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yuuri chinen keito okamoto yuya takaki daiki arioka :talk

Everyone, lately, thanks to the influence of the drama, it seems Takaki has been aiming for the cool direction

Chinen Today's talk has a "the side that the fans don't know about" theme.
Takaki (in a cool way) Is that so···
Arioka What is that, that useless cool reaction (*laugh*). It's a magazine, so it won't be shown. A, everyone, lately, thanks to the influence of the drama, it seems Takaki has been aiming for the cool direction. But in reality, he isn't that kind of person at all (*laugh*)
Okamoto Though in concert MCs too, he definitely doesn't talk that much.
Arioka Right, actually, his voice is small.
Okamoto But, isn't a cool character essential for a group?
Arioka Who's JUMP's cool character?
Chinen (silently raises his hand)
Everyone else Oi!
Arioka It isn't like that! And how can you have a cool character with that kind of smile!
Chinen A, am I mistaken (*laugh*)? It's not me···excuse me~
Takaki Ano sa, it's not that I've become a cool character. It's just that I've become an adult!
Chinen Ehh, but from my point of view, I can't picture that kind of Takaki-kun at all (*laugh*)
Takaki But lately no matter where I go, staff-san have been seriously telling me "you've become an adult ne".
Okamoto I think Takaki-kun is an adult.
Takaki Thank you. The only one who says that is Okamoto, though.
Okamoto But since you usually talk a lot, in concerts and such, I think it'd be better to talk more and more.
Chinen Hai, the "that makes me feel sick" from Keito has appeared!
Takaki Oi! He didn't say anything like that (*laugh*)! Anyway, why have you been normally sitting on my lap since a while ago!
Arioka It's a scene we usually see, this scene.
Chinen When I'm sitting on Yuuyan's lap, I somehow feel calm.

Your gal sense is high, I wonder in what kind of situation would you say that (*laugh*)

Arioka Ja, there's people whose laps you can't calm down in (*laugh*). Who are they?
Chinen U~n···Yuto-kun and Hikaru-kun, I somehow can't calm down with them. Because I can't be a spoiled character with Yuto-kun. Hora, isn't Yuto-kun more of a spoiled kid too? When I'm sitting on Hikaru-kun's lap, he'll probably say something like "you're a bother, idiot" and tsukkomi me (*laugh*)
Okamoto Have you sitten on Ryutaro's lap too?
Chinen Of course not.
Takaki Ja, should I try sitting on Ryutaro's lap later.
Arioka It'll just seem like bullying (*laugh*)
Takaki (while changing his voice) "St~op~ it~ Really!" He'd probably say that (*laugh*)
Arioka That's for sure. I wonder what Keito's unknown side is. Keito's diligent ne. He'll do stuff like do his school homework until 3 a.m.
Okamoto Of course, since I have work, I don't have much time at all···
Chinen He's smarter than Dai-chan, definitely.
Arioka It's vexing, but I can't deny that (*laugh*). I want to help him with his homework, but that's impossible.
Okamoto It's not really that I'm smart···rather, it's that I'm a hard worker?
Chinen I think so too. You do your best in dance practice too ne.
Okamoto Out of 10, with 1 being the level I was at when I first joined, what's my level now?
Takaki (in a flash) 1.5.
Okamoto ······like I thought.
Takaki It's a lie, a lie a lie (*laugh*)! Keito's at the same level as me.
Chinen But if you're satisfied with that, you'll end up not aiming for the top. You should keep him grounded.
Takaki Since Keito's movement is big, he stands out when watching DVDs. That's good.
Arioka Right right. Body wave···he has technique, moving his body like a wave, he's normally very good so I was surprised. Thinking "Eh, who is that···Keito!?" and rewinding it 3 times (*laugh*)
(Note: Daiki said 'body wave' in English.)
Okamoto Thank you very much. I have to practice more and more.
Chinen Lately, you've been practicing the guitar too ne.
Arioka Right right. Eh, does your dad (= Okamoto Kenichi) teach you?
Okamoto Uun. So I'm practicing by myself.
Takaki You're making an effort with that too. Do your best!
[Editorial note: Here, Yabu enters and comments 「Keito has a really high sense of humour」]
Okamoto Eh?·········(with a serious face) Gal sense?
Everyone else Ahahahaha!
Takaki Your gal sense is high, I wonder in what kind of situation would you say that (*laugh*)
Arioka That kind of spontaneous side is also one of Keito's good sides. Ja, next is Chinen. It doesn't normally appear in MC, but Chinen's sense of humour is also high.

I really haven't seen a smile that shines like Chinen-kun's ne

Takaki Right. Also, he's pretty outspoken (*laugh*)
Arioka Nobody in the world would think that he'd say gags or criticism with those looks. So at concerts whenever he says something, he'll always hit the bull's eye. But if it was me, it'd be fine if I hit it just twice (*laugh*)
Chinen But, I don't really show that part a lot naa. Probably, if it was just ~7's 5 members, I think I'd be able to talk more···
Takaki Aa, that might be a good idea. If we separate ~7 and ~BEST, different faces might appear. If it was ~7, I wonder who would keep the talk going.
Chinen Wouldn't that be Yuto-kun? I think he fits the same position as Yabu-kun. Then, the Hikaru-kun character is···
Arioka If I said Yamada, wouldn't he be overjoyed (*laugh*)? Because that guy calls Hikaru 『master』 (*laugh*)
Chinen Does he? But since we're talking about the comedian side, I think of Ryutaro too···
Okamoto Aa, I know! Ryutaro occasionally makes us laugh really hard ne.
Arioka Chinen also has a good sense (of humour), so you should show that side more and more. With that shining smile, there's no way he could be poisonous like that···that kind of character (*laugh*)
Takaki He's JUMP's Nishikido-kun (*laugh*)
Chinen That'd be good! But, I want to be a person like Arashi's Ohno-kun.
Arioka Jaa, something that feels like a mix of Nishikido-kun and Ohno-kun···that' be hard, that character (*laugh*)
Okamoto I really haven't seen a smile that shines like Chinen-kun's ne. Even in magazine photoshoots too, I think it's amazing.
Chinen But it's not like I'm consciously faking it ne. Ja, last is Dai-chan!

It appeared! The slightly stiff smile!

Okamoto Arioka-kun's smile, it's also amazing (*laugh*)
Chinen It appeared! The slightly stiff smile!
Okamoto I think you should smile more like you usually do.
Arioka Oi, you're shooting your mouths off··· but that's definitely true (*laugh*). During magazine photoshoots, I really do stiffen.
Takaki We can all imitate it.
Chinen I'm good at it! Hora! (He smiles brightly, but his face wavers bit by bit) Here, when he sways bit by bit is the point ne!
Arioka If I honestly laugh, it's a face that can't be published in magazines.
Okamoto It's not like that at all. I think it's a really nice smile.
Arioka I get it, then I'll try to do my best from now on. ···then, is that the only side the fans don't know about me (*laugh*)? Only that my face wavers bit by bit when I laugh (*laugh*)?
Chinen There is! "The side where he competes with Ryutaro".
Takaki Ah~, that's right, that's right!
Chinen The other day, Dai-chan was insistently picking a fight with Ryutaro, at the end Ryutaro said "Shut up! It's none of your business!" ne (*laugh*)
Arioka ···mou, you don't have to say anything (*laugh*). Keito definitely wouldn't have that kind of useless fight.
Okamoto Un, I wouldn't.
Takaki Keito's an adult~
Arioka I think JUMP's cool character is Keito. There's no chance it's Takaki. Before 『Gokusen』 started, when he was going to the scenario reading, he asked me "Nee, do you think it's okay with the script?" ne. Jaa, what are you going to be reading from (*laugh*)
Takaki E~tttto······looks like the time is up, so why don't we finish up now (*laugh*)

credits to Himeko-chan in yamada ryosuke cLub!
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Posted 7/30/08 , edited 7/30/08
Keito has a cooL character...
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Posted 7/30/08 , edited 7/30/08
Keito the cool member of Jump.. fits him.. alongside the mysterious character... lol.. Keito seems really mature!
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i just wish he could stand out more...
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Damn right Keito's cool. ^^ Of course he is! xDDD
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