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Posted 7/30/08 , edited 7/31/08
Okamoto Keito

I still sing various kind of songs, when I’m at home.

There was a time when I was able to sing the song “Midnight Train” at Odaiba concert soon as I got in as a Jr. I was so nervous that time! Comparing to myself now I’m getting used to singing in front of people and I’m starting feel the fun out of it. I’ve had fun singing at Osaka-jo Hall. Not only singing at the concert, I had fun being on the performance side with all the different devices used! Above all making a scene from the story where I get shot by Hikaru kun and falling from a high place was especially fun. The crane takes us up to a very high place so I was scared during the rehearsal but I did it calmly during the actual performance. I’m looking forward to the next concert now!

Then going back to the story about the song, I loved singing since I was little. I sing various kind of songs, when I’m at home. Especially in the bathroom or the restroom, I like singing in small places that echoes the sounds (laughs). I guess I often get in my bed and sing enthusiastically and loudly. About how enthusiastic I sing… I don’t think it’s not as much yet. To get better I guess I have to practice. Since it is what I love to do, I’ll absolutely do my best to get better! I think Yabu kun is the best singer in the members. Not only he can sing good he sings cool and his voice is sexy. It’s impossible for me to be that skilled right now (laughs). I like Yuto kun’s powerful voice. For a senior, I like everyone from V6’s singing voice. I find the difference between their normally being nice to having whole another personality singing, very cool.

Finally, about the second single. I think it’s a passionate happy song for the image song of Beijing Olympics volley ball’s last preliminary. I hope everyone get stimulated by listening to this song. There are parts where 7 and BEST are singing split up so, I hope people will feel the fascinations of it.

Arioka Daiki
I can feel that we are growing as a group.

Since I was little I was a kid who sang a lot. Like walking down the road or shopping at department stores, I sang loudly not caring about where I was. That’s why my older brother refused to walk with me (laughs). It was mostly anime songs but I often did a impression of Matsuda Seiko san [Famous old idol]. Let’s leave the part about being a good impression or not (laughs). Of course now, I don’t sing walking down the road. My bathroom have changed into a stage now. Singing in the bathtub doesn’t not only feel good but it have effect on not showing how scared you are. I get scared easily. Just the other day the Jrs started a scary story in the bath room. The more I think about trying not to remember it, the more I remember. That’s why I started to sing Hey! Say! JUMP’s song very loudly. The result was good (laughs).

Now, I normally listen to western music, I always listen to them when I’m moving to place or before sleeping. I sometimes sing but, I sing by the mood of the song so I can’t possibly sing in front of people (laughs). I go to the karaoke with my friends but there, it’s all Japanese songs. I do sing our songs just for the heck of it but I never grade it. That’s because I’ll feel down if I get a low score on my own song (laughs). Now, if you ask me if I have confidence on singing it’s subtle but comparing to before, I can put out more voice. I think I can sing thinking about how the singing goes just by looking at the lyrics.

The recording for the new song just ended but it’s a easy song to remember. It’s different from the full of happiness kind of songs but , I think it’s more JUMP kind of support song. Please receive our songs we sang with full of passions!

Also, for this concert there is a song where Hikaru raps, Keito raps the English part and I’m in charge of the song. It’s so much fun because it’s a fresh combination. I feel that we are growing as a group by taking on new challenges. It was my first time at a Oska concert but I was able to feel the fun difference comparing to Tokyo! For example the message on the uchiwa [fans] was in kansai dialect.

Yamada Ryosuke
The important thing is to put your soul into it.

Before I started this business I played a lot of soccer and honestly, I didn’t have any interest in songs. But after I got into the agency and listening to different kind of music I started to like them. I go to karaoke and sing different kinds of songs in my personal time too. Singing at home? Never! I get really embarrassed when my family members hears me singing (laughs). But a while ago, I thought no one was home so I was singing very enthusiastically in the bathtub then my parents witnessed it … (laughs). That was embarrassing…

I think my songs are still bad. But, I’m so bad at it that I can put all my effort into it by thinking “ I want to be better.” If I think “I’m good” then it’ll just end there. Fortunately there are fans who tells me “you’re good at singing” but that’s their own judgment so, that’s totally different from my own. I have no intention of being washed away or get drowned by people’s opinion. I really like Yabu kun’s vocal in the members. He’s voice isn’t just good, it’s also a voice that echoes in your soul. It feels like it gives you a nudge when you’re listening to him. I think that’s because he puts his soul into it when he sings. Even though I’m still bad, I do put my soul in when I’m singing with all my energy. Actually, it’s not just singing, it’s most important to put your soul into anything you do! I’ll never want to do a sloppy job then have a gap in my soul.

At last a comment about the new song. I was very moved by the lyrics when I first listened to this song. The message about “let’s dream” is really good. That’s why I put all of my soul into it recording, hoping that I can bring people who are listening to this song a good dream. I think regardless of who they are, they have things they are sad or painful about in their lives. But, I think it’ll be the best if anyone listening to this song smile or even be happy a little bit!

Chinen Yuri
I usually sing songs in my life.

Of course I like singing at the concerts but I like singing in the recordings as much also. I don’t even know what to say about the sense of accomplishment I get from singing well until I feel satisfied. In my life, I usually sing lots of songs. For example, when I take a bath, I sing enthusiastically with the song I put on outside the bathroom door. The songs depends on how I feel but I often play Arashi or KAT-TUN. I also go sing at karaoke. Recently, I went and bought Arashi’s “Step and Go” right after the release and sang enthusiastically! (laughs)

About my vocal… it’s subtle (laughs). Honestly, I don’t think I like it… When I watch it on TV I get upset thinking “this is how I sound like” (laughs). From now on, I think my voice will be lower than now but I still want to sing high pitched songs. I would like to expand my singing range from now on. I wish I can be like Yabu kun, being able to sing many different songs. From the seniors around me who sings well is no doubt Ohno kun! Also the quality of his voice is very gentle, I really do think that’s good. In the future, I would like to go on the end of the year count down concert and sing duet with Ohno kun there !! Actually, it doesn’t have to go far as duet, but I just want to do something near Ohno kun (laughs).

And about the new song “Dream come true”. In this song , the word “Dream” comes up a lot. I think that’s pretty straight forward and it’s a happy powerful song that won’t lose to “Ultra Music Power”. I hope many people will listen to it. We shot the PV for this song and I did my best jumping with my jumping shoes! (laughs). It was fun playing badminton with the members in the spare time! I think the video has lots of harmonious atmosphere of us so please look forward to it!

Takaki Yuya
Songs can capture any feelings.

I try to listen to many happy songs when I’m feeling down. Then, naturally my feelings gets more positive. Also, when I’m mad I let my feelings out by singing, this has an amazing effect. Sometimes my parents tells me “it’s too loud” and get mad at me because I’m singing too loud in the house (laughs). But, I think it’s better to let my angers out by singing than on people. Actually, it’s more like the songs captures any of my feelings. I really do think that’s great and I can feel songs helped me in the past.

About the quality of my voice? I hate my voice … (laughs). The only reason I started voice training is because I wanted to change my vocal. But, as told by my teacher, it’s not possible to change the quality of the voice itself… That’s why I can only try to creatively change the way I sing. [(P)But, you have great vocals] There are people who compliments me like that and I’m very grateful for that. But, I’m not satisfied with myself at all. I also have to put more volume into my voice because I want to sing firmly and louder like Yabu kun. For the time being I’m strengthening my abdominal muscle and everyday I’m trying my best but.. The goal is still long way ahead. But my intention is doing my best step by step!

I try to be careful about properly putting my passion in when I’m singing a song. I think the way of expression varies by my awareness of that and the message to the people listening to it will differ too. For example the next new song being released, “Dream Come True” it was more full of spirits. I sang it thinking I’m going to send power to the volley ball players representing Japan. Then, I sang with my soul out by picturing bonds between friends for the insertion song of the drama “Gokusen” also a solo song called “Oretachi no Seishun” [Our youth].

(P) = Producer

Yaotome Hikaru
Everyday, there's a song playing nonstop in my head.

To me songs are why I get stressed and at the same time it’s a necessary essential like oxygen. I have songs inside my head nonstop everyday. Why it’s a stress is because I have a goal that, even if it’s a hard song, I want to improve the musical range, interval and the skill so I don’t feel how difficult it is. I’m constantly thinking I want more. I liked singing since I was little. When I was in primary school, I used to sing with the choreography every time I learned a new song and I made my mother tape that video of me. There was some non-Japanese music too and the lyrics were very random (laughs). As expected I don’t tape myself anymore (laughs) but, I love singing and I go to karaoke too. If I don’t get hold of my friends I go there by myself and it can usually go up to 3 hours. You can tell I really love it, don’t you? (laughs). The way I think towards or presenting songs between my work and my private time is completely different. In my private time I can let my feelings out so I can sing my soul into it for myself. But when it’s during work I try to let my feelings out by sending messages to the listeners or make myself more appealing to that person. Of course I love both songs but I don’t want anyone to see me singing alone in my private time (laughs).

The new song’s lyrics and melody is very easy to remember. During the song, there is a certain lyric that comes up 3 times but I think you’ll be able to feel a mysterious sensation from different ways of receiving even though it’s the same words. It’s a funny song, please listen to it!

Also, the concert. I was very excited to be able to organize this time. I went through a lot to be here. The stage didn’t go as I ideally planed but I learned that safety is important too and the members gave me more opinions than usual about the performances. During the concert, I was so happy to see the smiles on the fans and the members. It was a good experience and I learned more about the members. I got more thoughts on what I want to do next, this is starting to be a habit of mine (laughs).

Morimoto Ryutaro
I want to sing songs I made at the concert.

I love songs but if I were to self-evaluate, I’m still at the starting point. I want to be a person who writes his own lyrics and make songs. I used to have fun just singing but looking at different seniors and being able to do concerts, my point of view about songs have changed. I think it’s cool to see my seniors making his own lyrics for the concert, I’m really moved. Because, writing lyrics means sending messages about what you saw, felt or thought into a song right? I would be impressed if that was me. Wouldn’t be great if I could do that for real? I don’t know whether it’s because my goal but lately when I listen to a song, I’m starting to get interested into the arrangements of the song, not just the lyrics or song itself. Gosh, there’s so many things I want to learn (laughs). It might sound difficult but I’m excited. I used to listen to V6’s “TAKE ME HIGHER”. I completely remembered it while I watched “ultraman tiga” every week because I loved it so much. My mood still gets high from remembering the memories when ever I hear the song. It’s my important number one reminiscence song.

The new song releasing in May is a song full of dreams. I think you can see different side of JUMP from before, please look forward to it.

At last, about the Osaka-jo hall concert. This time Hikaru kun organized it. The plan was big and fun that you can see that he thought about us very hard. It’s truly amazing! It looked hard when he was planning but, I want to do it someday. It’s true about songs but it feels like I like to work out from zero and make something out of it (laughs). Oh, also I did my best as a MC at concert this time. I talked about a dream I had about eating dog food at Osaka and I was relieved that the fans was laughing (laughs). It was my goal to participate as a proactive MC so, I guess half of my goal was achieved. I’m going to do my best at Tokyo for the other half!
Inoo Kei
I want to sing high-spirited song like ourselves.

The Osaka-Jo hall concert was fun! It was our first appearance in Osaka as JUMP but I was happy that it was fun. What I reflect on is of course, the MC. There’s 10 people so it’s hard to plan on who talks when and there were times when we asked each other on how we would talk. I think we made improvements every time we performed, that’s why we were able to talk pretty smoothly on the last day. You might see a bit more grown appearance of us at the next concert in Yokohama Arena.

Anyway about the theme “song”. I really like singing, that’s why I usually sing different kinds of songs at home and go karaoke. My skill as a singer? It’s no where close. I do have intention of getting more better but, to do that… what should I do? (laughs). I feel like I want to be the one asking people (laughs). From the JE seniors around me I think Ohno kun from Arashi can sing very well. On top of being very good, his quality of voice is good too. I think it gives you a good feeling when you’re listening to him. In the members, Yabu is the best singer. He’s always singing a song to himself in the dressing room and of course he always sounds good no matter what he sings. Then, when I’m listening to him and think to myself “Oh, that’s a good song” I go buy the CD (laughs). When there is a good singer in the same group as you, it gives you a good encouragement. For my next goal I want to sing more songs that people listening to can enjoy. It would be great if we can sing high-spirited songs like ourselves. The new song releasing in May called “Dream Come True” is truly the song like that. It’s very fresh and I think it’s a song that any generation can enjoy. I will send power to the players of Japanese volley ball team that they can go to Beijing Olympics safely through this song!

Nakajima Yuto
The result of my secret training is coming out?!

I still don’t have confidence in my singing. But, the staff at the recent recording told me “You can hit the high notes now”. I was so happy! I guess this is the result of my everyday “secret training”. Also, it’s not humming, it’s actually singing for real (laughs). I asked Yabu kun “What do I do to sing better?” before and he answered “Why don’t you try singing in the bathroom everyday?”. Since then, I’ve been practicing. It’s pretty loud so I think the neighbors and of course my family could hear it (laughs). I have been a bother to everyone around me (laughs). But I am certain that my throat have got stronger and actually, I can sing more high pitched notes now. I don’t know if Yabu kun actually does the “bathroom secret training” (laughs), but to me he is my master!

I have many more singing related goals and I want to be able to sing my own ways. It’s all I could do to express faithfully after what I have been told to do. That’s important too but I wish I could put more of personality into it. I don’t think it’s just about singing in good pitch. With that meaning I guess JUMP can get their new selves out with the release of the new song “Dream com true” (goes on sale May 21st). The song is more calm than passionate and it feels like the goodness of the song comes out gradually. It’s easy to remember so I hope I could sing it at concert with everyone.

Speaking of concert, it was Hikaru kun’s suggestion that we do the stomp at the concert. We beat the steel drums and various other things like drums in rhythm and for people like me who usually plays the drums, it’s a very fun segment. It’s something you can play with sensation of drums but there isn’t much chance of beating the steel drums with all your energy. It feel so good that, it’s good for getting rid of stress. Also, the feeling I got at the Osaka concert is the reaction of the fans from the MC’s point of view. Osaka’s humor is strict (laughs). I’ve made a new goal to do better as an MC!

credits to smalltownsburns

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thanks for posting naa~

this might be a bit old, but here's the scan for yama-chan's part:
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Kyaa~ Thank you for posting! That was so cute! :3
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Kyaa ! That's just so cute ! I love how they all sing in the bathroom ^-^ I do but I get shouted at >.< So I wait until no one's home =3
And wahhh !!! Ryutaro is SO ADORABLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He wants to write his own lyrics, that is so sweet ! I want to hear his lyrics !!! =D
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lol at Yama-chan " I thought no one was home so I was singing very enthusiastically in the bathtub then my parents witnessed it... " he's soo kawaii!
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thanks for sharing! ^^
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