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Posted 7/30/08 , edited 7/31/08

here you will post your momodo
this is my momodo

(top momodo, bottom bookholder)

name: aisu
element: ice
weakness: fire
likes: cold weather, rain, snow, crystals, clouds
dislikes: fish, heat, fire, the color pink
age: 13
book color: pink
height: 5'8
weight: 100
special atributes: his sword slows down the enemy a little every time it hits
he can fly
back story: his parents thought he would be a girl so they got him a pink spell book. he aspairs to be a strong king.
afinaty: good

book holder
age: 18
location: japan
ocupation: traveling musician
likes: walking, swords, music, the world, fanta
dislikes: evil, running, math, the concept of death
backstory, all of his family went to america by plane. the plane crashed leaving 17 year old faia alone, with nowhere to go. then he met aisu and began traveling
afinity: good

spells: 10 max: known spells 1-3
1)irongitsu (i-ron-gee-su): send ice shards flying at the enemy at a high speed
2)tiohgitsu (te-o-gee-su): a spell that sends out an ice beam freezing all that it touches
3)ioshield (ee-o-shield): the shield aisu grows to a huge size to block attacks
4)dioga evaron (dee-o-ga e-ver-on) a large ice sword appears above aisu's head (similar to one of earths moves) then it breaks into millions of ice shards that fly toward the enemy momodo
5)misugitsu(me-su-jit-su) the sword aisu carrys becomes covered in ice, it can now freeze anything it touches
6)migamitsu shield (me-ga-me-tsu shield) aisu's second shield spell, aisu's shield grows huge and freezes any spell that touches it and sends it back to the user
7)emigagitsu (em-e-ga-ji-tsu) aisu's summons 3 floating swords of ice beside him and anything that comes near him that poses a threat will be instantly obliterated
8)orgitsu (o-ra-ji-tsu)(similar to zagurzem) a ball of ice moving at a medium speed enhances all ice attacks apon impact of the spell
9)gimigoritsu(gee-me-go-ree-tsu) the user shrouds himself in a blue aura that doubles his speed, attack, and defence for exactly 42 seconds
10)aira girosatsu (i-ra gi-ro-sot-su) aisu's ice wings grow to 10 times their size then break off into ice crystals that are then sent directly at the opponent at extream speeds (hailstorm of death) each shard is as sharp as his sword. this is his ultimate move
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