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Posted 7/31/08 , edited 7/31/08
The faces around me all stare, blank and without emotion. silently judging, still insecure.
The tears inside them overflow and yet not a single motion in their faces, still and stern as ever.
They move about the same way as they always do, a seemingly beautiful motion, yet they have no real reason to do so.
They wait for deliverance in silence, I stare from inside my cage, wondering why it is this way.
The sun shines dimly as it sets, their faces turn to the ground, staring at their feet as they think.
The emotionless faces see nothing but the earth, and their minds are filled with the thoughts of the day.
They watch me as I sleep, almost a feeling of envy as they stand there, not moving.
They look to the horizon as they wait for a new day, I can only dream away the time.
The sun rises slowly over the horizon as they once again look in on me.
Silently they stare at me as I awaken to a new day, still boxed in, and yet somehow different.
I feel sorry for them, not being able to experience a new day, only having one continuous existence.
Yet I know they feel sorry for me, not knowing what I can do in the outside world, trapped in my own cage.
When did it become like this? when did I lose the outside worlds monotony?
When did I get such a feeling of freedom and yet feel son constrained in my own prison.
I feel the tears run down my cheeks and I feel those emotionless faces staring, judging.
How long have I been here? can I return to that life? Do I want to?
Every day it seems a little more impossible, I can't handle the thought.
I am empty inside, without emotion, unsure, tears stream down my face.
I look at the faces staring in at me even still crying inside and emotionless judging faces.
All I can do is cry for them, and die a little inside, feeling the empty void of emotion inside.
Where do I go from here?

wow abstract as heck... hope you guys can even understand it a little.
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Posted 7/31/08 , edited 7/31/08
It's a little confusing >_< Especially the end when you say "feeling the empty void of emotion inside." If the feeling of void is an emotion, then isn't "you" not emotionless? Anyways, keep writing~ It's good...-if i could understand it =P

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