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[popolo] 01.2008 - hey!say!jump - ゛ナマ写真100枚゛ぜんぶ見せ!- part 3: メンバー撮影 素顔

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Posted 7/30/08 , edited 7/30/08
(In great demand! Polaroid photo studio) The members will tell us! 10 people's "frank" true face episodes ♥
Really good stories! (The cameraman is JUMP!) Showing all the "100 pure photos"!

Members' photos true face photos gallery (2)
Takaki is「a person who supervises but···」, Yabu is「a person who can sleep anywhere」
Next up is, BEST's 5 members big revelation of JUMP's true faces! Playing around with the younger brother-ish members of 7, there are also cute 2-shot photos!

【有岡大貴 Arioka Daiki】

「Polaroid photos insider talk·Arioka version」
Also doing the pose requests!
Arioka-kun is followed around by 7's 5 members saying 「Dai-chan, Dai-chan」. As for the photography, he also did pose requests.

「Yabu Kota is a person who is sometimes cute」
In both school and the Jimusho Yabu-kun is my senpai. I rely on him in both my public and private matters. But, sometimes when I see him acting goofy, even though he's my senpai I think he's cute (*laugh*).

「Yaotome Hikaru is a person who knows everything (about me)」
Whether it's my family, my mom's habits or me, Hikaru-kun knows various stuff. He gives good advice, he also encourages me.

「Inoo Kei is a person who'll make you chuckle」
When Inoo-chan isn't in front of the camera, he's really funny. By saying one funny word he'll make you 「chuckle」. I like him~.

「Takaki Yuya is a person climbing the stairs of adulthood」
Before, it felt like even though his appearance was adult-ish, his interior was childish. But lately, when he's doing stuff like taking care of the younger ones, I think his interior's also properly catching up with the adult appearance.

「Arioka Daiki is a person who will compete earnestly regardless of age」
Since I get along with the members regardless of their ages, I might appear as childish as (Hey!Say!)7. When we're playing onigokko too I'll earnestly play ne (*laugh*).

「Okamoto Keito is a pure person with many likes and dislikes」
It seems great when I say it but, he's a hardworking person who battles on in difficult circumstances. He's also a pure person who'll obediently listen to the members' advice ne. Also, he has a lot of likes and dislikes for food (*laugh*).

「Morimoto Ryutaro is a tsundere mascot-type person」
Usually he's an aloof brat, but sometimes he'll say「Dai-chan, Dai-chan」and become a spoiled tsundere type. He's like a mascot who stirs up the place.
(Note: 'tsundere' is another personality type, a sort of 'hot-cold' type. A 'tsundere'-type is usually sharp or cold, but at any sudden moment, can become lovestruck or fawning.)

「Yamada Ryosuke is a fashionable, good kid」
Yama-chan is, thoughtful, kind, a kid with a good heart. Besides that, because he knows a lot about fashion, we talk a lot.

「Chinen Yuri is a mature, puppy-like person」
Like a younger brother······. Hm, rather, puppy is closer. Sitting on my lap, if there's a make-up artist next to us, he'll hold their hand. He's generally playful (*laugh*).

「Nakajima Yuuto is a mischevious person」
Frankly, he's mischevious. If you call attention to his prank, he'll do the same thing one more time on purpose (*laugh*). In some ways, he's a lively mood-maker.

【高木雄也 Takaki Yuya】

「Polaroid photos insider talk·Takaki version」
Even if it's just the setting, I want to fuss over it!
When Takaki-kun's photos are being taken, while saying 「should I do it on the sofa. should I do it in front of the stairs.」, he's fussing over even the place.

「Yabu Kota is a dependable older brother-ish person」
When everyone gets emotional, Yabu-kun calmly reasons by saying 「With that ○○ reason, ○○ is also bad」. He's a dependable older brother!

「Yaotome Hikaru is a moodmaker」
He makes everyone laugh and makes a fun mood, he's a person who reads the place's atmosphere. Hikaru-kun also says 「it's okay」to the easily worried me.

「Inoo Kei is a smart person」
He really has a good head on his shoulders. Even when he messes up in a talk during a program recording, you don't see him flustered. I think I have to follow his example.

「Takaki Yuya is a moody person」
I've been told「your feelings show on your face right away ne」. To put it better, it's my true face but, since it's selfish, from now on, even if it's just a little I want to change.

「Arioka Daiki is a pretty well-informed person」
He knows a lot of trivia doesn't he. He knows very well about a lot of stuff. Since he knows a lot about Western music in particular, he teaches me a lot of things.

「Okamoto Keito is a fushigi-chan person」
Keito is a sort of vague, fushigi-chan type of person. Maybe because his behaviour is a little different naa. Personally, I want to get to know him better ne.
(Note: 'fushigi-chan' is a personality type. J-wiki says 'a word used to describe a my pace-type person whose behaviour pattern and way of talking is slightly different from normal; it's hard for people who are not a similar personality type to understand them', as well as noting 'eccentric' as the English equivalent. Hermione and Luna from Harry Potter are given as examples to this personality type.)

「Morimoto Ryutaro is a child who acts like an adult」
Even though he's a kid, he acts like an adult. Ma, that's cute though ne (*laugh*). When we disagree, I'll say「hai hai」and give in (*laugh*).

「Yamada Ryosuke is an angelic person」
His smile is the best, when I see that smile it's healing, no matter what it is I want to do it for him. Yama-chan, he has another cuteness that's different than Chinen's.

「Chinen Yuri is a spoiled child」
Because before you know it, he'll sit demurely on your lap ne. There are times when I carry him ohime-sama dakko* too. He'll look at me with「carry me ohime-sama dakko-style♥」-like eyes (*laugh*).
(Note: Ohime-sama dakko-style carrying.)

「Nakajima Yuuto is a person who is an adult and a child」
He's mature when it comes to work. But any other time, he's extremely childish. Ma, but that's normal for a 14-year-old ne (*laugh*).

【伊野尾慧 Inoo Kei】

「Polaroid photos insider talk·Inoo version」
Inoo's check is severe!?
Inoo-kun is the one who checked the polaroids taken of him the most. Saying 「This one is better」 and choosing them seriously.

「Yabu Kota is a person who crosses the bridge when he comes to it」
Yabu is ne, a person who crosses the bridge when he comes to it ne. If I don't understand something at work, I'll listen to Yabu, he'll properly teach it, when he's there it's reassuring.

「Yaotome Hikaru is a strange person」
Hikaru is a strange person! He'll steal my bag while he's smirking, I'll say 「stop it~」 and chase after him, but he'll run away with a swoosh. He likes pranks.

「Inoo Kei is a wan-chan love person」
Lately, I've gotten crazy about my dogs (wan-chan)!! Their names are "Jamu" and "An". This morning too, I took the two of them for a walk in the neighborhood.

「Takaki Yuya is a person who's become an adult」
Takaki, lately, has somehow become suddenly cool ne. Before when we rode the airplane too, he'd shout「Until landing, 5 seconds, 4 seconds······」by himself naa.

「Arioka Daiki is a person I can talk to about everything」
For Dai-chan, the two of us are together a lot. I feel like I can talk to Dai-chan about anything. But, it's only a one-sided love? (*laugh*)

「Okamoto Keito is a person who speaks English」
Keito is sort of fushigi-chan but, since he studied abroad in England, he can talk English ne. Next time, teach me English~!

「Morimoto Ryutaro is a person who tries to speak difficultly」
Even though Ryutaro's small, when he tries to use difficult words, it's cute ne. For example, when he's praised he'll say something like 「It's very kind of you!」.

「Yamada Ryosuke is a person with a great smile」
Yama-chan's smile is great ne. I like Yama-chan's laughing face!······I say that, but I still haven't said it to the actual person himself (*laugh*).

「Chinen Yuri is a person who sticks close」
Chinen is friendly ne. Until when is sitting on everyone's laps going to be fun? Ma, since he's cute, even if it's forever it's okay ne (*laugh*).

「Nakajima Yuuto is a person who always has an umbrella」
Yuuto gives the impression that he always has an umbrella ne.「Is it going to rain today?」and questions like that, his information about rain is strong. He has it (umbrella) today too. But the times when he's off are a lot (*laugh*).

【八乙女光 Yaotome Hikaru】

「Polaroid photos insider talk·Hikaru version」
Taking them at high speed······
Hikaru-kun was the fastest in taking the pictures. His speed was because he'd snap the shutter as soon as everyone turned to look at him.

「Yabu Kota is an unpredictable person」
Even though there's times when he's serious, there are also times when he makes weird faces. He has many faces. I like Yabu when he's being goofy.

「Yaotome Hikaru is an easy-going person who livens up (the atmosphere)」
I'm basically energetic, but there are times when I don't have physical strength and I'm quiet ne. During those times, while polishing my next jokes, I store up my physical strength.

「Inoo Kei is a person who is my weak point」
When Inoo-chan's talking and I say something like「annoying!」and he says「What? If you're going to say that kind of thing, then I won't talk」, I'm pretty weak for that frantic reaction.

「Takaki Yuya is a really childish person」
During work, he has a cool character ne. Maa, in actuality he's cool but, it gradually crumbles, you'll notice he's doing something like playing with Morimoto or someone (*laugh*).

「Arioka Daiki is a person who's close to me」
He's a person who's close to me. Since we're in the same school, we often do stuff like eat lunch together. I'm with Arioka a lot na.

「Okamoto Keito is a person who is a hard worker」
When there's new choreography or something, a lot of the time I teach it to Keito but, even if we practice for a long time, because he doesn't whine at all, I think he's amazing.

「Morimoto Ryutaro is a person who is an enthusiastic reader」
Morimoto is ne, I think it's great he's always reading. Because when we're on the location bus or going to the next place, he'll always be reading ne. But it's all manga (*laugh*).

「Yamada Ryosuke is a stupid, good-looking person」
Lately, he's been saying stuff like「Hikaru-kun's really a master~」! It's cute, but if you make weird faces, you'll make young fans cry, so stop it (*laugh*).

「Chinen Yuri is a talented person」
Acrobats, ballet, he's a person who can do various things. What's more is that he's at a high level! Usually he gives a cute feeling, but there's the feeling of a man who will cross the bridge when he comes to it ne.

「Nakajima Yuuto is the person who is the・baby」
Even though he's mature during work, he's usually annoying (*laugh*). Doing things like banging against the desk and shouting. I wonder a lot about how he can be that noisy.

【薮宏太 Yabu Kota】

「Polaroid photos insider talk·Yabu version」
Impossible, the chuu is!?
The two-shot with Chinen-kun was Yabu-kun's suggestion. With 「what angle should we take it at?」 he's also fussing about the set-up.

「Yabu Kota is a person who can sleep anywhere」
My number one special skill is being able to sleep anywhere. I can sleep standing up or holding onto the train's strap ne. Because it feels good I'll often sleep.

「Yaotome Hikaru is a rock person」
Hikaru is generally a rock person. It isn't just that he likes rock, his way of life is rock. There are times when everything makes sense with a "because it's Hikaru".

「Inoo Kei is a person everyone wants to tease」
Inoo is, in these 10 members, is the person who is teased the most. He's loved that much ne. It isn't naturally but, his tsukkomi is really funny.

「Takaki Yuya is a person who messes up but······」
Takaki, ne, messes up a lot (*laugh*). Sometimes when he messes up, he'll even say it himself. Saying 「Oh no, I've become this kind of character」(*laugh*).

「Arioka Daiki is an adolescent person」
Dai-chan, right now, really feels like an adolescent. If there's a time when we're quiet, he'll do something like fool around with everyone. I wonder how he'll turn out after it, it's a time of change ne.

「Okamoto Keito is an unknown person」
Even though there are times when he gives a floaty feeling, thanks to his dad he really knows a lot about music. About being an unknown number, he's a person who has a lot of potential.

「Morimoto Ryutaro is a person with squishy cheeks」
Ryutaro's growing ne. Because even to me, he talks (to you) on the same eye level (*laugh*). Even if he's growing, his cheeks are squishy, like I thought he's cute ne.

「Yamada Ryosuke is the type of person with a healing smile」
He has a healing, kind face, he's got a curious personality, he's a person who loves talking with people. Also ne, Yamada wears my bag on his head (*laugh*).

「Chinen Yuri is a spoiled acrobat-type person」
He's really cute, but sometimes it's bothersome how he acts like a spoiled kid everywhere (*laugh*). Like this photo, I don't really know why he's kissing me (*laugh*).

「Nakajima Yuuto is a person who hates losing」
Yuuto is ne, no matter if it's a game or anything, he's generally a person who hates losing ne. But, he's always energetic, he's a good guy. Yuuto's the best ne. And the way he laughs is individual.

all credits to Littlix


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Yama-chan has got an enchanting smile??

Chinen kissing Yabu!!
that's not bothersome after all!!
it's more like.. CUTE!!
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lol agree totally
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Their pics are so Cute!

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i know they look so adorable and cute
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The Chii kissing Yabu pic is the best!! xDD
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i can see keit0 holding a piccie 0f
am i ryt?

there's als0 a piccie where in in0o is LIKE kissing yama~chan...
lol...or i just think im half BLIND...
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haha yeah..
it's like Ryu Amakusa..
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i thought i saw the 7's one, but i forgot where
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i must agree with all the boys,
about Ryosuke's smile,
it's healing
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wah~ kawaii pics...
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chi kissing yabu!!!!!!
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yamachan kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii~
arigaou 4 sharing
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really cuteeeeeeeee..... thanks for sharing..
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Oh my gosh yesss get in there I really do sound like Keito lol I'm a my pace person... elso ECCENTRIC well you could call it that lol xD Sugoiiiiii <3<3<3<3<3
And Ryutaro's personality is so adorable !! Kyaaa what a cutie !
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love it!!! where can i find the H!S!7! ?????? yamada and hes smile.....even if hes not smiling his still hot hahah.........i love the pics.yamada looks like amakusa ryuu in the pics hahhaha well hes amakus ryuu hahahha
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