (Remixed Brawl 4 All theme) -

Evan Bourne - Born To Win -

Primo - Oh Puerto Rico (Couldn't find Titantron) -

Zack Ryder - Radio -

The Hart Dynasty - New Foundation -

The Bella Twins - You Can Look (But You Can't Touch) -

Big Show/ Chris Jericho - Crank The Walls Down -

- On October 15th, the first storyline arc of the WWE Heroes Comics series will be released as a trade paperback. The book will be titled "Rise of the Firstborn".

I got to ask...WHY?!

-Drew McIntyre will await X-Rays to determine how badly injured he got on Smackdown. He looks to have suffered a dislocated patella and could be out some time if it's bad, which would put his Royal Rumble slot up in the air.

-Rey Mysterio had said in a Mexico interview that the Smackdown main event was to be a triple threat including Batista, but since that interview changes have been made, but then again they could change again by the PPV. For now it's still the champ Undertaker vs. Rey.

-Former NFL player Warren Sapp has expressed interest in hosting RAW as well and is hoping he gets the call.

*UPDATE January 22/10*

-Again to clear up TNA stars status right now, Kurt Angle is NOT leaving TNA and is only saying so for an angle for now (Montreal Screwjob Redux). Alyssa Flash has left TNA, while Awesome Kong has given her request to be released but like with a lot of the (unused or underused or misused) talent right now, the company is trying to convince her to stay. This all stems from an incident with Bubba the Love Sponge I got no wish to repeat what he did but in this case having worked with Kong in the past, she was in her total right to smack that idiot and want out.

-Another witness has come forward in the Randy Orton fan incident. The witness says that Orton was swarmed by many kids and wasn't giving autographs. One of the kids swore at Orton as he got into his car to leave, so this witness saw no spitting or confrontations with the parents. His trial date is still in waiting as more witnesses are gathered to see if it will occur.

-Jamie Noble might be retired from WWE storylines, but he's going to be fighting in their developmental territory FCW as he'll be facing FCW champ Justin Angel on January 29.

-Mattel's WWE toy designers are asking fans for input for the next line of toys.

-At the following link are the pre-emptions for Smackdown tonight due to the big US TV show for Relief in Haiti being held by Wyclef Jean, George Clooney, Anderson Cooper and others:

-JBL has a new blog now on the WWE website talking about retirement and addressing the recent comments on RAW by the Miz.

-There are online hirings now out there for the WWE, who is looking to hire an Administrative Assistant for the writing team, audio engineer, a creative writer, assistant writer and on-air talent for announcing.

-During Rock's promotional tour for the Tooth Fairy, he reunited with the Coach Jonathan Coachman who works for ESPN now.

See you next time, so don't 'cha dare miss it!
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Posted 1/25/10 , edited 1/25/10
Couple of late news for everyone.

Well Rae is down to just 1 guest host tonight.

According to, Psych's James Roday will not be appearing on Raw tonight. On Saturday he had to undergo an appendectomy, and will not be able to work tonight's show. His co-host Dulle Hill will still appear and host the show solo.,-WWE-DVD-Release-Schedule,-More.htm

- The Cleveland Plains Dealer interviewed The Miz and his father for an article in his hometown paper. You can check that out here.

- has an article up on the WWE returning to the Cow Palace on March 14th. You can read that here.

- Pittsburgh is tearing down the Mellon Arena as the city is building a new arena that will open next fall. The "Igloo" hosted several WWE TV and PPV events over the years. [Credit:]

- Here is the upcoming release schedule for WWE DVDs [Credit:]:

* 1.26.10: Best of Raw 2009
* 2.16.10: 2/16/10 John Morrison: Rock Star
* 3.02.10: Royal Rumble 2010 (Blu Ray and standard versions)
* 3.09.10: Shawn Michaels: My Journey
* 3.23.10: Elimination Chamber 2010

Thats all for now check back for the latest behind the scenes.
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Posted 1/25/10 , edited 1/27/10
Yep and more news coming as we can get it up!

-WWE Comics have now the next batch to preview the fight of the WWE superstars vs. mystical terrorists, and you can check them at

-The Undertaker missed shows in Cleveland due to a passing in his family; HHH took his place.

-The Rock continues to address that he and Vince are still planning a show he will host and likely have creative say over what he can talk about or think up for script. He's not eager to get into ring action, especially with John Cena, but said the usual never say never.

-Rey was late for a Wal-Mart autograph signing and had to leave for the house show early, angering many fans wanting refunds since they didn't get their items signed.

-President of the Atlanta Sports Council Gary Stokan spoke about how the Mania 27 selection is down to Atlanta's indoor Georgia Dome and Miami's outdoor Sun Life Stadium (also where this year's NFL Super Bowl is taking place), with the announcement coming the day after the Royal Rumble. This is not a set deal as Miami is hosting the 2010 Survivor Series, while Toronto also claims they got a deal almost set to host Mania 27 as well, so we shall see soon who will get Mania 27 by as Monday Night RAW next week.

-The WWE is pitching to various networks a sitcom starring Santino Marella and costarring Beth Phoenix and Vladimir Koslov. It would be loosely based on the old sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond."

-At this time Rob Van Dam is only watching both companies despite WWE recently locking him out of his WWE Universe profile, thinking he had signed with TNA. There is still no word on any surprise additions to the Rumble, while the leftover slots will be updated if anyone else is added on the ECW/Smackdown/Superstar tapings tonight.

-Bret Hart for now is set to return to RAW next week when fellow Canadian/actor William Shatner will guest host.

-Joey Styles was doing some weird tweets last night, saying stuff like, "Is anybody else besides me sick of DX?" Later, he wrote, "It looks like Vince's closet threw up on him."

See you next time, so don't cha' dare miss it!
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Posted 1/27/10 , edited 1/28/10
Couple of important pieces of news just in.

Chris Jericho and Gregory "Hurricane" Helms were arrested this morning in Kenton County, KY around 5 a.m. by the Erlanger (KY) Police Department. Both men were charged with Alcohol Intoxication In A Public Place. They were both out in a little more than an hour on bond. Kenton County is close to Cincinnati where WWE taped Smackdown last night.

The charge is not a serious one and sources say they will likely get a $50 fine, and that the charge could have stemmed from something as minor as a police officer smelling alcohol on their breath.

Credit: PWInsider

According to, the TNA Impact taping hotline for Universal Studios has been updated. March 1st and 2nd are now listed as TNA Taping dates, which means that the March 1st episode looks as if it will be a live one. The dates have not been listed on TNA's website as of now.

According to Spike TV's website, TNA Impact is scheduled to air on Monday March 1st at 9PM. As of now there is no mention of the show on the TNA website. reports that some in the company had not heard about the show, while some had "heard rumblings". According to the hotline for Universal Studios, March 1st and 2nd are now listed as TNA Taping dates, which means that the show will be live against Raw.

On this last item it appears TNA will be taping shows live to now air against Raw on Monday nights.

Thats all for now trigun or myself will post if any other news comes to hand

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Posted 1/28/10 , edited 1/30/10
Thanks andy! Here's some followup news that will be updated ASAP:

General sources are as normally credited to and and and

-The plan for now is TNA will be taped for March 1 and 2 with the former date being on Monday going head to head with a RAW currently in Oklahoma City hosted by Cheech and Chong. On the possible signings for TNA, the Honky Tonk Man, RVD and DDP are all being talked but not set into contracts just yet. Ken Kennedy/Anderson himself discussed in interviews how his own contract is a bit complicated right now.

UPDATED: News that caught many by surprise is TNA will now move permanently to Monday night shows starting on March 1st, with that show being live, the following week's show being taped and following that pattern of live one week and taped the next.

Also concerning Honky Tonk Man, he declined WWE HOF induction this year due to a schedule conflict with Wizard World Con in Toronto being the same day and he had commited to Wizard while WWE could have planned it earlier but didn't choose to until negotiations recently.

-Tammy "Sunny" Synch was interviewed and talked about possibly being inducted into the WWE HOF and returning to the WWE in the future. She gave a lot of praise to Trish Stratus and said she'd consider her being the one inducting her in if the chance came.

-For a few future RAW shows, the dark match planned is Cena vs. Sheamus, with Orton sometimes thrown in.

-WWE is now hiring for part time logger to watch over their WWE library footage for sorting.

-On the court reports, Randy Orton spoke out about how the incident at Kowloon's Palace was blown out of proportions. He was with a police escort and Santino when he told fans he was too tired to autograph tonight, and that the mom claiming the spitting incident was saying it was from a few years ago. There's a bit of "he said, she said" but WWE attorneys are handling the incident for now.

-Meanwhile we'll see what comes from this drunk incident for Chris Jericho and the Hurricane, it was reported by TMZ and now the mugshots are up at

UPDATED: The incident seems to stem from a fight between the two in a cab at a Kentucky gas station as reported by TMZ (as an aside, man as a news reporter this sucks my main source is a tabloid source...feels like covering Tiger Woods...) where both Helms and Jericho were drunk. It was after a Smackdown/ECW Cincinnati show taping there so the Wellness Policy even if they had been at the nearby bar well past the night hours. Both got released on $120 bail each, were agreeable to police.

Now reports say Helms could get worse charges as he alledgedly struck Jericho in the fight along with 2 other people sharing that cab: Ashley Storer and Gary Kelley. Storer is not pressing charges but Kelley is still considering, but charges in Kentucky can only be laid by those present at the scene involved since police never saw it. Reports peg Helms as being the aggressor who struck all three, fled and then he and Jericho returned to the gas station and were charged with public drunkeness.

Now it's being reported by TMZ that Matt Hardy was also involved in the incident, as he was in the taxi and helped Helms flee the scene after he hit Jericho and the others. But later reports now show Matt was only running after Helms to fetch him back to the gas station. The bond was apparently posted by ECW champ Christian and CM Punk. Matt Hardy fled and never returned to the scene, but there's no charges against him.

A court date of February 16 is now set for both Jericho and Helms but since it's only a minor charge for public drunkeness, they can mail in the fine and not show up if they so choose. The WWE has said they will leave this in charge of authorities and at this time they will not act upon the case.

A funny aside that initially had the Hurricane as the Superstar of the day, but have since replaced him with Cody.

-Ted Dibiase Jr. and Cody Rhodes will be at the Atlanta Hawks NBA came to promote the PPV this Sunday in that arena.

*UPDATE January 29/10*

-Orton was interviewed in an airport about the Jericho/Helms incident at He says wrestlers are not the new rockstars who get in trouble because they got to be positive influences. He invited them into the bathroom to talk more but they declined as he walked away in his Terminator gear.

-The two passengers of the incident also spoke to TMZ. Ashley Stoner says that she was struck accidentally when Jericho and Helms were play fighting. She says she herself was drunk, crying and wanting to go home. She noted Matt Hardy was sober during the whole incident. now claims The Hurricane and Santino are no longer in the Rumble match. You can guess why the former got pulled while the latter Santino is likely hurt from RAW tapings.

-For the moment SPIKE TV and Universal Studios are placing the Monday March 1st showdown with RAW as TBD (to be determined).

-Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan had a state of the TNA address to answer questions. They noted Honky Tonk Man is not coming to TNA, Macho Man can't be found, that the TNA screwjob was indeed another shot at Vince and the WWE, that they would like to look at FCW talent if "they were free", there are WWE talent coming to TNA, and other details.

-According to Access Atlanta, World Wrestling Entertainment will announce Monday that the Atlanta Sports Council is bringing WrestleMania to the Georgia Dome next spring. A noon press conference is planned at the Georgia Dome Monday.

See you next time so don't cha' dare miss it!
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Posted 1/30/10 , edited 1/31/10
Note that any pre Rumble Weekend BEHIND THE SCENE news will be covered here, while any news during the PPV will be covered in the ROYAL RUMBLE PPV coverage!

General sources are as normally credited to and and and

-Twitter has been the place for updates on the Helms/Jericho saga. Before the incident Jericho talked about having vodka contests with Helms, while today he said he had TMZ reporters kicked out of Fozzy's Instore. He also shot back at comments by Eric Bischoff about not being able to headline TNA today, and he concurs since he's not a 50 year old star of yesteryear. Matt Hardy has been posting games with his Twitter followers while talking about how his involvement in this saga will likely make his autobiography in the future. Helms has not posted since the incident and his removal from the Rumble, while Jeff Hardy posted his support for those involved to get over it. is doing an angle where Tony Atlas is talking to Koslov about being a U.S. Citizen, which he got done a while ago.

-At 6:30PM on they will have a chat with results, an interview with Sheamus and the winner of the Smackdown Women's title match.

-John Morrison keeps mentioning how he's in the Royal Rumble but it's not on the list, though most think he will be one of the 5 surprise spots now, possibly Drew McIntyre too but last heard the injury was going to keep him out for a bit but that might change.

-Estimates have the Royal Rumble being the second most purchased PPV of the year behind Wrestlemania barring some huge angle for Summerslam. As of this morning the ‘Royal Rumble' was the 3rd highest trending topic on Yahoo behind Elizabeth Edwards and The Grammy Awards and ahead of James O'Keefe, Coldplay, Roger Federer, Rosie O'Donnell, Pro Bowl, Sundance Film Festival and Samuel Alito.

-Injury updates: John Cena is still working hurt which is why Sheamus is fighting Orton instead on this card. Rey and Undertaker have knee issues, with Rey pushing his ACL full surgery until post Mania while Taker just had his knees scoped and both are going in hurt into tonight's title fight. Christian is fine despite many thinking after this match he might have a sore back "carrying" Jackson, heh. Still no word if Edge is in the Rumble match due to his injuries healing and no set date was given.

-Hurricane Helms is now off any cards for this week to come, and as noted earlier he's off the PPV. He has been Twittering now about if he missed anything since coming off the grid, so he's joking about it like Jericho and Matt Hardy have been, as most see the incident as minor but still handling it in their own way of odd double standards, which of course causes "news" sources like TMZ to chase WWE stars all week long.

-FCW is getting a 4 week trial on TV on WFBS My 33 starting March 13th.

Keep on Rumbling and see you here next time, so don't 'cha dare miss it!
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Posted 2/1/10 , edited 2/5/10
Starting off the Post Rumble news right here!

General sources are as normally credited to and and and

-William Shatner will host RAW. Edge, the new Rumble winner, will show to at least address who he will face at Mania 26 (he's on Smackdown's brand in case you've forgotten). Bret Hart is also set to return to continue the angle with Vince, while the Divas Belt tourney will finally conclude with the finals being Gail Kim vs. Maryse. We should also start getting matchups for the Elimination Chamber PPV coming up in 3 weeks in St. Louis.

-There's some back and forth talk to sign lucahdore Super Nova, but so far WWE has yet to finalize anything despite the wrestler being taken in a photo with what looks like a WWE contract.

-The WWE will be inducting promoter/wrestler Antonio Inoki into the HOF, with Stan Hansen doing the induction. That's a great deal as in the past Inoki and the WWE have done business together and he's one of the great Japanese legends in puroresu (Japanese pro wrestling). Note this was news from Inoki though and not the WWE, so waiting on official announcement on this one.

-Edge spent time in the ring as fans chanted welcome back. Some online posters commented poorly on his physique, considering he's just back from injury recovery, and writer Cole Jackson commented about that on Observer at

There's no immediate word on if HHH got legitimately injured as many live reports saw him immediately limp and leave the ring after taking a bump from being eliminated by HBK. The Undertaker did get busted open at the nose when Rey's knee brace hit it.

-There's apparently talks from USA Network which shows RAW and SPIKE TV which is sitll considering moving TNA Impact to Mondays of both shows becoming 3 hour shows permanently to attract more advertisers. This could also be a sign of a cutdown in PPVs which are being seen less as a draw for income, so if more develops you will hear it here too. The head to head for now is set for Monday March 1st. These timing changes seem to be decisions pushed by the TV stations and not the wrestling companies.

-The Atlanta crowd did not receive any indication of being awarded Mania 27. So looks like either before or at RAW the announcement will be made. UPDATE: The big Press Conference before RAW today in Atlanta did indeed award them Wrestlemania 27on April 3 in the Georgia Dome. Falcons president Rich McKay was escorted by Eve and Kelly Kelly and joked about how happy he was that owner Arthur Blank had a schedule conflict and he had to step in. He also joked how he can't match Vince's cost for the Big Show to play on the football team. Vince was there with other talent talking about the rich history in Georgia Wrestling.

-Sad to report the passing of WWE employee Gerald Brisco's brother the legendary HOFer Jack Brisco at age 68. You might have heard of his name often when Jim Ross would call a great match in comparison to Jack Brisco's feud with HOFer Dory Funk. JR has commented on his blog about his passing.

-John Morrison's old MNM partner Joey Mercury has been signed back by the WWE. No word if he'll start in FCW or come back to the normal roster on one of the 3 shows, though some word seems to have Mercury back on Smackdown where Morrison is.

-While Sheamus and the new WWE Women's champ Mickie James did interview chats with Howard Fink on, Beth Phoenix also got on to take a shot at the other woman to ever enter a Royal Rumble:

"I am WWE's Glamazon. Chyna was WWE's Ninth Wonder of the World ... mostly called so because people wondered whether she was a man or a woman. I often wonder this, myself. "

It should be noted that Chyna is a free agent right now on the market.

-JBL on his blog supports Helms and Jericho since he sees their incident as very minor compared to worse crimes.

-SlimJim is a new sponsor for Wrestlemania 26.

-Curt Hawkins, a former Edgehead, has been moved to commentary in FCW.

*UPDATE February 2/10*

Happy Groundhog Day!

-There's apparently a negotiation being done between the WWE and USA Network via parent company NBC to have Conan O'Brian host RAW prior to his no-host clause date that is in effect until September. WWE and USA want an exemption to the rule to bring in Conan who is currently unaware of the contract negotiation. is reporting that Helms had a purse containing 1 white Soma pill during the public intoxication incident from last week, which he could not produce a prescription for to authorities but wasn't charged for having. The Hurricane is not on any TV shows this week after being pulled from the Rumble. UPDATED: Zack Ryder did an angle using the mug shot and putting down Helms for the incident on ECW tonight. Helms did do an angle after all when he got beat up by Regal and Jackson.

-Next week's WWE Smackdown taping, scheduled for Tuesday, February 9 has to be moved from New Orleans to Baton Rouge, La. The city is scheduling a parade for the New Orleans Saints, whether they win or lose the Super Bowl on Sunday. Anyone with tickets for the New Orleans show will now have the chance to go to the moved date of May 28th and the WWE will be honoring all tickets that were purchased for next Tuesday's event at that show.

-Apparently at the last second the Divas belt tourney finals of Gail Kim and Maryse got moved to next week's RAW hosted by Carl Edwards. Also on that show will be DX vs. Miz/Show vs. the Straight Edge Society for the Tag Belts, and footage after RAW between Cena and Batista.

-Terri Runnels was at the RAW backstage last night. She was a past valet in WWE. Former talent Johnny Swinger visited during the Royal Rumble backstage.

-The theme song for the ‘Elimination Chamber' pay per view will be ‘Rise Up' by Cypress Hill.

-Apparently there are rumours going around again about a programming change to ECW. There's reports that Edge might end up facing ECW Champion Christian at Wrestlemania 26, but there's also plans for Edge to face Sheamus, the Undertaker, Chris Jericho and others who might be champs after the Elimination Chamber PPV. Edge will have a Cutting Edge segment on Smackdown this week with the Undertaker. There's also talk that ECW ends tonight tapings. UPDATED: Announced tonight on SyFy by Vince McMahon, ECW will end taping in 3 weeks on February 23rd, then a new show that is the next evolution of WWE shows, WWE NXT, will air starting on March 2 from Wichita, Kansas. No word yet on what happens to the talent currently in ECW, though Tommy Dreamer hinted on his Twitter this is a reason why he retired recently, as has Taz on the change.

-After RAW went off the air, Bret Hart hung out with some of TNA's talent which interviewer Jeremy Borash caught in photo for his Twitter account posting. Meanwhile the likely plan now for Bret/Vince for Mania is adding Cena and Batista to be representatives for each in a singles match, or a tag match to limit any action for Bret.

-WWE Studios is starting to make websites for its new movies like Knucklehead starring the Big Show.

*UPDATE February 3/10*

-There is a small Scottish wrestling company called Wrestling NXT so the new name might change, but indeed the plan is to make the new show replacing ECW (or as many nickname it, WWECW) will likely be more developmental oriented for now, possibly moving all the veterans to other shows or not.

-"Magician" Criss Angel will be RAW's guest host on March 8th in Portland. Singer Jewel and bull rider Ty Murray are set for February 22nd.

Hosts updated:

* NASCAR Driver Carl Edwards - February 8th
* Talk Show Host Jerry Springer - February 15th
* Singer Jewel and Bull Rider Ty Murray : February 22nd
* Movie Stars Cheech and Chong - March 1st
* Magician Criss Angel – March 8th
* Former WWE Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin - March 15th

-Maria has a new single out called Fantasy for her new album to come Seven Sins.

*UPDATE February 4th/10*

-WWE's legal department is ordering a UK company to no longer advertise they got Billy Gunn and Jessie James as DX, and Hardcore Holly, at their shows. Funny irony since of course the new name for their WWE show on Syfy called WWE NXT is conflicting with the NXT Wrestling in the UK. The promotion is actually a developmental promotion for the Scottish Wrestling Alliance, an intermediate step between training and the SWA itself. SWA is a member of NWA Hammerlock UK, the UK NWA territory. WWE is changing the name and likely the style of the show in order to appease SyFy Channel despite having issues suiting their demographic while doing poor ratings.

UPDATED: A commercial airing during Superstars on WGN tonight confirmed the name WWE NXT for the televison show on Syfy that debuts on 3/2.

-Edge is going to be in FCW's charity show on Feb.12.

-John Cena had a MRI done on his back and neck and results are positive he can work for now with the nagging injuries, if on a limited basis. Meanwhile looks like Santino is still out with an undisclosed injury that kept him out of the Royal Rumble.

-Speaking of Cena, his movie by WWE Films that was supposed to be called Brother's Keeper has now been changed to the new title of Legendary. Meanwhile on a chat he said he'd wrestle Hulk Hogan "if he wasn't wasting his time at the moment", while being more eager to wrestle the Rock at this year's Mania then star in a movie with him if given the choice.

-Trish Stratus will be starring in a Canadian independant film called Bail Enforcers.

-The WWE has a new survey out asking about how fans ordered the Royal Rumble or not.

- JBL posted this to his Twitter feed:

"raw did 3.7 and they are happy? Shawn Michaels and i did 4.1s, ron and i did an 8.6. JBL #1 free agent in wrestling? I think so. I draw #'s!"

...Um guess he forgot those were the Rock/Austin years as well.

- The WWE is sending HHH to represent the company and to promote the new Mattel Toy line at the International Toy Fair in NYC next week. This event is not open to the public.

-Cryme Tyme and Santino Marella have new merchandise, including Santino's new "Cobra Strike" T-shirt.

Take care until next time, so don't 'cha dare miss it!
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Posted 2/5/10 , edited 2/7/10
Here's your weekend WWE news for Friday February 5 to Sunday February 7/10!

General sources are as normally credited to and and and

-Jim Ross' contract after the added extension for medical reasons ends in March, and TNA is working hard ot try to hire him. JR says on his blog for now that nothing has changed about his contract situation. Hulk Hogan for TNA has also contacted RVD via his radio show this week, with it sounding like a much closer deal to occur.

-Meanwhile Ring of Honor capitalized on a cancelled WWE house show in Philadelphia. Due to the snow storm they couldn't make it into town and thus postponed it to next Thursday, ROH being there already for 2 days of TV tapings for their new TV Title tourney said any fan with a ticket for the postponed show can show it at their show to get in for free.

-WWE continues to run new ads for the WWE NXT show, and the logo is here at Also, the start date for WWE ‘NXT' has been moved up to Tuesday February 23rd, which would be the tapings held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that night. The original start date was scheduled to be Tuesday March 2nd in Wichita, Kansas. Sources seem to show that the WWE still has no clue what to do with the ECW title right now, but it's thought that Christian might move to Smackdown and there's even talk still that he and Edge fight for the title somehow.

-WWE Studios is holding a casting call in NY and LA this weekend for boys ages 13 and 16 for Randy Orton's movie Big Red.

-Chris Jericho's next book, The Highlight of the Night, comes out February 17th, 2011 in the UK. The sequel to A Lion's Tale his recent book will come out in Canada on September 12th. The Road Warriors book and a WWE Confidential book are in the works as well to come out in 2010.

-The RAW footage post show on Smackdown might be to give a reason for John Cena to rest a while his ailing back and neck. Even if the MRI came back better than expected, he needs rest, so they might spin off an angle now where Batista, having been counted out on purpose for the Smackdown Elimination Chamber qualifier, will instead take Cena's spot on the RAW one as a favor to Vince for taking out Bret. This would also allow some more interaction between Batista and HBK, where the former eliminated the latter in the Rumble and got a dated feud from a while back, while Batista also has a teased feud with HHH.

Meanwhile there are plans at least for Cena and Batista to do more back and forth on each other shows (Brand Extension...we need no stinking brand extension!) to build the feud up for Mania.

-Saturday's house shows are going as normal, but Sunday all 3 brands will do a supershow in Lake Charles, Louisiana early in the day so to allow the fans of the New Orleans Saints to catch the big Super Bowl game in the night.

-Jim Ross announced that he will be receiving the Art Abrams Lifetime Achievement Award in April from the Cauliflower Alley Club.

-The next RAW being hosted by NASCAR driver Carl Edwards will likely start the revealing of the HOF entrants for this year.

-Rise up by Cypress Hill is the theme for the Elimination Chamber PPV. Apparently in Germany the PPV is back to its old No Way Out name due to translation reasons and to not offend those there.

-For WWE Twitter news, Jericho said his next book would not be called Highlight of the Night or Undisputed Attitude. He also advised Beth Phoenix about going after Drew McIntyre's Intercontinental belt comparing it to the downfall of Chyna's reign. Beth meanwhile Twittered about a Texas Ranger pulling her over and she "Glamastared" him into crying. Bret Hart addressed his meeting with good friend from TNA Jeremy Borash as being a friendly meet, but knocked down any rumor of joining TNA as he has much beef with Hogan/Bischoff from the WCW days.

See you all next time, so don't 'cha dare miss it!
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Posted 2/8/10 , edited 2/13/10
Here's your news for the week!

General sources are as normally credited to and and and

-Oddly no Canadian dates are planned during this road to Wrestlemania run, but May 17-18 will have RAW and Smackdown in Toronto and Ottawa respectively. Interesting to note ECW is off all road schedules, but Christian is being advertised to be at Smackdown shows. Of course on RAW tonight he said all ECW guys will be free agents for RAW or Smackdown once ECW folds and NXT starts.

-As announced on RAW, Ted Dibiase Sr. is going into the HOF. In a few hours at an acceptance party in Japan, Antonio Inoki will become honoree #2.

-Vancouver, B.C., Canada has already submitted a bid for Wrestlemania in 2013 or 2014.

-No word yet on the status of the ECW title itself despite making all ECW guys free agents. Here are the ideas being figured out for WWE NXT, some at the request of SyFy Channel to boost ratings:

1. A Science Fiction Wrestling Show (I kid not, this the leading one by Syfy).
2. A reality TV show similar to Tough Enough but with young developmental talent in and out of the ring so fans can better connect to them once called up to RAW or Smackdown. This is a bit of combining ideas too from the successful Ultimate Fighter show by the UFC.
3. A show like Superstars except with FCW talent mainly. Bryan Danielson and Low Ki would be considered called up for this one among others.

-Jerry Springer will bring his brand of "PG content" as host of RAW next week, heh.

*UPDATE February 9th/10*

-Luke Hawx, an indie wrestler, was the one security guy Bret Hart threw outside last night on RAW.

-Santino's new sitcom just finished taping the first 3 pilot episodes for distribution to stations.

- A federal jury found 5 people guilty of a steroid conspiracy in Mobile, AL today that worked for Applied Pharmacy Services. Kurt Angle, Randy Orton, Edge, Hurricane, Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero were all listed as customers of Applied Pharmacy Services, but were not charged in the case.

-Backlash is April 25th in Baltimore.

-There were some feed/commercial issues with the initial airing of RAW during the tag championship match in Canada on the Score, but replays of the show had that corrected.

-House shows in Philadelphia got changes with dates in Peoria got moved around due to the huge snowstorm in the US.

*UPDATE February 10th/10*

-The update on John Morrison's injury from the Smackdown tapings is that it's a banged up sprained ankle for now. He will try to work with the injury so at the moment he's not going to miss any time. Do note though the working wounded right now if you add Morrison is lengthy, with John Cena, Drew McIntyre, the Undertaker, Rey Mysterio and Edge still no where near 100% right now in action, which is a norm of sorts but some of them as mentioned in past reports will need longer time off post-Mania, and others like HBK are also considering time off so that could thin the roster considerably post-Mania as well.

-Next week will be the last ECW show before it becomes NXT and the talent becomes "free agents" free to go to RAW or Smackdown (or in some likely cases, be cut from the roster completely). There are 2 matches set for that show:

* WWE Undisputed Tag Team Title Match: Show-Miz © vs. Goldust and Yoshi Tatsu
* ECW Title Extreme Rules Match: Christian © vs. Ezekiel Jackson

-Even with the angle, Stu Hart is still rumoured and likely with the DVD for the Hart Family coming, will be inducted into the WWE HOF at a later date. Rumours also persists that both Mike Tyson and Bob Uecker will also be inducted as celebrity HOFers.

*UPDATE February 11th/10*

-Vince McMahon in an investor's call today announced that this year the WWE will drop the Survivor Series name and concept (4 on 4 or 5 on 5 teams elimination style) this year. This is a major change to one of the big 4 PPVs that have been around the longest (it's the second longest running after Wrestlemania), as the PPV last year did very poorly in buys (235 000) and ratings. "We think that the Survivor Series is obsolete," Vince told the investors today. Over the last year the ‘Survivor Series' did less buys worldwide than the ‘Royal Rumble', ‘No Way Out', ‘WrestleMania 25', ‘Night of Champions' and ‘Hell in a Cell' and just barely edged out last year's ‘Judgment Day' and ‘TLC' events. It will now be one of the B PPV shows, with only Wrestlemania, Summerslam and the Royal Rumble making up the big 3 PPVs left.

With the Survivor Series gone the WWE posted a survey asking which PPV idea should be added to the schedule. Here they are:

The company has posted a survey on their website asking fans what kind of pay per view they would like to see added to the schedule with the following options:

* Tournament Event - Single elimination "bracket style" tournament where Superstars would compete in multiple matches during the night to become the tournament winner. (Think in the King of the Ring PPV format.)

* Battle Bowl Event - Random tag-teams compete together - sometimes arch rivals - with the winning teams being put in a 2-ring Battle Royal. The winner could potentially receive a championship title match.

* Money in the Bank Event - The main event "Money in the Bank" match requires Superstars to climb a ladder and retrieve a briefcase hung high above the ring. The winner can "cash in" the briefcase for a championship title shot throughout the year. Qualifying matches earlier in the event will determine participants for the "Money in the Bank" match.

* Legends Event - Match participants would include WWE Legends from the past.

* Roulette Event - Main event match stipulations would be determined by the spin of a roulette-type wheel.

* War Games Event - Teams of 5 collide in 2 cages. 2 participants begin the match with a new participant added every 5 minutes. This process is alternated between teams until all members from both teams are present.

* WWE Draft Event - WWE's annual Draft where Superstars and Divas learn which brand they'll be a part of for the next year. The Draft is often the beginning of new conflicts and matchups.

* Street Fight Event - Main events would include "street fight" matches where there are no disqualifications and pin-falls count anywhere. Superstars often compete in normal street clothes.

-Vince also addressed the plans to have a WWE Network channel so to have full control of programming. There's an 18 month plan right now to make it happen, with most current programming moving if it works to create a game changer on TV, but RAW would stay on USA Network live for years to come, while Smackdown would either stay on MyNetworkTV or find another platform network to be on. WWE has already been hiring new jobs to handle their current library to air on this new channel that would be similar to existing TV networks like the NFL Network.

-Meanwhile the planned TNA March 1st Impact show has been taken off their schedule so for now there is not a planned head to head with RAW for now. Universal Studios posted that they have changed the dates of the March TNA TV tapings from March 1st and 2nd to the 8th and 9th. The working plan is to get TNA to Monday nights and go live every other week with a TV taping each Tuesday following the live Monday edition of ‘Impact', so this might still occur on March 8th on but for now the plans are sketchy on a start of a Monday move. UPDATED: TNA will have a press conference on Monday Feb. 15 to possibly announce the move to Mondays, but likely starting on March 8th or later.

-Note again the John Morrison injury that was thought to range from minor to serious has now been concluded to be an angle and at worst it's a minor sprain, considering his very peculiar Twitter comments, so he should not be missing any time.

-TMZ caught up with the Rock and he confirmed that he and the WWE still share intellectual property on most of his old catch phrases like laying the Smackdown.

-Here is an overview of the WWE's fourth quarter earnings, which were released Thursday morning, the company brought in revenue of $117.3 million (profit of $11.2 million) as compared to revenues of $125.4 million (profit of $13.6 million) last year (prior year results in parenthesis):
*Live Events - $29.2 million ($25.5 million) - they ran 83 events in the prior quarter with 26 international events as compared to 73 events last year with 26 international dates (reminder that the company lists dates in Mexico as international events).
*Pay Per View - $16.3 million ($15.9 million)
*Venue merchandise - $4.6 million ($3.5 million)
*Television Rights Fees - $30.4 million ($27.6 million)
*Classics on Demand - $1.1 million ($1.6 million)
*Home Video - $10.4 million ($15.0 million)
*Licensing Revenue - $8.0 million ($14.7 million)
*Magazine Publishing - $3.6 million ($3.5 million)
* - $3.9 million ($3.8 million)
* - $6.7 million ($7.1 million)

And here are the updated WWE pay per view buys for the last quarter:
*Hell in a Cell - 283,000 buys (CM Punk Vs The Undertaker, Randy Orton Vs John Cena, DX Vs Legacy)
*Bragging Rights - 181,000 buys (Team Raw Vs Team Smackdown)
*Survivor Series - 235,000 buys (John Cena Vs Triple H Vs Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker Vs Big Show Vs Chris Jericho)
*TLC - 228,000 buys (Chris Jericho & Big Show Vs DX, The Undertaker Vs Batista, John Cena Vs Sheamus)

The WWE fourth quarter report also lists $3.5 million that the company paid for ‘McMahon's Million Dollar Mania'. They also hope the new Mattel deal (which next releases a Royal Rumble set of action figures) will help sagging merchandise numbers that are particularly down from video games, where they just settled the court deal.

-Basil Devito, who has been with the WWE since 1985, now joins its board of directors. He used to be the only president of the now defunct football league of Vince's the XFL.

-Mickie James will have her first concert on February 27 for the DUSTIN WELLS GIFT OF MUSIC CONCERT which also features Rascal Flatts.

*UPDATE February 12th/10*

-Recently ROH signed Bryan Danielson was introduced in FCW this week as Daniel Bryan, a sign the WWE once again might be looking to change names of talent they sign (like when Low Ki became Kaval).

-Meanwhile Norman Smiley is now an Assistant GM in FCW, while Richie Steamboat (son of Ricky) and Ray Leppan made their debuts this week in FCW.

-There was a conference call this week to hype Jerry Springer hosting RAW next week by having him and the Miz go head to head in debates. Miz does confirm the chicken eating locker room suspension story from a promo a while back was indeed true.

-ABC news covered the WWE 4th quarter numbers.

-WWE Films is having a casting call for its latest movie called Killer Karma: " Recently sprung from prison, AJ is determined to make a new life for himself, but fate intervenes. His best friend inadvertently shoots a guy, and soon AJ is scrambling to protect
his buddy, his buddy's wife and daughter, all while scrambling to keep one step ahead of a vendetta-driven mobster."

So tune in next time, so don't 'cha dare miss it!
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