This Forum isnt a forum!
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Posted 7/29/08 , edited 7/30/08
-Read it all you jews
For all you faggets out there who don't pay any attention to the topic and just decide " I think im going to bitch at this guy and get this topic locked " FUCK YOU. This forum isnt a forum, its a piece of shit, moderators lock topics without reason because they think the topic has been fulfilled, well theirs no such FUCKING thing. I've been on CR for about a year now and I am surprised at how bad the moderating has become. The TOPIC is ment for people to reply and discuss, it isn't for a question waiting to be answered then locked. Shinji, I like you- you have your downside but you have your upside, but you really should take a good luck at what is going on in these forums nowadays and rethink who should moderate and who your thinking of allowing to moderate next. Sticky this; I hope moderators are jewbags now that you've read this.
DONT BITCH AT ME YOU FUCKING NERDS, Fucking giving me attitude on the internet. Mod wannabee sluts, let the mods do their job, you don't have to point out shit you crack heads.
-PS. Im not some retard who "Just achieved 500CP and decided to flame" back when I started CR they didnt require 500 fucking points like today, Im not a new poster. Oh and DONT FLAME AT ME BITCHES

---- (Posted by mod: Animoo_X)
What is wrong with you? Do you have nothing better to do than to fill the forums with your pointless topics? And how ironic that it's someone like who preaches to us about how to do our jobs.
If these forums so disgust you then please leave. Frankly CR would do better with less ignorant people like you.


this is exactly what I was speaking about! ~ Thanks for the material.
- She found an answer to the topic and answered it! This isn't something for you to answer BITCH, discuss it.
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