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This month, they've been divided into 3·3·4 conversations. The talk's theme is 「The side that the fans don't know about」. Because they're members who are familiar with each other, they'll definitely come up with one side after another, no matter what team they seem to have gotten very excited.

ryosuke yamada hikaru yaotome kei inoo talk

Saa, let's hear it right here, right now. Your showbiz life plan!

Yaotome Inoo-chan, sa, he's still hiding 80% of himself.
Yamada Even the fans definitely seem to have a lot of sides of him that they think "?" about.
Yaotome I mean, it seems like the fans are also thinking "Who?"···
Inoo Eh, even though they're fans (*laugh*)?
Yaotome Show your character more!
Inoo I'm still groping for that character right now (*laugh*)! I'm trying to do a lot!
Yaotome Even though you're a person who'll definitely make people laugh when you talk, you don't talk. It's a waste! How you're going to live in this world of showbiz, I really don't know! Show me the way you live! Saa, let's hear it right here, right now. Your showbiz life plan!
Yamada ···it turned into a deep conversation (*laugh*)
Inoo Naturally···to live in a big house~, to eat tasty food~, to get a kinda cute bride when I'm around 27 (years old)~···
Yamada That's a really typical dream (*laugh*)
Inoo (while looking pissed) I want to talk too. But since there's 10 people, I really don't know at what timing I can talk!
Yaotome Yamada, do your best!
Yamada It's really, really nice of you to say that, but at Osaka's MC (editorial note: This interview took place before Yokohoma Arena), since it's the land of laughter after all, I've never made them laugh (*laugh*)
Yabu, who is nearby But basically, since it's me and Hikaru talking, me and Hikaru will only mess up···it'd be like that.
Yaotome Stop having so little self-confidence (*laugh*). We've made them laugh a little, haven't we! Of course there was a lot of moments where we thought "not good" too.
Yamada But Hikaru-kun doing his best, even in that kind of situation, is amazing.
Yaotome Staff-san was saying this a while ago, but all of JUMP's normal talk is funny. Actually, I think so too ne. So not being able to show that is vexing naa.
Inoo Un, it's a waste, ne.
Yaotome You're the one who's a waste!
Inoo (with his voice changed) Annoying!
Yamada It might be better if Inoo-kun brings a character like that angry one to the surface (*laugh*)
Yaotome Right? It's definitely funny (*laugh*)
Inoo I get it, let's talk! Without thinking of anything, let's talk more cheerfully! Saa, let's talk quickly!
Yamada Looks like he kinda broke (*laugh*)

U-n, that's right ne, wouldn't it be good to show off your stomach?

Inoo Yamada wants to be a comedian character, right. It's "aiming for Hikaru", right?
Yamada Aa~, that was right ne~
Yaotome "was"? It's already past tense (*laugh*)?
Yamada That's because I'm no match for Hikaru-kun. So I'll aim for 2nd place right behind Hikaru-kun (*laugh*). Then, when Hikaru-kun's style is bad, if I could help···
Yaotome Aa, but it might be great if that kind of person really existed!
Yamada But right now, it's still impossible for me. I wonder who could do this kind of role now···Arioka-kun?
Yaotome Dai-chan does his best, but he'll mess up big time if he's surprised (*laugh*). That's a risky bet (*laugh*)
Yamada What abot Takaki-kun?
Yaotome Takaki, nee, since he's going for more of a cool image, he wouldn't be able to do comedy with a 'bang!' impact······
Inoo (clearly) Fu-------
Yaotome ·········Eh?
Yamada A very properly done sigh (*laugh*)
Inoo Sorry sorry, I was feeling a little lethargic just now (*laugh*)
Yaotome As one would expect, Inoo-chan. Really, you're random (*laugh*)
Inoo That's not true! You said something or other, for the last part, you've depended on Ryutaro, right?
Yaotome That's right ne~, since that guy has made miracles happen ne (*laugh*)
Inoo He's certainly made miracles happen a lot of times!
Yaotome But since Yamada announced his candidacy, from now on Yama-chan has to give it all he's got.
Yamada Iya~, that might be a little severe.
Yaotome It's because I'm counting on you (*laugh*). Jaa, I wonder what Yama-chan's "this should be shown more" side is?
Inoo U-n, that's right ne, wouldn't it be good to show off your stomach?
Yamada Wait a second! What is this (*laugh*)

······right now, I'm really moved! Hikaru-kun's unknown side is···

Yaotome Because Inoo-chan is random. It's better to not listen to what he's saying (*laugh*). Because, when we're going and coming from work and I'm talking with Inoo-chan, 90% of what he says are lies (*laugh*)
Inoo Really, we're having a superficial conversation (*laugh*). We haven't said anything from the heart.
Yamada We realize that (*laugh*). Is it that bad?
Inoo But when I'm talking with Yama-chan, I'm not that random.
Yamada Besides my stomach, isn't there any other side I should show?
Yaotome I think Yama-chan's tsukkomi is good ne. Wouldn't it be good if you showed that side more?
Yamada ······right now, I'm really moved! Hikaru-kun's unknown side is···</font></b>
Inoo There isn't anything, is there?
Yaotome Un, I also think so. I show everything (*laugh*)
Inoo Jaa, sa, next time you should try shifting to a sexy type or something like that (*laugh*)
Yamada I want to see that!
Yaotome Eh, doing things like running my hand over my lips while dancing? That's definitely impossible for me! I'd be really embarrassed, even if I did it, it wouldn't suit me at all!
Inoo You don't have any hidden side, so we have to make you a new side (*laugh*). Anyway, from now on, we might have a slightly sexier than before Hikaru (*laugh*)
Yaotome When Inoo-chan talks a whole lot during MC, that's when I'll think about it too (*laugh*)

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thnx for sharing this!

i reaLLy Laughed hard on aLL of their taLks in here... *haha*!
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lol i know
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