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Name:Izami, Lyoko, no meaning o-o
Nickname:Koko-chan, & Koko-Taichou, Kii-chan by Mii-chan and Rii-chan, and everyone else that just met her Lyoko-chan/san
Squad: 5th, Taichou *w*
looks:, Shinigami form: kind of o-o, she has tah brown hair -points at the other pic- and her taichou outfit thing...o_O she wears it but ties it around her waist so its like part of her shikuso think thats wat its called xD. Anywayy XD
Personality: Serious when fighting and is always has a fun, happy go lucky attitude, andddd loves to annoy ichigo & Hitsugaya =3
Past:When she looked around 2 human years =3, she was found by Hinamori & Hitsugaya.She was then tooken in and was cared for those 2 & a older women that lived with her. As Hinamori, Hitsugaya and her spended more days together, their bond grew closer ^-^. As Hinamori went off to shinigami academy, something weird happened. At this time, Lyoko-chan was around 7 human years, she was unexpectingly a child prodigy. She went off to Shinigami academy around the time Hitsugaya did too. They both graduadated early and was set into squads. Being the child prodigy Hitsugaya took the place of 10th squads taichou. As for Lyoko she would be placed as the 3rd seat, in the 13th squad. As she turned around 12 human years she ran up to fukutaichou. The next year, after the whole Aizen's plans thingy mabob (lolol) she was moved up to the rank taichou of the 5th squad. With her best friend Hinamori as her fukutaichou.
Other: She is taller then Hitsugaya by like...a cm LOL XD. She zanpakto is Tsuki Shiro, which means Snowy moon.Her call out is 'Hyouketsu, Tsuki Shiro' which means Freeze, Snowy Moon. Her attacks are the following:
First flight, Tsuki no curse, which means Moon's curse, it causes a white circle under Lyoko and whoever she points at a white circle appears below them no matter where they go.
Second flight, Ichiban Yuki, which means First snow, it causes the whole area to be covered in snow, and freezes the opponet when they touch the ground. Okay if their like on a higher part then where Lyoko is standing then The snow cant freeze him. xD Get it?
Third flight, hyouketsu shuurin, which means freezing autumn rain, it causes ice shards to go flying at the ememy ^0^.

Okay okay okay ! Another character! XD

Name: Nana, Mizuki, means seven beautiful moon(s)
Nickname: Mii-chan by Rii-chan and Kii-chan, Mizuki-taichou, Mizu-chan.
Squad:Taichou of the 7th squad.
Looks:, shinigami form: except no fan :O and has the taichou cape thing around her waist just out enough to see the number 3 on it =3.
Personality:Gets pissed off really easly and loves to be bored and annoy people.
Past:She met Rii and Kii during shinigami school, everything else is a secret =3
Other:Her zanpakto is hyousetsu which means ice and snow =3. Her call out is 'Aki, Hyousetsu!' Fall, ice and snow. Her attack is:
Kouyou rikka, means Autumn colour(ed) snow, it causes snow of the autumn colors to fall causing the ememy a slow but painful death.
Hyouketsu Aki, means Freezing snow, it causes her sword to become snowy white and as she attacks a line of snow comes flying towards the ememy.

Last one!

Name:Nao, Ran, means honest water lily.
Nickname:Ran-chan, Riii-chan from Mii-chan and Kii-chan, Ran-taichou.
Squad: Taichou of the 3rd Squad
Looks: Shinigami form: tah regular shikuso! XD with her taichou cape thing just like Mizuki's
Personality:Shy, quiet, loves to hang out with her three bestest buds Mii, and Kii.
Past:o-o...all im telling you guys is she met Mii and Kii during Shinigami school
Other: Her zanpakto is Uteki, which means raindrops. Her call out is 'Kakou raiku ato taki, Uteki 'Drop like a water fall, raindrops' Her attacks are the following:
Harou shougeki, means waves crash, which makes a tube of water at where ever she points the sword at. Best way I can explain it x.X
taiiki hyoumu, means wide area ice fog, just like the name says its fog made out of ice =3


Msgs needed to continue tah storii: 6 =3 *Gonna be nice*
BTW one msg equals one scene so this is gonna be a 10 pt storii lol xD

Parts Names:
Part 1:News
Part 2:Shopping?!
Part 3: Rii-chan...? Where are you...?
Part 4:2 days before Christmas
Part 5:Day before Christmas
Part 6: Christmas Day
Part 7: Winter Festival
Part 8: Feelings..?
Part 9: Hollow attacks?! Nani?! Theres so many!
Part 10: The end....
Epilogue *Happy ending*: Happily ever after

~Lalalaa~ *1st part*

"KIII-CHANNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!" Yelled two voices from down the hall. "Hai, Rii-chan, Mii-chan?" I asked them as they came charging into the room. "There's going to be a winter festival down in Karakura town!" Mizuki said happily jumping up and down. "And So-taichou said we could go!" Ran shouted happily. "Hai,Hai, when we leaving and who else is going?" I asked her finishing up my paper work. "We're leaving tomorrow!" Ran said still smiling. "And 10th, 13th, 5th, `11th, and our squads are going!" Mizuki finished up with a goofy smile. I gave them a small smile. "Yosh, let's get packing." I said walking out of the room leaving the two hyper friends behind. 'It's been awhile since I last saw the winter festival.' I thought with a small smile. 'Wonder how's Everyone is doing.' I thought still having my little small. Suddenly I bumped into someone. "Itaii!" I shouted rubbing my head ploping on the ground. "Watch where your going Koko." He said giving me a hand. I grabbed it and pulled myself up. I stuck my tongue at him. "Make me." I said with a smirk. He had a anime vein as he left. "Jaa nee, Shiro-chan!" I shouted back to him. "It's Hitsugaya-taichou!" He shouted back. "Shiro-chan!" I said defending myself then running off before he could turn around and protest.

~Tah next day, FF To Karakura town *2nd part*

"Okay! The 6th squad people will stay at Uruhara (SP PWEAZ LOL)'s house, the 13th squad at Ichi's house, 5th,10th, 7th, and 3rd will be at my house and 11th will be at orihimes house,Yokai?!" I said telling them where they will be staying. "Yokai."They answered going their separate ways.

~FF To my house~

"Okey minna! The rooms are upstairs! Their are atleast 2 beds in a room so you guys are sharing." I said as everyone ran upstairs. I grew a animesweat drop when I heard yelling. "Oi! No yelling or i'll get up there myself!" I shouted as the yelling stopped. I went over to the kitchen fixing up some lunch for everyone.

Knock. Knock.

I went over to the door and opened it. "Hey Jinta-kun." I said smiling. "Here's all the gigais." He said handing me a bag full (LOLOL xD) and a box of soul candy. "Arigatou." I said smiling. "Ja ne!" I waved then closed the door. "MINNA YOUR GIGAI AND SOUL CANDY IS HERE!" I yelled upstairs as everyone came down slipped into their gigai, got their soul candy and ate what I made for lunch. "Food killers." I mumbled with a anime sweatdrop. "Well, of course we are!" Rii-chan said happily after finishing her food. "Let's go shopping!" Matsumoto and Mii-chan said happily. "NYUUUU NEVERR >=O!" I shouted as they dragged me out the door along with Hinamori and Rii-chan. "HELPPP!" I screamed scared of going shopping. Everyone ignored me. "Im gonna kill you all when I get back...IF I get back." I mumbled with a anime sweat drop geting dragged to the mall.

~FF I am lazii todaii LOL XD~

"My arms are gonna fall off Mii-chan, Matsu-chan." I told them carrying 2839472834789237 bags. "Okay, okay! One more shop!" They told me walking into another store. "YOU SAID THAT THE LAST 98374298374 SHOPS!" I shouted at them with a anime sweatdrop collasping on the floor. "Hina-chan tell them to hurry up or my arms are gonna break." I asked Hinamori. "Hai." She said walking into the store. "Man Mii-chan and Matsu-chan sure knows how to kill my arms off." I mumbled sitting on a bench. "Hai! We're done!" Matsu-chan and Mii-chan said coming out of the store with 9823749237 bags. As we walked home my cellphone rang. I dropped all of the bags and picked it up. "Minna, theres a hollow near our area." I said to them blinking. "I'll take care of it." Rii-chan said then poped a soul candie in her mouth. "Let's get these bags home before I faint from exhaustion." I mumbled knowing Rii-chan will take care of it fast. "Hai!" The rest answered going back home.

~Later~ *3rd part*

"Where's Rii-chan? It wouldnt take her that long to take out a hollow." I said to no one in piticaluar (SP PWEAZ LOL). "Minna go to bed, im gonna go find Rii-chan." I told everyone getting out of my gigai. Just before I could jump out the window a hand grabbed my write. "Un?" I asked turning around facing Hitsugaya. "...iie, nande mo nai. (No, its nothing)" He said letting go of my wrist. "If you say so...o.o" I said with tah face o-o. I jumped out of the window looking everywhere for Rii-chan. "Rii-chan! Where are you?! Rii-chan!" I shouted as looking for her. I came across a park, where I said a girl slightly covered in blood. I quickly ran over to her. "RII-CHAN!" I shouted shaking her. She didnt move. I got her on my back and quickly shunpo-ed home. "Mii-chan?!" I shouted as I entered the dark house. "Nani?" She asked walking downstairs rubbing her eyes. "Rii-chan's...covered in blood." I told her looking down, putting Rii-chan down, with my outer layer shikuso as a pillow for her. "Nani..?" She whispered walking over to examine her wounds. "No serious injurys." She said wraping her wounds up. "She just needs more sleep." Mii-chan said. I picked her up and walked upstairs towards her room. I gently placed her down & the sheets over her. 'Mm Im not tired yet.'i thought walking into my room going on the balcony. I looked up at the starry sky. I saw a glance of a shoot star. I closed my eyes. 'I wish for something, anything special, or any kind of event to happen over these 2 weeks.' I thought, then walked inside closing the balcony door. I climbed into bed and fell asleep.

~Lalalaa~ *4th part*

"Kii-chan....Kiii-chan...KII-CHAN!!!" Mii-chan and Rii-chan screamed in my ear. "IM AWAKE!" I shouted getin up straight causing me to hit my head against Mii-chan's. "ITAII!" I yelled rubbing my forehead. "URUSAI!" Came Hitsugaya, Kira, and Hisagi. "GOMEN NE!" We shouted back. "Man, did you really have to wake me up like that." I asked them. "Yes." They answered sheepily. I groaned. "Guess what!" Rii-chan said. "What?" I asked. "it's 2 days before christmas! Which means..." She said with a smile. "No...oh no...NONONONONOO!" I shouted. "SHOPPING SPREE!" Matsumoto shouted walking into my room. "URUSAI WE'RE STILL SLEEPING!" Came Hitsugaya, Kira, and Hisagi again. We all had a anime sweatdrop. I groaned. "Let me wake up the boys and we'll go..." I gulped. "Shopping." I said like it was a horrible word. "YATTA!" They all shouted. "Hina-chan tat-sek-te (I think, lol i cant spell it, im sure it means save me xD)." I groaned to her. "Gomen ne Koko-chan." She said with a anime sweatdrop. I groaned again walking over to the boys rooms. I slamed open the door. "BAKAS WAKE UP!" I shouted at Kira and Hisagi causing them to fall out of their beds. I walked over to Shiro's room n quietly opened the door. I smirked as I walked towards the edge of the bed. "Hyouketsu, Tsuki shiro." I whispered as my sword turned slowly white along with my hair. "First flight, Tsuki no curse chibi! (Moon's curse mini)" I whispered as a white circle appeared beneath me. I pointed my sword at Shiro and soon enough he was awake and pissed off. "KOOKOOO!" He shouted as I ran out of the room. "RUNAWAYY!" I shouted running downstairs bumping into Hina-chan. "What happened?" Hina-chan asked confused. "I kind of...gave Shiro-chan a little freezing wake up call." I said with a anime sweatdrop.
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looks like yu worked hard on thisss.. =]
Amy (:
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23 / F / o-o places =3
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ay_bay_bay wrote:

looks like yu worked hard on thisss.. =]

i didd D: took forever to think of attack names + names + more names + looks +other stuff T_T
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kintsuchl wrote:

ay_bay_bay wrote:

looks like yu worked hard on thisss.. =]

i didd D: took forever to think of attack names + names + more names + looks +other stuff T_T

gooood joooob.
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